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About OPEN Innovation Consortium Open Innovation Consortium was founded in 2009 by a diverse group of seasoned co-creation professionals from numerous organizations operating in several countries. Our mission is to advocate, inspire and contribute to the ongoing evolution of innovation process design and innovation related tool-making in a continuously changing world. Consortium Founders: Martha Batorski, KT Conner, Tony Fross, Janet Getto, Elizabeth Pastor, Gene Recker, GK VanPatter. Consortium Inspirational Champions: Alex Osborn & Sidney J. Parnes.

About Humantific Located in New York City and founded in 2002 by Elizabeth Pastor & GK VanPatter, Humantific is a leading sensemaking-based changemaking consultancy. We work with organizational leaders to make sense of complexity, tackle complicated fuzzy challenges involving multiple constituents, and build team-based sensemaking-changemaking leadership capabilities. In our work with organizations, we have seen and evaluated hundreds of innovation initiatives, strategies, models and tools. Research, Authorship & Design: Humantific Innovation Methods Mapping Project Team: GK VanPatter, Liv Marit Naess, Elizabeth Pastor, Valentina Miosuro, Annie Hill, Jackie Closurdo.

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Innovation Methods Mapping

Innovation Methods Mapping