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The convenient kitchen area contains everything Bonnie Bos needs for her cooking needs. (Photos by Sheila Sowder)

Conversion Time A cargo trailer becomes a cozy home


onnie Bos is a former executive director of the Girl Scout Council of Arizona, a former PR Director for the Phoenix Chapter of the American Cancer Society, and a longtime professional dog trainer. She lived in Louisville, Kentucky, for many years, but dreamed of moving back to the Southwest. She also wanted to own, not rent, her own home, but on a limited income thought she might have to forfeit her dream. Then she read about people who had converted large cargo trailers into tiny homes and was instantly intrigued. Her longtime friend Don Beams, who had designed and built his own tiny home here in Silver City, offered to help with a cargo trailer conversion. At that point, her spirit of adventure kicked in, and she ordered a brand-new 22-foot Cargo Craft trailer (with a sealed bottom to keep out critters), to be delivered to Silver City. She sold all her possessions except what

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fit into her yellow Ford Focus Hatchback, and she and Gidget, her Jack Russell/Rat Terrier faithful companion, hit the road for the 1,800-mile drive west. “I got accustomed to the tiny home concept very young,” Bonnie explained. Back in the mid-1940s, when she was three years old, her parents bought a wood-sided Pontiac station wagon and a Streamline trailer, left their home in New York City, and spent the next three years traveling through 40 states with Bonnie, her brother, and Pepper, their Boxer dog. Their experiences in the Southwest led them to eventually move fulltime to Arizona. “It was probably what gave me the guts, at retirement age, to sell everything and come out here,” she added. “I learned early how to live with everything I need and nothing I don’t.” In July, the shiny silver cargo trailer was delivered and the


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The teal accents and spacious deck help transform a boring cargo trailer into Bos’s unique tiny home.

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