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So you want to write your own story about you, your life, your experiences.

This is a common place for many people to start, since it is something they know about. You have experience in your life and you may have some great stories too. Or maybe people have told you should write about your experiences, maybe you have done some amazing things or seen things others may never get to. Either way, it can be hard to figure out where to begin or how to begin to write. The good news is that writing about your self is the easiest place to start with writing though. So the best thing to do is to just start writing, putting down ideas, compiling information and breaking your life up into chucks of information so they are easier to sift through and add details too.

Write Your Own Story Starting From The Beginning You can start to write your story from the beginning. Start chronologically. Now it doe not have to start from the day you were born and move on, unless that is where you want to begin. You can break this up in to sections of information. Such as your grade school days, than moving on to middle school, high school and when you got married for example. Or break it up by life events, such as moving, when a sibling was born or any other way you want to break the information up. You can also start at a place and move forward such as starting from when you got married or had your first child and go on from here. WRITE YOUR OWN STORY STARTING FROM THE END However, you can also write your own story starting from the end and moving backwards. You can start with where you are now and how you got there by going backwards in history and now those events shaped who you are now or how they led you to where you are at currently. This can work well when you have finally got to where you want to be and are looking back to reflect on the events that brought you there.

However, you may need to flash back to information and just be careful with this so that is does not become confusing for the reader to understand. Flash backs need to be clear and focused so the reader can understand the connections you are making. But, it adds great detail to the story, as well as making it very interesting to read too. WRITE YOUR OWN STORY STARTING SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE Lastly, you can also write your story starting somewhere in the middle of life or in the middle of where you are at and reflect back on what brought you there, as well as looking to the future too on what you want to do or become or where you want to go next. This is a little more difficult to do, however again it makes for a very interesting read and if there are plenty of details it will be easy to understand also. You can finish reading this article on our website about How to Write a Book and Get it Published.

Write your Own Story in Book Form  

So you want to write your own story about you, your life, your experiences. I will help you how. Here's how.

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