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Do you have the right

words on your title?

Find out what you should put on your headlines!

Keep in mind that you should not only have a good title, but have a good content and ending too.

Tips on writing the Title - use these words: This means resistant to damage or failure. This means the newest or latest.

This means tested or proven.

Means confidential. Give good and bad.

Easy but gives results.

They can’t resist this.

Tips for writing the Body/Content Avoid wordy phrases, be clear and simple. Avoid redundancy and use common words.

To check commonly used words, use Google’s Keyword Tool. Gives you words widely used in searches.

For closing/ending, you can use “call action� phrases such as:


Start using power words and it will surely grab one’s attention!

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The Best Tried and Tested Words that can Catch a Reader's Attention