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10 Most Popular Careers and Highest Paying Jobs Outlook for Fall College Football in Florida Gold Teeth and Boxer Shorts

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From care programs for asthma and diabetes to discounts on vision and hearing exams and bike helmets, our plans have families in mind. To learn what immunizations your kids need, check out the Visitors’ Health and Wellness section at Click on Health Links and download the Child Health Guide - Put Prevention into Practice.

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H O W C A N B L U E H E L P YO U ?


July / August 2006 ONYX MAGAZINE Archiving the African American Experience

COVER: page 22 Juan Lynum, graduate of Florida A&M Law School, is a member of the first graduating class since the school of Law was restored to Florida A&M University. Already he is making his mark and has established himself among the Up and Coming: Young Leaders on the Move. Look for other young men and women featured in this section.

22 Up & Coming 16 Magis Johnson at 100 Black Men conf.


From the Editors How to Be a Smart Health Care Consumer (BCBS of FL)



16 100 Black Men of America: Their Contribution to Society

City of Jacksonville Proclaim “Heal Thy People Day

New Business Profile


Up and Coming: Young Leaders of Tomorrow


Blue, the Black Fish (Part V)


Football Schedule and Florida School’s Season Outlook

(Message from UF&Shands)


Diva “Soul Sista” with the Fall Television Preview


Hair Tips by Cathy Howse

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Florida Scope


Entertainment Talk with Wanda Toby



Onyx Magazine

July / August 2006

Education - This award showcases an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the educational development of our youth through hands-on at the school level, or as an advocate for our children -- making his or her voice heard from the community level to Tallahassee. This honor may also embrace incumbent political figures.




The Staff at Onyx Magazine is gearing up for Jacksonville’s second annual Community Awards. (Date and time to be announced.) Meanwhile, we encourage reader participation by nominating persons in the categories as follows: Arts and Letters - This award is given to the individual who has been a champion in advocating freedom of expression, has exemplified outstanding talent through his or her own artistic performances, has promoted the performing arts through his or her teaching or has promoted, enhanced and embraced cultural diversity through the arts. Business – The person whom we honor with this award must have distinguished him or herself as an achiever by demonstrating strength in character, work ethics, leadership, by being a positive role model, and by having applied these virtues in building a successful and lucrative business. Further, his or her success in business must be exemplified by his/her impact on the economy as a result of job opportunities as well as outreach to the less fortunate. Community Service - This award honors that person who has unselfishly given generously of his/her time and talent for the enrichment of others and the improvement of his or her community. He or she must be an individual who has given of him or herself in support of various civic, charitable and social welfare initiatives. Communication - Each year the Onyx Magazine honors an individual or company that has been outstanding and unbiased in reporting news of service, scientific advancement, medical breakthroughs, sports and general information to the general public. This individual or communication entity must have been dependable and diligent in keeping the public informed and well versed enough to make intelligent decisions that impact him or herself as well as the community.

SPECIAL AWARDS (Non competitive) 1. Humanitarian Award - This award salutes the individual who focuses his/her efforts toward the promotion of peace, indulges in acts that protect or restores human dignity, social progress, and human understanding. The recipient shall be one who is sensitive to the needs of his/her fellowman and leaves himself/herself open and approachable to those who are in need of assistance, and volunteers his/her assistance willingly. 2. Cultural Diversity Award - As we become a more diverse nation - racially, ethnically, religiously, and culturally, we began to understand that diversity is not synonymous with difference, but encompasses differences and similarities while maintaining a respect for both. This award goes to a corporations that is not afraid to include minorities at all levels of operation, and have established and implemented the practice of making opportunities available to individuals based solely on his or her strengths. 3. Lifetime Achievement Award - This is an exceptional honor for an exceptional person. The Lifetime Achievement Award is comprehensive and is awarded for achievement in leadership, teaching, and service. The recipient must have been an enabler for making a significant difference in the lives of many. This award honors a leader whose professional and personal accomplishments have gained distinction through long-standing contributions to the people of Florida. Nomination forms may be downloaded from or call (407) 293-6102 or (407) 443-6237 The Community Awards is a fund raiser to benefit LBS Foundation Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) in support of the Sickle Cell Disease Association and education. Nominees solicited from Duval, Clay, Flagler, Nassau and St. Johns



PUBLISHER / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lillian Seays ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER / EDITOR Lester Seays (Director of Operations) Director of Special Projects Cheryll Daniels

Dear Readers,

Director of Technology Brian Seays

As the “baby boomers” gracefully approach the threshold of old age, we begin to get more serious about who is standing in the wings preparing to run the country. In this issue of Onyx Magazine, we take a good look at some of our “Up and Coming”. It seems like just yesterday, that they were on the playgrounds, in Sunday School, in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club satisfying their curiosity and yes, driving some of us a little crazy; but it was all worth the results. Take a look. See what the 35 and under have to offer - Page 22.

