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Program Instructions: This program is approximately 77-days of personal growth lessons and teachings. It may take some extra time to complete the program, depending upon you. There is no rush. It didn’t take less than 77 days to create your life the way it is, so take your time, and take more time if you need it. You are here to learn who you are and to grow into the woman you want to be. Transformation requires work, so we highly recommend that you follow the exercises in each chapter. When you have completed the exercises and feel that you have a solid understanding, only then should you proceed to the next chapter. Each chapter will gradually evoke positive “changes” to your way of thinking. “The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening!” Albert Einstein

Unveil Your Truth personal empowerment course is designed to elevate a woman’s understanding of herself. Through each section, the reading and exercises become more in-depth and profound. As you move through each chapter, you gain a deeper understanding of the unlimited potential of self, the possibilities that are available to you in your life journey, and the pursuit of what it is that you truly want. The next 77 days will transform your life. Again, we strongly urge you to read only one section at a time, so you will have time to think about the implications for your life. In order to transform, you must be open to new thoughts and ideas. Pause and take the time to seriously consider what you have just read and to put into practice. Do not rush to the next lesson without reflecting on what you have learned. Don’t just read this material, interact with it. Do the exercises. At the end of each exercise is a page for you to write your notes. You will also find a personal journal at the back of the workbook for you to record your daily experiences and break through.


TABLE of CONTENTS Chapter ONE Power of Choice            

Choice Discover Your Purpose The Love for Self Beyond Belief Focus and Clarity – Define Your Purpose Law of Attraction Grateful Life Subconscious Mind Goal Receiving Productive Visualization Into Action Enriching Affirmations

Chapter TWO Power of Liberation:       

Firm Decisions Integrity Empowered by Adversity Emotional Flatlining Liberated by Reality Season of Change 28 Day Mental R.E.S.E.T.

Chapter THREE Power of Presence:       

Support Alliance Being Present Intimate Power You DO Deserve Giving With Intent BE the Example Choice Conclusion

Chapter ONE The Power of Choice

Choice “It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.” Jean Nidetch

For life to get better, you must “CHOOSE” for it to be better. The most critical step is the “first step”. In order for you to achieve the results in your life that you truly want, that will bring you joy in any given area, you must choose to do so. “Choose” to do the things and feel the feelings that will support your desires for happiness and success instead of holding you back from living it. How you make choices during the process will determine whether you will attain your outcome or delay it immeasurably. Transformation can occur in anyone’s life that chooses it. Accompanied by consistent effort, it can productively guide you through the rest of your life. Believe it or not, the process itself is very simple, yet not necessarily easy. As long as you remain in the course of action, are committed to yourself, and follow a basic key fundamental element that will transform your life, you will succeed. So, what is the one key element? What can transform your life? It is The Center of Choice. Choice gives you the power to achieve, create, and overcome anything you want. The Center is the center of your emotions with which you can find balance and answers. Most women forget this power and allow external influences to maneuver them through various circumstances, when all along their natural ability to choose correctly can allow them to effectively and positively maneuver themselves to their desired outcome. It is important to remember that feelings are not random. They are chosen and then felt within a split second of time in most instances. It is easy to assume that effects (your result) which occur through cause (the situation) are the cause of how you are going to feel, but that is not the case. You ultimately have the choice of how you are going to feel in any given circumstance. Whether you got fired, partner cheated on you, a fight with your best friend, your boss is a jerk and you hate your job, unhappy with your weight or your looks, the neighbor complaints, the bad service at the restaurant, your team lost, to even the loss of a loved one. The feelings you feel about any situation are completely

your choice. You may not be able to change the circumstance, but you can choose how to feel about it and no one can control that but you. When situations happen, and sadness is natural to experience, feel your feelings. They are an opening for you to learn and to release the pain from within, in order to move on and grow. Your feelings can show you that you are alive and able to embrace life and the beauty therein. There is a lot to be said for thinking positively and there is much discussion about how positive thinking can change and propel your life forward. But with all the information, facts and studies on thinking positively, it means nothing if you do not choose to think positively first. Everything that is created - from cars to computers began with a thought, but what brought it into fruition was the choice to see it through to completion. You choose your end results. No one consciously wishes for the experience of failing or to be unhappy. Yet, the choices you made, prior to the end result, actually determined that outcome. In addition, if there was inaction in attaining the specific result you really wanted, that too was a “choice.” The fact is, if you want different results in your life, you have to be willing to do something different to achieve them. If you want a life of happiness and peace, you must “choose” to be a happy woman who feels peaceful. If you want success, you must “choose” to be successful. Success is not measured by simple material gain, but by overall achievement in life. The meaning of success, however, is filled with plenty of uncertainty for many women. Most women have no idea how to define it, or have various definitions of it. Therefore the ability to make effective choices around success can be complicated and even a struggle for many women. The same can be said for defining riches. Success and riches for many come with the thought of having acquired possessions when, in reality, the true riches of our life are in being “enriched”. So what are true riches that allow a woman to be enriched? The riches are self love, devotion, family, passion for living, good health, joy, prosperity, rewarding career, giving, and maintaining a purpose that is all empowering. Success is also measured by the amount of service you have rendered to others. Making a difference in other people’s lives is certainly a way to live successfully. The wonderful tangible things we seek are undoubtedly enjoyable and deserved, as you will discover. Yet, it is not a foundation for personal growth and transformation. Understanding what “inspires” you, more than what motivates you, will uncover your truth. Your life is filled with endless “choices” through your journey, and you will always be in the process of making a choice about one thing or another. Developing the ability to make clear and effective “choices” will make the journey more pleasurable and fulfilling. When mastering these choices, you can then become a constructive architect of your life’s experience. Look at your life now. Are you happy with its current construction?

Remember, in choosing your emotions - when your emotions are negative ask yourself if those feelings are serving a purpose in that particular circumstance? Will the feelings benefit you and the situation you are in or will the feelings hold you back from discovering solutions and experiencing happiness if you hang on to the negative emotion for an extended period of time? Will the negative feelings assist you later in life? For instance, when you are driving in your car during rush hour, you become frustrated at the person in front of you. You begin to feel anger towards that person, whom you don’t even know, especially if you are running late. That person too, may be feeling the same thing about the person in front of them and so on up the traffic lane. That my friend, is “YOU” choosing to be angry! The person in front of you has no idea how you’re feeling or that they are the target of your wrath. Your choice to be angry can impact your mood which can then pour into the rest of your day unless you recognize how you’re feeling and make a choice to change it. You can be stuck behind that slow driver and still choose to feel good because “you” are the only one with the power to determine how “you” are going to feel and what “you” want your experience to be at any given moment. Many people find themselves looking for the answer to peace, success, prosperity and happiness while the answer lies inside all of us. Even though we can come across some powerful insight and wisdom, without having a trigger to remind us to reconnect to what is significant (our desired outcome & harmony), then there is a stalemate. It can be easy to find information that will teach you to master and harness control over your life, but without consistent implementation the point is lost. Far too many women forget what they have learned in difficult or annoying times and find themselves pushing against the wind up a steep hill. So how do you take all that you learn and be able to truly apply it through the course of your life? Have a simple reminder that will keep you consistent and on track. Since choice is the key to your life’s design and manifestations, it is therefore your cornerstone and foundation. In order to remember this, let’s go back to the rush hour traffic example. When you start to feel feelings that you sense are not supportive or productive to you, or encounter decisions that must be made when perplexed, remind yourself to stop! Get back to center. In your mind you can visualize it; it’s choice, your choice. Tell yourself, “Get back to the Center of Choice.” There you will find balance and peace.

Thoughts to ponder: 

Your life is the way it is because of “You” and the choices you have made - or failed to make. Choose to make all your decisions based on how they make you feel.

Do what you want to do. Do what reflects you; what represents you, a grander version of yourself. If you choose to be sad, be

sad; if you choose to be happy, be happy. It’s all a “Choice” and the choice is “Yours.”  Your life will always follow your thoughts.  I will not yield to negative emotions! Exercise - Choice: 1.

Slow down and pay attention to your feelings.

Each day identify any mood shift and what caused it. This will be one of the most important exercises you can do. We recommend you use the journal provided in the back of this book.


Use the three minute rule.

Three Minute Rule – you are allowed three minutes to experience any instant negative emotion. Go through the emotion; feel it in its entirety, yell and scream if you have to, but get it out….this is extremely healthy. Then choose to let it go! To let anger or resentment build up is like a cancer to the body. If you do not express and release it, it will corrode your insides, leaving you toxic and unable to truly enjoy your life. 3.

Practice changing your emotions.

Changing your emotions can be very difficult; the easiest way to do this is by recognizing how you feel. There are only two types of feelings; Positive (good) and Negative (bad). That’s it! If something makes you feel bad, STOP and make the decision to replace that feeling with something that feels good. This is difficult at first, but when you practice this daily, you will be amazed at how much control you have over your feelings and your life.

4. Write down how you can change things in your life by making the choice to react differently. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ __________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________

Discover Your Purpose

“Not everybody can identify a purpose in life. But when you do, and when you pursue it, you will be living the kind of life you feel you were meant to live. And what's more, you will be happy.” S. Goodier

Begin to Define Your Purpose in life……Who, Where and Why Who am I? The answer to this question for so many women is an elusive one because, somewhere in the back of our minds, we feel we have a purpose, but we are so caught up in trying to make a living, raising kids, or holding our relationships together that it remains unclear. Finding your purpose in life will help define your role in life. We are all creators. Most of us believe in some form of a higher being that created all that IS. Whether it stems from Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Jainism, all religions reflect a Creator. In our creation we become an extension of such, making us the creators of our own lives. This is why we were granted free will, the power of choice. We are always creating our reality in some form or another. The question to ask ourselves is, “Where am I going and what do I want to create in my life?” We can be masterful at creating problems or obstacles, but we can also be masters at creating solutions, fruitful ideas, buildings, products and opportunities. Therefore, coming to know your “purpose” in life is to recognize what is important to you and what brings joy and meaning into your existence. There is a talent that you possess, as with all women, whether it’s writing, painting, sculpting, inspiring others, singing, child development, poetry, or the leadership to build your own business. Your purpose is to seek and harness this potential, this gift, and bring it forth into your reality and into the world. Making a living is a wonderful thing. However, if it’s the main thing, and you are not in the pursuit of discovering and doing what you were born to do and what brings you passion, you become a purposeless drifter unaware that you’re lost. Therefore the essence of living a life that encompasses you as a whole person remains incomplete.

We have but one opportunity to live the life we have been so graciously given. Then the time comes when we must leave this existence and move on. So how do

you want to be remembered by others when that time comes? What is your legacy? What will people say about you? We often relate legacy to money, riches or the possessions we leave behind, but true legacy is the life purpose you lived, the lives you touched and the impact you had on others, no matter how large or small. You will be remembered for your support, your giving, your love, your forgiveness, and your joy. Those left behind will think of you on a level that it is not made up of any tangibles but by the substance of your being and how you touched their heart and soul. How do we come to know our purpose? The first step in establishing a purpose is to “choose” the direction you want to take in your life. What is important to you, and what makes you feel good inside? Knowing the outcome you desire and the direction you want to go is critical to keeping you on track. A ship without a compass risks wandering aimlessly across the seas. That same ship is safe as long as it remains in the harbor. However, that’s not what ships were made for. Life is the same as the ship, and how you navigate your vessel will determine your destination, your happiness and your overall results. What do you want to experience on your journey through life and where do you want to end up? It is important to begin your journey by taking the time to define your why and where in life – from career, finances, education, spiritual and emotional states, to friends and family. All this becomes relevant. When you become clear about your purpose and where you are going and why you are going there, no longer are you going through life without a compass, but on purpose and with purpose… “A declared destination!” Thoughts to ponder: 

To become the person you are capable of becoming, you must discover your purpose.

