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OPAQUE Magazine Issue 1- February-march 2013.

Inside...... Sharp Photography, Re-Fashioned, IntravenousX, Sjimage, Jack Stovin, Sinderella Rockafella, Music First Promotion, Skarlett Riot, ReachBack..and many more......

Jack Stovin


Intravenous X

Onyx Gift set £60

Latex Magpie crown with faux hand sculpted bird skull £45

Custom made china teapot fascinators £40-£60

Available separately

Faux Leather underbust tail jacket £80

Leather underbust Harness £45

Satin Bloomers £25

Leather Ruff £40


Sara Tonin

Photography by Eve Le-Fay



Rock music for a long time has been seen as a male dominated arena but we beg to differ, there are so many amazing female fronted bands around right now that we could be seeing a turn in the tide! We could list them all but then there’d be no room left in this magazine for anything else but 3 others that stand out for us at the moment are Mechanical smile (who also played Download last year), Obsessive Compulsive and Spekulus (Already with Capitol Records and have recently been mentored by Mike Patton of Faith No More!) These women have fantastic talent but success is more than talent, it’s a culmination of things including attitude, commitment and willingness to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. Want to be in a successful band? Well be prepared to give up a lot if not all of your spare time, family and other relationships will have to take a back seat, expect to be away from home a lot and to be spending almost all of your spare money on equipment, recording, travel and merchandise (unless you have a label pumping in money it comes from the bands own pockets). But when everything comes together and all that hard work and sacrifices start to come to fruition there’s no better feeling! We’ve got loads of gigs planned for this year so make sure you come along and support the amazing wealth of up and coming talent! We’ve got some very special female fronted bands set to take our stage so why not come to these dates; th

March 4 , The Shed, Leicester – Mechanical Smile & Satellite Empire th March 27 , The Shed, Leicester – FourPointOh th April 17 , The Shed, Leicester – Reachback nd June 2 , The Maze, Nottingham – Mama Smokes rd July 3 , The Shed, Leicester – Lecarla st

You can vote for us for Promoter of the Year in the Pure Rawk Awards until March 1 at


ReachBack When asked to write this column I was sat here reading that morning’s latest announcements for Download festival. Hearing Goldsboro announced who we worked with in December got us to thinking about how great a year 2012 was and particularly about 2 female fronted bands we had the pleasure of putting on, who both played Download 2012, Reachback & Skarlett Riot. Or sugar and spice if you will. Reachback are a Rock band from London / Essex who have journeyed steadily from the humblings of suburban teen bedroom demos and rehearsals in 2008 into an adult band now rapidly catching both the public and industry eye. The band recorded and released their first single ‘Butterflies’ in August 2010; a track that got short-listed for the industry-selected UK ‘Pop Music Crown Award’ for unsigned artists and enjoyed national air-play on Absolute Radio. In 2011 Reachback released ‘No One Else’ - a more Rock-driven single with similarly pristine production. The track caught the ear of both Radio 1 and Kerrang! Magazine and was selected by Music Week to feature in a playlist of UK tracks tipped for licensing success in the US. Reachback subsequently became one of the first UK acts to agree publishing terms with ‘Hype Music’; a hybrid production catalogue powered by MTV and Sony ATV to support leading independent acts with MTV-identified global popular reach. They were also invited to Abbey Road Studios to record acoustic presentations of tracks ‘Butterflies’ and ‘No One Else’ with MTV and Extreme Music executives with the view to placing the tracks across film and television. Reachback entered the first week of 2012 with a bang, winning Ourzone's band on the month before setting off to Los Angeles, California where they were nominated for 3 'Artist in Music Awards' including 'Band of the Year'. While in LA, Reachback also played showcases in MTV's head offices and to Extreme Music (SonyATV). In early April, the band took to the stage and supported McFly on the Southend date of their “Keep Calm and Play Louder” Tour. The success of both the McFly show and their video release saw the band win Week 14 of Red Bull’s Bedroom Jam Buzz Chart which resulted in Reachback playing some of the UK’s hottest festivals, including Slam Dunk, Download, Heavy and Underage Festival.


