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HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED? DO YOUR PART AND LEAVE THE REST TO US How to write a book and get it published: Editing is a part of the process of getting a book published and is also a huge, tiring process and it is something many writers have to strive for. The book is that entity, the writer has slaved over for days, weeks, months and years. And now it’s the time when the writer has to take up the task of tearing the book into parts. It is not only painful but also consequently impossible for new and nascent writers, but it has to be done. While editing a fiction book or novel, you need to eliminate all appended attachments to the novel and subsequently explain to yourself that you did not write all that got omitted. And also, the writer needs to feed in his head that he is editing the whole book for the sake of a friend.

Following points should be kept in mind in order to know how to write a book and get it published:

Go through the entire verbose manuscript of the book if you want to know that How to write a book and get it published:

It is suggested that you better take a few days or even months to read over and thoroughly go through the entire manuscript of the book, but do not make any attempt of editing yet. Watch out carefully for leak holes in the plot, areas that are weak and may perplex the reader further and make relevant notes that shall aid you in future.

Take time to make another read yourself. During this read, try filling in those leak holes in the plot. This shall require your attention towards moving scenes around from one part to another, adding a few scenes in and deleting others. Any scene that does not help in moving the plot further should get deleted at this time. If you figure this

as time taking and painful, make a file for removed scenes so that things are simpler. Scenes that you just removed may be placed in this safety file for further use. HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED: USE SOME OTHER READERS TO KNOW HOW THEY THINK:

Once you are done with your part of editing, send this manuscript to some other readers and get their opinion. These other readers must be your fellow writers who very well know and understand the entire structure, body and other elements affiliated with writing. These readers must not be amateur readers.

Apply suggestions from other readers, on your work:

Look for their suggestions and apply them if you agree with them. This is a great idea since this will help when you will be required to make line edits from an editor.

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