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Admiring a mighty oak tree, it can be easy to forget that it started as a tiny seed. It is such powerful imagery that it is no wonder the Lord used a similar comparison to describe the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the image that comes to mind when I consider the work the Lord has done, and is doing, in and through Open Arms. Over six years since our founding we have seen so many seeds of faith and hope planted, watered, and cared for by loving volunteers within the Open Arms network of Outreach Projects.

Gardening Resources

Compared to some of our much larger cousins, Open Arms is still a seed. But, because of the unique way in which we work, we stand on the threshold of a growth spurt. But we need your help. Training missionaries, developing discipleship materials, mobilizing more churches, and reaching into more forgotten neighborhoods with the hope of Jesus, all require resources. God works through the sacrifices of his saints. Some are called to go, some to give, and all to pray.

Pick up your watering can

Our theme for 2012 is “Seeds of Hope” because we believe that a strong organization, like the mighty oak, grows from the bottom up. Open Arms is different from many larger organizations because we are a family. We stay connected and we all work together to achieve a common goal; the salvation and well-being of children who otherwise have little chance at hope or a future. With that in mind, Patricia and I, on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers and children of Open Arms, are inviting you to join our family, to sit down around the kitchen table and consider how you can sow more seeds for eternity.

Help us reach our “7 Goals for 2012” 1. Establish 5 new outreach locations in our headquarters city of Assis. 2. Open up 1 new region with up to 10 new cornerstone outreach projects. 3. Train and support 4 additional regional directors 4. Establish 1 additional outreach in a juvenile detention center (Project Zadok) 5. Graduate 100 additional children from our "Learn to Swim" outreach. 6. Graduate 200 more volunteers from our Center for Leadership Training 7. 100 more children participating in Open Arms Soccer Clubs Name: Email: Phone: I want to open my arms for a child or youth in need by: ( ) Making a one time gift (circle one): $20 $50 $100



( ) Becoming a regular investor (circle one): monthly weekly quarterly annually $____________ ( ) Giving a designated gift: see our ministry brochures or visit us at ( ) Receiving regular updates from OAW ( ) Becoming a faithful prayer partner Payment Information ( ) I have enclosed a check made payable to “Open Arms” (Your check, may be sent to PO Box 298, Centreville, VA 20122.)

Seeds of Hope Flyer  

Seeds of Hope Flyer

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