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OPC – Ontario Protective Coatings

The Information You Should Know About Commercial Paintings Before Starting One Project

Overview:The industrial painting or industrial coating is mainly defined as a proactive layer of coating used for the purpose of controlling corrosion of the concrete or steel. These coatings mainly need much thicker film than the decorative and architectural coating.

OPC – Ontario Protective Coatings

Brief Description:-

The job of tank painting is a type of commercial painting and the common reason to paint the tanks is to repair the protective coatings. Often the coatings of the tanks deteriorate because of the exposure to the weather and the sun. There are a number of times, when the facility is refurbished with the new color scheme and a new look. The tank painting is also done to make the color of the tanks blend with their new surroundings. Apart from that, this type of painting with the help of the industrial coating is also done to place the liquid level markings on the exterior part of the tank or while it is required to display the logo of the company prominently in the outer area of the tank. The basic elements required to paint the tanks successfully are:

Proper selection of the paints: In most of the cases, different types of elastomeric formulations or the acrylic-based coatings are used to do the commercial painting. The acrylic paintings are the high quality fast drying paintings that contain acrylic polymer emulsions. This type of industrial coating is extremely weather resistant as well as quite longer lasting than the ordinary paints. This tank painting process also exhibit great adhesion in the tank surface.

Preparation of good surface: Preparing the surface in a proper way is very much important in the case of painting the storage tanks successfully. The reason is that a good paint adhesion is only possible in those fields which are free from the foreign contaminants. The new tanks mainly come with the smooth surfaces. But in order to do the commercial painting properly and to increase the adhesion profile of the surface area of the tank, it is important to remove the smoothness. The roughened surface helps in creating a stronger bond between the surface and the industrial coatings.

Correct application: The techniques and the equipments used in the tank painting are almost same to the other painting applications like the floor coatings. The factors like the availability of the quality paint, the skills of the tank painting contractor, and the preparation of the surface make the application of the commercial painting smooth as well as help in finishing the painting successfully.

OPC – Ontario Protective Coatings

As a whole, the job of successful painting of the tanks with the industrial painting only means one thing and it is a good bond of the adhesive. The applicators need to be very careful while applying this industrial coatings. It is advised to apply thin coats carefully repeated times in order to ensure effective adhesion.

OPC – Ontario Protective Coatings

About The Company:-

Barry Pitman is a part of a reputable organization that specializes in dealing with commercial painting. He has a sound knowledge in this matter.

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An overview of a commercial painting  
An overview of a commercial painting  

The commercial painting is the protective coatings that protects concrete and steel against corrosion. Commercial painting provide high resi...