Director of Circulation Kenneth Seays

It’s almost that time of year again. Football fans, including college alumni, will soon be following their favorite teams around the country so we thought we’d help you plan by providing a schedule and a brief outlook of what you can expect from your respective Florida teams. Maybe we’ll see you at one of the classics. Good luck to your favorite team. See page 38. Diva (Karyn Beach) is on the job. This time she is favoring “couch potatoes”. That’s right, we have your fall television line up. Take a look at page 19. Wanda Toby, the entertainment guru is back with us! (Welcome back, girl friend.) If it’s happening in the entertainment world, Wanda knows it and she doesn’t mind sharing. See page 42. As usual, Cathy Howse has come forth with fantastic hair tips. Questions? Just e-mail them to her and look for a response in a future issue. She’s always happy to help. We put it off as long as we could, but finally in this issue, we address gold grills and sagging pants. The intent is not to put anyone down, it is an attempt to help our young people make better choices. As you know, health is our favorite subject and you will find a reference to it in each one of our issues. Page 10 offers tips on becoming a Smart Health Care Consumer, Page 12 recounts “Heal Thy People Day” in Jacksonville. Take a look.



Onyx Magazine


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Onyx Magazine is published bimonthly by LIS Publications, Inc., PMB 412, 7226 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32818. Phone: (407) 293-6102, (407) 579-9894 or (407) 443-6237, Fax: (407) 523-5225. Subscription rate is $15 for six issues. For subscriptions and notification of address change, contact Onyx Magazine at the above address, or e-mail us at Letters to the editor are encouraged. Copyright 2006 by Onyx Magazine. All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the writer or interviewee, and not necessarily those of the publisher. Manuscripts, photos and art should be submitted with a self addressed stamped envelope. The publisher does not assume responsibility for any materials not submitted in manner advised. Unsolicited materials are not subject to payment by Onyx Magazine.

July / August 2006


The Angelic Voice of Meka King in

 VÉâÇà \à TÄÄ ]ÉçÊ

Debut Album Available July 20 Purchase Online at


How To Be A Smarter Health Care Consumer

Get the most from your health care dollars PROVIDED BY

BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA When shopping for a new car or making investment decisions, most people spend significant amounts of time planning and researching their choices. However, many consumers aren’t nearly as savvy when it comes to making health care decisions. Double-digit percentage increases in health care spending are causing some consumers to rethink their involvement in making health care decisions. Many who once took a passive approach to their health care benefits are now taking an active role and are becoming more knowledgeable about their health care choices.

Dr. Melvin Fletcher

“Becoming a smarter health care consumer benefits everyone,” said Dr. Melvyn Fletcher, vice-president, professional programs, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. “When consumers know what is available to them, and can make more informed decisions of the services and capabilities offered, it not only assists in keeping their individual costs down, but also helps keep overall health care costs from rising.” There are many ways you can become a better-informed health care consumer, from simply asking questions of your physician to patronizing facilities that are in your plan’s network. “Many consumers are reluctant to ask their physicians questions about tests

and treatments,” said Fletcher. “But it’s important to understand your options and the financial implications associated with each one so you can make an informed decision.” Some plans offer a choice of hospitals as well, and it may also pay to research what different providers charge for various services and treatments. Requesting generic alternatives to name brand drugs can also save consumers on their out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, consumers should make an effort to stay healthy by taking advantage of preventive care treatments, such as flu shots, mammograms and wellness programs. Many health care plans offer discounted wellness programs which provides reduced prices on gym memberships, massage therapy, workout videos bicycle helmets and other products and services. Some consumers may want to explore the benefits of flexible spending accounts, which allow them to set aside pre-tax funds to cover routine health care costs. Many flexible spending accounts now cover over-the-counter medications, such as cold and cough medication. “Education is the key,” said Fletcher. “By increasing their awareness of options available to them, consumers have the opportunity to make decisions that best suit their individual needs. In doing so, they not only benefit themselves, they help to control overall health care costs.” For more tips on being a smart health care consumer, contact your health plan.