 Identify what makes you feel good and do more of it.  You will never know what you are good at until you try.  Living on Purpose is the path to peace. Exercise - Purpose: Take a couple of days for contemplation and fully answer each question. 1. Who am I now and who do I want to be?

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

2. Where am I headed in my life now by not changing what I am doing vs. where do I want to go? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

3. What do I want to be creating? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______ 4. What talents do I feel I possess? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

5. What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind? How do I want to be remembered? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ __________

The Love for Self “Our first and last love is… self love.” Christian N. Bovee

Success would be meaningless without acknowledging the love for our self and for our own lives. Love exists in all of us and for all of us, even when one believes that it is not out there for them to experience. Even when someone is at the bottom, feeling self-consumed and self contempt and believes that the world hates them, love still exists. Love is the truth between all the layers within us, and we all have truth in our hearts. In moments of feeling empty and unloved by the world it is important to remember that love can’t be diminished, only forgotten. Even in extreme times of self denial and suffering, you are still at an advantage because the pain in time begins to tell you that change must occur… you begin to realize it is time to remember… love does exist. For others the lack of self-love awareness is very subtle. It reveals itself in other ways such as attracting or staying in unhealthy relationships, jobs that are unsatisfying and draining, negative self talk, or too much of a good thing from sex and food to alcohol and drug addictions. When we have love for ourselves, we also have self respect, which shields us from committing unhealthy actions. To really get an idea of how you feel about yourself, go to the mirror, strip down to nothing and look at yourself intently for five minutes. How does that make you feel? Then look in that same mirror and stare into your eyes, looking into your heart and soul. The ability to do that consistently will tell you something about how you view yourself as well. You may think, because you glance in the mirror every day that you spend time seeing yourself, but you are only looking at an outer reflection. You must realize the external image you see in the mirror has nothing to do with the internal image of who you really are and how you really feel about yourself. Maybe you are the type of woman who feels the need to always be around other people because being alone feels too unsettling. This is a sign that true self love may need some work. Think of when you fall in love with someone. The feeling it gives you is incredible. You light up and people notice there is a radiance about you that flows into the room. You begin to tell your friends all about how you are feeling. You say, “I love the way he understands me. He really knows me. He makes me happy.” But when was the last time you told a friend, “I really fell in love with myself and I love the way I understand and know who I am. I’m happy!” Most friends

would think it’s a bit unusual and possibly even a bit vain, because expressing openly your devotion and self love is hardly the norm. Too often people take their eyes off of the greatest love imaginable which is the love of one’s self… “Self love.” We love our family and our friends and we are there for them when they need us. We will do anything, especially for our children. Yet for ourselves we negotiate way too often. We should matter most to ourselves, because we spend every waking moment in our skin and in our own life’s journey. There is no one closer to us, than us. So, doesn’t it make sense to love ourselves generously and completely? There is nothing wrong with falling in love with yourself and without the caveat of loving yourself more if something were different about you. Accept who you are as a woman, with beauty and flaws, and know that no one else on this earth is like you. Stop neglecting your wants and desires. If you have a dream in your heart that you truly want to have in your life, then understand that the dream was not put there whimsically, but to be brought to fruition. That’s why it is in you to dream it. If you desire love from a man and the man you want is not receptive to you, then ask yourself why you desire someone who is not even half-heartedly interested in you? Love yourself in a way that does not base your value on who loves you. If you are looking for a healthy loving relationship, then be open to what can show up in your life by your intent to have an experience of love and connection to someone who is good to you and good for you. When you love yourself and are good to yourself, then the right person will show up to love and treat you right as well. Spend time to get to know who you are, the same way you would spend time to get to know someone else you want in your life. The human relations department can be complicated, but it becomes more effective when you eliminate the self vagueness and master the beauty of the relationship with yourself first. You will discover, as you learn who you are, that you are one heck of a woman then you start to feel elated about that truth, once you unveil it. You deserve to take time out for yourself each day to build clarity and reflect on your purpose. Whether it means getting up fifteen minutes before anyone else or pulling the car over to a quiet place during the day, spend some time for you to just “be”. Listen to your heart, and be present by staying in the moment you allotted. Think of nothing else but where you are in that time. Clear your head of the ripples of day-to-day living. Pamper yourself with a hot bath, with some candles and relaxing music and feel rewarded when you know you are spending quality time with yourself. Start saying “yes” to things that you really want to have but don’t get for one reason or another. There were no price tags on you at birth, so why put one on yourself now? The same goes for time. Take time off and enjoy a weekend getaway or an overnight excursion, even if it’s a hotel in town. Treat yourself to a nice restaurant or a massage, etc. If money is an issue, then decide what you want, make it a short term goal and save for it here and there. Until then, do things that you don’t normally do, like go for a long drive in the country and enjoy the beauty all around you. Do what it takes to pamper and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated and do so without guilt.

Thoughts to ponder:

Refrain from comparing your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

Regret will only rob you of your health and happiness.

Embrace your flaws – laugh at yourself.

Exercise – The Love for Self: A.

Write down 8 qualities about yourself that you like.

1._________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________________ 6._________________________________________________________ 7._________________________________________________________ 8._________________________________________________________


Write down 8 qualities about yourself that you feel others appreciate about you.

1._________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________

C. What was the most rewarding thing you ever did for yourself? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______

D. What was the most positive life changing experience you have had? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______ E. Look in the mirror in your bare essence and find what you love about you. Write it down, I Love‌‌

NOTES: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Beyond Belief

w beliefs.”

“The outer conditions of a person's life will always be found to reflect their inner James Allen.

The sum total of who you are is based on your core belief system. Your beliefs have benefited you in many ways, and they have also hindered you and caused you unnecessary pain. The difficult thing to grasp is that many of your beliefs didn’t originate from within you, but from others who have influenced you positively and negatively throughout your life. Some of these beliefs have caused you to limit yourself and become blinded to your true potential. Imagine - someone who’d been limited in their life, and unable to see beyond what was possible for them - passed their sacred belief to you like a gift that you were willing to receive. From “good girls don’t; wear that, say that, look like that, act like that, listen to that, have sex like that,” etc., to beliefs that have caused us financial challenges, such as, “money doesn’t grow on trees, money doesn’t buy you happiness, money is the root of all evil,” (no, the lack of money is) dirty money, filthy rich, and the best one, money’s not important. It isn’t? The reality is, if you have bills… MONEY is darn important. It is magnificent for a woman to experience self belief, and yet there is another level of empowerment that is beyond belief. It is the “knowing” factor. This is what makes impossibilities possible and magic happen. Yourself belief becomes solid and grounded in a foundation that holds you steady even in the storm. Here is an example of the difference between knowing and believing in the traditional sense of how belief is used. If a person believes a significant goal can be attained, yet find they’re playing a tape that says “I can’t do it,” or “what if…,” they are lacking true belief in the outcome. Another person has a belief in God or some form of higher being, and their belief is that this Being answers their prayers and brings solutions to their challenges. Still, they find themselves doubtful when things are not working out in the time or way they anticipated. Fear and questions begin to enter the mind and heart, which can accelerate the issue. It is in the certainty of “knowing” your outcome that takes belief to another level; it takes it to its purest form. When you know, no longer are the thoughts hopeful, but certain. To know is to be certain; there is no hope, or wish, because of the certainty. When you are uncertain of what you are doing or looking to achieve, you are unknowing. Knowledge is power because it is certain, and being certain is being powerful.

Thoughts to ponder: 

Your life results are at the center of your core beliefs.


Believe in your possibilities, and then know with certainty you can achieve them.

Exercise – Beyond Belief:

1. Take a good and honest look into your life. What are two beliefs that have held you back from complete happiness? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 2. What are two beliefs that have that held you back from pursuing your passion? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 3. What are two damaging beliefs you have about money?

4. Where did those beliefs originate? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

5. If someone could prove to you that your limiting beliefs were false, would you keep them? Why? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 6. Carefully read each limiting belief you have written, and then write a new positive belief in its place. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

FOCUS and CLARITY- Define Your Purpose

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what's wrong in your life, or you can focus on what's right.” Marianne Williamson

Now that you are becoming more aware of your purpose in life, you begin to open yourself up to new thoughts (clarity) and your true desires. Your purpose is within you along with a voice that is trying to tell you something…your answer! All you have to do is slow down long enough to listen and focus. A better awareness of yourself allows you to focus and to make decisions quickly and with clarity. Many of us feel that we are focused. After all, we get up everyday, go to work, cook dinner, clean the house, take the kids to soccer etc… However, that is outside of you. What of your inner dreams, passions and a desire for a more expressive, meaningful and rewarding life? When the main focus is on other issues in your day-to-day life, there can be very little time left for you to focus on your “purpose”. Your clarity then becomes obscured. The key here is to know what you want aside from the things that you are currently doing. Sometimes when faced with the questions, “What do I want?” “What is my purpose?” we find ourselves looking at what we are currently doing and think, “I am doing it; this is enough.” That is great as long as that is true for you. That answer for many is a knee-jerk response, which keeps their true desires at bay for fear that they will never show up in their lives or that such desires will diminish the relevance of what they are currently engaged in with their daily lives; family, work, friends, etc... Examining your clarity and where your current focus lies is not intended to diminish the importance of what is going on in your day-to-day life. In fact it is the direct opposite. Clarity is about being in a state of gratitude for what you have in your life right now. Waking up each day being thankful for your life, the bed you sleep in, the roof over your head, the food you eat and those you love and who love you. This is your journey of self discovery and understanding the importance of the passions and dreams that dwell inside your heart. By becoming clear, the channels for focus open up so you can achieve your purpose in life. It is so critical to have clarity about what you want, and to be focused on that with the intent for it to manifest. In doing so, the things you must do during the day become easier and a more joyful experience. You’re happy, because now you have set out a path you want to take that will drive you to the destination you chose. With laser-like focus, you are no longer

influenced by those who are on a directionless course through life. You can be focused and allow yourself to converge with your dreams and desires. Thoughts to ponder: 

The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act.

Great opportunities often describe themselves in small tasks.

Exercise – Focus and Clarity – Define Your Purpose:

1. What can I do to become more focused? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 2. What do I have to do to become clear?

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______

3. DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE. Now that you have a better understanding on focus and clarity, go back and review your notes on purpose and begin to define your purpose on the next page. My purpose in life is… ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _______________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Law of Attraction

“Whether you think you can or can‟t… you‟re right.” Henry Ford

Whatever thoughts you have in your mind will manifest into your life if you focus on them long enough - good or bad. When you don’t like the results of a certain circumstance, change your thoughts. This will change your feelings about it and the circumstance will change. If you think something is not achievable by you, then you probably won’t dedicate the necessary time and energy to receiving it. Without commitment to your goal or a greater reality, the situation has a great chance of remaining where it is - nowhere. Law of Attraction has drawn more attention these days in books, CD’s and media, yet it’s been around for thousands of years and has been utilized historically by the sages of ancient times as well as some of the greatest minds of modern times. Both understood its power. Both were able to call upon such power intentionally in order to create the experience they wanted to live. It is not only available to great minds and sages, and it is not only in motion through deliberate use. It is always in motion for everyone at any time whether you understand it, believe it, are aware of it or not. The key is to become aware and know that the law of attraction is working in your life daily. Once you’re completely aware you can begin to use it on your behalf through choice and positive feeling to transform and elevate your life in any area. How the law of attraction operates is very simple. It’s just not as easy to put into motion intentionally when it’s not understood or lacks action. Law of attraction responds measurably to your thoughts and feelings, which ultimately create your reality. It comes down to what you are choosing to focus on. What you believe could happen, will occur in some fashion that balances and matches the level of focus and feeling. However, law of attraction is literal. That is why wishful thinking does not manifest.

For example, you may be struggling with money and wish you had more, but state to yourself, “I need more money,” and law of attraction picks it up literally. The message it is receiving is exactly what you stated, “I need more money.” Therefore law of attraction gives you more circumstances to need more money to match your declaration and focus!

