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TWITTER – THE TRAFFIC HOARDER! Nowadays, no one can deny how popular Twitter has become. From its original purpose of being a platform of communication for small groups, this social media site has evolved into something that businessmen interpret as ‘list-building’ and eventually as a traffic generator. TWITTER IS MADE TO COLLECT TRAFFIC Yes, it’s true. It’s packed with interesting tools that are attention-grabbing and most especially revenue generating. Check the details below to find out how you can collect traffic from Twitter. 1. Future It’s a free service which allows users to schedule their Twitter messages. You can send a tweet at a specific time in the future. If you have prepared messages for your followers, you can manage and plan when to send it using this tool. You will be able to update your status even without your PC or mobile phone. Your daily updates will inform your followers that you take responsibility for your tweets seriously. This will make them more interested. 2. Tweet This tool is designed to automate the building of followers as well as to manage both incoming and outgoing direct messages. You can have 150 new followers in just ONE day! The more followers you have, the more traffic you can get! 3. This tool is very useful especially for business users who are using Twitter to connect with their clients. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and track trends. Some of the huge companies who use CoTweet .com are Coca Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Ford and Twitter. 4. This is an application that shows who the biggest and most popular users of Twitter are. On its homepage, you will be able to see a table of Twitter users arranged from the highest number of followers - how many are following them, how many updates they’ve made and how long they have been with Twitter. 5. If you find it hard to follow individuals from Twitaholic, this app would probably give you better results because your targets are arranged by categories. With specific categories, you can

find industries or people that matter to you.

How to Increase your retweet potential 1. Don’t exceed over 120 characters. When your message is to be re-tweeted, it would look like this: RT @<username-max of 15character>: <your message>








15 (max)

Colon (: )


@ sign




If you will use the maximum characters allowed which is 140, your follower would have to edit the message before they could re-tweet it (and there’s a big chance they won’t edit it). Create messages that are less than 120 so your followers just need to click the Retweet button. Make it easy for them so they will be motivated to help you with your exposure by retweeting your tweets. 2. Make use of hash tags (#) It’s a symbol placed (without space) before important topics or keywords within a Tweet. Ex: I love #socialmedia so much! Using hash tags will categorize the word/topic and anyone who clicks on #socialmedia will see all the other Tweets about that category. You will also notice that there is no space between the hash tag (#) and social media. Keep this in mind always.

With hash-tagged words, your followers can easily retweet your message especially for specific audiences.

3. Do #followfriday or #FF the right way. #Followfriday lets you suggest people you believe are worth following. The wrong way: “#FF @AGreatGuy @SomeCuteLady @MsTweeter @MrInfluencer” This example fails to state why these four people are worth following. The right way: “#FF @AGreatGuy He reveals tips on writing an attention-grabbing headline. In this example, readers are told why this person you are suggesting is worth following. When people see that you are referring worthwhile individuals, they will start to trust you and retweet your messages often.

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Twitter – The Traffic Hoarder!  

Never heard that Twitter can be a marketing tool? You’re missing a lot! Lucky you’ve come up to this article which would reveal to you how...