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The and How it Gets

What is a How is it processed?

What are its types?


has a deep, dark color. It is allowed to .

1. Sheng Pu-erh (Green Pu-erh)

Made from raw, nonoxidized tea leaf, as in green tea. This is the traditional pu-erh. It can last up to 50 years of aging. After oxidation, firing is done. Enough moisture is left for the initial


Fermentation is continued for 10 more years in their packs.

2. Shou Pu-erh (Black Pu-erh) Made from oxidized


leaf, such as black tea. It has inferior quality

compared to Green Pu-erh. Up to 15 years of aging. The amount of moisture left in the leaf is higher compared to Green Puerh. Finished leaves can be pressed into discs and sent to wet storage for a quicker fermentation.

Mao Cha Sheng Pu-erh (Young Green)

Made for future consumption, compressed, and properly stored and aged.

Dry Storage Pu-erh (Naturally Aged)

For immediate consumption, prolonged storage, shaped and pressed into cakes, bricks, etc.

Wo Dui Shou Pu-erh (wet-piled fermented)

Typically ready for consumption, loose leaf style, sometimes pressed into shapes.

Wet Storage (quick-aging)

Can be compressed to beeng cha (cakes), it is not preferred because of forced aging.

The Pu-erh Tea’s body is described as full, brisk, bright, earthy, exotic, pungent, strong, woody and heavy.

The flavor is nutty, smooth, sweet, musty, short-finished, lingering finish and herbaceous.


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The Interesting Pu-erh Tea and How it Gets Better in Time  
The Interesting Pu-erh Tea and How it Gets Better in Time