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Matt Sticco Mrs. Kish AP English 15 December 2010 My Parents Ever since the day of my birth, my parents have been caring, loving, and active in my upbringing. As I have grown I have come to realize that they are much different people, and yet at the same time can show consistent characteristics. The point is not to say which parent is “better”, mainly because there is no real answer to that particular question. I love my parents both equally for who they are and what they have helped me become. In fact, I am glad that they are two different people who have the same ambitions for me. They want me to be the best person I can possibly become, and in their own ways they have helped me with the completion of this task this far along in my sixteen-soon to be seventeen-years of life. For any moment in my life I have never wanted my parents to be any different than the way they are; it just wouldn’t be my life any other way. Nonetheless, they are ultimately differing people in physical appearance, personality, and many other key elements of a person. My father, named James Joseph Sticco, is currently forty three years old. Standing at about five feet eight inches, he is not what one would call tall. To be more accurate, he says eight-and-a-half inches but I’m not so sure of that anymore; I just let him have his glory. He is a pretty stocky guy with a size thirteen foot and a weight of about two hundred and fifty pounds. I was blessed with a large foot also and I’m about average height. I can always thank my dad and his whole side of the family for that. For almost as

long as I can remember he has had facial hair, whether it is a goatee or a full beard. As for his personality, he is an extremely loving and compassionate father with a great sense of humor. Honestly, he can always make me, and even my friends at times, laugh hysterically. He is also the most technologically savvy one in the house, armed with computers, iPhones, and iPads. He is supportive in all of my decisions, or at least my smart ones. Sarcasm is his absolute specialty, which he has gladly passed on to me and which I will gladly pass on to my children. He works as a rep for the paint company Sherwain Williams so any paint questions can go straight to him. He also works part time with my family company Specialty Sports Productions which film and produce sports videos for college bound high school students. With the way his work is set up, it forces him to be very organized and plan out business trips accordingly. My mom, for the most part, is a totally different story. The name given to my mom at birth was Lorri Ann Steinbacher. This is the name she still has because she never changed her name at marriage. She is a very active person, and works out many days pout of the week. This makes it easy to see that she is not stocky like my dad. Her height is about five feet and seven inches, so I am taller than her by two inches. My mother is more of a shy and quiet person that is until someone is familiar with her. Books are her absolute favorite thing, which isn’t surprising considering she is a librarian. She has been, and always will be, the studious parent. She parides herself on her perfect SAT score in English and her great grades in high school, college, and even her online college she graduated from a little while ago. Any day of the week I know my mom could out-write me on any subject at any time. With a vocabulary more extensive than that of John Dickinson’s, (Yes, I actually mentioned John in this essay.), she could even out-write

him. Also, my mom knows how to bother me, and does with ease and persistency. Sarcasm, much like my dad, is her verbal weapon of choice. Mostly on the subject of school, is the subject of choice. Aggravation thus ensues from me, but it doesn’t change anything between us. Together as parents their differences do not matter because of, like I mentioned earlier, their main concern is my well being and success. This is what makes them great parents. Their differences become nonexistent because of me. While they have their own goals and ambitions, one of those that they share is my happiness. For me to grow up happy with my life and to become a good person at heart is what they want to see. This is also what I want to see because I strive to make them proud of my personality, accomplishments, and future goals. I feel growing up the way they want me to be is better than any present I can give to them, better than just saying that I love them. Actions always speak louder than words, and I know they both know that.



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