There are two predominant philosophies behind how the law of attraction operates. Both are true in their essence. The first is that law of attraction is spiritual. The universe or Creator is reflecting back your thoughts like a tuning fork, carrying a frequency of vibration that other tuning forks in the same room pick up, sending off the same vibration. We are the tuning forks made up of energy that sends a frequency out to the universe that is of the same energy, and it responds back with the same vibration. In other words, like attracts like. Your feelings and thoughts hold energy and vibration. Therefore when you are feeling positive or grateful you attract positive circumstances that you are grateful for. The same holds true if you are feeling negative and lack appreciation of your life as it is. You then attract more circumstances you don’t appreciate and end up feeling negative toward them. The second belief toward law of attraction is scientific in nature. This is simpler to understand. It is based on your attitude. If you are focusing on and passionate about an inspired new experience, you become motivated into action and even start taking risks that you would normally not take. You start to see more doors open, opportunities arise and people coming forth to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Again, this also holds true for when feeling uninspired, pessimistic, lacking the belief in receiving what you really want - that no matter what doors open or how wide, you still only see brick walls. This is where self sabotage takes effect. What many people who are familiar with the workings of law of attraction do not realize is that if they are thinking about something they want and it does not show up instantaneously, they start to feel in the back of their minds that law of attraction either doesn’t work or it just doesn’t work for them. But law of attraction is always working with perfection, the same way the sun always rises in the east. Imagine this, if you will. Your thoughts are like a boomerang. What you throw out in the form of thoughts, the universe will seek to match and send back to you which, in turn, become your results. When you were born you were given certain tools to function and use through life: your limbs, your mind, and your feelings. They assist you in your life journey. You were also given another great tool to use at your will, and that is the universe. It is working whether you understand it or not. This is the law of attraction. The atoms and molecules that make up the universe also make up your body. All things in the universe are connected to you, and it vibrates according to the feelings and thoughts you send to it whether consciously or unconsciously. Your thoughts control your feelings, which ultimately create your reality. Almost everything that you have and experience in life stems from how you have been feeling and how it is manifested into your reality. Yet, it is important to know that there are circumstances that arise that are simply a part of life and learning. Life doesn’t deliver a state of bliss without problems to overcome. It is in the “overcoming” that character is shaped. If you are feeling happy, then you will attract happy circumstances to support how you are feeling. The same applies if you are feeling negative. Then you may find yourself having a bad day, even many bad days, because you are creating a

vibration of feelings that will attract the like in some form. For instance, if you fear losing your savings, you may find yourself a victim of a purse snatcher. Though it is not your savings account, you still suffered some type of loss related to money. When you begin to understand that your feelings and thoughts create your life, you become more accountable for what is going on in your life instead of passing the blame onto others. You are then empowered to know that you can change anything that you choose once you have made the decision to do so. In setting goals and visualizing them, the universe responds accordingly. There is no definite time line for completion of what you want since it is based on how strong your belief is in receiving what it is that you want. The universe is at work for you all the time. It never sleeps. There is no order of difficulty for the universe. Therefore your goals aren’t measured based on size. No matter how ambitious your vision, it is still effortless for the universe to produce. However, we are the ones who put time lines on the measure of the goal. It is also us who place limits on the size of the goal, simply based on our own image of what we think we can achieve. Yet, the universe, through law of attraction, can help you manifest a small goal, such as getting a job, the same way it can manifest you owning a lucrative enterprise. How can it not? Do you realize how enormous the universe is? Just think. If you could travel at the speed of light, it would take you at least 15 billion light years to cross it and that is as far as astronomers know. Every cell in our body is made from all the same atoms that exist in the universe, such as carbon and silicon. Therefore, whether you realize it or not, we are all connected to the same unlimited source of energy and to what created that force. There isn’t much that you can ask for that can’t be made visible to you by your belief and allowing it to arrive. Even when you can’t see a way, as long as you have made a firm decision and know that somehow it will show up, the universe has the power to rearrange anything that you are currently dealing with in order for you to fulfill your intent. The universe is limitless and not restricted by doubts. We are. However, the universe will respond to your doubts and act accordingly. That is why it is time for you to get in touch with your desire and go after what you truly want in your life. Design your life in a big gratifying way and see what happens when you put forth the effort. Your gratitude toward your life now is all powerful, because there is more to be granted to you. If you don’t appreciate your life now and you may want something different, the universe reads your feelings first. It will pick up your feelings of being dissatisfied with life and give you more of that. It is important to raise the vibration level of your feelings in order for them to match what it is that you want.

Thoughts to ponder: 

I attract to my life whatever I give my feeling, focus, and attention to, whether wanted or unwanted.

If you are interested in knowing whether you are sending out positive or negative thoughts in any area of your life, just take a look in that area and see what it is your are receiving. It’s a perfect match.

Exercise - Goal Receiving: 1. Identify what it is you do not like in your life that you would like to change. Make a list. (Your significant other’s attitude, your boss, your weight, you children’s behavior, etc.) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _______________

2. Look at every negative thing you have listed above and now list their positive attributes. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

3. Appreciate what you have in your life, just the way it is. Your gratitude allows law of attraction to give you more in which you will be grateful for. What is it that you appreciate in your life now? List them. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _______________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _______________

4. Balance your thoughts on what makes you feel good when you think of them. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 5. Allow yourself to accept what can’t be changed. (Other people or conditions) You can however, through choice, change how you see and feel about the situation in order to be at peace. You are the only one responsible for your happiness. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Grateful Life “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say, „thank you?” W.A. Ward

Being alive is fulfilling when you are fully engaged - present and aware of your existence and living it with a passion for life itself. It is easy to take this opportunity of life for granted. It is easy to forget how fragile this grace period is that you have been granted here on earth. Take a moment at the start of each day to give thanks, regardless of what is happening in your life right now, for the precious irreplaceable time given to you. Your life equals your time. What are you choosing to do with it? Making a living more often than not can cause us to forget what is relevant, what brings us pure joy and gives us passion. Earning money and paying your way through life’s journey is essential. But it can also become such a high priority that it takes the focus away from one’s self-expression on a deeper level that can transform your life. Lacking vision and a direction to your desired end has been the cause of procrastination, illness, stress, and unhappiness because a person can feel trapped with no alternative. However, you can remedy financial woes and many issues that arise, but you can never get back your time or your life. You can be in a state of gratitude for your current source of income, and still know where you are going and set your plan of arrival. Being grateful for what you currently have allows more to show up freely into your life once you have determined what it is that you want. This is about you unveiling your truth. This is done when you value what you have in your life right now through appreciation, as well as being authentic and listening to your heart. If you still yourself long enough and pay attention, your heart is trying to reveal to you what it wants and what will bring you the happiness and fulfillment you truly seek. The only thing that speaks louder than your heart is your attention to things that lack your gratitude.

No matter what your circumstance in life, having gratitude for what you have is still achievable. Ask yourself; what you are thankful for right now? Your ability to see, to hear, to love, to speak, to laugh, to cry, to think, your family, your friends, your body (exactly as it is), to have a bed to sleep in and clothes to wear, a car to drive and food to eat, to live in a free world regardless of its economic conditions at anytime. Being grateful allows you to see the good in what is around you versus drawing and fueling off the negative.

How you start your day is a choice. The alarm can go off automatically and so can you. Or you can begin your day with gratitude and spend a couple of minutes thinking about what you are grateful for Thoughts to ponder: 

Wake each day giving thanks to another day of living.

Remember priceless moments… the exact one you’re in at any given time.

Exercise - Grateful Life: 1. Dedicate a couple minutes when you wake up to feel grateful for waking up and being alive. 2. Write ten things you are grateful for. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ 3. Spend a couple more minutes being grateful for what you have written in law of attraction. 4. During the day pay attention to your surroundings, nature, people, or what you’re doing - whatever captures your attention - and feel grateful.

NOTES: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ __________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Subconscious Mind

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” Earl Nightingale Whisper of Truth In the silence of the dark a soft voice spoke… “I am here for you.” With troubled heart and despair poised to enter, the mind continued its thinking of every thought as if it were its last. The voice spoke once more… “I am here for you.” It had been heard many times in many places, and shared wisdom that was priceless to the soul. It had offered beauty in all that encompassed one’s being, that was never before imagined or conceived. It had given, ever so graciously, the royal key of discovery to all answers that were ever sought. It had manifested dreams, conquered grand armies, saved lives in an instant, brought peace to the heart, and serenity to the mind in turbulent times. It had been the answer and saving grace from the beginning of all that has been and will be. And though, with all such power and humbled subtly, it had become an omission of one’s own understanding far too often. While many seek the treasures of gold and technology, the true treasure lies within, is beyond measure of worth, and is never ending. Marie Rasmussen

The above piece describes the power of your subconscious mind. There are many people who have not yet grasped not only its presence, but how to use it on their behalf. Not understanding that the subconscious mind exists within you, and its purpose, is equivalent to going through life not knowing you have a heart that is beating and keeping you alive. The subconscious mind takes you one step further, by determining how your life will ultimately be lived. The whispering voice is your subconscious mind communicating with you on a deep level through the infinite mind (higher intelligence). It is transmitting data and information to you, either in words or emotions, from your memories and things you’ve experienced, and of which you’re not consciously aware, to guide you. It is always working to impress upon you answers, as well as problems, based on your past experiences, feelings, and the intentions you strive to achieve. We all possess this inner voice. The voice is always there, and so many times we make decisions based upon what we think regardless of what the voice

says. You hear this voice telling you to take a specific action that will benefit you greatly, and when you do, you experience the reward, when you don’t, you say, “Why didn’t I do that, or I knew I should have done that,” or better yet, “I should have listened to myself.” Not always do we choose to listen to this voice in the back of our mind. Some say it’s our heart speaking truth to us. However you define it, the voice is present at all times and it doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but it will always guide you in the right direction of your life and provide the best answers that apply to who you are and where you are going. This is the sub conscious at work. Your subconscious mind is a part of yourself of which you are not consciously aware. Your conscious mind is alert to your day-to-day thoughts, what you see, touch or hear in any given moment. Your subconscious mind is also aware of the same sensations, but includes what the conscious mind does not pick up. For instance, you’re rushing down the street with work on your mind. You smell a hint of Chinese food in the air, yet you don’t see a restaurant. You don’t even realize that you smelled the food, but for some reason, you had to have Chinese food for lunch that day. With the subconscious you are not being instantly fed back the information that it is receiving, but it is fed back over time and shows up in many things you do and decisions you make. The subconscious operates on a deeper level than the conscious mind and is far more powerful. It would take decades to build a computer program to come close to equaling your subconscious mind. It is unlimited! Imagine, you are walking around each day with a force that is unlimited within you to literally create and design the life of your choosing. Your subconscious mind is a store-house of all the information and experiences that you have had since you were born. From your memory, skills, belief system, all images you have seen, to all that you have heard and sensed. Therefore, your subconscious mind is capable of running on auto-pilot in any area of life, even in attracting all that you want, as well as achieving your goals. Here is an example of how the subconscious mind operates. Think back to when you first learned to drive a car. In the beginning, you didn’t want anyone talking to you while you were behind the wheel because you had to stay focused (conscious mind) for fear of an accident. You were alert and thinking of all the necessary actions you had to take, from starting the car, the gear shift, the brakes, the mirrors, accelerator, to other drivers on the road.

Now you can put on makeup, talk on the cell phone, listen to music, eat fast food, and have a conversation with the person sitting in the car next to you, all at the same time (not advisable though). The reason is, your subconscious mind learned the motions and took over, leaving you on auto-pilot. Now, you no longer have to consciously think of how to drive.