Skarlett Riot Skarlett Riot are a brazen four-piece female fronted hard rock unit who deliver melody and grit, fused with the muscular garage rock ’n’ roll. Spitting out fiery riffs and infectious hooks, they boast a sound that is both truly captivating and anthem, packed to the brim with attitude and a confidence that belies their age. The band’s debut EP "Villain", received glowing accolades from everyone from Big Cheese and Kerrang to Powerplay and Rock sound. Their new music video in support of the EP release is currently rotating over on Kerrang & Scuzz TV. Scuzz have placed Skarlett Riot in the top 40 bands to rock Download festival, whilst Kerrang awarded the band with an amazing 4K live review from the festival. "Every bit as fun as chasing puppies around the house, Skarlett Riot are a band springing with energy. Not only are they an impressively young entry into a list of UK bands oblivious to peer pressure, the Lincolnshire quartet also have the talent to match with their high-octane, old school rock 'n' roll. Party Hard is a madcap dash of riffs and hooks, while Read My Lips and You're The Enemy reach more pronounced climaxes. The title-track even ties all of these strengths into one brilliant four-minute tirade. There's obviously much to come from this prodigious band who should be excited about just how good they already are. So should you." KKKK — Kerrang! Magazine ...............................We had the pleasure of speaking to Ruby from Reachback; Any special advice you’ve had along the way? R; Work hard, constantly try to improve – don’t stop writing, rehearsing, playing shows and keeping in touch with fans! We have a manager who works closely with us it's great to have an outsiders view on things. What would you say is the biggest factor of getting you to where you are at this point in time? R; Never giving up on working hard and always pushing ourselves to be better. Listening to criticism, but not letting it get in the way of what we want to do. We've never tried to be like anyone else and will always keep that with us. At what point would you consider yourselves to have become a successful band? R; We've already achieved some great things, but we want to be at the point where we're playing shows every night, going to different countries, sharing our music worldwide and where financially, the band is supporting itself. What female vocalists/musicians inspire you? R; We all listen to all kinds of music from the heaviest kind to pop, which helps so much with inspiration and writing! My idol and someone who I've looked up to since I was a little girl is Judy Garland! I grew up listing to musical theatre, Bob Marley, Maria Carey and ACDC

Article Written by Music First chief editor David Norris.


Leanne Stephens

Photography By Click Photography Makeup Samantha Lyann



Patch work Tie dress £100

Tie Collar Top £65

Model’s: Georgina Wight and Harriet James

Photography: John Burrell


Makeup: Louise Clewlow-Burke

At Home with the Sharp’s If you’re from the east midlands then Sharp photography is probably a name you already know! Founded by Craig Sharp, Sharp Photography has widely become the first choice of many couples due to get married. Starting out in 2008 they went from strength to strength growing a huge fan base around the country. Since then Craig has impressively shown his talent, imagination and creativity for photoshop and Photography, with the ability to bring a picture to life from the very basics whether it’s an outdoor shoot in a field with one of the many models he has built up into an amazing team, a fun family shoot at his studio or even a sporting event...Sharp photography has captured the attention of many. ......But not content to stop there, Sharp Photography has proven to be more than just a ‘’business’’ it’s a family Business from the inside out. At only 13 years old Ryan Sharp has already proved himself as an integral part of the Sharp team. Showing impressive skills in film and editing as well as his father’s talent in photography. Ryan has been seen on many of the creative shoots filming the important behind the scenes, showing his keen eye for a shot and imagination in his editing. Ryan’s creative films can be seen on youtube via the Sharp Photography website. Youngest member so far of the Sharp Empire, Chloe Sharp is sure to be famed as an extraordinary model. At the young age of 11 Chloe has already been modelling for the company for a few years and can be seen widely in a lot of advertisements for Sharp Photography. Showing a level of maturity and poise that you don’t often find in such a young one, Chloe is set to go far.

So we took some time out to get to know this amazing family empire.........

~ 10 ~

Craig Sharp

How did you become a photographer? When did you first realise it was what you wanted to do and if you wasn't a photographer what would you be doing right now?

“Looking back I have always had an interest in taking pictures, I got my first camera when I was 7 years old and I think I had one for every birthday since then. It never occurred to me that it would one day be my job or take over my life like it has done. I think it was about 6 years ago that a friend was at my home and they commented on a picture that was on the wall and asked where we had had it taken and how much was it ? and it was just something I had taken in the garden on a little point and shoot camera. That was the first time someone had said one of my pictures was good. That moment will stay in my mind forever. I could not stop thinking about being a photographer” Describe a typical day in your life, from waking up to going to bed.

