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“The Unofficial Flat Iron Consumer Report” This report reveals the one secret element that you absolutely must know before you select your next flat iron purchase...

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports

Welcome To Flat Iron Consumer Reports


ave you ever felt overwhelmed and bombarded by the shear amount of information available online? Have you spent hours searching through shopping sites where you can find pricing info but no quality in-deth information about flat irons? Well take a breath of relief because you found the right resource and you will soon discover the exact information you seek. This is the webs unofficial all purpose flat iron buyers guide. No longer will you have to wait till you have the flat iron in hand to find out what you needed to know before you purchased it. This resource report will highlight exactly what you need to know about the important features of a flat iron. From the plates to the best value on the web nothing will be overlooked. So sit back relax, start reading up and enjoy the wealth of information being brought to you by the creators at Flat Iron Club and find out what makes the flat irons of today so special.

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports

About Today’s Styling Flat Irons


lat irons have become a indispensable tool for today’s hair styling community since their introduction in the early 90’s. All over the world flat irons are constantly in high demand and in many cases are often sold out as manufactures try hard to keep up with rabid consumer apatite. Flat Irons have been featured in countless magazines and publications including brands like Allure, Elle and Glamor. Top professional stylists and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and featured run way models have solidified the mass acceptance of flat irons evidenced by countless numbers of women and men who covet their sought after hairstyles.

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Amazing CHI Million Dollar Iron! © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports History of Flat Irons


istorians have credited the origin of the straightening iron era to 1872. During this time Marcel Grateau (an inventor and French Hair dresser) started using heated rods to straighten and style hair. Grateau was most noted for his 1884 “Marcel wave” which was an early fashion statement for celebrities of that time. Another early innovator, Madame Walker revolutionized the hair care and straightening industry for African American women early in the turn of the 1900’s. At the turn of the century in 1909 Isaac K. Shero patented a hair straightener composed of two flat iron plates that were heated and pressed together. It is often debated but the hair straighteners, as we know them today, are credited to Scottish heiress, Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield, who refined and combined previous efforts of earlier designs into a hinged, two plated heated iron in 1912. Years later, other components were added including heated metal hair-care implements and hot combs. Later in the early 1960’s to date ceramic and electrical straighteners were introduced, allowing for adjustment of heat settings and straightener size.

Early Innovators

Marcel Grateau Applying His Famous Marcel Wave


Early Straightening Styles Of The 1880’s

Madame CJ Walker And Her Straightening Tools For Coarse Hair © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved

Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Plates


“When it comes to flat irons, it’s all about the plates!”

ontrary to popular belief the most common material used to make flat irons is aluminum and some also use titanium. Flat irons are merely coated with layers of ceramic particles one on top of the other in varying thickness and consistencies. Even high priced professional grade straighteners use this same layering technique in the design even though they may have more composite layers . The two materials are reinforced together (titanium + ceramic) and are more stable thus less likely to crack or chip than pure ceramic by itself. There are some models of flat irons can be found with pure ceramic plates that give an even greater degree of heat diffusion and smoother handing. In addition the possibility of the solid ceramic plates peeling or chipping off exposing the metal underneath would be removed. The only concern with this type of design would be in taking care not to drop the iron due to the risk of cracking or breakage. “Tip” When considering the purchase of a flat iron it is important to choose an iron with “ceramic” layers (the more the better) in the plates. Ceramic is one of the single most important materials used in quality flat irons. “Show me irons with good ceramic plates”

The ceramic plate provides a hard smooth surface that glides through hair. © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Nano & Tourmaline Infusion “I am very confused, what is all the fuss about Nano, Ceramic and Tourmaline?”


ith ceramic, flat iron plates can retain heat efficiently and are able to distribute heat across the entire face of the plates surface more evenly. This process can eliminate the damage caused by uneven hot spots. With nano technology additional additives are infused into the hard ceramic plates of the flat iron. Scientists favor a new popular element for nano infusion called “Tourmaline” this is a form of gemstone crystal which create a natural source for increased negative ions and far-infared heat. These two fields naturally eliminate static electricity (the primary cause of frizzy hair) and infuses moisture and shine deep into the hair follicle. When you are in the process of straightening your hair you will find the negative ionic energy produced by the tourmaline plates cut styling time by more than half when compared to other cheaper metal only irons. And it would be safe to consider that less time also means exposure to your hair which means less damage. Tourmaline: is a crystal silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline gem stones come in a wide variety of colors. The name comes from the Sinhalese word “turamali” or “toramalli”, which applied to different gemstones found in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Polished Tourmaline Jewelry

Raw Tourmaline Crystal

Kent Yu - Process Creator

Why tourmaline? Tourmaline is the most ionic substance in the world. Negative ions rapidly speed up the evaporation process in hair, and produce infrared heat. Infrared heat protects hair color and tends to be gentler on color process hair. Negative ions also condition the hair by heating the hair shaft from the inside out and sealing it. This locks in moisture and hair color, creating a smooth shiny and silky finish.

