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Training Racing Pigeons – how to be successful in pigeon racing?

Training Racing Pigeons:More and more people are becoming familiar with the sport, pigeon racing. May it be because you are a bird-lover by nature, or you are just fund of healthy competition in sports, it is best if you will try pigeon racing. Whatever reason that influenced you in becoming a fancier, or a racing pigeon trainer, you will find that training racing pigeons is both a tiring yet thrilling experience. Every day is a new opportunity for you to train your racing pigeons to be winners.

Training Racing Pigeons: Take it seriously

In every race, the owner waits at the bird’s loft for their pigeons to return. Sometimes, people make high investments on some pigeons so owners take training racing pigeons very seriously. Each fancier have their own way of training racing pigeons but here are the basic steps that you can follow if ever you want to be a fancier in the future. Training Racing Pigeons: The loft

Decide where you will position the loft of your pigeon, since this will be the end line of the race. Usually, trainers position the loft in their own backyards and this will be the loft of the pigeon for as long as he is racing.

Make sure that you feed your pigeon with a healthy diet. The diet must meet their nutritional need everyday especially during, both and after the racing season. Do the feeding and caring of the pigeon in their own loft so they will associate their loft as their own home.

The loft must be big enough for the pigeons to practice their flight skills. When

training your pigeon, it is best to leave the door of the loft open so the pigeons can have the freedom to fly out and come back. The owner may choose where he will train the pigeon. It can be a different loft from where the pigeon was raised to. However, it will be less hassle to have the same home loft and training loft. Training Racing Pigeons: The trap training

Train the pigeons to enter pigeon trap. Do it by placing treats in your trap. The trap will be placed inside the loft for where the pigeon will return to after the race. This is done so that the owner can get to the pigeon quickly and record the data of when the pigeon arrived at the loft.

Also, train your pigeon to enter release basket by giving them treats. This is where the pigeons will be released at the beginning of the race.

Train your pigeon to fly from a location up to their home loft. The locations and distance is up to the trainer’s discretion. Each trainer may use different points based on the pigeon’s experience and ability.

Release the pigeon from increasing distances so the pigeons will be able to practice flying from long distances. In this way, the pigeon will not be lost and will return at their own loft at the end of the race.

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Training Racing Pigeons – how to be successful in pigeon racing?