Opens in Downtown Orlando By B. B. Smith Two prominent hairstylists have opened shop in downtown pamper some of the most beautifully coiffured ladies in the Orlando. Eric Brinkley and Carlton Purnell recently held their Central Florida area. These ladies are die-hard clients who would grand opening of Nzuri, a styling lounge located at 204 East follow their stylists regardless of where they choose to locate. For Colonial Drive. The name Nzuri is a Swahilian word, which example, some years back, Carlton decided to try his styling skills means good or lovely, and these two master stylists offer just in New York City. He left the Central Florida area, and his clients that––good service and lovely results. were forced to find other stylists in the city to do their hair. After After interviewing Eric and Carlton and hearing how similar being away for a long time, he decided to return to Orlando. their career paths were stamped, one soon concludes that it was Within two short months of his return, Carlton had his clientele inevitable that the two would end up as business partners. Both back, plus more. So it was no surprise to learn that both Eric and men graduated from the public school system in Orange County. Carlton have picked up new clients with the opening of their new Both attended the University of South Florida. Both majored in business. business, and both of them discovered, after giving college their Their styling lounge, beautifully decorated in maze and silver, best shot, that institutions of higher learning with their academic is a glass-front business that looks out on the busy drive-by traffic atmosphere were not for them after all. Their decisions to drop of East Colonial Drive. It’s the new and the openness of the buildout of college became life-changing events; however, it wold not ing that Eric and Carlton enjoy most. Their plans for Nzuri call be until much later that the two would meet, disclose their stories for a full-service salon to include manicure and pedicure techniand discover that they shared comparable life events. cians. However, just by walking into the salon, you get the feelCarlton’s father was a member of the United States Army and ing that this business is already the complete success that it was Carlton spent much of his childhood on army bases throughout planned to be. As for the proprietors, one has to wonder whether the United States. He grew up watching his mother, a hairdress- or not it was that college business interest that won over in the er, style the hair of other army wives. Although he found her hair- end. styling techniques fascinating, he did not realize that beauty culture would also become his career choice. During Eric’s college breaks, he would come home and cut, and style the hair of friends and neighbors. His mother would observe him as he meticulously worked with hair. She also noticed that he had a natural gift for hair styling and really enjoyed this line of work. Eric’s mother finally said to him, “I think you have found your calling.” These hard-working guys have 35 years of hairstyling and hair-care experience between the two of them. Neither wishes to discuss his age, but jokingly, Eric is quick to point out that Carlton is the senior business partner. They are good friends who truly enjoy their craft and are quick to confess that they can be pretty particular about their clients’ hair. “After all,” they say, “Your hairdo represents your hair stylist.” A huge clientele keeps Eric and Carlton Purnell and Eric Brinkley Carlton quite busy as they cater to and


Boxer Shorts and Grills: not a good place to find success By Lucia Reid Maybe I missed something, so can anyone tell me where to find the glamour and dignity in a guy walking around with pants sagging beneath his butt? I call sagging an “in-your-face phenomenon” that we can live without. It’s equivalent to “mooning”. You know, in my opinion, even designer boxer shorts still have a ways to go before becoming classy enough to be visible beyond bed and bath. Some things just need to be kept private. Besides, what happens if a pit bull launches an attack on the sagger’s behind? He can’t run, because if he does, he’s going to trip and fall. That would be quite a sight to see, not to mention a disastrous event for the sagger. News flash to those who think sagging is sexy, cool, or macho, think again. If one desires a successful future, he needs to know that his behavior, appearance, level of education, and associates define him. One’s future, is apt to spiral downward with the same momentum of those loose pants when the hands let go if he cannot see beyond indiscriminately following the crowd. The long wide baggy pants with a lot of denim gathering around the sneakers, and pants that are too short for long and too long for short identifies the notion of hip hop –– that’s cool, I’m alright with that, but the fad of showing boxers found its way on this side of the barbed wires fences of America’s prisons and unfortunately, too many of our boys and girls accept it as “tight work,” an “in” thing to do, which to me means that it glorifies life in prison. Fads usually come and go, but this one is lasting much too long for comfort. I perceive it as a degrading practice that validates the image with which our black men are already associated. Worst, it’s happening in the lower economic echelons of Black Americans––a segment of society that already has two strikes against them, black and poor. Although black people have to fight harder to succeed than any other race, the opportunity does exist. I’m concerned that bad choices, “following the crowd,” may be a one-way ticket to nowhere. Think on this, just riding about the city, I’ve noticed that the further one gets away from poverty-stricken areas, the more tailored the pants become with no signs of boxer shorts. A young boy in high school has no control over his family’s social economic status, but he does control his pants. Pull ‘em up, son. Teens have always found a way to assert their identity. It happens with every generation, and that is not likely to change, but I would hope that one would grow up at some point. I’ve even seen 40 year-old teens stuck and sagging in a time warp . Now, that’s a serious rut. Go to a college campus and observe. How many students have their boxers showing? Now, go to the hood and observe. So be a fad-breaker. Take charge of your life. One never knows when the opportunity of a life-time is the last one he/she will ever 12