“I have 3 types of days; I have none working days, working days with no shooting, and working days with shooting. The working days usually start with a 6:30am wake-up, the luxury of being my own boss means I get to take my kids to school most days. A typical none shooting day is 9am-3pm I spend none shooting days replying to emails, facebook and website enquiries. Updating content on the various website we have. We are very careful with our data too, so backing up and backing up the backups is a never ending job. Organising the diary and keeping client information up to date. Sorting out details, checking out venues for upcoming shoots or weddings. Cleaning and preparing the kit for the next job.. none shooting days are most of the time busier than shooting days.. Editing.. I can spend weeks editing and organising images... we can shoot between 3000 and 6000 images in a day and that can take up to two weeks to become a finished job. Wedding days are amazing. We can start as early as 5am and finish at midnight. The whole day is beautiful. The excitement, fun and happiness that goes with every wedding is one of the best feelings ever.” What excites you the most about the future of photography? Also what are some of the biggest challenges you think it faces today?

“I love how much more there is to learn and improve. The thirst to constantly get better and better. Technology in equipment and advances in editing software will always improve photography, but I think the basic skill will always rely on the photographer. The biggest challenge will be down to the fact that everyone can afford a DSLR, everyone will think that they are a photographer. It may put small photography companies out of business and work may dry up for the majority

~ 11 ~

of single outfit photographers. There will always be people shooting for free. It will be down to the same old scenario of only the best will survive. And it’s my job to make sure we are one of those who do.” Describe the story behind one of your favourite photographs.

“One of my favourite images is one of my oldest daughter Chloe. She used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks which were caused by an accident she had in 2007. She used to have these attacks at least twice a month; they were so severe she used to black out. It had been nearly 9 months since her last attack and things were really looking up. We were out walking in the snow in February 2012 and I was just taking family snaps of the younger ones on the sledge. I turned around and Chloe was just stood there staring at me.. I lifted my camera and just clicked... 2 minutes later she blacked out. We rushed over and I held her in my arms in what felt like forever. I carried her home. When I checked the images the next day the look in her eyes mean everything to me. I just love the picture. It’s been nearly a year since that day, without any incident.” What is one of your funniest shoots?

“We have had lots of "moments" that make me laugh when I think back to them, things ranging from model wardrobe malfunctions, to my trousers splitting open in the middle of a wedding. One studio shoot I fell of a chair and accidentally pulled down the top of an old lady and she spat her teeth at me! But to be honest, most of our shoots are funny; we have a whole lot of fun in all the work we do. Just because it is our job it does not mean we have to be serious.. Model shoots, portrait shoots, family shoots, engagements and weddings.. You get better images if you are having fun. It goes without saying. We enjoy what we do a lot and I think that shows in our work.” Your son Ryan follows in your foot steps and shows remarkable talent for photography and filming, was this something you always wanted your children to get into?

“Ryan is doing great, he shows the same interest and passion for it as I do, It is definitely not something I ever thought he would be into at all.. But it’s fantastic that he enjoys it and he already has big ideas and plans for his future. I don't really care what he chooses to do, as long as he is happy. If he sticks at it I am sure he has a great future ahead of him. I got an invoice off him the other day!! He is 13!”

~ 12 ~

Ryan Sharp

Tell us a little about yourself?

“My name is Ryan Sharp and I am 13 years old and I am learning to take and edit photographs and video.”

What’s it like growing up in the Sharp house?

“It's fun when I meet new people and learn new techniques and different styles of photography with my Dad. There is never a dull moment in our house ha ha Its was pretty strange at first when I was seeing all these stunning models on my dad’s computer and he was editing photographs and I was seeing them on the internet. and then they turn up at the house.” Growing up in an environment where you see so much photography, was it always something you waned to get into?

“Yes. As soon as I got into it I started making my own little photos and videos on my phone and showing them to people i know their responses where positive and they supported me.” Would you say that your dad is your inspiration?

“Yes. My Dad was the reason I started video editing because i helped him edit photographs and i slowly started to get into videography.” You show remarkable talent for videography at such a young age already, how did you learn?

“I liked video effects on films and videos that i have seen. I watched tutorials on the internet and i wanted to make my own short videos.” What other careers did you want to have when you was growing up?

“At the age of 7-9, i wanted to be a video director. I have always wanted the same type of job since i liked the idea.” You did the video for the Sharp Photography Halloween shoot..(link will be up to direct readers to it) describe the story behind it, how long did it take to edit, what was your favourite bits.

“The Sharp-Photography Halloween shoot was the most enjoyable and fun video shoot i have done so far in my career. Using props and video effects really made the shoot more fun to do.” Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

“A full time worker at Sharp-Photography as a videographer.”

