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What All It Takes to Start a Translation Service? During start up times of your basic education one never comes to know what you want to become professionally. Slowly we find our interests and then want to develop a career out of it. Among such many interests and talents, one is learning different languages, speaking fluently and writing them flawlessly.

Earlier it used to be a sole profession of tourists guides and they specifically used to be quite a talent. During world war times there was an immense demand of language interpreters to decode the radio signals of countries at the enemy gates. This gave rise to new profession and services thereby we know today as translators. With growing world economy and rise in multinational structure of companies worldwide translators are the basic need and so opportunities for being a translator is immense. Let’s see how one can go for such a profession:  Be fluent in at least two UNO languages. One can be your native language. The other

language can be learnt in any good foreign language school in your country.  Be sure of your source and target language. The source is one you need to translate into

the target one.  Just speaking would not do your writing skills in the languages have also to be good.

Being a native speaker in German does not mean you are good at writing German too. A German translation service could hire you only if you have equal writing and reading skills.  Proper understanding of some texts needs specializations. There are many formal

colleges and universities which gives a translator degree and specialization courses.

ďƒ˜ If you think of starting your own office say as German translator in Perth Australia. You

need to have minimum resources as computer with proper softwares, fax, internet connection, reference books, dictionaries, and a quiet office area. ďƒ˜ Getting an accreditation as NAATI is a long term benefit.

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What All It Takes to Start a Translation Service?