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Free Energy Generator

Generators are equipment that come in handy during a power cut and can be used as alternative source of energy as they generate electricity form mechanical energy. There are different types of generators like portable, shunt, ozone, single fed, double fed generators etc.

People who take adventurous trips like night safari to zoos or people who travel to outskirts or remote areas without current require generators. Large factories, chemical, industrial or garments, health care industry will suffer a heavy loss without generators a small period of power cut can lead to a big loss for the company or loss of a life in the hospital. Thus the need for generator is more these days. Generators require fuel like gasoline or diesel or natural gas to function. Rental companies do not provide fuel. Gasoline is expensive. These sources of fuel can diminish and disappear completely from earth. Thus people are searching for other sustainable sources of energy, free energy, like wind to drive the generator. Hence there is a need for free energy generator. We cannot keep depleting all the natural resources and it is high time that we start discovering more ways of driving generators without using non renewable resources. Free energy generator possible

To the electric motor of 12 volts an electric generator of > 24 volts, a smaller and big wheel are linked. Thus with the help of wind as the wheels turn, the motor turns the bigger wheel linked to electric generator and thus produces power. Thus the generator and the motor aid each other in rotation. The battery can be used for starting the drive. Step up transformers can be used if more force is required. Global warming problem is really an alarming issue and when more and more gasoline is used every day for the generator, the amount of carbon emitted leads to more global warming and lead to

depletion of the ozone layer. Thus use of free energy generators is definitely important. Free energy generator can be produced in areas where it is a little windy. With the help of renewable resources like wind, generators can be driven. Thus the problem of carbon dioxide emission is avoided. Free energy generator causes no pollution

Carbon dioxide is the most disastrous green house gas. Solar power from the solar power stations can also be used to drive the generator. But these methods are a little expensive as the wind and solar energy have to be harnessed initially, before using them.

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Free Energy Generator