The same holds true for critical body functions that are sustaining your life. The subconscious runs your heart automatically. Imagine if you had to rely on your conscious mind to remember to communicate with your heart and make sure it remains beating every second of your life. You’d have no life… literally. The subconscious holds all information for as long as you live. Unlike a computer, however, you are not able to go in and erase what is being stored. Since the subconscious mind never forgets anything, it plays a paramount role based on what it has learned through you, and in all the circumstances that you will attract in your life experience. Your subconscious will also respond to your emotions the same way positively or negatively. Again, it never forgets. Even when you consciously think you have gotten past a negative experience, for instance, unless the subconscious mind has something you have placed in the mind to counteract it and be more receptive to, it will continue to draw out negative feelings you have about a circumstance or person. Hence, here lie some of the frailties of human relations. For example, let’s say you had a bad emotional experience with someone from the past, perhaps an ex-partner. Time moves on, months or years pass. Someone else is in your life and they say something that triggers the subconscious to play an old tape of feelings that were similar to what you felt in that previous relationship. If you had not sufficiently placed consciously positive data to counter that old tape, then all hell could break loose for you and the new - innocent - person. The tape you are playing has nothing to do with the person with whom you are currently involved. Past and present individuals almost become the same to you, even when they are not, based on the subconscious mind’s memory of your previous experience. The subconscious can also affect your ability to find the healthy, loving, supportive, respectful relationship you truly desire by causing you to consciously not allow yourself to get close to anyone because your old tape continues to play when triggered by a familiar memory. Or worse yet, you recycle or stay in the same bad relationships over and over with someone who has little or no respect for you as a woman, because even when you consciously know they are not right for you, the subconscious repeats what is familiar to it, however emotional handicapped it is, which causes a woman to settle for less than she deserves under the pretense of, but “I love them.” This is what happens when the subconscious takes control and overthrows your conscious decision-making ability. This can occur from a lack of understanding of how the subconscious operates, which leaves you to ask, “Why is this happening to me?” The subconscious can be used effectively to attract all that you want and desire to experience in your life. You have had these experiences too and you will learn to call upon the subconscious at will instead of by accident.

Your subconscious mind can and does speak to you in your dreams. Many great inventions and artistic creations were completed by the subconscious mind answering questions the artist or inventor may have been stumped by, or by an idea that was better than what they had imagined. This same principle of the voice from the subconscious mind is given to all of us. Your subconscious mind operates according to your belief system. To properly use it, you must understand the meaning of belief. Belief is a knowing based on a claim of truth with or without your personal knowledge of that truth. When properly applied to the invisible unlimited force of your subconscious mind, believing it is powerful and designed specifically for you, and that it is there to guide and empower you in all areas, you then are able to call on it for the assistance you need in any area of your life. Imagine watching a movie that you don’t like on your DVD player. You simply take it out and put in another movie which is more enjoyable. This is what you can do with your subconscious mind. You can give it a new story based on what it is you want by repetition of thoughts backed by your passionate feelings for what you are thinking. This is where visualization comes in to assist you in impressing a new belief system on the subconscious to take hold and carry out. Through your subconscious mind, it is in your power to discover your internal world of feeling, love, thought, creativity, truth, and power. The first step in such discovery is to believe that you are now in possession of such ability. (The fact remains - you are whether you realize it or not.) It is your birthright and responsibility to use this extraordinary gift given to you to give your life the meaning and profound purpose you rightfully deserve. Thoughts to ponder: 

Your whispering voice is always revealing your truth.

With each step you take, you are striding with unlimited power and potential waiting to be called upon.

Exercise - Subconscious Mind

1. Record your dreams when you wake in your journal for 30 days. 2. Visualize a goal or a problem you want solutions for, right before you fall asleep. 3. Listen to your favorite music while stating your affirmations. (This draws in more emotion for the subconscious to respond to quicker)

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______

Goal Receiving

“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion; by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” G. Anderson

You are the foundation of your life’s results. Goals allow you the ability to control the course your life takes. Did you have any goals set for this month? This year? Have you ever set goals? How often have you found yourself thinking of what you would like to accomplish, but didn’t have the time? Whether it is a sport you would like to learn, an exercise program, ideas for writing, a place you’d like to explore, someone you’d like to visit, a business you would like to start, or volunteering your time to charity. No matter the scope of desire that keeps seeping into the back of your mind, it probably won’t ever happen unless you set a goal and begin. Today can be your day of beginning. Even if it’s just to map out your thoughts about what you want to accomplish and build from there, just start. Crystallize your “goals”. Have a plan for achieving them and give yourself a deadline for completion. Many people go their whole lives without setting productive goals because they were never taught to do so. Goal setting is not offered in most high schools and colleges, yet, it is the “goal” that separates the masses that are surviving and just making a living from those who are thriving and living a life of choice rather than chance. It is a fact, according to analysts who study successful people compared to unsuccessful people; the difference between the two in terms of actions is measured in millimeters. Both individuals initiate the action and begin doing similar activities; the difference, however, is the successful person remains in action even when things seem difficult or uncomfortable. That is such a tiny difference but it makes all the difference in your life. Successful people plan with goals, and get into consistent action. When you identify your goal with the “intent” of its fulfillment, then the universe (if you will) comes forth to support you by aligning all the right players and circumstances into your arena. People that you don’t know will come forth to assist in your goal achievement. Furthermore, when you write a well thought out plan to achieve your goal, you have demonstrated that you have the ability to see it through in your mind first. This is where all things are created and achieved.

Therefore, if you can see it clearly in your mind and then write it down, you can also see it manifest in your life when you are in the pursuit of its fulfillment. When you have made a solid decision to achieve your goals and remain focused with the utmost confidence, belief and determination, with disregard to any obstacles and criticisms, then you are well equipped to see your goal come to fruition. Three of the quickest ways to lose sight of a long term goal are: 1.) Not to have one big enough to inspire you; 2.) Lack of action toward its attainment; 3.) Worrying about what naysayer’s think (who really don’t think, but try to convince you that they are thinking). There is a quote to describe naysayers:

“When one is trying to do something beyond his known powers it is useless to seek the approval of friends. Friends are at their best in moments of defeat.” Henry Miller It is easier for them to believe that it is you who are foolish for stepping outside of the box and having the courage to do what they are unwilling to do… but really want to do. However, when you succeed and pass them by, the faultfinders are either the first to ask for your help or avoid you all together. These things can be dealt with very logically and simply. First, have a goal big enough that it almost scares you. If you can enlarge your vision, you can achieve it. Second, get into action daily to make it happen. And finally, the best way to think in terms of those individuals who do not support your goal is to remember that this is your sand box. They can step in and play the game according to your rules or they can GET OUT! That’s your decision. The “deadline” is critical because it allows you to see if you are on track. If you are following your plan and you don’t arrive at the target date then merely adjust the date accordingly. Understand, this does not affect the goal achievement itself. Imagine planting a seed, which is your goal, and you nurture it through a well thought out plan of action. It then has no other choice but to grow over time. Sometimes delay can be caused by your own thoughts and beliefs that may be working against you. However, if it didn’t sprout on the targeted date, don’t give up. Some people see the “little green sprout” breaking ground and choose not to see that their lives are transforming. Rather, through being anxious or doubtful, they stop watering it (their goal), or worse, trample it altogether. The good news is, if you don’t pull it out from the ground, (meaning stopping your goal thought process), it may wilt a bit from neglect, but it will recover by the care you put back into it. However big or small, your “goal” is worthy of “you,” no matter the obstacles, because you have chosen to have it in your life. It’s having the patience for it to occur. When you are confident in what you are doing then patience is effortless because you know the outcome will arrive. After all, we don’t make and deliver a

baby in week! All things that have tremendous importance and value take time. When you are committed, it will show up when you are ready. So get ready! Thoughts to ponder: 

You are worthy of living your goals out loud.

The ultimate pleasure of achieving your goals comes from you and not others watching.

Exercise - Goal Receiving: A. List three goals on your goal cards or journal – (a) 1st write out a short term goal, (b) 2nd a mid-term goal and (c) 3rd your long-term goal. Commit to reading them each day. List your three goals here as well.

1. Short Term Goal: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

2. Mid Term Goal: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

3. Long Term Goal: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

B. Set out a plan for your short term goal. What can you do to achieve it? List here the steps you will take. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

Productive Visualization

“Visualization is day-dreaming with a purpose!” Bo Bennett

There is a famous expression, “I’ll believe it, when I see it!” This has been expressed enough times throughout the course of one’s lifetime, whether in words or in thoughts, that it creates a situation in which you are constantly in a state of never knowing what is really possible for you. The certainty of what will actually accelerate your growth towards achieving your life’s purpose is check mated by the pawn thinking mentality. Step up to Bishop takes Queen! This uncertainty can be made visible as your life, over time, becomes filled with limitations, speculation, maybes, and disbelief. That simple phrase packs a powerful punch of self doubt, lack of faith, and lack of knowing what is possible for you, leaving you to attempt to only live in the confines of what is familiar, moreover what is safe. The “I’ll SEE it happen, when I BELIEVE it will” mentality, is what moves mountains and creates miracles in life. Read it again. “I’ll see it happen, when I believe it will”. If you can’t “believe” that you can have what it is that you want to achieve, you will never “see” it show up in your reality. One of the most effective tools that can be used on your behalf is “Productive Visualization.” This is a retooling of the mind to tap into your belief system that is waiting on you to give it something of worth and challenge in which to believe. Spending a small amount of time daily visualizing your goal and putting yourself in the “feeling” place of already having attained it, allows the goal to become not only believable, it also puts you in alignment with the people and things that can assist in making it happen. Visualization is driven by the sub-conscious mind versus the conscious mind. The difference between the two is that the conscious mind is where you hold your thoughts and are aware of what you are thinking and going to say. The subconscious runs on a much deeper level. It controls your emotions and your health. It’s your memory and it takes everything literally. Unlike the conscious mind that tries to discern what is real or not, the sub-conscious mind believes anything it hears. The subconscious mind is your greatest ally in achieving your goals and creating the life of purpose that you are seeking. In visualizing, as if it is happening now, the subconscious mind picks it up and believes wholeheartedly that it is happening now. Remember, your emotions are controlled by your subconscious mind and when you are “feeling” your outcome in the present, the subconscious mind begins to “feel” it too.

This is a technique that you may find hard to grasp at first, but once implemented, consistently, will yield results. For example, you want a new house. See in your mind the house, the neighborhood, the view, how it’s furnished, and the details of each room. See yourself waking up in your new house, going to the kitchen for juice or coffee; see your furnishings and other things associated with the house. I think you get the gist. This is called productive visualization. Over time, by using this technique, the conscious mind will kick in and also believe it is real and overshadow your previous self doubts. Be specific in your visualization. Thoughts to ponder: 

I will see it when I believe it first.

Put yourself in the feeling place of already having achieved what you are visualizing.

Exercise - Productive Visualization: List three goals you will work on visualizing. Spend 15-20 minutes a day visualizing your goal as if it had happened and feel what it feels like to have achieved it. 1. ___________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Into Action

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” John F. Kennedy

You can know your purpose, set a worthy, substantial goal, and set your plan of attack, but without action on your part it remains unfinished. Setting a plan is one thing, but even a well thought out plan can wither if very little or nothing at all is in motion to fulfill the plan. It is critical to commit to yourself and to your goal in order to not lose momentum in your pursuit. Lacking belief has an effect on your goal achievement, but so will not taking your goal seriously into action. If your goal is not a priority and you find it is secondary to other things in your life, then you might want to rethink your desire to achieve the goal. This requires focus and pure willingness to continuously put forth the effort. People who are excited about their goal and get started into action can lose fuel from lacking self inspiration. With all good intentions on the line and promises to the self, they still run out of gas. If you have a job, it is simple to keep on task since what is expected of you is outlined in your job description. Usually it is the fear of losing the paycheck that motivates your “action” in your job whether it is fulfilling or unfulfilling. You can see the immediate reward every two weeks, although, most of the time, the compensation is not equal to the value of your time. Yet, if you are looking to create an entrepreneurial endeavor, or accomplish a personal goal, there is no one to tell you what to do or push you in that direction. It’s like committing to an exercise program. If you are not hitting the gym or eating the right foods, the point is lost. You can hire a personal trainer who is excellent at keeping you on your game, but that is not always an option. It is up to “you” to be inspired enough about your goal by making a choice to stay in action, even when it is not comfortable or convenient. Self inspiration is more critical than just being self motivated. Self motivation only takes you so far. It starts the motor running, but it’s your “inspiration” that keeps the engine going and heading to the final destination, thus creating forward momentum. Motivation can often times come from a concern of losing something, like the job previously mentioned. Therefore, you are motivated to show up to work every day. Yet, if you are inspired about your career for example, then you go the extra distance by doing more without being asked, because you are building your career to new heights.

