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1st Quarter 2012 Edition

Pray “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Project Coordinators in Assis pick up their supplies


That the children of Open Arms would hide God’s word in their hearts and be transformed!


That the laborers in the mission field would be filled with the Spirit to teach and love with power.


For the resources to go and carry Jesus’ message of hope and a future to every child.


For the testimony of Open Arms and its team of volunteers within the communities they serve.

It’s a New Year “God gives the increase” A new year has dawned and with a hope based firmly in faith, we “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called [us] heavenward in Christ Jesus.” For Open Arms missionaries this means preparing material, attending training sessions, visiting schools and homes and, most importantly, carrying each child to the thrown of grace in prayer. Our goals for 2012 are ambitious to say the least. In our headquarters city of Assis alone our aim is to plant five new outreach projects. This would be an enormous victory. It would mean that every child living in a high risk neighborhood in Assis

would have access to an Open Arms outreach project within walking distance of their home. This would be the first time these neighborhoods have had access to quality, Bible-based teaching and healthy recreational opportunities for their young people. We are stepping out in faith, preparing material to train more laborers, strengthening our current outreach projects around Brazil and praying for more open doors for the gospel. In all this we trust that God will bring the resources necessary to accomplish His plans!


Testimonies “From the Lips of Children, You Have Ordained Praise” The day before the Christmas party, a team from Mclean Bible Church took an hour to practice the skit they would be performing the next day. A couple of kids sat in with me during the practice. As we were watching the skit, I asked the kids what they thought was happening. Larissa, who joined Open Arms a year and a half ago, explained that in the skit, the team was showing the creation of the world, the fall of man, and God sending His son to save

mankind. I asked her if she thought this story was important for us, for her and I, and during our conversation I was brought to tears—I was so excited to hear this young girl share the good news of Christ back to me. Our prayer is that as the gospel continues to go out to children, like Larissa, hearts would grasp its message and the Lord would transform us more and more into His likeness. - Holly Smith Vieira

Children registering for another year of discipleship with Open Arms! 1Q 2012

Return to America “I will live to tell what the LORD has done.”

We’re home!! After six years in Brazil our family has returned home for one year of home assignment. During this time we will be working closely with the Open Arms Board of Directors to spread the word about all that God has done in and through this ministry. There is so much to tell of God’s goodness and His deeds in Brazil. From those very early days with a handful of volunteers and children in one little neighborhood to the hundreds of children and volunteers around southern Brazil today, God has shown Himself strong.

We are seeking opportunities to speak at area churches and Christian organizations to share this good news and talk about God’s calling to “turn our hearts” to the children in these troubling days, about the strategy for reaching and teaching children for Jesus, how we all can and should be involved and our vision for the next six years in Brazil and beyond. Our goals for this year at home are simple, 1. Expand the support base of the ministry 3 fold in 2012. 2. Exhort the Church in America to take seriously the spiritual growth of children, both at home and abroad. To that end we are accepting invitations to speak at churches, Bible study groups, men’s, ladies and youth groups or any other venue that the Lord provides.

We are also very excited about reconnecting with our supporting churches, friends and family. So please give us a call or send us an email. 571-267-8062

Please join us in praying that opportunities would abound for sharing the ministry. We will be here through December and we look forward to seeing you!

In Christ,

Michael, Patricia, Michael Jr., Raphael and Bela

"Prepared for every good work" On January 28th, we were blessed to have longtime friends and board members of Open Arms’ national organization, Comunidade Braços Abertos Brasil, Antonio & Quezia Nogueira, give the first training of the year, on creative child evangelism, to staff and volunteers. Quezia & Antonio are involved in a thriving outreach ministry with children and teens in nearby city Ibiporã.

The first session emphasized the importance and necessity of evangelism targeting children, while the second session was an interactive group activity purposed to teach how to utilize creative tools to reach specific age groups. In addition to the relevant and useful instruction, the training provided an excellent platform for fellowship, as fellow ministry workers from various outreach projects met together for the first time this year.

We’re thankful for the unity of our team. As we prepare for this year, we rejoice as brothers and sisters from different churches have come together with the same goal; to reach the children of Assis for Christ. TEXT/Caption

1Q 2012

A Truly “Global Impact” “Open Arms receives another fantastic team from Mclean Bible Church”

In Their Own Words Global Impact December

We welcomed another Global Impact team from Mclean Bible Church in the beginning of December. They helped build an amazing playground at the community center where one of our outreach projects meets. At the end of their time in Brazil, they ran the activities at one of our Christmas parties and visited a juvenile detention center where Open Arms runs an outreach ministry.

For the volunteers and staff, the team’s excitement, encouragement, and new eyes bring a breath of fresh air into the ministry and urge us to finish the year strong, and, by the grace of God, to start the new year the same way.

Apart from the acts of service the team performed, their visit left a lasting impression. For the children, meeting believers from another country can open their eyes to how great our God is. That all over the world there are people the Lord has redeemed. The children are always astounded to hear that members of the team prayed for them before even meeting them.

