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Publishing childrens books: There are a lot of writers out there who want to publish a children’s book, not knowing that it is not as simple as it looks. Believe me; it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to take in consideration the readers: children. A child’s vocabulary is limited and so is his or her interest. You have to find out what interests them as their tastes are a lot more different from a normal reader. Writing and publishing childrens books is not about writing about rabbit or any farm animals. You have a lot of factors to consider. Children have very precise tastes on what they want, and a little mistake would have your book getting snubbed by a child.

Publishing childrens books but first know your market You first have to decide what your market is and what is it that you want to write about. Children are very fickle and they want different things. Decide on a specific plot that is not vague. It must have a specific strong point as it will be your marketing tool in luring children to actually want to read your book, and once they do, it would invite more children to buy your work and read it. You also have to take in consideration that children are much more opinionated when it comes to what they read. You must stray from false lectures that would make them think that you are trying to teach them. Your books lines must be interesting and entertaining as well as educational. But you do not have to speak to them like they are illiterates. Remember that they are children and some of them do not want to be told what to do.

DRAFT AND TAKE ADVICES ON PUBLISHING CHILDREN’S BOOKS Write your first draft and start adding pictures after this. After you have done this, scan through your work and try to see and proofread. Check on what needs to be improved that would match the taste of children. Would your work match their aesthetics

as well as their level of maturity? Will your book connect with them at some point? You could ask help from people you trust and ask for each of their opinions. You could also ask help from preschool teachers and ask for some strong points to include in your book.

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