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Training Racing Pigeons for Profit Training racing pigeons can be a very good hobby, but it can also be a good money earning hobby too.

Pigeon racing is a kind of sport that involves releasing specially trained pigeons in the air; the aim is for the racing pigeon to return home in the fasted speed they can manage. The time it takes to cove the distance is then calculated and the result will be compared with all the other competitors’ results, the animal who made it home with the highest speed wins the race.

Where is the Right location for Training Racing Pigeons? Some people think that raising pigeons can only be done in the country, even though that is the ideal place because of the wide space it provides, there are trainers who have been raising pigeons even in the city.

The only thing you should do is to make sure that you have enough space for a good sized coop. it should be large enough that you will be able to go into it; it should be measure at least 6 x 8 feet.

Training Racing Pigeons : The Right Feeds

It is very important that you know what the right feeds for your pigeons is. If you are a novice in this money making hobby, you need to ask the feeds supplier and also some of the people that raise pigeon.

You can go to a local feed store and buy a variety of grains and the proper nutrients that they need. Grains should be whole, not fine or powdered; they must be free from molds, pest or weevil.

Other feeds that you can provide for them are corn, rice, soybean, legume seed, stale bread and clean water.

Provide your pigeons with a good feeding place where they can eat all day; racing pigeons need to eat a lot to make them strong.

How to make Money Through Training Racing Pigeons

If you want to earn money through training racing pigeons, the first thing you need to know is which pedigree is the easiest to breed and raise. Make sure that you have the right information on the pigeons that you have selected. Learn about everything you can with regards to the breeding and winning performance of your pigeons.

Before you start training your pigeons, select the young ones that have never flown before. Put them in a fly pen everyday, but keep their food in the loft, that way they will be trained to fly to the loft to be fed. Do this for two weeks.

For training racing pigeons, You can let them fly out of the fly pen and see how they perform. After a few days, take them farther away from home, by doing this gradually, they will be used to flying home confidently.

Once the pigeons are well trained, you can then enter them into competition or you can sell them to people who are more experience in the pigeon racing sport.

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Training Racing Pigeons for Profit  

Training racing pigeons can be a very good hobby, but it can also be a good money earning hobby too. Learn more about it here.