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PCGS Secure Plus: The Premier Certification Service for Your Rare Coins In the words of PCGS Co-Founder David Hall, “when PCGS opened on February 3, 1986, we established impartial, third-party standards for authenticating and grading coins, generating unprecedented confidence for collectors wanting to participate in the market, and helping coin owners recognize the true value of their coins.” Today, 25 years later, PCGS raises consumer confidence and market values even higher with PCGS Secure Plus.™

PCGS Secure Plus achieves these goals with: •Unique registration of each coin •Improved detection of counterfeits and altered coins •All Secure Plus coins come with the PCGS unlimited guarantee •More likely recovery if a Secure Plus coin is ever lost or stolen •Increased value of high-end coins within each grade

The PCGS Secure Plus system ensures more precise and consistent grading, improves detection of altered coins, and recognizes the value of high-end coins within each grade. This means your coins receive the most accurate grades possible, helping them realize their true value in the marketplace.

Only PCGS Secure Plus utilizes this proprietary technology to detect if a coin has been altered in any way in an attempt to get an undeserved higher grade. If it’s been tampered with, it will be revealed. If any irregularities are found, the results are forwarded, along with the coin, to the PCGS graders for further analysis. If a PCGS Secure Plus-certified coin is ever lost or stolen and subsequently resubmitted to PCGS, it can be identified and the recovery process will begin for the rightful owner. And the special Secure Plus holder label has been engineered to further combat counterfeiting.

PCGS Secure Plus Delivers Confidence and Value PCGS Secure Plus delivers two attributes that are extremely important to serious coin enthusiasts around the world. It builds confidence (Secure) and recognizes value (Plus).

further deterrent to coin doctoring and counterfeiting, high-quality images of all coins submitted under Secure Plus are available under Cert Verification on the PCGS website, free of charge.

Simply put, it’s the most reliable protection you can give your coins.

The Tightest Security for Your Coins With PCGS Secure Plus™ service, each coin is laser scanned, imaged, and registered into the Secure Plus data base. The system digitally captures the unique fingerprints of both sides of each coin. Secure Plus can also be used to perfrom a metallic composition analysis of your coin. And now, for your records and as a

With PCGS Secure Plus we’re doing everything we can to safeguard your coins. All nonU.S. (World coins) minted prior to 1955 must be submitted under the Secure Plus service.

Making Coin Collecting Safer and Better PCGS Secure Plus™ provides protection for your coins, and gives our expert graders hightech tools to help win the battle against coin doctoring and counterfeiting. In short, nothing protects your coins – and ultimately your collection – like PCGS Secure Plus. If you’re going to spend your money on the finest coins, shouldn’t you choose the premier authentication service? Only PCGS Secure Plus™ delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done everything you can to protect your coins and maximize their value. Get the ultimate shield against counterfeiting and coin doctoring. Visit or email, and ask about obtaining PCGS Secure Plus for your coins.


PCGS SECURE PLUS 2012 via Paris Office as offered by Official PCGS dealer Bruce Tupholme in Portugal