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Interesting Equipment Used During a Tea Ceremony

Dogu refers to equipment during a tea ceremony. A wide range is required even for a simple ceremony.

Chabako 茶箱 A box used to keep the utensils and used when the ceremony is held outside the teacher’s room.

Chaki čŒśĺ™¨

Refers to various tea utensils or the container for powdered green tea called Matcha.

Daisu ĺ?°ĺ­?

A portable, fairly large shelf for displaying tea utensils used during a tea ceremony.

Dora 銅鑟 Experts create these copper alloy gongs that make poignantly beautiful sounds during a tea ceremony.

Hachi 鉢

Wooden or ceramic bowls where sweets are placed. Paired with chopsticks.

The fire pit would have an ash bed referred to as Ash from where fire is lit.

Hai 鉢

Hana-ire 芹兼 This is a flower vase that is made of bamboo and hung from the pillar of a Tokonoma.

Kaishi Napkins used for placing the sweets or cleaning the rim of the tea bowl or chawan after drinking.

Kan かん Kabouku 香木

Used to remove the Kama from the fire pit to transfer it to Kamashiki.

Scented wood that creates a soothing fragrance. Two pieces of wood placed in the fire.

Neriko 硴錙

A portable, fairly large, shelf used to display tea utensils used during a tea ceremony.

Ro 炉 When it is cold, the Kama is heated using the fire created in the Ro on the floor which is placed on a Tatami mat.

Tana 棚

Any kind of furniture made of wood or bamboo used during tea preparation. More informal than daisu.

Tenmoku 天目 Tenmoku-dai天目台 Narrow footed bowls. Should be handled with care by the Teishu and Kyaku.

Used to prevent the Tenmoku from toppling over.

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Interesting Equipment Used During a Tea Ceremony