Testimonies “It was remarkable to see how Open Arms was able to reach the children and give them a hope for the future.” Bob Nehring – Global Impact Team Member

“They Cried to the LORD in Their Trouble, & He Delivered Them From Their Distress…”

We want families to know that God cares deeply for their salvation—so much that He gave His son to die for us. 2 Peter shares that the Lord is “not wanting any-one to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” But in addition to the Lord’s desire for salvation for each and every one of us, the Lord cares about our lives and our needs. In Matthew 10, Jesus declares, “That not even a sparrow is forgotten by God….you are worth more than many sparrows.” Our prayer is that families realize that they are individually loved and their lives are important to the Lord. Throughout December & January, as different OA volunteers and staff were making home visits & food deliveries, we asked how we could pray for their families. Three families asked for prayer that God would provide jobs for the unemployed in the family. We prayed with the families, and the next time we visited, we discovered that the Lord answered their prayers in providing jobs for these three separate families. We pray that these specific answers to these families’ prayers would open hearts to understand that the Lord loves, provides, meets needs, and grants salvation.

1Q 2012

Global Impact Event Sunday, February 19th 7-10 PM @ The Manor 2047 Greenwich St.Falls Church, VA 22043

The Global Impact Team heading to Brazil in March, along with Open Arms Worldwide, would like to invite you to join us for a night of, Fellowship: Team Brazil 2012 will be hosting a fundraiser immediately after Frontline on Sunday Feb 19th! This will be a great way to meet fellow Frontliners and support the Brazil team all in one! Food: The event will consist of a BBQ with lots of fabulous Brazilian side dishes (think delicious cheese balls mmmm) and desserts galore. Donations and Support: We will be raising support for our mission trip in March! Donations are welcome at the door. Below is a list of supplies that the ministry could desperately use: • • • • • • • • • • •

Soccer balls Volleyballs Ball pumps Volleyball net Board games (uno, connect 4, checkers) Craft supplies (beads, embroidery thread, etc) Toys (for younger children) Legos Jump ropes Storage bins Please bring any supplies to the event!!

Win an Open Arms T-Shirt! We don’t have a winner yet! The first reader who emails the correct answers to the following questions, will win an Open Arms T-shirt! 1) What Brazilian city was founded by American southerners following the US Civil war? 2) How many times has Brazil has won the World Cup? 3) Brazil shares a common border with all South American countries, but which two? 4) What Italian hero & patriot also fought in Brazils civil war? 5) From an aerial view, Brazil’s capital appears to be in the shape of a _______. Email your 5 answers to

Tio (Uncle) Viny teaching the children.

1Q 2012

Hello! We’re Open Arms. We are a not-for-profit, Christian organization dedicated to the physical, emotional, moral, academic and spiritual enrichment of children and youth who live in underserved and forgotten neighborhoods around the world – neighborhoods with a high risk of violence, prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, and abuse.

Why We Do What We Do: Our vision was born of the realization that the most neglected, scorned, ignored, and all-too-frequently abused group of people on the planet is our children, particularly in developing countries. This isn’t the example Jesus left us. Rather, God places a high value on the well-being and character development of His little ones and calls us to do the same.

Our Mission: Open Arms Worldwide mobilizes, prepares, equips and aids Christian leaders and volunteers in implementing transformational, faith-based, children and youth outreach projects among the world’s poor. Through Open Arms Ministries, we seek to: ○ Help a child understand that he/she is beautiful and precious in God's eyes.

○ Help a child discover the hope and the future that is possible. ○ Help a child construct a solid emotional and social foundation for life within an atmosphere of joy, unconditional love and acceptance.

○ Develop a child’s ability to think and make decisions based on time○ ○

tested biblical principles. Start a child on the path toward a productive life of love, service, honor, and dignity before God and his/her community. (Proverbs 22:6) Broaden a child’s horizons by providing access to quality-of-life opportunities in sports, art and literature.

Our Ministries: ● Cornerstone Outreach Projects: Engaging children between the ages

of 6 and 13 by providing healthy social and recreational opportunities, biblically-based moral and civic education, family support and guidance to grow in grace and wisdom within their cultural context, and providing support to their families. Open Arms Soccer Clubs: Using the “beautiful game” to engage young people between the ages of 6 and 16 who live in impoverished communities to provide a place where they can become godly young men and women of integrity. Open Arms Learn to Swim Programs: Providing an opportunity for children to learn this important survival skill and develop Christ-like character qualities that will help them overcome challenges and navigate the “deep waters” of life. Project Zadok Youth Corrections Projects: Giving incarcerated young people the tools to live disciplined and successful lives by engaging them within the correctional facilities with a combination of Bible Study and mentoring to help them to choose the narrow path of wisdom, and by providing them with support for their reintegration into society through connection with existing Open Arms programs.

1Q 2012

1st Quarter 2012 News  
1st Quarter 2012 News  

Newsletter for the 1st quarter of 2012