Onyx Magazine

get. Okay, a fad comes and goes, but a habit hangs around indefinitely. For some, the gold grill has become a habit––a permanent fixture. Yes, I know, your momma and your daddy wear them, you see it on TV, some of your entertainment role models wear them, so it’s okay for you to do it. Well, to an immature mind those are good enough reasons, but there is one thing that you need to consider. Since you are so unhappy with the “dentures” that God gave you, then you must remember to take the grills out before going to apply for a job. This is especially important for teenagers 21 years-old and older. Take the grills out before you go looking for a job. And while you have them out ask yourself these questions: (1) do these things really do anything for my smile? [Oh, maybe it’s not about a smile. If not, then what is it about?] (2) do I save time cleaning them as opposed to flossing my own teeth? (3) what are the consequences of caring more for my grills than my own teeth? (4) will this look help me secure my future? And now punctuate those questions with this thought––good dental hygiene is crucial to my overall health so why am I walking around looking like “Jaws in Goldfinger”? When you fill out that job application, the people in human resources are never going to tell you to remove the grill from your mouth––it’s not their job to do that, but it does give him/her a better insight into who you are. You might have heard this before: Don’t call me, I’ll call you. Well trust me, you’ll never hear from them again unless it’s a letter that begins with, “Thank you, but unfortunately, or “Thank you, but I regret to inform you...” You’ve seen those before, it means you didn’t get the job. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did not say that gold-teeth people can’t get jobs, but I am saying, think about it, what kind of jobs have you seen gold-teeth people hold? (unless they are already well established in the entertainment world like maybe a few of your rappers, who probably wear them to complete the image they are portraying.) I rest my case. If I’m stepping all over your toes and you’re getting “madder” by the minute, just know that I am a sister and I’m proud of it, and this is just my way of showing how much I care. Just consider this as a reprimand of love. There are some clean cut brothers and sisters out there making a serious and positive impact. Those are the ones that I suggest you try to emulate. Nothing in this world would make me happier than to see all of our young people do well. If you are guilty of the aspersions cast in this article, just know that as long as there is breath in your body, you can change directions. If you are not being fair to yourself, MAKE THAT CHANGE TODAY. You see, we as a race still have “Miles to go before we sleep.” Quite frankly, I’m concerned about who will be at the wheel.


July / August 2006

book review

The Covenant with Black America Why should you read this book? Because it’s time for the entire African American community to get on the same page... Did you know that parental involvement is still one of the most significant contributors to the academic success of African American children,,, and that more than 8 million African Americans live in poverty... or that nearly 20% of African Americans do not have health insurance?? As a result of The Covenant with Black America, Tavis Smiley has created the most prolific and challenging 254 pages in modern black history. The Covenant with Black America is a reminder that all African Americans are responsible for the destiny of their race, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes further than pointing out primary concerns of African Americans today, it suggests a workable national plan of action that is capable of fixing the problem, beginning at the legislative level down to the community level, and finally to the individual level. Smiley affirms that we all have a part in this covenant. “From health to housing from crime to

criminal justice, from education to economic parity, African Americans continue to face devastating disparities on nearly every level. However, the time has come for African American to shift the conversation from talking about our pain to talking about our plan.” The research and resulting multitude of astounding statistics give African Americans a clear picture of where we stand and how we measure up in society, and it’s not pretty. The book points out the disparities that exist in the system, but most importantly, it also fosters accountability.

the extent of his selflessness when you read the book, which, by the way is a best seller.) He has tapped many of the brilliant minds of black intellectuals who lend total credibility to this tool. (All of the contributors to this project are listed. Lomax Companies was responsible for underwriting the production of the book.) Now, it is time for Black America to accept the challenge. The plan is workable and the potential for success is real. This book is a must read.