~ 13 ~

Chloe Sharp

Tell us a little about yourself?

“My name is Chloe Sharp, I am 10 years old and I am a model. I like singing and dancing and messing about with make-up ha” Was Modelling something you always wanted to do?

“Well when my dad started taking photographs he used to use me as his practice model! And I enjoyed posing ha ha the pictures looked really good and it was fun I love doing it.” What is it like being a young Model? What type of things do you enjoy most about it and what is the hardest?

“I am the youngest model in the group, it fine being the youngest I get to mess about with all the other models clothes and stuff ha ha the thing I enjoy the most is the big shoots when there are lots of models and the shoots take a lot of planning. Those shoots are exciting. I don’t like modelling outside when its raining or snowing, I don’t like the cold. But the pictures are always good.. So I do it.” What has been your favourite shoot so far? Why?

“The best shoot I have done up to now has been the Halloween shoot in 2012 because it was so much fun and we had lots of props and there was lots of models there too Also seeing the pictures being taken and then seeing the final images was amazing ! I loved it.” Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? “I still want to be a model, but I do not know if I would like to do it as a job. I think I would like a job with

animals and then do modelling for fun.” If you could give advice to another young girl wanting to be a model, what would it be?.

“Enjoy it. Do not care what other people think you look like. Just go for it. ! Its fun!”

~ 14 ~

Dakota Hunt

Photography: Stuart Runham of pinupzania Makeup: Louise Clewlow-Burke

~ 15 ~


Model: Sahala Halo Haynes Makeup: Louise Clewlow-Burke

~ 16 ~

Getting to know........

Sinderella Rockafella With over 9000 Followers worldwide, Sinderella Rockafella is widely recognised Only starting out a few years ago she has quickly become a widely recognised featured model online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So we thought we would get to know Miss Rockafella a little better....... Tell us a little about yourself, as a person first and a model second “The names Sinderella Rockafella and I’m your friendly neighbourhood pinup girl! I have been bought up with the love of the 1930’s-1950’s, the fashion the music and the lifestyle.” Growing up, was modelling always something you wanted to do? “No not at all, I had a photo shoot when I was 15 and then I only had my 2nd due to a dramatic weight loss and wanting to mark reaching my goal” What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? “I have very recently become the new model for corset-uk, apart from my first photo shoot for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen that is my greatest accomplishment so far” If you wasn’t a model what other profession do you think you would have instead? “I’ve done everything from being an estate agent to working for social services, My ideal job if I wasn’t doing this would be a PA!” What beauty tips do you swear by? “Pears soap and sudacrem” Guilty pleasures? “Sucking my thumb and my onsie” Describe a typical day for you “Get up, have a wash, rush around really quickly because I woke up late, jump in a taxi, jump on the train, fall asleep and dribble a bit on the train, do my makeup, get stared at by the man sitting opposite as I’ve put my eyelashes on upside down, get picked up from train station, have an awesome shoot, go home via burger king, have a wash, sleep and start all over again!”

~ 17 ~

Sinderella Rockafella

~ 18 ~

Fashion corner Celebrate Valentine’s day in style...........From makeup to hair, our expert stylists can help you conquer the romance.... MAKEUP... Less is definitely more! We have heard time and time again about how less is better, to go natural right? Well runways globally are even doing it! With models strutting their stuff with fresh flawless natural looking skin, maybe there is something to it!. This season key trend is to pick one focal whether it be your eyes or your lips and to keep everywhere else bare. Eyes.....Thinking of going with that smouldering Smokey eye for that important date but unsure about pulling it off?..why now try a softer colour. Matt plums, soft greys and navy colours are the way to go..use patting motions along your lid out to your crease, applying small amounts and slowly building up. But remember to blend blend blend. Lips.....From velvety red to pouty pinks, picking the right pout colour can be daunting, why not pick a nude and a deep plum and then experiment with the two colours to get the right shade.

OPAQUES TOP 5! Lip and eye colours

Chanel CoCo rouge

Nars Tashkent in Matt

Bobbi Brown Black Pearl palette

MAC Rubywoo

Bourjois Quintet pearl set

~ 19 ~

HAIR...... Don’t be tight, be loose!. Got long hair? Show it off...get some big hot rolls and roll your hair up while you do your makeup and have a glass of wine, then when cool let them cascade in luscious waves and pin to one side to show off that gorgeous neck. Short hair? Shot hair can be just as sexy...Big rollers don’t just curl; they give body...why not give your hair some umph and then spray with Elenett new diamond glitter spray.

