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Mimbres River Trail

A well-hidden gem in the Gila National Forest et me show you the Mimbres River Trail,” our friend Laurence said. Laurence Parent lives in Texas but knows New Mexico like the proverbial back of his hand and never forgets a trail he hiked. Surely that’s the reason why he was asked to write the Falcon Guide on Hiking in New Mexico. That, plus the fact that he’s a good photographer. So we set out to meet him. Our first encounter with the Mimbres river was not promising. We crossed it right after the turn off in Deming and there the river bed was dry. We drove on past the City of Rocks and through several more small villages to a campground in the Gila National Forest, aptly named Rocky Canyon Campground, north of the town of Mimbres. Getting there was an adventure in itself: 15 miles of dirt road, the first two of well-worn washboard consistency. Luckily only the first two. We rode the waves and then climbed into and out of several canyons, our trusty pop-up camper in tow. In the end

L There is plenty to explore along the banks of the Mimbres River. (Photo by Gabriele Teich)

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we were more concerned about possible oncoming traffic on this very narrow road. A few hairpin curves had us gasp and then sigh with relief. The small campground (four sites, fire pits, tables and a vault toilet) itself is located in a beautifully shaded canyon and is mostly used by hunters. It is so isolated that a note on the information board warned of a bear sighting just two nights prior. Good that we still had the bear spray with us from our summer trip to Yellowstone. But being there gave us a head start the next morning because the trail head is only three miles away. Like so many things in life the best are often hard to get to and that’s the case with this hike — 2.7 miles into and out of a canyon, then over into the next one will finally deliver you to the Mimbres River. From there on it is smooth sailing — if you had a sail boat. The trail that follows the river is a beautiful one. The water attracts lots of wildlife and plenty of drag-




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Trecking through the river itself is sometimes the best way to follow the Mimbres. (Photo by Gabriele Teich)

onflies and butterflies. Thanks to Laurence we came prepared with water shoes since the trail crosses the river several times. At the flow rate we encountered we didn’t need them on the way in, but for the return we slipped them on and waded through the river instead of taking the trail. Much slower pace but so much fun! Especially for young ones. Just don’t lose your footing! Also, if you plan on doing that, it’s a good idea to memorize a landmark on your way in, so you know where to get out of the river to hit the trail before it veers away from it. A big old tree that took three people to circle it with outstretched arms served us well here. To access the trailhead take highway 35 north out of the town of Mimbres and after a few miles take North Star Road on your right (the dirt road with the washboard) for about 12 miles. You will come to an open area where you can either park your big rig or drive on another ¾ mile down to the actual trailhead on a narrower and bumpier forest road. Follow the signs for trail 77 — don’t miss the right turn at a trail intersection about 1-mile in. For a longer hike like this you want to bring a bit more substantial snack or even lunch. We started really early (read: before 8 a.m.) and didn’t get back until 2 p.m., but it depends how far you take the trail. We stopped at a cute little waterfall and decided that was far enough. The trail continues for miles beyond that. As always: Enjoy the outdoors! Of German origin, Gabriele Teich has called Las Cruces her home for the last 18 years — and loved every minute of it, hiking the mountains in the immediate surrounding and all over this beautiful state.

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Desert Exposure - October 2017