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‘Music for Meals’ Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo benefit he idea that led to “Music for Meals” morphed a few times before becoming music on a Sunday afternoon, but the event’s purpose never wavered. Associate Professor of Theatre, Connie Breding was determined to have a benefit for Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo, the food pantry that provides food assistance to New Mexico State University at Alamogordo students, faculty and staff. The Theatre on the Hill Guild voted unanimously to host the event. “When you think of someone going to college, you may be aware that they face daily struggles, but you may not consider that many of the students who attend classes also struggle with a shortage of food for themselves and their families,” Breding said. “With community food pantries being utilized more, many colleges have stepped up to help both students and staff. This is exactly what NMSU-A has done with the formation of Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo.” The program has provided non-perishable food to the NMSU-A community since April 2015. Greg Hillis with the Office of Institutional Research at NMSU-A, Otero Hunger Coalition board member, and Aggie Cupboard team member attributes NMSU-A involvement to team members’ interest in the community. He credits retired NMSU-A professor, OHC colleague, and friend Bruce Martin with most of


Fos Sadler, Lynette Wedig, Donnie Burt and Rob Hicks rehearse for “Music for Meals.”

what is happening with the Aggie Cupboard. “Dr. Martin is a big influence in getting people involved with that. He’s gotten me involved and several others,” Hillis said. “Although I’ve been part and parcel into it, I would never have gotten it started without his urging.” Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo distributes food once a month on the last Tuesday and Wednesday and is designed to help people get through that last week when funds can be limited. “We don’t have the resources to do any more than that right now,” said Hillis. An NMSU ID number or enrollment in the adult education program are the only requirements. Use of the Aggie Cupboard has gone from an average of 14 or 15 people per month to 19 per month this year with a couple

of record months when up to 30 people were served. Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo exists because of generous donations of in-date, non-perishable food and cash by the NMSU-A and Otero County communities. Food donations are accepted at the NMSU-A campus and monetary donations can be made through either the NMSU Foundation, which is the fundraising side of the college or Otero Hunger Coalition. Donations should be designated for Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo. With Aggie Cupboard Las Cru-

ces as the model for the local group, Hillis is optimistic about moving into the type of fundraising that the Las Cruces group does. “They’ve set up an account so people can go online and donate directly to the NMSU Foundation for the Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo,” Hillis said. In Las Cruces, select restaurants donate a portion of the income from customer meals to the Aggie Cupboard through the “Eat for Pete” project, named for the NMSU mascot, Pistol Pete. Hillis hopes to get a similar project going in Alamogordo.

“Music for Meals” will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10 at the Rohovec Theatre on the NMSU-A campus, 2400 Scenic Drive, Alamogordo. Local musicians offering several musical genres will entertain. Ed Dittmer describes his acoustic guitar style as contemporary folk, playing a blend of his own songs as well as cover tunes. Rudy Wood, billed as “New Mexico’s Favorite Texas Song Writer” tells tales of his experiences in his Texas style country songs. While Scott Hancock and Kathy Barnes perform many styles, they have chosen Celtic tunes for this show. The Tulie Peak Trio features active and retired NMSU-A faculty members, Fos Sadler and Lynette Wedig, respectively, with Rob Hicks completing the threesome who specialize in light jazz and swing styles. All proceeds from the donation admission price, concession stand and tickets for chance drawings will be contributed to Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo. Cash, credit cards and checks will be accepted. For information about “Music for Meals,” leave a message at 575-430-9723. For more information about Aggie Cupboard Alamogordo, call Hillis at 575-4393624.

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD at 7th and Texas in Silver City, NM, wishes to extend a sincere invitation to all who are married, divorced, widowed, partnered, single, richer than Bill Gates or poorer than a war refugee. We invite you to visit us if you barely speak English, are fluent in twelve languages, are skinny as a soda straw or classified as a bit pudgy. We welcome you if you can sing like Andrea Bocelli or can’t carry a tune in a galvanized bucket. You’re also welcome here if you’re just curious, just left rehab or recently got out of prison. We don’t care if you’re Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu, whether you’re all of the above or none of them. We couldn’t care less when you last attended church.



Valley Community Church 19-A Racetrack Road, Arenas Valley, NM Sunday Worship at 10 A.M. Vacation Bible School July 10 thru 14 9:30 A.M. To Noon Phone: 575-538-9311 for more info

Where Everyone is Welcome!

We also welcome those of you who are emotionally immature or responsible beyond the call of duty, no matter your age. We invite all those over sixty who have yet to grow up, teenagers who feel they are already adults as well as overworked moms, football addict dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, total rednecks, latte-sippers, health nuts and junk food junkies. We welcome those who are suffering or grieving, whether or not you’ve found closure or healing. We also welcome you if your problems are consuming you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. We especially welcome those with negative religious experiences in the past because we’ve all been there as well. Whether you’re on the verge of being sent to debtor’s prison or have a billion dollar stash buried in your back yard, we welcome you. We invite you here if you think the earth is flat, the Easter Bunny is real, work too hard, don’t or can’t work at all, can’t spell, count or tie your own shoes. We welcome you if you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent or anything in between. You’re invited here if you’re branded, pierced, tattooed or all of them. We welcome you here if you had religion crammed down your throat as a kid, got lost and ended up here thinking it was a rock ‘n roll festival. If you’re a baptized Christian of any denomination, the Holy Eucharist is offered to you. If you aren’t baptized, we can fix that. We welcome, tourists, locals, skeptics, warm hearts and hardened ones. Because you’re a CHILD OF GOD, we welcome YOU! Sundays 8AM and 10:30AM, 5th Sundays, 9:30AM.

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