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Ghost Adventures

Travel Channel Films in Old Messilla 


continued from page 29 to go through it all again. So if you’re getting the urge to try minimalism on for size, I highly recommend it. You don’t have to re-evaluate your lifestyle, or have an epiphany about the meaning of your role on the planet, in order to lighten your load by minimizing the number of your belongings. The word “minimalist” may have been co-opted by bloggers who are genuinely unclear on the concept or perhaps cynically trying to capitalize on the latest fad to capture some internet traffic, but no matter.

Just tune out the hundreds of Facebook groups and Pinterest boards cheerfully marketing minimalism-branded products to people who just want a simpler life with less stuff. The sheer quantity of books being published on how to become a minimalist is absolutely mindboggling. Resist them! You really only need one guide, if that many, and you won’t need it for long. When you’re done with it, give it to someone you love, or to your local library. Once it has served its purpose let it go. You’ll be glad you did.


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Jay Wasley, Aaron Goodwin, Zack Bagans and Billy Tolley doing a take on their introduction shot. (Photos by Tabitha Rossman)

by citizens demanding their local governments close accounts and cut ties with major banks that are invested in the pipeline. Two such demonstrations took place in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Jan. 10 and 11. Meanwhile, concern is growing that the promised Environmental Impact Study had not yet begun as of this writing. Water protectors are asking for help in putting pressure on the Army Corps of Engineers to start the process, amid fears that the new presidential administration will prevent the EIS from happening altogether and cause the denied permit to be issued after all. While the final outcome of

the NoDAPL effort is unknown, some of its water protectors have turned their attention to pipeline concerns in other parts of the country. In Florida, at issue is the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline which threatens the Floridan Acquifer. In Texas, a Trans Pecos natural gas pipeline is slated to be constructed through the fragile Big Bend bioregion and under the Rio Grande into Mexico. And in Louisiana, the same company trying to build DAPL is also trying to push through the Bayou Bridge pipeline through the Atchafalaya Basin, potentially destroying hundreds of acres of wetlands.

One of the film crew waiting to get started.   


host Adventures crew visited Las Cruces to film at the Double Eagle, old Court house and the old Jail house on Jan. 10 and stayed until the end of the week filming for their next season that will be airing in a few months.  The Ghost Adventures crew had a meet and greet session with local fans of all ages before they went in for the lock down where they stayed the night inside the Double Eagle filming their paranormal encounters.  

The Ghost Adventures Nick Goff greeting the fans as he arrives on to the set of their new episode.


continued from page 30 we bought more propane, a portable heater, food items, balaclavas, cooking equipment and other necessities in Bismarck the next morning and braved the icy roads once again. We were also able to jump start frozen cars and pull others from snowbanks. This was an intense and humbling experience and I have nothing but admiration for the Lakota Sioux who are standing up to protect their land and water. When the weather is better we plan to go back. Morgan Smith is a frequent Desert Exposure contributor on border issues. He can be reached at

FOUR LEGGED: Adjusting horses & dogs by appointment


T & TH: 9 - 11:30AM & 2-4PM



ALIGNED JOINTS ARE MORE COMFORTABLE JOINTS... • COLD LASER THERAPY • GENTLE SPINAL • MUSCLE TESTING ALIGNMENTS • KINESIOLOGY DR.LOUISE CASH, D.C. DAPL protesters take turns maintaining prayer fires at the camps to welcome and protect visitors. (Photo by Morgan Smith)


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