The Covenant with Black America By Tavis Smiley Smiley should be commended for his unselfish acts in making sure that this book was written. (You’ll realize

Third World Press. Chicago. 2006 $12.00

ETIQUETTE The Essence of Etiquette By Melva Akens

We arrived at the scheduled appointment a few minutes early only to find that our meeting host was not in the building. For twenty minutes his assistant made several attempts to make point of contact with him, but to no avail. Finally, we were advised that he was departing a previous meeting that ran late and travel time is an anticipated twenty to thirty minutes. This was my first meeting with the Chief Executive Officer, and unfortunately it was not a positive one. Over a period of time I’ve observed his organization struggling with starting events and meetings at the advertised time, and have noticed the staff’s lack of acceptable customer service. Respect for self and respect for others is one of the “hottest” global topics. Otherwise known as Etiquette, the essence of this art is nothing more than being aware of others and getting along with them well. Accordingly to the Research Institute of America, 96% of unhappy customers never complain about discourtesy, but up to 91% will not buy again form the business that offended them. In addition, the average unhappy customer will tell the story to at least nine other people and 13% of unhappy customers will tell more than 20 people. The lesson learned is: Etiquette is the single most effective form of communication of our time. It’s hard to imagine that etiquette can hinge on productivity, sales and profit, just as much as product offering and price. Too much is at stake and decision makers have become increasingly aware of the importance of having the correct professional style or simply…being polished! Those with polished behavior are polite. “It’s the little things” says Carol Rasheed, owner of Innervision Salon & Spa in Orlando, FL. “I look to see that my employees greet clients with a smile and offer them a beverage…. I have no problem with dismissing an associate who 14

Onyx Magazine

doesn’t understand how important it is to maintain good customer relations; it’s a part of their job responsibility.” When we think of being polite, other words with similar definition are manners, civility, grace, decency, respect, kindness, courtesy and savvy. They are positive words of action and the only thing they require is the decision to do what’s right. They are also a powerful life strategy that build good character and a foundation for establishing a positive pattern of performance. The consistency of this performance distinguishes you from those who are less effective, and you are more likely to have a positive impact on others. Perhaps the most practiced of these is civility. Civility’s etymology is civitas (Latin) which means “city”. It’s relation to the words civilization and civic remind us that a visit to the “big city” enhanced and refined our social skills. While in the city, we are meant to be polite, courteous and gracious. The same applies to our home, neighborhood and workplace. Civility empowers us to think, feel and act on our best behavior. The lack of civility results in unproductive use of time, unacceptable attitudes, rude behavior, violence, and loss of respect, friends and business. Individuals have been overlooked for opportunities, not invited to social gatherings, and personal lives ruined due to the lack of understanding or demonstrating civility. The message is profound…The lack of civility is detrimental to success! Business Etiquette is extremely important because every discipline in the workplace has a "behavioral code" (for example: telephone, mobile phone, office, appropriate apparel, conversation and dining). Over 65% of management and executive level individuals are not aware of the codes...the same codes that key decision makers expect their professional family to possess. Educators and employers state that having a good attitude and the ability to get along with others is fifty percent (50%) of the journey to succeed. Globalization of jobs have left little time