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports How The Plates Work


“With Sedu Plates Hair Slides Effortlessly and Snag Free...”

lmost all professional grade flat irons found on the market today use ceramic and some use Ionic materials. What you may not realize is exactly how the two materials actually work together on your hair at the micro level. “Why Ceramic?” The ceramic is the main material that we have to look at first; this material does most of the heavy work in the process. Ceramic diffuses heat or spreads out the heat of your iron’s plate evenly and efficiently eliminating hot and cold spots. In addition ceramic retains heat more effectively during usage than most metal plates. Nano & Tourmaline This process uses fine micro particles of tourmaline that are infused into the flat iron plates which provide a smoother surface for the hair follicles to pass through. Tourmaline particles also generate more negative ions counteracting static electricity found naturally in hair that cause frizz. (see illustration below)

Microscopic View © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Sizes “What is the best flat iron size for my hair!”


ize considerations for your flat iron should start with your hair texture and overall hair length. Use the following illustrated table below as a reference If your hair is naturally straight and you only want to de-frizz or smooth your hair, choose smaller sizes (1 to 1.5 inch). Smaller sizes are also best for hair that has been chemically straightened. Flat irons with smaller sizes are easier to handle and can create more versatile styles while larger irons work faster and save time with longer more coarse hair. “TIP” The most popular and versatile sizes are between 1-1/4” and 1-1/2 inch and these smaller sizes allow for not only straightening but also curling, flipping many other imaginative styles. “Show me versatile size irons”

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Temperature Settings


“What is the best heat setting for my hair type !”

hen choosing a flat iron you should strongly consider the heating element which is one of the most important components. An Integrated Ceramic Heating System (ICHS) and PTFC are the most advanced heaters on the market today and are made with tungsten elements layered with ceramic. Heater power is measured according to its heat up time and the time it sustains that temperature. In most cases, a flat iron loses 80° - 100° degrees in between each pass caused by heat transfer from the plate of your iron to your hair. Besides having good heat retaining materials such as ceramics reheating is still required after each application to maintain the optimized temperature this is known as Recovery Time. Good heating elements will have a very short recovery time to give you true constant heating. All irons have heating elements that range between 20 to 60 watts, the higher the wattage the shorter the recovery time that is required between applications or passes made on your hair. “TIP” Remember constant heat is better than high heat. It is better to select an iron that has a powerful heater that can maintain stable heat transfer and minimal recovery time during your styling process. “Show me irons with good heating elements” © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Usage “What is the best way to use my a flat iron?” 1. Important: Before you get started using your flat iron make sure your hair is clean and completely dry. The best results are after shampooing and conditioning your hair with a moisture based product built in to your shampoo and conditioner. Every day styling products (gels and sprays) tend, build up grease and dirt in your hair and need to be cleaned away to a more natural state before you start to use a flat iron on your hair. If you don’t follow this recommendation the flat iron will stick, clump and damage your hair. 2. Before straightening it is good to apply a heat protection spray ( like CHI Silk Infusion or Sedu Color Heat Protecting Boost) to protect the hair during the drying or blow drying and the iron styling process. It will also increase the duration the actual style lasts and make straightening result last longer.

Heat Protectant Sprays

“TIP” Heat protectant sprays are a great way to maximize protection and the effect of styling damage. They also help to maintain your hair color vibrancy and follicle dimension. “Show me more heat protectant sprays”

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Usage Continued “How can I reduce the damage cause by my flat iron?...” 3. Select the most appropriate temperature base on your hair type and section your hair into manageable amounts. Divide the hair into sections no wider than the plate width of your iron. Pull the iron slowly through thin sections of your hair in a smooth motion from top to bottom. Continue this process with even pressure until all of your hair has been fully straightened.

* Remember the thinner the hair sections the straighter each of your sections will be. * Start at the top where you iron has the most deliverable heat. * Use lower temperature settings for color-treated or fine hair and higher temps to straighten curly or coarse hair. * If your hair is extremely curly or coarse make sure to get the straightener as close to the roots as possible and pull outward. Sometimes when necessary a second quick pass through will be enough to achieve the desired finish.


“Yikes! My iron is not working properly!...”

The most common problem with the use of flat irons is the overloading of the iron. By placing to much hair into the iron all at once you will end up with uneven results and hair strands particularly in the middle that remain unstraigthened. The natural tendency is to turn up the heat and this practice only increases the danger of damaging and burning the hair. © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Value - Professional vs Drugstore “Should I make the investment for a higher quality iron; or purchase a cheaper model?” The Fact is when it come to flat iron pricing it is very hard to do more with less. Yes, you may get by with a cheaper iron for a little while however in the long run you will likely be more pleased with the selection of a higher priced iron. In addition you need to consider (in most cases) your flat iron is a tool that you will want to last for a long time perhaps many years; this is probably not a tool that has a short term purpose or disposable use. Our research has shown it is almost impossible to find a quality flat iron for less than $50. Cheaper irons usually have cheaper quality parts. And when you consider the short life span of the cheaper irons ($30 - $50) under a year if you’re lucky - in the long run they are much more expensive when you have to keep replacing them. Don’t forget the down time, frustrations and bad hair days while waiting on replacements. Popular and well established name-brand irons like the CHI, FHI, Sedu or Corioliss flat irons might have above average cost ($$70-$150) but generally these choices tend to be worthwhile, come with professional recommendations and have many positive consumer reviews to prove their worth. Even though you can spend upwards of $350 for a flat iron; what you get vs what you pay for begins to diminish and we have found the sweet spot for flat irons fall in the range of $70-$150) respectively.