DIY Tousled Sweep Tousled hair styles are stylish, sexy, and add volume to your look. Using just a barrette, try this tousled sweep for a look that has texture and volume. 1. Start by misting a texturizing spray onto clean, dry hair to create a matte texture 2. Lightly tease the hair on one side of your head. This will give your hair better grip and help the barrette stay put. 3. Divide your hair into two- to three-inch sections, using clips to secure the hair you are not working on. 4. Create a side part using the highest point of one eyebrow as a guide, and sweep the front of your hair across your forehead toward the side you teased. 5. Gather hair and clip it into a barrette at eye level Article submitted from ivillage

~ 20 ~

Model Profile....

Levi Spriggs

17 year old Dancer and model, Levi is well known for her work with Sharp Model Management. Debuting back in September 2011, She has shown to be adaptable to a wide variety of looks.

Tell us a little about yourself? As a person and then as a model.

“I am years old and currently training to be a dancer at addict dance academy so I am quite confident and always up for a laugh. As a model I'm confident in front of the camera and I love new projects and i am quite a creative person all together.” How did you get into modelling?

“I got in to modelling via facebook as I loved having photos taken when i was little and then i heard of Craig and he was looking for new models so I asked him and loved my first shoot from the word go.” Your first shoot, what was it like?

“My first shoot was with Craig Sharp. It was awesome! I was scared at first because i didn't know what to expect but as soon as I stood in the studio and took my first photos I felt comfortable and amazed by his work.” Do you have any modelling inspirations that you look up to?

“My Model inspiration of all time is Marilyn Monroe! I think she is beautiful and such an inspiration to all women!” How do you feel about the controversy of the size 0 debate in the industry

“I disagree with the size 0 in the modelling industry because I’m not a size 0 myself and i said I have been inspired by Marilyn Monroe and she wasn't a size 0 either every woman is beautiful in their own way” Describe the story behind one of your favourite shoots

“I have had so many good shoots as in being fun and exciting but i think the best one so far has got to be the theatrical one

~ 21 ~

e.g. Halloween an action one as we went in the wood for the Halloween one it was freezing cold and dirty and Craig was surprised that id actually go bare feet in the mud but we had a laugh also my mum was there to do my hair and make-up. Also I like the shoots where all the models get together and just hangout and take some really good photos.” Who do you regard as your role model?

“My role model I would say my mum because I think she is so beautiful and very well focused but she doesn't take life to seriously! Like mother like daughter” What advice would you give to young models?

“My advice to younger models would be to just be yourself that's the way you will get your best photos as your personality will shine through. Also don’t hold back on your dreams and don't take life to seriously have fun and believe in yourself” what’s the hardest part to being a model? and the best?

“The hardest part of being a model I don't really know to be honest but the best thing about being a model is that it’s somewhere where you can be yourself and be creative! also meeting new people and having a laugh but I like to work hard. Work hard play harder” what’s it like having your pictures so public, do you get recognised?

“It’s good having my pictures public sometimes I don't think its real. I did a shoot at the studio and i went to get a cob round the corner and my face was on the book stand where the business cards were so i suppose that was a shock. I have been recognized a few times a girl stopped us and she asked to have a photo with me ha ha so Craig took one as we were in the middle of an outdoor shoot. That was funny. And I was at a party and some girl came up to me and asked if was the model Levi !! she had seen some of my pictures on the internet and was very nice about them. I was surprised.”

~ 22 ~

Meet the Models of

Black Lace

Model Management

New Model Management group Black Lace was founded at the end of 2012. Black Lace caters for a wide style in models from fashion, beauty, art nude, latex and alternative.....sizes 6-26 and throughout the UK. Leicestershire makeup artist Louise Clewlow-Burke built the company with the inspiration of it being an all female run group. Now managed by herself, Laura Street and Joanna Williams Black Lace is growing from strength to strength and has now opened up its brother group Leather and Spice and junior group Black Lace Juniors with the help of Joanna’s Husband Stuart.

Scarlett Devon

Cherry Pi

~ 23 ~

Kitty Liquor

Suzie Sequin

Julie Mombielova

Violet Ecstacy

Chrissy Noble

~ 24 ~

Deborah Shangobiyi

Sahala Halo Haynes

Sabina Gorcyk


Siobhan McLoughlin

Bailey Benton

Dolly Minx

Amy Muggleton

Sam Sharpe

Krystal Johns ~ 25 ~

Opaque magazine issue 1  
Opaque magazine issue 1  

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