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by Nigel Ooms

Creative Brief Job description A series of print ads which show the essence of The Ritzy to the target audience; it is an introduction to the brand.

Target Audience Women starting their careers or in the early stages of their career aged 20 to 35 years old with a professional attitude. They enjoy work and life and demand versatility of their attire. They are educated, cultured and have a strong drive to make it in the corporate world.

Objectives Inspired by the women from the 1920’s, The Ritzy offer women a versatile professional attire that can change as quick as the woman itself. It is based on a freedom of choice and individuality.

Substantiation - Women are versatile themselves, so their wardrobe should also be flexible. - Gender inequality is still in issue; It’s still a man’s world. - Working towards a future can only be responsible when the history and heritage is respected. - Luxury and quality do not always imply expensive products, The Ritzy offers affordable prices to a younger audience.

Key Response I should get to know the brand and its products, the vision and the atmosphere.

Desired Brand Character Temperament: determined and succesful Character: She knows how to balance work and life Attraction: individuality but socially conscious Charm: luxurious but affordable Mindset: sophisticated Use: professional but versatile Time: contemporary and respectful

Creative Process Vision A serene, balanced view on the versatility of women. Women carry multiple roles during the day, this is reflected in the images.

Multiple similar models I chose to use the same model twice to show the versatility of the woman, it reflects the duality between a career woman and a socialite. The make-up and jewellery is professional, but can be updated for the nightlife with a splash of colour.

Advertisement 1

Advertisement 2

During the shoot

Extra visuals

Creative Director

Nigel Ooms Photography

David Dumon - Robi Struyf


Charlotte Anne Bongaerts Styling

Nigel Ooms Location & Setting

Nigel Ooms Make-up

Charlotte Anne Bongaerts - Nigel Ooms

The Rityz - part 2