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Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Styling Considerations “Besides straightening can I create other hair styles with my flat iron?” Besides the obvious “straightening “ flat irons can produce many varied hair styles limited only by your imagination. Some of the more popular style types are listed below. Curling with A Flat Iron * In general the more rounded a flat iron’s plates; the easier it is to curl the hair. * The difference between a flat iron and a curling iron, you aren’t rolling your hair around the curling iron. With a flat iron you will be clamping a 1” section of your hair close to your roots with the iron and turning about one and a half turns at a time. * You must maintain the same angle while firmly holding the flat iron in place. * Continue the process until finished; if your hair is long, you can use hair pins to keep the finished hair out of your way while you work on the unfinished parts. * In the beginning curling with a flat iron will take some getting use too but after a few times you will quickly start to get comfortable with the process. This skill is well worth the investment of time as you will be consolidating two tools into one, a straightener and a curling iron. Flipping with a Flat Iron * Flipping is exactly the same as straightening the only difference is when nearing the tip of your hair just turn the iron in the direction that you want the flip then pull the iron the rest of the way through. Changing the angles and starting / stopping points along the way hair is good for adding volume to your style to fit your own personal preference.

For Curling 1½ Turns At A Time © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Maintenance “How can I make my flat iron last longer?...” The best practice for maintaining your flat iron is taking a few extra minutes after each use to care for your flat iron this will make sure its ready to go next time you need and prolong the overall life of your iron. Before you start - Caution, wait till your iron is COOL from HOT! Always remember to use extra caution when handling your hot flat iron weather it is on or off because it can and will (if carelessly operated burn you. You should first turn off the iron then unplug it and wait for the iron to Completely Cool Off before cleaning or storing it. During the cooling off process you should place your iron on a heat proof mat or holder while on your counter top.

Flat Iron Heat Holder

Flat Iron Heat Mat

“TIP” Flat iron heat up very quickly but cool down very slowly as a good common practice you should wait at least a minimum of 5 minutes before handling the iron plates, cleaning or preparing the iron for storage.

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports Flat Iron Maintenance Continued “How can I make my flat iron last longer?...” The styling products you use on your hair will cause buildup on your flat iron’s plates over time. This residue will cause sticky buildup on the plates surface that will begin to produce negative results with your hair styling. In addition this sticky buildup can cause extra damage to your hair from the excess stickiness on the plates surface. The plates of a flat iron should always be cleaned with a non abrasive soft cloth and with a professional iron cleaner. Never ever use a hard scrubber or scraping tool to clean the plates to avoid scratching or cracking the surface of the plates. Never spray iron cleaner or any soap or chemical on a iron while its still hot this could cause irreversible damage the plates of the iron. Loose Handles Over time with regular use, the handles of the iron may loosen. If this happens, you can try to adjust it by removing the cover over the hinge cover retightening the nut. Some irons may have a hex screw or cross tip screw in the place of a nut. In any case a screwdriver and a pair of pliers should be all that is needed to tighten the hinge. Never try to tighten the nut or screw without unplugging and making sure the iron is completely cool first before attempting to tighten a loose nut. If your are not a handy or mechanical person you can always take your iron to a professional salon stylist or an electrical appliance installer or repair man.

Soft Cloth Only

“TIP” When you are finished and ready to store your flat iron, never wrap the power cord around the body of the flat iron. This will surely damage and eventually short out the electrical connection point this point cannot be stressed enough. Cord damage is one of the number one premature mechanical issues that occur most in flat irons. It is best to store your cord loosely beside your iron this one tip will greatly prolong the life of your flat iron. © Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved


Flat Iron Consumer Reports Top 5 Flat Irons Rated by Consumer Popularity 1 Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron 1½” Rating: 4.73 out of 5 Stars based on 3,934 reviews by users

2 Solia Pink Limited Edition 1” Flat Iron Rating: 4.40 out of 5 Stars based on 668 reviews by users

3 Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron 1¼” Rating: 4.50 out of 5 Stars based on 3,051 reviews by users

4 GDH Hair Straightener MK3 1” Rating: 4.56 out of 5 Stars based on 131 reviews by users

5 CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original) 1” Rating: 4.16 out of 5 Stars based on 1,302 reviews by users

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Flat Iron Consumer Reports Customer Testimonials “What are other people like me saying?...” Flat Iron




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