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rhat docs that, that's gnarly man." he says in admiration oftheir patience. "11's so good to work rviah a lll er that you're compatible and comibnable \\,ith. You have to build those bonds becalrse a lot ofahe !imcwhcn you'rc skatcboa r.1i ng thcrc can bea lot ofpressure

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The line up fbr PretrJ Slv€e, is a colourful one. Yoll've got thc OG generation. like Mike Carroll, Gino l-annucci, Rick Mccrank. Brian Arderson. Eric I(oston, Marc Johnson, Chico Brenes an.1 Mariano himself. But then yodve got the ne\\, kids - from rhe ligh!footed. s oo!h as butler likes ofCory (ennedy and Sean Malto, to gnarly chargers Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle, Vincent Alvarez et al. Guy siruggLed with figuring ollt $,here he couLd fit in among all this talent. bu! evenlually decided that in ord€r to sland our, "technical as fuck" u,as rhe only way lorward. "IfI'nl goi11g to be the dude that just has some never been dones, then that's the part I'll play and I'll be comfortablc with that," he offers. "Once I figured that out, it got

ight years ago, Cuy Mariano stcppcd oLlt of rclative, drug habit induced obscurity to work on his

paft for LaLai Footwear's Frllb, Flared - the exploslve skateboard video co directed by Spike Jonze, Ty Evans and Cory Weincheque-

His section - a culmination of iDtense training, re learning old tricks, conjuringup nimble-footed nelv ones and battling demons becamc onc ofthe finestvideo parts ofthe decade. Guy stunned and inspired skareboarders across rhe world with l' lh l'lared. Now, ha\.i ng earned h imselfthe ender in Girl and Chocolate Skateboards' PretrJ Slree,, Mr l\,lariano has stylishly cernented what is arguably one ofthe finest comebacks in skateboarding history. Guy's latcst part, however. wasn't ahvavs so... sweet. "I was in a fl?onrd.qe," he chuckies over the phone from Los Angeles, the day before the LA premiere. "Ty lEvans. co director] was 1ike,'Yeah, you're in a montage. Maybcyou should do some solo trips and focus more on your stu1f,'and that's lvhat I ended up doing. I got really luclq at the end and I gol on a good run." These solo trips came in rhe form ofmulriplc jaunrs io Chjna, a haven ofmarble plazas \\,here Guy go! some ofhis best work donewith the video boasting a new generation of highly talented skaters\ 'ielding impressive sections oftheir own. Guywasnl entirely sure why he d been granted the hotly contested last spot. "I had to ask Ty ifhe was just giving me lhe ender to pay homage to me." he says humbly. "Hc just said,'Nah man, you earned that spot. You wentout forit andthepart's amazing.'I'm honoured. Nlycomeback forFrllJFlarc.l was like a Cinderella story, but nowpeople are Like, 'oka1,, what has he got now?'I just hope people enioy it." It wasn't just Guy\\,ho put in the hours forhis part, he says, and he praises the commitment ofthc Prerr] S$,ee, film crew for keeping him motivated. IIis longesL battles and touBhes! !ricks were captured byRoger Bagley. Some ofthese skirmishes coul.l go on tbr fbur hours a day, for four or five days a week. "You gottagive it up for someone


lot easier for tre."

Being a thirt),-six-year'old professional skateboarder who's arguably still at the top ofhis game is no doddle.'lb get through five years ofintense filming for Prorlr Su,e.t, as well as swirching up his diet. Guy regularly sought ice baths, massage therapy and chiropractic adiustments. "When I was thirty I rvas killing iti I could goon Iivesessions aday. But when youget around thirty six, reality sers in that yourbody is getting older and it doesn't recover as itused to." he explains. 'Alrything you can do to reduce !har Irecovery time] is the best way to go."

A year afrer Guy's legendary part in Girl's Mor$e video (1998), his incessant part),ing took a more sinister trrn. Alier developing somerhing of an alcohol and wced problem, he gradually moved on to hard narcotics and almost destroyed his career. For Guy, his memories ofthe late nineties and early noughties aren't as they should havc been. Wi!h thc support of his friends and lamily, he started on the road !o recovery in October2oo4. Clearl,v, despite success since that offboard period, Guy's still li!ing with regret. "Sometimes I get strcssed out bccausc ofall the _vears I mlssed skateboarding, 'he laments. "I'nl always tlirkingabout

itcould havebeen. soit'shard for me to be inthe moment and iust enjoywhaCs happenjng right no$,. I lvjsh I could've been nTore motivated in n1y prime,I feel like I missed ir." Despitebeingas excited and positive about thevideo as is humanly possjble, Guy Ietson thathiscarccr, and this video part in parricLrlar, haven't come !vithout their do!l,nsides. "i made a lot ofsacriflces I missed my mon1's birthdays. my girlfriend'sbirthdays, Thanksgiving, Chdstmas, because I was on skatc trips," he offers. "I have to put a lot ofmy life on hold to be a skaleboarder at this age. A lot ofpeople are movingon in Life and havingbabies and Iamilies, but l'm still not around every weekend. it can get a little old for the people around you in your life, you kno$,?" As ol right now, the day before the PrertJ Sweer premiere. Guy hasn't even se€n the finished product. in thc buildup to the date. there's been one four-letter word in particular rhat's caused him some angst. "I thinLthar's the thing thargets me nervous the most: the hirpe," he says. "Sometimes I don't understand hype. ias like, whar are they expecting? Are they expecting this crazy part or arc they just happy to see me? I get so wrapped up in that and I don't think I'll be able to rake the video in and enjo_v it until I get home at night and watch it by myse1f." It's Litde surprise then that Gu), is looldng fbm,ard to a bit of normaliayonce the hype subs ides. "l need some balance back in my life." he laughs. "Ijust need to fucking chill out. I hate getring caughr up in some ofthe stuffl do sometimes, you forger about having fun when vou've got your head imnersed in the indusrry" O $,hat

Guy Mariano - Surviving the Times  

An interview with Guy Mariano, on the eve of the Pretty Sweet premiere, that I wrote for HUCK magazine.

Guy Mariano - Surviving the Times  

An interview with Guy Mariano, on the eve of the Pretty Sweet premiere, that I wrote for HUCK magazine.