You have an opportunity to build your life by your design and that can only come from being inspired by your purpose and making the choice to do so. Inspiration drives you to incalculable action, and keeps you in action until you cross the finish line. There can be risks involved in going after your goal depending on how big the goal is. Some people don’t see themselves as risk takers. Keep in mind, having a different result means you have to be bold and take the steps to do something different. Understand there is a difference between taking a risk and taking a chance. A risk is calculated either through careful consideration or quick gut instinct with the consideration of, “is this decision going to take me closer to my goal?” A chance is a roll of the dice hoping your number comes up. It’s sort of like playing the lotto, again, hoping to strike it rich. There is nothing wrong with that in the sense of fun, but if your belief is the only way you can become rich is by chance, then you may want to get comfortable with your current financial situation. The best way to live a million dollar lifestyle is to make a choice, take control, have a reason, set a goal, take action, and earn your money. That is both the risk and the reward. Success happens when you happen! It is very easy to sit and dream of a life you want, and find contentment in denying yourself the actual experience of success. But if you want the life you envision, and are willing to do what many are unwilling to do, then you must take action consistently. Remember success has a price of admission. If you are unwilling to pay at that door, you’ll be left outside peeking in at those who did! Thoughts to ponder:   

Self Inspiration will take you further than self motivation. Let your feelings of excitement and anticipation keep you in action. Success has a price of admission. If you are unwilling to pay at the door, you’ll be left outside peeking in at those who did.

Exercise - Into Action: 1. Commit to completing the first 2 steps you had written down for shortterm “goals” by weeks. 2. Do what you say you’re going to do. Inform a friend or loved one of your goal and your intentions. Hold yourself accountable to them by your word. Meaning, complete your goal.

Tips for action and time management – 

Use a limited to do list. Don’t overwhelm yourself by over doing what you think should get done (big list are draining).

For tasks, use “Choose” instead of “Should”. You don’t have to do anything; it all comes down to choice. This will allow you to feel in control instead of having “have to’s” or “need to’s” that make you feel a loss of control.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Enriching Affirmations

“I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” Muhammad Ali

With every thought and word spoken we are in a constant state of affirming. Our continuous affirming is the cornerstone of building our life as we know it and to create it as we intend it. Our self talk (affirmation), if left unchecked, can be negative, which can cause our lives to spin into an experience we would rather not have. To develop a positive mindset is probably one of the most crucial skills you will learn in your life. If you could wake up in the morning fired up and excited about the life you live each day, it could allow you to manifest into your reality any desire you want. Using affirmations accompanied with visualization has been the key to many athletes going the extra mile and passing their competitors, when they believe what they are affirming to them self. On a personal level, it can transform your attitude and feelings about who you are and where you are going. Your attitude is a way of perceiving life itself. It directly affects how you approach life and those in it. When you are feeling negative, it affects your outcome in everything you ultimately do, whether in small or large degrees. Same holds true for when you are feeling positive. When we repeatedly give ourselves a positive statement - even if it is something that you want to believe, but doubt will work - the inner workings of your mind will over time pick it up and begin to believe it if it is accompanied with visualization. Such as, “I am healthy and happy.” Or “I am successful in whatever I put my mind to,” etc. By affirming our intent (desire) daily, we are able to program our unconscious (or subconscious) mind to naturally believe that what it is we are seeking is attainable for us to achieve. Affirmations, when used with the emotion of excitement, conviction and passion, can help you undo some of the most hindering self beliefs you have acquired throughout your life experience. These experiences are embedded within your subconscious mind as your truth, even if it is not what you are truly capable of. As stated in an earlier section, the way you currently think comes from past programming. This conditioning of thought, however, is yours to choose to keep or reprogram to what you feel will benefit your well-being. You will learn the level of your negative beliefs by how you are feeling while stating a new affirmation that is positive. If you are feeling uncomfortable, as if what you are saying is not true, that is from the resistance of an already developed belief

system. This negative belief has not benefited you, yet your mind wants to hang on to what is familiar to it and has already accepted. The feelings that you experience during your affirmations are an indicator of where you are in the process of transformation into your new belief system. When affirmations are used effectively, you will be empowered to exercise your right of choice in your mind, by choosing your own thoughts that reflect your outer and inner world. It’s a tool at your finger tips to guide you into a deeper self love, self appreciation, and acceptance of yourself. The key is to come to a state of accepting what you are affirming without experiencing overwhelming resistance. Some doubt can be natural, however, if the doubt is more dominate over what you are attempting to affirm, then pause on affirming your statements to yourself and continue to visualize daily what it is you are looking to achieve until the time comes when you are in a state of feeling your goals as a possibility, then begin your affirmations verbally and written. Whatever we believe about ourselves and our life, whether good, bad, happy or sad, will ultimately become a reality for us. If you want to know what you believe and how you feel about life itself, just look at your life right now. It is a mirror image effect. Your current life is a direct reflection of your past thoughts! Affirmations can assist in mending your core belief system (self assumptions) that has held you back through self criticism, and undermined your true desires for success in love, health, career, self worth, and spirituality. To begin, start by thinking and writing down areas of your life that you want to improve or change. Think about how you want your life to be lived. Be as clear and specific as you possibly can. Then go through the list you created and write out a positive affirmation for each area where you want to see growth and progress. After you have written your positive affirmations, begin saying them aloud. (You can look in the mirror as well while stating your affirmations. This is very powerful.) Be consistent in doing this every day. You can have your affirmations placed all around your home to see them as you walk through your house. On the fridge, in a mirror, study room, etc… Example Affirmations: Health - “My body heals quickly and easily.” Love - “I know that I deserve love and accept it now.” Self esteem - “When I believe in myself, so do others.” Romance - “I release any desperation and allow love to find me.” Weight loss - “I choose to make positive, healthy choices for myself.” Peace/Harmony - “I am at peace.” Joy/Happiness - “Life is a joy filled with love, freedom and lots of wonderful surprises.”

Thoughts to ponder:

Offering yourself words of reinforcement and beauty will take you far in your life and make you feel good.

We are always in a state of affirming words to ourselves, what would you prefer to hear yourself say to you?

Your attitude is a way of perceiving life itself. It directly affects how you approach life and those in it.

Exercise - Enriching Affirmations:

A. Think of five areas of your life you want to improve and write them down. 1._________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________________ B. Write a positive affirmation for each area you listed above. 1.____________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________________ C. Read each affirmation enthusiastically aloud every day. D. State your affirmation in the mirror in the morning and before bed.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Chapter TWO The Power of Liberation

Firm Decisions

“Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse or adversity to change any and every part of your life in an instant.” Tony Robbins

It is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is shaped. Where there is no decision, there is no determining the future. A bad decision is better than no decision when a decision is required. A bad decision will lead to learning, and learning leads to better decisions, when you are paying attention to the lesson. Some people are afraid to learn a lesson from a bad decision, so they avoid decisions altogether at crucial times that are important and life-changing. “Indecisiveness” will cause you to live without the ability to make good decisions that will allow you to excel in every aspect of your life. What usually happens to a person who is indecisive is that they fear the impending outcome of a decision - the fear of change, i.e. the fear of the unknown. They therefore lack accountability for the results they end up with by their lack of decision. It’s easy to say… “That’s not what I wanted.” Therefore, they are left unhappy with the results of their choosing, but it’s never their fault in their thinking. Yet, this is what happens when you put your fate on an aimless path from the lack of a decision, when a decision, your decision, matters most. The potential is within you to make decisions that will always propel you forward in life. Whether you choose to utilize it positively or negatively is your choice. But know that if you’re not in control of the decisions you make for your life, then who is? What makes it possible for successful people to reach their goals in life and live harmoniously while others stumble and fail? The simple answer is they “DECIDE” they want to be successful. They decide they are going to do something about their desires. They decide on what, when, and how to create their lifetime plan for success. Yes, they plan their

steps and set goals. If you are not in pursuit of “what” it is you really want in your life, then “why” waste the energy to have that desire? The perpetual “wishing” for change - with no action - benefits no one, especially you! Everything in your life can shift to the positive, from finances, health, career, family, even your happiness, with one simple step…making the decision to have what it is you really want then taking action toward attaining it! Think about a person who says, “I am going to lose weight,” and yet for years nothing happens. The “wanting” is not enough to make it happen; you must make a firm decision to make it happen first. Decision makers never wait for change to happen; they are the “cause” of change. When you decide not to change things, you are deciding that your life remains exactly the same. There are graveyards filled with wonderful people who did not accomplish their dreams in life because they never made a decision to do so. Individuals who choose not to exercise their power of decision-making, to have and create the lifestyle and relations they truly want in life, are unable to ever achieve them. There are also those graveyards filled with people who lived their lives to the fullest and left memorable legacies behind. The only thing you have to decide now is… which one of those individuals do you want to be? Thoughts To Ponder: 

It is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is shaped. Where there is no decision, there is no determining the future.

Being decisive allows you to avoid the fear of decision making that can lead into other avoidable challenges; decisiveness gives you an empowered feeling through your own ability to decide.

When you decide not to change things, you are deciding that your life remains exactly the same.

Exercise – Firm Decision: A. Write two significant things, (experiences) that you know you could have had if you had made a solid decision? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ B. What held you back from the decision to have it? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______

C. Make a decision that you will accomplish tasks (big or small) that you have put off for a long time but really want to see completed. Write down five tasks that “you will� accomplish within 10 days. 1._________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody‟s going to know.” Oprah

Integrity is knowing your own truth without self judgment. When you are true to yourself, you can be true to others. We have all heard the expression, “if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.” This can be like the ship mentioned earlier without a compass that roams aimlessly anywhere the open seas will carry it. Being on purpose and focused on that purpose when you encounter circumstances throughout life, you find truth within yourself that you can call upon. As you can see from the diagram above, integrity is not just telling the truth. It’s also being congruent with your words, thoughts, actions, and purpose, which will produce meaningful results. Integrity comes from the Greek words 'integritas' and 'integra' meaning whole. It enters into any and all aspects of one's life. At times we find ourselves in pieces. We act one way to one person and another to someone else. Who is the real you? So, to start, you must define the real you, and be the same to all people, because that is who you are and you are complete and whole in doing so. When you have integrity it also shows that when you “stand” for something, such as the direction you chose for your life, your goals, your purpose, your values, your beliefs, etc… that you stay steadfast, you do not stray from what you truly believe just because someone does not agree with you or because it becomes difficult. Remember, your integrity is what measures you. It is being firm in the decisions you make, regardless of how or what someone else thinks of you, as long as you believe in yourself and you know where you are going. When you are true to yourself, you are true to others. Much of life’s success can be attributed to this principle as well. When you set out to achieve a dream you will have to face the socalled expert critics who really have no idea about the path you’ve walked or the journey you’re on, what it is you are looking to achieve, or what it takes for you to achieve it. This process can have challenges. After all, anything of great value requires the endurance of heart to not fall to fear. Yet, when faced with these difficult circumstances, you are able to press on in your quest, because you are being true to what you believe and not influenced by others lack of belief in you and themselves.

Thoughts to ponder: 

True Integrity never compromises.

Do onto others as you would want to be treated… keep respect always in mind.

Fall in love with being who you are and be the same to all people.

