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 Foscarini Caboche by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, 2005 Resulting from the desire to create a precious and charming lamp like a pearl bracelet, accommodated with a focus on lightweight and transparency thanks to the use of PMMA, Caboche established itself from the onset as one of Foscarini's best-selling products, and it has become a genuine icon in the world of lighting and design. Rich, bright and sophisticated, Caboche isa mosaic of refractions, a perfect fusion of different personalities in the one form, coming together to create the body and light effect of the lamp. When it is turned on, the light diffuses from inside the spheres like lots of bright crystals, providing 360° lighting of the surrounding environment and guaranteeing direct lighting on the underlying surface and reflection on the ceiling. This lighting emotion is also vouched by Led versions – affording high energy efficiency levels and durability - completely re-engineered in terms of lighting technology especially to ensure the same intensity, diffusion and temperature as the light produced by the original version. Caboche suspension lamp is a jewel of creativity and technology, available in three sizes and two versions: transparent and yellow gold. The lamp is the perfect protagonistfor homes or public areas, uniting visual impact with lightness, decorative value and functionality.


big bang

Big Bang by Enrico Franzolini and Vincente Garcia Jimenez, 2005 Irregular and apparently random intersections of spatial planes create a volume around the light source and produce the dynamic character of the exuberant suspension lamp Big Bang. By evoking the dynamism of an explosion, the methacrylic planes – available in the white or white/red versions – seem to escape the central luminous core and explode in all directions.A highly plastic luminous body, characterized by the intrigues of light and shade, of great visual impact and yet aerial, ideal for single- handedly personalizing interiors of various styles. Big Bang provides an intense, decisive and direct light. The particular arrangementof the surfaces guarantees maximum reflection and at the same time avoids dazzling, whilst offering a different lighting effect from all angles.


Foscarini Twiggy by Marc Sadler, 2006 Foscarini and Marc Sadler's shared passion for research into new technologies has given rise to Twiggy, the iconic arched floor lamp which is available in an entire collection of lamps made of composite material on a lacquered fiberglass base. The suspension version is available in two sizes to guarantee ample possibilities of use. Using the same diffuser as the floor and table versions, lighting the area underneath the lamp directly and - thanks to the transparency of the upper protection disk - diffuses efficient up-light by reflection. Available in four different colors, it can blend in seamlessly with any dĂŠcor and style.

fly fly

Foscarini Fly Fly by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, 2012 An innovative shape that was born of thedesire for a large, light hanging lamp that was functional, but not high tech, approachable and original. A harmonious synthesis that combines familiar feelings with new emotions. At first sight the wings express a concept of lightness, but they are the result of a long research process using a single mold to obtain a product of the right size with the ability to provide 360째 illumination. The same transparent form projects the light in the environment and also acts as a screen to avoid dazzle. This makes it even easier to place it in any space and at any height.


Foscarini Havana by Jozeph Forakis, 1993 The young, light-weight appearance recalling the shape of a cigar, which ironically gives it its name, the soft light that it emits and the ease with which it blends in with the most varied contexts, have made it the great success thatit is today, so much so that it is also part of the permanent collection on exhibit at the New York MoMA. The mono version of Havana consists of a single polyethylene body with signs that recall its division into four segments, a division which distinguishes the design of the original model. Available in white or yellow, Havana mono is available as a suspension, wall or floor lamp.



Foscarini Lightweight by Tom Dixon, 1995 The classic suspension lamp with Murano ground glass arms is denuded of all itsdĂŠcor. Only the skeleton remains: a light geometric frame that recalls the three- dimensional development of a crystal. Hand- made by welding together hundreds of metal rebar elements, Lightweight merges the contemporary design of Tom Dixon with a semi- artisanal production process, halfway between innovation and tradition. Eight small transparent and satin finish blown glass diffusers rest on each of the arms of Lightweight, diffusing an intense light in every direction. Its strong personality and dimensions enhance its decorative appeal, making it suitable also for settings of a significant size.



Foscarini Allegro by Atelier Oi, 2007 Allegretto brings all the wonderful theatricality and magical harmony of the Allegro projectto the home and to contract spaces, with proportions and volumes designed on a smaller space. An entire family of hanging lamps that take on their shape thanks to the force of gravity, created with metal lines that design the light and emit sounds when they touch. The collection name is inspired exactly to this “musicality�. There are three versions, according to the finish of the metal elements, to express three different styles: Allegretto Ritmico in black, Allegretto Vivace in brown and Allegretto Assai in gold. Allegretto lamps can be used as the visual center of an environment, instead of a traditional ceiling lamp, or to complement the larger Allegro models in a project that is coherent in its concept and realization and free to be customized.



Foscarini Tress by Marc Sadler, 2008 The seduction of a woman’s tress wash the initial inspiration for the Tress family of lamps.This design-come-true by Foscarini was achieved through the development of a completely original technological process, involving a fiberglass and resin tape woven with orderly casual ness to become the structure and aesthetics of the lamp. Tress changes personality according to its color: it is light and discrete in white, strong and decisive in black and volcanic and totemic in red, which makes the contrast between the interior and the exterior even more evident. The mini, small and medium size of Tress hanging version has been designed to illuminate a specific area of the space below; on the other hand the big size is characterized for a more widespread light diffusion. All sizes can be used alone, to enhance a shadowy corner, or any other space in a room, or it can be used in line to create effects of perspective.



