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Have you heard of Twitter as a marketing tool?

Can it help



Twitter has already evolved from a site for small group communication to a traffic generator.


Tools that will help you collect traffic in Twitter: A free service that will let you schedule Twitter messages. Automates building of followers and manages incoming and outgoing direct messages.

Oolong This allows you to manage multiple accounts and track trends. Shows the biggest and most popular twitter users Users are arranged in categories.


Tips for your tweet to be Retweeted: • Don’t exceed over 120 characters. Use: RT @<username max of 15chars>: <your message>.

• Make use of hash

tags for keywords.

• When using

#followfriday or #ff, describe the person.


When using Twitter, observe what tweet grabs attention, always check your grammar, complete your profile, give more information than promotion (9:1 ratio) and retweet other tweets.


You can create multiple accounts depending

on your interest. Share posts from different

sources, supplementation is the key. And tweet as much as possible.


A lot of had benefited from Twitter.

For more

tips and information about , Oolong

How to Use the Social Media Site Twitter as a Marketing Tool Have you heard of Twitter as a marketing tool? Can it help increase site traffic?

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