Exercise - Integrity:

1. What do you stand for in life? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

2. What are the most important values you look for in a friend? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

3. To have a true friend you must be a true friend. What do you offer others in a relationship with you? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

4. What principles in your life will you not compromise? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Empowered by Adversity

“A successful woman is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.” D. Brinkley

If reaching the top of Mount Everest meant an easy ride in an elevator, everyone would do it. Our internal radar warns us that anything of great magnitude worth achieving must be met with adversity. Here lies the avoidance in most women. They refrain from going the distance to realize their dreams. After all, why volunteer to face adversity when our current comfort zone, “the path of least resistance,” is what we are most familiar with. Even if our lives are not the way we imagine, it still is much easier (so we think) to deal with the familiar versus the unknown. Let’s say you want to be a published author. You will be met with some measure of adversity just in having your work read by an agency, let alone trying to find a publisher to promote and sell your work. You must realize and accept that there is no express elevator where you can step in, push a button and find yourself at the penthouse of your dreams. However, when you have made the “decision” to have what it is that you truly want and are willing to set your “goals” and take the necessary “action” to get there, then the adversity is no longer overwhelming. It then becomes a welcome adversary, knowing that it is getting you closer to your goal. Again, when seeking fulfillment of your goals, you will come face to face with some adversity. How the circumstances will end up is decided by your belief and determination in accomplishing your goal. It is your mind-set and determination that propels you into making decisions that will support your vision while facing the heat. The same way heat is the key ingredient in creating a strong and powerful sword, it is through our impressionable state and our weakness that the shaping of our lives - like the sword - is done. If you take a moment and carefully examine your own life results and those of great achievers, you will discover with certainty that your greatest opportunities often presented themselves during times of adversity. What separates those achievers from others, who are not living the life they would imagine is how they made decisions as well as what they choose to focus their thoughts on when faced with adversity. What do you think achievers focus on during adversity - their obstacle or their vision? Their results speak loud and clear. Many people don’t realize that when they are faced with the possibility of defeat, they have the greatest opportunity to become

a willing participant in their own dream by making a choice, embracing change, having heart, and taking that calculated risk which will lead them into great achievements. In times of challenge, pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings. Everything is determined by what you choose to focus on. The potential disaster, or the outcome that you desire regardless of the possibility of some measure of failure? Failure is not a final conclusion unless you choose to throw in the towel and call it that. When you decide to see failure as only temporary, you can then take advantage of the opportunities that the failure ultimately brings. The most important thing to remember is the adversity that arises is outside of you, not within you, nor is it who you are. So it’s unnecessary to take it to heart. Meaning, if you didn’t get the promotion you were anticipating or the money for a new business idea, or are challenged with financial turmoil, you can still choose to feel any way you want to feel toward it and towards yourself. You can choose to feel doubtful and fearful, personalizing the experience. Or you can choose to feel belief, inspired, and that you will prevail no matter what the odds because it has no bearing on who you are as a woman and what you are capable of accomplishing.

Thoughts to ponder: 

Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it. – Unknown –

There is a purpose behind every problem.

You are much more than the adversity.

Exercise – Empowered by Adversity: A. What two adversities have you had to face in your life that you believe you overcame? 1.____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

B. How did you overcome each one?

1._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ____ 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____

C. What did you learn from each one? 1._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________ 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Emotional Flatlining

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.” B. Disraeli

Emotional flatlining is being in a state of “emotionless,” where you are neither happy nor sad - like being asleep when you are awake. This emotionless state can happen to anyone and at anytime, even if your outer world is going well. However, it’s not the outer world that is emotionless. It is your inner world that, for some reason, has decided to disconnect through lack of interest, indifference, boredom, or self preservation. You end up feeling like you have no feelings at all. You are numb. This state of numbness is an off-and-on routine that many have become used to. Some are completely unaware of it and how it affects their life’s experience. Emotional flatlining can occur in various degrees, from subtle to extreme depression. (For serious matters, seek professional assistance.) In this section we are going to address the subtle levels that impede your excellence. Initially, when you emotionally flatline and there are no feelings, this can draw a lot of energy from you. When left unattended it can develop into a lack of desire and other non-productive feelings such as heaviness, a glum feeling that can grow into a form of self pity. The “what’s the point” question arises for a brief moment. This comes from not only the growing flatlining effect, but by not having or losing your direction and purpose in life. This cycle is one that could be easily avoided by paying attention to you internally. The act of being aware of how you are feeling in any given moment is truly an art that can transform your life. There are times in life we can go into self protection mode, where we choose to not feel our feelings intentionally. We put ourselves into emotional flatlining in order to not feel guilt, worry, or heartache. But it is better to have some feeling, even if negative or uncomfortable, than not having any at all when faced with matters that call for such feelings. Feelings are a way of releasing pain, and reveal how you respond to things in life, and life itself. When nothing is there to guide you, (your feelings), you can become empty inside and lost within you. Emotional flatlining can hold you back in life in several ways: by disconnecting you from what is around you and preventing you from being clear on your significance and desires. It can cause you to lose your vision for your goals, and can prevent you from living up to your true purpose and life potential. Fortunately, releasing the state of indifference or lack of desire can be accomplished through simple adjustments in your daily routine and your awareness. There are various times of the day that this emotional flatlining can

occur and is normal, such as when driving the car, walking down the street, being in a room filled with people, at a meeting, or out to dinner. This is not to be confused with your being in an intended period of silence, such as meditation or quiet time, because even in your chosen time of silence, you can feel peaceful, serene, happy, or sad. You have a feeling connected to your silence. Emotional flat-lining is a state of being numb when you are not talking or in conversation with someone. This state can happen for no apparent reason or from something that has impacted you emotionally. Therefore, unless you get to a point in your life where you become a spiritual guru where emotions affect you the least, then experience, feel, and embrace emotions to be your guide through your life’s journey.

Thoughts to ponder:  Awaken your feelings to express your truth.  Your feelings are your guide and foundation through life. 

You have a right to feel your feelings. Release any sad or angry emotion to prevent resentments and stress so that you can grow through your negative emotions.

Exercise - Flatlining: 1. Pay attention to your feelings for most of the day. This means that you check in with yourself at different time periods of the day. Use a timer or rubber band on the wrist to remind yourself to check your feelings every hour. 2. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now in this moment?” Rate your feelings from one to five stars. One being the lowest and not feeling happy and five being very happy. 3. Ask yourself why you are feeling that way. 4. If you discover you are feeling nothing when you check in, think of something that makes you feel good. (kids, partner, dancing, etc…) 5. If there is something that occurred that was upsetting, then feel those feelings.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Liberated By Reality “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

There are many challenging situations that must be faced. In some of those times it is much easier to pretend that an undesirable event does not exist, or that it will somehow magically work itself out so that you won’t have to think about it or face it. Dodging reality is an easy maneuver, but not a realistic approach. This ostrich effect (hiding your head in the sand) can cause matters to become worse. The best thing to do when you feel uncomfortable with a challenging situation that you encounter is to learn to make friends with that reality in order to accept it. Acceptance equals empowerment. Accept the fact that life will not always provide a reason for you to be whistling Dixie or bestow accolades on you. It is how you make decisions during a difficult reality, whether a disagreement with someone or a possible lay-off at work, that your character is determined and shaped. All of us have experienced difficulties in life and many of us feel that we are stronger for it, and that is true if that is what you believe. Yet, being a stronger woman doesn’t necessarily equate to having the ability to face a hard pressed reality with confidence. Most of the time adversities are dealt with and overcome because there is no other option. The dodging effect didn’t work, so it had to be faced. It is human nature to want to be right and have things work in our favor, but we are not always right and sometimes things don’t work in our favor in the time frame we expect, if at all. But we can make the most of it, if we allow, by taking our eyes off self-preservation and onto the reality, in order to learn from and / or resolve it. We can mask our evading nature in many ways, from running out the door, hanging up the phone on someone, not calling when a call is needed, not asking crucial questions when answers are paramount, not answering crucial questions when questions are asked, not showing up when you’re needed, not making a decision for fear of the outcome, and so on.

There are many ways to rationalize to ourselves why we must avoid a reality that we don’t like, but when you do this you take away your power of choice. Your absence is an injustice to yourself and to others who are involved with you. You become disempowered when your voice is not heard. You deserve to be a willing participant in your own reality - positive or negative. Choice is your dominant power in all that you do. It encompasses your free will in decision-making and empowers you as a woman. When you encounter a reality you would rather not have, avoiding it removes every aspect of choice which is your power to use. Thoughts to ponder:  Be willing to face reality even when it is difficult.  Reality can be made a friend, since it is with you always.  When we avoid reality, we surrender our power of choice.

Exercise - Liberated By Reality:

A. List three reasons why you would avoid facing a difficult reality. 1._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____ 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____ 3._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____ B. List three reasons why you would choose to face a difficult reality and why it would benefit you.

1._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____ 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____ 3._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _____

4. Think of the questions and your answers above. Which empowered you and which disempowered you? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______

5. Think of someone or something that has been unresolved in your life. Something you have not wanted to confront, but know it would be best if you did. Give yourself a deadline to get this done. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______ 5. Later‌ Write come back and down what happened as a result of taking this action.

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ __________________ NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Season of Change

“Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.” Winston Churchill

Change in our lives is as guaranteed as the changing seasons. From calming breezes to turbulent winds, from freezing temperatures to sweltering heat, blue skies to bleak grey. As it is with the climate, so it is with our lives. When it is time for the seasons to change, they do so effortlessly, without resistance or delay. Nature has no fear of the changes that must occur. It doesn’t fear what awaits it; it only knows its willingness to exist. Most women fear the experience of change in their life, whether expected or not. A Divorce, a marriage, a new child, losing a job, loses a loved one, relocating, new job, etc. It is not so much the change itself that is feared, since we are equipped by nature to adjust to a multitude of things. Rather it is the fear of the unknown that perplexes us. Having to separate from what is familiar, leaves us unsettled. This fear is based on imagination. It is not seated in the change itself but in the fear of the unknown. The “what if” factor, can cause chills to run down our spine before takeoff, then to our feet during flight, if we let it. The brakes are on, and so we tell ourselves, “maybe I am not ready for marriage,” “I am not prepared to be a single mom,” “I am not ready to have a baby,” “I don’t have the experience to take on that much career responsibility,” “I simply don’t have time to really create what I want so I will play the game of life on this smaller level and make it work.” “Maybe I should cancel the date; it’s been a long time since I have dated.” There is an endless sea of justifications that we buy into with any hint of change in order to not get out of the box, (ourselves) to live fully. This natural response to change is saying that you want everything to be predictable and safe, nice and comfortable. Even if things in life are not, you do know how to find comfort in what is uncomfortably familiar. In order to protect your life and guard against unexpected factors, which happen all the time, you would have to exist in a place of no time and space. Like nature, embrace change. Make it a friend that will visit unexpectedly. Accept it no matter what, because you understand its need to come. Usually change’s visit is to teach you more about life and yourself in order to grow and be wiser. You will gain immeasurably as a woman if you only allow change to complete its mission by inviting it in instead of hiding behind the door, peeking through the keyhole. Welcome your guest and let them rest for a while.

Thought to ponder: 

Change is a constant and a certainty, embrace it for it will bring you peace in doing so.