to train those newly hired in “people skills”…however knowledge and job responsibilities are gained during the tenure. “The way we handle customers has helped increase my company’s bottom line. Client referrals are the proof” states Rasheed. Working all day on their feet and at a steady pace, this company understands that life has it’s challenges, but it’s not unbearable. Practicing etiquette everyday is a standard of many cultures. It advocates high performance and promotes the ability to look at every endeavor favorably. It’s like turning lemons into lemonade. You begin the task knowing what to do, and as you carefully mix the recipe balancing the sweet and not so sweet, the finished product is a wonderful refreshing treat. A small investment that yields an invaluable return seems so vital. It’s benefits require no financial obligation; the only requirement is for one to have the will to do what’s right. Over the centuries we’ve learned that etiquette: · Positions you to create, develop and maintain strong relationships · Helps you to look better and feel better during career, social and personal situations · Improves the bottom-line and keeps your clients coming back · Helps you project a positive image · Cultivates a respected image of you and your business in the community and industry · Generates partnerships · Clarifies priorities So establish a base-line of good behavior and concern for others, for the essence of etiquette has compelling positive returns. For more information about Business Etiquette and Everyday Etiquette programs, call 407.622.1188 or visit See Onyx Profile: page 2 July / August 2006







...ADDS AKRON, OHIO CHAPTER AT 20TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE (Telain Ware, Black PR Wire) 100 Black Men of America, Inc. inducted the 106th chapter into their grand organization the new chapter of Akron in Akron, Ohio into the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. on Friday, June 09, 2006 at the 20th Anniversary Conference currently underway in Atlanta, Georgia. The 100 is celebrating Leaders, Legacies, and Legacies filled with a list of influence civic and community leaders, entertainers, and policy makers. The Akron Chapter makes up a group committed, mentor that span the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, “Now that we are under the umbrella of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., this will give us an opportunity to become a force in our community, the ability to make a difference, and empower the youth in the 100’s four for the future areas,” says Michael Irby, President of 100 Black Men of Akron, Inc. “The Akron chapter has been serving the community for some time as an interest group, and have partnered with youth based organizations, and community leaders to educate and empower the youth. We except great accomplishments in the future from our newest chapter,” stated Dotson.

ABOVE: Chairman Albert E. Dotson, Jr. Esq. presents Chairman’s Award for Philanthropy to Dr. William “Bill” Cosby (100 Member). Hill Harper (100 Member) and Derek Young, Director of Outreach Administration, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. BOTTOM LEFT: Chairman Albert E. Dotson, Jr. Esq, being presented the City of Atlanta’s Phoenix Award.

ABOUT 100 BLACK MEN OF AMERICA, INC. 100 Black Men was founded as an organization in New York City in 1963. The national organization, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., began with 9 chapters in 1986 as a national alliance of leading African American men of business, industry, public affairs and government. Today, under the direction of Albert E. Dotson, Jr., the organization has 106 chapters, and growing, in the United States, England, and the Caribbean. There are members from a myriad of professions, including corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs, entertainers, elected officials, professional athletes, educators and men from numerous other professions. The 100, as it is widely known, has created programs which provide an environment where young people are encouraged and motivated to learn and achieve. Each member serves as a strong Black role model for our youth in today’s socie-

Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and 100 Member, leads prayer for the officers and members of 100 Black Men.

MIDDLE RIGHT: News conference kicks-off 20th Anniversary five-day Conference. ty. Four For The Future, ™ and Leadership Development are the strategic areas of focus that supports the mission of the organization. Subject areas encompass Mentoring, Economic Development, Education, Health & Wellness, and the development of leaders around the world. All of the signature programs of the 100 are contained in one of these content areas. The accomplishments made through these programs have allowed the 100 to gain notable prominence internationally as one of the world's leading organizations for mentoring African American youth. With a mission to improve the quality of life and enhance educational opportunities for African Americans, members of the 100 serve as a strong force overcoming the cultural and financial obstacles that have limited the achievements of African American youth, particularly young African American males. The organization has made outstanding progress, proving that Blacks can, and do, excel in corporate and community leadership. BOTTOM RIGHT: Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., Chairman Emeritus (L) and Chairman Albert E. Dotson, Jr. Esq. [R], greet founding officers: Dr. William Hayling, President Emeritus, Oliver Lofton, Jesse Swanigan and Moses Gray.

