September 2017 Opal Magazine

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For entrepreneurs and writers it’s time to get in top gear, establish our own fall/winter routines, make sure our intentions are clear. Time to rethink long-term goals— what’s working, what is not, as the main character in our own story, are we enhancing our plot? What can we sign up for? Maybe a conference or two, a course, workshop, or webinar to assist us in what we do. Have we built our support team? We don’t have to do it alone. Engaging in others’ expertise will help to enrich our own. One important part of our plan is slotting time to have some fun, and reward ourselves in special ways each time a small project is done. Autumn is a good time to have new projects begin, to trust in our gifts and talents, and skillfully settle in.



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Changes take place in September— children go back to school, students enroll in university, ‘settling in’ seems to be the rule.