Exercise - Season of Change: A. Write down three impactful events that have changed your life. 1.__________________________________________________________ __ 2.__________________________________________________________ __ 3.__________________________________________________________ __ B. Ask yourself - were you initially afraid of that change to happen? ___________________________________________________________ ___ ___________________________________________________________ ___

C. What were some of the biggest things you feared could happen? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______ D. How did that change make your life better? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

28 Day Mind R.E.N.E.W. When y

“When you reset your mindset you will be amazed that while nothing has changed everything has changed.� T. Powell As women we are bombarded by many outside influences and information that affects our emotional well-being throughout each day. From conditions in the work and home environments, to the vast negative media all around us; all have a profound effect on how we function in our daily lives and what type of thoughts we reflect that create an emotional response. We find ourselves out of sorts and unclear about what is significant to us. There is an endless barrage of random information that our minds absorb each day. Information that you may feel is not relevant to you personally can and does have an effect without you realizing it. Have you ever been in a good mood, and turned on the TV? The news is on and you hear reports of one disaster after another. Soon you find that your mood has shifted and you start to feel negative without explanation. This is from the unconscious (subconscious) influence of negative input that has been placed into your psyche. We are feeling individuals and our feelings at times we allow to run rampant as if no control, sometimes because the shift from positive to negative is so subtle. Therefore we must learn to protect our feelings by protecting our mindset (thought impressions) from as much negative influence as possible. A 28 day Mind R.E.N.E.W. is just that, renewing the mind. The mind needs a reset (break) after so many thoughts, images and feelings, including thoughts and feelings that lead into resentments, which hurt us over time. Resentment like stress can affect adversely our bodies. Our skin can even age prematurely through resentment. Our skin is the largest organism in the body as with a heart attack can be the result of too much stress, premature wrinkling can be the result of too much resentment not to mention other ailments. Resentments have a clever way to hide within us, but when we pay attention to our inner feelings when we encounter someone whether in person, conversation or thought that we believe right or wrong have wronged us in the past, our feelings will reveal our truth and we know. Resentments can only exists if they are stored somewhere, the only place to store them is inside of us from the back of our mind to cells in our body and that can transition into more harm than what any resentment is worth. Resentment is simply a lack of forgiveness of what you may perceive as harm done to you. Right, wrong or indifferent, hanging on to negative feelings about others only causes you the harm internally not them. It may inconvenience others, but their health and peace of mind is not at stake, yours is.

This R.E.N.E.W. will eliminate confusion, as well as assist you in releasing negative feelings you have inside toward someone else and enable you to make clear, concise decisions and find peace. It will empower you to take control and separate yourself from unfocused, negative and directionless people. You will be able to be selective about your environment and refuse to listen to individuals who complain as a result of failing to be accountable for their actions. You yourself will stop complaining because you will be clear about your destination and will be abundantly clear about what moves you and what matters to you most. It will still the racing mind that is constantly bombarded with some thought activity, so that you can enjoy your true being. When the mind is always running without a break, being self-aware and present is difficult. Seeing the forest for the trees becomes unreal, and thus your perception of what is important to you becomes hazy. When you reset, you begin to see clearly how much energy you expend on things, conversations, negative thoughts, and people that are irrelevant to your purpose and which offer no support for your aspirations and peace of mind.

Exercise: 28 Day Mind R.E.N.E.W Commit to the following steps for the next 28 days. This is a critical exercise. You must turn off the negative input to enhance a positive output. 1. Read positive, inspirational materials. Avoid newspapers and gossip magazines. (Ouch! You can do it!) You may want to reset your opening browser page on your computer, since many entice you with the daily bad news headlines. Avoid radio talk shows that feature other people’s problems or negative opinions of our society; court room shows, gossip magazines, TV shows and movies that promote violence, and reality shows displaying other people’s inability to think intelligently and make good decisions. 2. Eliminate negative influences. This can be tough if someone in your home such as a family member or significant other is negative toward you. It may be good to temporarily limit conversation in that case. It is important to remember your relevance, your thoughts and feelings have value. If you are coming from a sincere place and desire to be understood in a misunderstanding, yet the other person finds no relevance in what you are expressing, move away or avoid the initiative if it causes you pain. Key here is to pay attention to how people make you feel when you are around them or listen to them talk. ***Avoid being influenced by their lack of interest. Rather let them be influenced by your inspiration. *** 3. Negotiate time to meditate. Set this as a priority daily. Take five to ten minutes at least each day to quiet your mind and think of something that soothes you. Nature always seems to work, such as, water, mountains etc…It may seem difficult at first, but stick with it (use nature CD’s to help if you have not meditated before). Once relaxing with soothing thoughts becomes easy, move onto thinking no thoughts and have complete silence in your mind. When you hear sounds around you, visualize that sound travelling through

you and then out of you. It is not a distraction. Remember this is a state of presence, you will become more aware of sounds, like the clock ticking that you had never noticed before. Embrace your awareness and being in the moment. 4. Eradicate resentment. Think about the people you feel have hurt you or did you wrong, write their names on a list. Beside each name write out what they did, then next to that person ask yourself honestly what you feel you could have done to avoid it, resolve it and or heal it. (This takes a significant amount of personal accountability. When you are accountable for your actions, you have true power.) Write this down. You may feel inspired to go them and amend personally if you feel it is appropriate or discuss objectively from love a way that could heal the relationship and or you. When finished with your list, it’s time to let go. Take the paper and toss it or burn when you have completed going through each person. Forgiving others can be difficult when we think we are right. Pride does have a way of claiming your serenity. Remember, the most important thing is letting it go. 5. Watch positive, humorous entertainment. Laughter is truly the best medicine in life. Watch comedies and inspiring movies, movies that make you feel good inside and uplifted.

Chapter THREE Power of Presence

Support Alliance

“A good friend remembers what you were and sees what you can be.” Unknown

Having friends with whom you enjoy going out and having fun and share life stories with is a wonderful thing. Yet, at times it can be hard to open up to friends even when you want to, when you believe your issues are too deep and too personal, or moreover, too embarrassing to discuss. In those moments, when you’re perplexed or hurt and you feel you need to keep it inside and figure it out on your own, that is exactly when you need to open up, communicate, and get support from those who sincerely care. There is an alliance of support you can start to create right now. Not just for challenges that arise in life, but for support in building your dreams. These should be people that you feel will be forthright when consulted, and sincerely want to see you do well. They have relevant expertise and experience and are inspired by your passion or share the same vision. They can be relied on to offer advice, ideas and solutions. They are people who are not intimidated by your aspirations in life and have no hidden agendas to hold you back. Success is usually not a solo pursuit but requires the assistance of others in some aspect or another. Having trusted individuals you can turn to on your quest will make the journey much smoother, rewarding, and more productive.

For difficult times that you encounter in your personal life, you should have the support of people who you not only can trust but who are loving toward you. It is best to have people selected in advance rather than wait for a problem to occur, so that you can feel better prepared mentally and emotionally when a problem occurs. Someone who can offer you encouragement and listen to you express your thoughts and feelings without judgment. When selecting members of your support alliance in either area, it is important to follow your gut instinct. As you think of individuals, you will discover that many people you associate with may not be who you would put your confidence and trust in no matter how many times you have hung out or how long you have known them. It could be someone new in your life or someone that you have not spent

much time with but feel that they possess the character to be in your corner when the chips were down. If you narrow it down to just one or two people, you have established a great alliance of support. Thought to ponder: 

There is power in having the support from others.

Exercise - Support Alliance: 1. Create a list of as many individuals you can think of initially to have on your “success” Support Alliance team. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 2. Create a list of as many individuals you can think of initially to have on your “times of trouble” Support Alliance team. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________ 3. Go through the “success” list carefully and ask the following questions:

a. Are these persons trustworthy? _____________________________________________________ __ b. Can they keep my conversations and ideas confidential? _____________________________________________________ __

c. Can these persons offer me sound advice? _____________________________________________________ d. Would these persons sincerely be happy to see me succeed or feel competitive or resentful?

_____________________________________________________ e. Will these persons be honest with me? _____________________________________________________ _ f. Will these persons believe in me no matter what happens in my journey?

_____________________________________________________ __ 4. Go through the “times of trouble� list carefully and ask the following questions: a. Do I trust these persons? ______________________________________________________________ __ b. Do these persons have my best interest at heart? ______________________________________________________________ __ c. Will these persons be honest with me and loving to me? ______________________________________________________________ __ d. Do I feel like I can go to these persons at anytime when I really need them? ______________________________________________________________ __ e. Are these persons able to be non-judgmental about the life challenge I encounter?

6. Select the people that you feel positive about and make sure you get their contact information.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Being Present

“Make peace with your past so it won‟t spoil the present.” Unknown

Being present in your life will allow you to capture the appreciation, value and beauty of living in the now. When you are completely present with yourself you start to know who you are and what you are feeling about circumstances around you and within you. When you are present you find yourself being congruent with what you truly believe is right for you that will help you learn, grow and feel that you are operating internally with integrity to yourself. Being authentically present eases the mind from the random thoughts that bombard us all the day. When we are always thinking involuntary thoughts we are not in control of our minds and how those thoughts manifest in our lives. It’s hard to recognize this incessant state of thinking because everyone does it and it has become acceptable. You may even think that you are not thinking at all at times because you can’t even remember what you were thinking about five minutes ago. But unless you intentionally unplugged and became completely aware of your internal silence, rest assured you were thinking. Ever find yourself in different emotional states with no explanation as to why you are feeling that way? You could have been feeling pretty good and all of a sudden you find your emotions have taken a nose dive and you have no idea why you are feeling the blues. It is the thoughts that we are constantly thinking under the surface. As women, we are more in tune with a change within us so it is expressed in feelings. Developing the art of living in the moment prevents the past that has already occurred, and can’t be undone, from affecting us adversely in our life. When you feel that a past experience was regretful or a mistake, all the feelings about it can’t change it. You either learn from it, then move on, or you keep it harbored within you and feel bad about it in the now. Even pleasant experiences can keep their effects.

For instance, did you ever hear a person say “I used to be thin, rich, successful, etc…” which is not their current state? Let’s look at that for a

moment. If being the way they were in the past was important enough to keep reflecting on it, then why aren’t they living it now? Were they truly in love with that experience? Was it truly appreciated each day? Reliving the past and talking about what you used to be only means you have not been in pursuit of it again. The more we talk about what used to be, we take from the moment which can be used to build the experience again and build it better and stronger. When you have experienced success on any level, you have proven that it can be done over and over again if you choose it. Also being more present will relieve the worries about the future. Most of the time we find thoughts existing in one of the two arena’s - past or future - and yet there is nothing we can do about those two things. They do not exist in this moment. Even if you know the mortgage is past due and you still can’t afford to pay it, going to bed at night worrying about it will not change the situation. If anything, it will cause the problem to worsen or repeat itself at a future date. This can leave the person with a lot of time and energy being expended on what is not real. Solutions evade them because the focus is only on the problem. Only right now is real - the rest is a memory or a vision. In a sense they are illusions because they are not occurring in the present moment. You can use effective visualization to affect the future and to help direct your path to the desired end, but that is a controlled measure of thought in the moment for certain intervals of time. Note: You will be asked at times to write in your journal about things from the past. This is designed for you to see your growth through-out your life and where you have held back. Thoughts to ponder: 

There’s no future in the past and there’s no future in the moment!

Every moment can be treasured and appreciated. Take time to just reflect on the here and now.

Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

Exercise - Being Present: For several days, before going to sleep or when you wake, lie quietly while aware of your thoughts. Focus on each second of silence, by observing only what is in that moment. You will hear sounds in the background and that is okay. You are not trying to be a master meditating guru, only being present. In fact, you will be aware of more around you when your mind is still and only in the

exact moment of each breath. If it only lasts for 10 - 20 seconds at a time that is fine, it will grow. After practicing in morning or at night for awhile, begin to take it into your day at various times. For instance walking down the hall at work to the ladies room, you can become present to every step you are taking and all that is around you. Develop Being Present Habits: 

Forget about issues of the past. Try to avoid reminding significant people in your life, (kids, parents, friends, etc…) about their mistakes. That will ruin your present happiness.