“...Our young men need more time and attention from us and they need it now. We must decide as adults whether we are going to be part of the problem or part of the solution. We must be about the business of SECURING OUR SONS." On June 21st, the organization announced on that 100 leadership and members from the 100s entire chapter network will be working with the Essence Cares! Mentoring Initiative. Details will be announced during the Essence Festival, July 1- 3, during the daytime Empowerment Seminars, being held at Reliant Park in Houston. Join Albert E. Dotson, Jr., Esq. , Chairman of the Board, Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, along with 100 members, Bishop TD Jakes, Earvin Magic Johnson, Bishop Eddie L. Long, Hill Harper, Chef Marvin Woods and 100 Black Men of Houston, on July 2, 2006 for the launching of "Securing Our Sons." Many other strong, positive male role models such as: Jamie Fox, Steve Harvey and Ben Chavis are scheduled to participate in this unprecedented event. The Essence Festival is a one-of-a kind experience that resonates deeply with our community. Once again, Essence will connect with families and show how much they care about our youth by spearheading a national outreach, that will bring together some of the most active members and leaders from our community, all focused on one goal: Securing Our Sons. "We have no choice but to act now. Our young men need more time and attention from us and they need it now. We must decide as adults whether we are going to be part of the problem or part of the 18

Onyx Magazine

solution. We must be about the business of SECURING OUR SONS," stated Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. The Goal: 2 million Black men to mentor 2 million Black boys. Role of the 100 Black Men: Coordinate the recruitment efforts, as well as recruit, men from communities around the country to serve as mentors and positive role models for young males. The 100s "Mentoring the 100 Way" training program will be employed to train mentors, and the 100 will assist other established mentoring programs in training their mentors. The 100s goal is to help create 2 million more sustainable, substantive mentoring relationships with Black male youth. Chairman Dotson has committed the resources of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. to this effort and is eager to begin this most valuable work. "We as an organization were founded upon the notion that strong and dedicated mentors can not only change the course of a single child's life, but standing together can reroute entire communities," said Al Dotson, Jr. "We look forward to lending our support to Essences mentoring initiative and to every organization that is truly dedicated to improving the lives of our youth."


July / August 2006

Ah, Fall!!! Days get shorter. Kids head back to school. And coach potatoes like me get excited about the new crop of television shows. I decided to highlight some of the new network shows that feature AfricanAmericans in key roles. If there is a show you like, I strongly suggest you watch it from the first episode. Networks have started pulling shows that don’t do well very quickly. For example, last year’s Emily’s Reasons Why Not was cancelled after just one airing!

ABC First things first, Grey’s Anatomy is moving to Thursday nights at 9:00 opposite CSI. Lost will be airing without repeats in two blocks. The first seven episodes will debut in September and then the show will go on a brief hiatus. While it’s on hiatus, the Taye Digg’s drama Day Break will air for a limited run. Afterwards, Lost will return for the rest of the season without airing any repeats. Day Break Wednesday — 9:00 p.m. Starring: Taye Diggs, Meta Golding, Moon Bloodgood, Victoria Pratt Remember the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray was forced to relive the same day over and over until he got it right? Well, Day Break takes that same premise and applies it a crime drama. On this fateful day, Detective Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) will be accused of killing an assistant district attorney. He must relive the day again and again until he finds out who killed the DA and who is framing him. (Drama) Let’s Rob Tuesday — 9:00 p.m. Starring: Donal Logue, Sofia Vergara, Kevin Michael Richardson, Maz Jobrani For almost two decades, janitor Eugene Gurkin has dreamed of owning his own bar. In order to make his dream come true, he’s going to have to do something drastic. Eugene recruits a group of misfits, with no criminal experience between them, to break into Mick Jagger’s Central Park apartment. They plan to steal enough money to

CW This is the first year for the CW – a merger of The WB and UPN. Surviving the merger are successful shows like Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends, All of Us and America’s Next Top Model.

By Karyn Beach, make all their dreams come true. (Comedy) Men In Trees Friday — 9:00 p.m. Starring: Seana Kofoed, James Tupper, John Amos, Anne Heche A relationship expert seems to have her life together. Until she finds out, on her way to a speaking engagement in Alaska, that her fiancé has cheated on her. Now, she must take her own advice and put her own life back together again while snowed-in in a state full of available men. (Drama) The Nine Wednesday — 10:00 p.m. Starring: Chi McBride, Tim Daly, Kim Raver, Scott Wolf Nine people are caught in a bank robbery that ended in a 52-hour standoff. The hostages are forever bonded by what happened during that crisis. Each episode opens with a 10-minute flashback to the standoff and then comes back to the present where the events of that day still affect the ‘nine’. (Drama)

