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HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED- TIPS TO GET THE BEST OUT OF IT Are you wondering how to write a book and get it published? There are conferences and workshops for writers that you can attend. This may be an important part of their research process that allows best books ever written. But what are the components that make a good book?

A good book always has: ● Believable characters ● Conflict ● A climax ● A resolution of the conflict You must submit some sort of problem or conflict from the very beginning that grabs the reader’s curiosity and attention. This conflict will be resolved at the end of the book. This does not necessarily mean that his book should have a happy ending, but do not stop hanging and unresolved issues, unless that is their true intent. Also remember to lay out his book so that it reaches a climax, which should be built throughout the book. HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED: POINT OF VIEW

Another issue when learning how to write a book is to determine the point of view to use when writing this book. You can opt for first-person narration, which is perhaps the easiest style to use, but limits the thoughts and actions the protagonist and narrator of the story. You can write in third person and also do it from the view of the protagonist of the story. When writing in third person may also delve into the perspectives of other characters in the book. Of all the styles of writing, the third person omniscient, which is within each of the characters, is probably the most complex to use. Read books you like

and see what is the style that come the closest to the one that you want for your story. The view you use can make your book a success or a failure. For example, the novels of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle failed to start, until the famous author changed the view from the Dr. Watson, who was the first person observant. HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED: TENSES


When it comes to how to get a book published, you must also decide if you write in past or present. Many books are written in the past, but you might want to check out the top ones to see an example of first person narrative in present tense. Writing on this is usually more difficult, but provides more action to the story. If you don’t take care of such matters, nobody will be willing to publish your book!

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