Avoid having negative thoughts about matters you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

Avoid overdoing yourself. Know your limits and stick to them.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Intimate Power

“Wealth is a measure of the degree to which we are willing to share intimacy with our world.” Nut Tmu-Ank

The strongest drive in human nature is sex. It is one of several dominant emotions, including love, intimacy, joy and fear. Sexual desire is the most powerful urge in humankind. Sex is energy, a force that can inspire and fuel creativity, ideas, passion, abundance, health, courage, persistence, and success when embraced correctly and inspired by love. This fact has been predominantly discussed, analyzed, documented, reviewed, and studied, however, in the male arena. Understanding the power at hand through our intimate power (a woman’s sexuality) is important since it can and should be channeled effectively for enhancing ones health, happiness and peace of mind. Our intimate power can be considered that of sexual alchemy. Alchemy is well known for turning base metal into gold. On a deeper level, it is the transformation (change) of one’s expression (thought) into a higher expression. In regards to sex, it is the transferring of one’s thoughts of sex into another thought of creativity and imagination that can propel you to ultimate levels of overall achievement of life. Sexual alchemy is the redirection of thought and feeling of sexual energy into another specific thought (your goal) thereby elevating ones level of awareness, inspiration and ability to a grander (deeper) level in order to experience the reality of their desired outcome or dreams. Your intimate power is a force to be reckoned with. Men have used this force to wage wars, conquer empires, build empires, and create wealth and abundance. These are facts that have been documented through time. Have women been excluded from such ability? Absolutely not, they merely have not been recognized or credited for such feats. Credit is given for being the woman behind the man who would go to any length to have what he wanted in life per her influence, and we embrace that as a great honor. It is, but what about our own intimate power inspiring us to achieve what we want? The issues that are written about concerning a woman’s sexuality range from how to please a woman, to how to fix an emotional dysfunction with sex. In that wide range unfortunately, not much is written directly about how, when a woman’s expression for love and sex is united, that energy can be released and used for the accomplishment of her dreams.

It has been said that love, romance and sex have driven men to the height of great achievement. The same rule must be applied to women. Sexuality is a function of human nature and we are the nature. What makes the feeling of love relevant with sex is it keeps our sexuality balanced. When you combine the three emotions of love, intimacy and sex, a higher level self emerges into invincibility and brilliance. Sex alone is a powerful call to action; however its powers are too often unruly and can cause an unfavorable effect in your life if not embraced properly. With the force of healthy, functional love merged with a healthy attitude about sex, the result is a state of calm, sound judgment and balance. It raises your vibration level in your imagination which will drive you into your chosen desires of life and purpose. It is the feeling of elation that drives us. Just think about how you felt when you fell in love and became intimate with that person. You probably felt on top of the world, and you were. The brain responded highly to your emotions. Since success stems from feelings, which stirs the law of attraction, you can use that amazing feeling to propel you anywhere. This is only done by first acknowledging that sexual alchemy and love are inter-related in assisting you to achieve success. There are many women with healthy sexual appetites who have spent years of their lives engaging in the art of pleasure with nothing to show for it. The same applies to those women whose needs are more excessive i.e., sexual addiction, who try to figure out any and all ways to take their sexuality not only to the edge but over it and under it, which can cause more harm than good to the self image. Most women are unaware of this ability to merge the feelings of sexuality with their vision toward the attainment of their goals. They have not discovered the connection that can be made between the two to live a rich and meaningful life. Thoughts to ponder: 

Sexuality is a function of human nature and as a woman, you are the nature.

Channeling your thoughts of intimacy into your goals can raise the vibration of your thoughts and energy of its fulfillment.

Exercise - Intimate Power: (After you have practiced this technique on a smaller scale, begin to input your goals you have written in Goal Receiving.) 1. Practice a thought and start to visualize something that excites you sexually. Make it powerful, so use your wildest imagination. (Key here is that you become sexually charged.) 2. Once you’re feeling excited, quickly switch your thought into whatever it is you are wanting to achieve in that moment or the future. For example; if you were a tennis player and you wanted to improve your game, you would consciously think of the most imaginative stimulating erotic experience and allow your body to

become aroused at the thought, and once you have the feelings built up, transfer that thought into hitting the ball and playing your game. This technique can be used in your visualization of longer range goals as well. 3. It is important that you switch your thought quickly, since sexual energy fades after the thought has changed into something else. Your thought time may range from 16-30 seconds. In time it will only take several seconds to create the excitement to transfer into another objective. 4. Remember to have fun with this exercise and that practice makes perfect! This can work in your favor even with the thought or act of sex with someone you’re not in love with. Love however, is an important balance overall.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

You DO Deserve It“

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” Maureen Dowd

There may come a time when, along with your inspiration and growth, something happens. You find yourself at a crossroads with some uncertainty, fear and a hint of self-doubt when you see your life beginning to transform into the place you seek. Whether you are building financial success or a relationship with someone new, in the midst of feeling wonderful, a subtle gnawing starts to tug on you, whispering - “you don’t deserve it.” If you embarked on a quest of building wealth for example, but your old programming keeps revealing your state of poverty or lack of money (your current condition), then your subconscious begins its reminders. You can make great discoveries about yourself, and see the growth of who you are and love it, but are unable to explain the puzzling self-sabotage that happens through your actions and feelings. People have gone to great lengths to break through this barrier in order to have their heart’s desires. They have paid generously for the solution, and have dug as deep as they feel they can to understand the perplexities of their mind. The first thing to understand is, there are plenty of people out there who have the same issues from past experiences, and who are still able to build wealth for instance. The difference is they don’t allow their past experience to play a major role in their goal achievement. In other words there are wealthy, insecure people on the planet. However, they choose to focus their attention on climbing their mountain to success. So how do you keep on track? For starters, remember that we have all made bad choices, and have been affected by other people’s bad choices growing up and as adults, but it didn't prevent you from becoming an incredible woman.

Remember if the feelings of doubt creep up, that is okay and a part of your process of evolution. It took years of conditioning to come to this point in your life, being here right now and taking this course. The second thing is to use an exercise that is simple, fun and powerful. Visualize a beautiful piece of luggage (designer or whatever). Inside it is trimmed with rich velvet and lace (use your imagination). See yourself taking the issue that you feel lacks your belief in deserving (happy in love, money etc.). Fold it up neatly and place it in the luggage. Do this repetitively until your suitcase is full. Close it, lock it and place the key in your pocket. Then pick up the luggage by the handle and continue climbing up your mountain to the top. See yourself at the top of your mountain celebrating your victory once you have achieved your goal. This allows you to understand that you don’t have to completely dissect your past issues. You may never figure out the cracks and crevasses, and it is not necessary to do so. The time it takes to do so takes away from living in the present. You are alive now and you have lived your past… it is over. It has no effect on you unless you choose to remain affected by hanging on to it. When you can see yourself with your issue neatly in the luggage beside you, you can feel stronger and in control when you know you have a handle on it. Then if you choose to keep trying to figure out more layers of your past, do that, but you can still climb to the top of your mountain with it. You may discover as you keep visualizing this that the luggage is impeding your speed in climbing. You may even come to realize that you are prepared to move more swiftly, readying yourself to let it go and then toss it to the wind before reaching the top of your mountain. This then becomes your declared statement that the past should remain where it is… gone and buried forever. You DO Deserve It! Thoughts to ponder: 

You can outperform your self-image if it is low at times, if you are willing to push through it.

If you are going to carry luggage around, make sure it’s high end and expensive… then you can feel good carrying it up the mountain top.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________

Giving With Intent

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank

The beauty of giving from the heart is that it is all-inspiring and fulfilling to the giver once the gift is received. Knowing that you have offered something to someone else who is in need or whom you believe would have pleasure in receiving it can make a moment magnificent. Even if the gift is words of encouragement that have lifted someone else, you too have been lifted. “Giving” reveals a sense of truth about us, and it holds no judgment. It is pure and vulnerable, yet infinitely powerful. Ask yourself, are you the type of woman who will stop, roll down your window and ask the lady in the stalled car if she needs help? True giving is true character and many women possess this quality, but they are either too caught up in their own story or they are too fearful of being harmed to give the needed help. Life encompasses the art of giving. Soil gives nutrients to sustain trees. Trees and plants give oxygen for us to breathe and food to eat. Clouds give water to feed the trees; the atmosphere gives clouds the ability to form. The cycle of giving is naturally endless and continuous. The only place the cycle hesitates or is condition bound is with us. This happens when we forget who we are… born givers. We were taught from a young age to give of ourselves - to our children, to our husbands, to our church, to our jobs. This is a wonderful thing when our efforts are being done from a love of giving and not purely obligation. What about giving that is outside our circle of influence? There are some of you reading this that love to give and you feel and understand the internal reward that comes from it, and then there are those who have no idea. Giving goes beyond your possessions. Its depth is in the giving of you. Yet whatever you give, give not for recognition nor seek joy in it - the joy is automatic. Give because you are joyous and you wish to see that radiate from another. Give because you want to help in easing someone else’s difficulty. Give because there is hope within you that they will one day pay it forward. Thought to ponder:

Let our lips offer words of unconditional giving.

Give without expectation of reward, but for purity of its essence… giving.

Exercise – Giving with Intent: 1. Find a non-profit agency, your church, school, kids social or sporting event, etc… that could use you as a volunteer. (It doesn’t have to be long term. Just quality time) 2. Remember: If you see a woman stranded, struggling trying to carry too many things, with too much work piled on her desk, or even short of money at the grocery check-out, ask yourself what you would want someone else to do if it were you.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

BE the Example

“A good example has twice the value as good advice.” Unknown

Years ago, there was a church in Seattle that had a sign on the pulpit that read, “Be careful how you live, you may be the only bible someone reads.” Profound words - be careful how you live your life. You may be the only inspiration that has an impact on someone watching. Through your journey of personal growth you will find the significance of having role models who are an example of how you are looking to excel in your life. They are people that you can see are going in a direction that is congruent with their words, hence with integrity. They are like you, they know where they are going and why. They can be someone you have conversations with or people that you can’t be in communication with but can watch their actions from a distance. The same applies to you. Expect when people take notice of you, they are doing it because they are intrigued by you for whatever their reason. When you are on a mission in life, that intrigue is seasoned with encouragement for themselves. Allow yourself to be a part of uplifting others as well as encouraging others by your deeds, actions and words to be the best they can be by finding their purpose. Know what you are ultimately striving for. A woman living her life with the power of choice, belief, and the love of self, who on purpose is an example of decision making that is moved by true conviction. She is unstoppable and thinks without boundaries. Her life is filled with limitless possibilities that captivate her imagination. She is eager to seek and grow. She is confident within herself and does not require the validation of someone else to feel worthy nor does she have an interest in the opinion of the masses, because she knows that most people are not filled with joy and gratitude. She feels no need to judge or to make people better, but understands that her actions encourage others to become better by their own choice. She is focused and clear on her mission in life and knows how to laugh at the world while embracing it passionately. She is complete yet understands that she has not arrived, for her humility reveals to her that she knows nothing and is nothing without a greater universal force and others. She has nothing to prove to anyone, only to herself - that she can be more, give more, in all her expressions of life. She continues to seek wisdom and love, to give and accept. She is an extension of what is grand and royal, and therefore she IS royal… for she is Queen.

Choice Conclusion

You have received knowledge that you can use to take you anywhere that you want to go in life and to be filled with joy, peace and happiness. You have had the opportunity to grow and come to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relevance to life itself. With all this, it is crucial that you remain clear. In order to continue to use this knowledge and to continue the journey of living on purpose, you must remember to choose to do so no matter what occurs in your life. It can be easy to slip into a comfort zone when things start working out in your favor, or when an obstacle shows up and you forget who you are. This is a new beginning of your life, and it is filled with endless possibilities. However if you don’t choose to remain on your path you will find yourself, as some people do, lost in their old behavior that doesn’t serve their greater good. They become a vessel filled with knowledge and information that becomes useless without the choice of consistent implementation. You made the choice to begin your journey by receiving this course in your daily life. You choose to be in this moment right now. This is the beginning of elevating your life through positive choices that you have made and can continue to make. It will be your choice to maintain your peace, your purpose and your personal happiness through life. It is up to you to make choices that will propel you further into your dreams and truly live the most excellent life imaginable.

Life is a Choice! Choose well.

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