Foscarini Birdie by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, 2012 A variable number of arms with a white finish, as slender as the branches of a tree, support small colored diffusers, whose shape is a reinterpretation of the classic shades. It’s Birdie ceiling lamp, whose elements spontaneously coalesce to give life to a friendly lamp that combines a smooth and familiar structure with a boldly character. Unlike the Birdie ceiling lamp, the pendant one can suit different ceiling heights, thanks toan additional canopy and cable set. Because of balancing reasons, the suspended lamp concerns the version with 6 or 9 arms, the ones endowed with the most scenic appeal and with the largest amount of lights, that light up like the flames of a modern chandelier. Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, always, Birdie has a different character depending on the color: in white, it can be discreet and almost invisible, but in amaranth, orange or grey it becomes more of a prima donna capable playing the starring role in a room.


Foscarini Maki by Nendo, 2011 Take two sheets of paper and roll them up together, creating something that resembles a seashell or a flower... an intuitive object both poetic and beguiling. Maki was conceived bya spontaneous natural inspiration, becominga design product only after a challenging development process. As if made of paper,two aluminum sheets were rolled up and one slipped inside the other. Only with incisions, invisible when the lamp is assembled, could the creators obtain the proper play of light. The simple form of Maki plays with the immaterial nature of light, integrating it as an important decorative element: the side glare is filtered by the edges of the rolled-up metallic sheets, creating a dynamic yet soft effect. While light is also cast directly down, as a soft spot beam. This dual luminous effect allows Maki to be charming all alone or in linear compositions to illuminate counters and peninsulas. The white or pale grey color choice enhances the pureness of Maki’s inspiration; its lightness and poetic appeal is a luminous idea in any domestic or communal setting.



Foscarini Behive by Werner Aisslinger, 2012


Inspired by the softly rounded shape of a beehive, consisting of a series of rings of different diameters, which make up a luminous structure crossed by thin lines, Behive is also available as a suspension lamp. A diffuser screen fitted inside it conceals the technical components away from view and leaves the light source free to light downwards and irradiate the characteristics warm, soft luminosity of Behive. The white light of the lamp this plays a dual role: on the outside, it emphasizes the graphic design of the rings, whereas from the top down, it focuses the light on a specific area.Destined to appeal both when it is switchedon as well as when is switched off, likean unmistakable visual signal in the most disparate context, the Behive suspension lamp enhances settings with its decorative value and its special light.


Foscarini Le Soleil by Vincente Garcia Jimenez, 2009

le soleil

Suspended architecture that recalls the outline of the Guggenheim Museum in New York: this is the first impression of Le Soleil suspension lamp, a luminous sphere made up of irregular bands that act like reflective surfaces inside and like a diffuser outside, creating a soft, attractive hanging glow. The use of a material that does not reveal the light helps to create the special luminous effect of this lamp, with beams of light projected upwards and direct illumination downwards, to highlight a precise area of the space. The irregular edge of the bands adds movement to the volume of Le Soleil, with an architectural effect that renders it different every time, according to the observer’s point of view. The choice between different colors emphasizes its expressive nature and warm, friendly and playful style.Le Soleil is a star in the domestic and public firmament, an irresistible visual center of attraction, alone or multiplied inside a space.



Foscarini Gregg by Roberto & Ludovica Palomba, 2007 A product of natural inspiration and extensive research, Gregg’s shape is reminiscent of a large pebble, its surface polished by the water. It could even be seen as the egg of some mythological beast, a symbol of creation and re-birth. Pure volume with a familiar ease of interpretation, yet one that is surprising, because Gregg’s asymmetric shape changes depending on the point of view of the person observing it. This is a new solution where a traditional material like glass becomes a tool in the designer’s hands to give an original character to an environment. There are three different sizes in the hanging, table, ceiling and wall versions and four different solutions for the floor lamp: the Gregg collection is one of the most versatile and transversal and can be easily placed in any type of setting. In the home environment the warm, uniform light produced by the white satined diffuser and its essential style have a strong functional and decorative value. Thanks to the closed shape of the diffuser, the bulb is screened in all directions, which protects from dazzle and makes it easy to place even at different heights. When part of a composition, Gregg is suitable for some of the most surprising uses.A ‘raindrop’ structure highlights the vertical extension of a window or stairway, producing an extremely striking effect. Vertical arrangement of a multitude of suspensions at various heights generates spectacular luminous false ceilings. The repetition of the volume along a line produces new perspectives to create trompe l’oeil effect.


Foscarini Aplomb by Lucidi & Pevere, 2010 Aplomb is a small suspension lamp that creates direct and precise lighting on an underlying surface. Visible concrete is part of the expressive language of modern architecture and Foscarini, with Aplomb, uses this material with a spirit and a technology that is entirely original. The lamp displays a light touch of extreme elegance and formal simplicity, which softens the massive solidity of the concrete by enhancing its polished and yet unrefined material aspect. The small size of the lamp allows it to be used on its own (for example on a coffee table),in a line to light up a surface or even as a composition at different heights. It is available in three different colors. The choice of colors, with pigments added directly into the concrete mix, enhances the personality of the lamp in different ways: the natural grey bring out its materiality, the brown gives a touch of warmth, while the white highlights its elegance.



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