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Top Tips & Strategies to Use for Cold Calling

Effective Strategies Know your prospects like & dislike.

Sound confident & determined.

Call before 9AM & between 4-5PM. This is to avoid the “door guard” screen callers.

A door guard will be a barrier to your prospect. Ask for your prospect directly. Inform you just want to inquire about their website, ranking or hosting.

Explain your product offer. Give enticement to get them interested.

Close by asking for an appointment.

Some will hung up or be rude. Get their attention the first 10 seconds & try to listen well.

Use the New School Prospecting Methods 1.Not all buyers are untruthful.

2.There are enough interested prospects in the market.

Script for Cold Calling Oh, hi, I’m not sure who I should be speaking to, but I’m from *xxx* and we do (provide IM jargon that is hard to understand). I usually speak to a web manager or marketing director, do you know who I should speak to?”

Setup a referral system with an IT/computer personnel.

Share SEO figures to particular niches.

Your goal is to get an appointment or close a sale. Its better to target specific businesses that needs your service.

Build your Leads List Copy listings from A-Z & remove the extraneous. Have their correct business names, addresses & phone numbers.

Call Daily!

Plan your daily time schedule for specific tasks. Get your tasks done everyday.

Tips to Get you Miles Ahead Website Ranking

Use the Classifieds

Use Social Networking Maximize local listings


PPC (Adwords, 2nd tier networks)

Email Marketing Campaign Rank Videos SMS Campaign

Business to Consumer Strategies Pay students to canvas the community. Have door hangers printed. Door to door sales.

Send cards offering a discount.

Arrange speaking opportunities or run radio & cable ads.

Print ads & put signs in high traffic areas & establishments. Send personal letter & give out promo coupons.

Advertise in every opportunity you get to reach your consumers!

Business to Business to Consumer Strategies Provide business information on giveaways & promotional items. Offer sponsorship on local communities or lectures. Arrange press conference & do cold calls for appointments.

Business to Business Strategies Organize workshops with local businesses participating & join organizations.

Make door to door calls to local establishments. Sponsor a networking event targeting clients or create your own group for lead networking.

This is a lot of hard work.

But your determination & persistence will pay-off.

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Top Tips & Strategies to Use for Cold Calling Effective Strategies Know your prospects like & dislike. Sound confident & determined.

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