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Pigeon Coops and other Pigeon Hobbies You may not know what a pigeon coop is, or never even known that there are pigeon farms.They are familiar to pigeon aficionados or fanciers. A fancier is a person who breeds and raises pigeons. If it sounds strange, then you will be surprised by the names of people that have called themselves fanciers. Mike Tyson (yes the former heavy weight boxer) has been a long time fancier. Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor was also a fancier who healed wounded birds. Tesla went even as far as calling the birds his “sincere friends”. If raising birds is good enough for a former boxing champ and one of the greatest inventors ever, then they could definitely be good enough for you.

Enjoying the hobby as a sport: Racing Pigeon Lofts If you have not yet heard, you can actually participate in the sport of racing pigeons. People who participate in the sport, raise and train their own birds called “Racing Homers”. Races are measured by the time it takes a bird to return home from a loft. The speed is measured and the awards can be upwards of sixty thousand dollars.

Raising birds does not mean a pigeon farm Hobbyist may be seen in a bad light by some because they are sometimes confused with pigeon farms. A pigeon farm is used to sell pigeons for consumption as pigeon meat is a delicacy in some cultures. A farm is much different than a loft. It is more of a job than a hobby. However a couple of things apply to both. Pigeon baby products can be a bit difficult to find so consult your vet.

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Pigeon Coops and other Pigeon Hobbies