CBS If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. CBS is only introducing a handful of new shows to a line-up that includes CSI, Survivor, The Unit, Without a Trace and Cold Case. Shark Thursday — 10:00 p.m. Starring: James Woods, Jerk Ryan, Danielle Panabaker, Sophina Brown Attorney Sebastian Stark brings his years of experience as a cutthroat defense attorney to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Now on the other side of the law, he seeks to prosecute the same people he once tried to defend. Spike Lee directed the show’s pilot. (Drama)

The Game Sunday — 8:30 p.m. Starring: Aldis Hodge, Coby Bell, Tia Mowry, Hosea Chanchez, Wendy Raquel Robinson A spin-off of Girlfriends, a young woman learns the pros and cons of dating a professional football player. Like Girlfriends, the show revolves around a group of women and their relationships with the athletes. (Comedy)

FOX Because of baseball playoffs and the World Series, Fox is starting its fall schedule a bit early, debuting several shows in August. Prison Break, Bones and the new show Justice will all premiere before Labor Day. Most shows will break for baseball in October and return after the Series. Justice Wednesday — 9:00 p.m. Starring: Victor Garber, Kerr Smith, Eamonn Walker, Rebecca Mader From Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of CSI (all three of them), this legal drama follows a ‘dream team’ of four attorneys who take on the highest of high-profile cases. The lawyers all have different specialties, different personalities and clash on a variety of different issues. (Drama) Stand Off Tuesday — 8:00 p.m. Starring: Ron Livingston, Rosemarie DeWitt, Michael Cudlitz, Gina Torres Two top negotiators for the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit work together and sleep together while trying to keep their personal relationship from affecting their working relationship. Directed by Tim Story. (Drama)

Fall TV Lineup

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Hair Tips by Cathy Howse

Is it bad to wash hair with cold water? The purpose of washing the hair is to remove oil, debris etc from the hair. Warm water is better at removing oil. Shampoo also helps dissolve oils etc. It is not bad to wash your hair with cold water, but warm water feels better. My hair is short in the front on the neck and in the back. I want my hair to grow evenly. Should I get my hair cut evenly or just leave it as is and wait until it catches up? My hair growth is pretty rapid––if that makes a difference. The decision to "even - up" your hair by trimming is one you need to make. I say if it is bothering you, trim it - if it is NOT bothering you, leave it alone and later even it up when you feel comfortable with the length. I am seventeen and 3-4 months pregnant. My hair is a little past my neck. I kind of have the feeling I should wash my hair everyday. Should I do that? (My hair is very thick, it just will not grow.) Washing your hair everyday will NOT grow your hair. Unless you are going bald, your hair is always growing but it could be breaking as fast as it is growing. You must make the hair stronger and stop abusing it to stop your hair from breaking. Water is moisture which our dry hair needs. However moisture is NOT all our hair needs especially when trying to achieve longer hair. I am currently wearing micro braids and I take care of them very well while I have them in. My hair grows really fast, because the braids stop me from putting heated appliances to my hair. I also spray it with water to maintain the braids, and I grease my scalp with a medicated product. With the braids in my hair, can I use your products, and if I do, will it make my hair so soft that the braids will loosen? Would it be better if I remove my braids and then use your products? When you braid fake hair in with your hair, the fake hair prevents the products from getting to your hair. The only way good hair care products can improve your hair is that they have to get to the hair. I recommend using products that improve the hair without braids. Past experiences with Sisters who use our products with braids, notice the hair thickens close to the scalp and underneath the braids the hair is still thin, so for best results get rid of the braids. And also please stop putting grease on your scalp! I wrap my hair all the time, even to the point of letting my hair stay wrapped around my head, without combing it out for a week. Is this ok? If you are wrapping your hair and it stays up for a week, please tell me you are NOT using that stiffening gel to accomplish it!!! If you put a scarf on it, and that holds it in place that is not a problem. But alcohol products used to "glue" the hair in place are forbidden.


July / August 2006

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Up and Coming 35 and Under Taking It to the Next Level

By Willie Clark

Ambitious with a capital “A” is the word that best describes Juan Lynum. There are others like enthusiastic, affable, cosmopolitan and motivated to name a few. But ambitious says it best. When he was a member of an organization called Young Men of Tomorrow in high school he announced his goal to be Orlando’s first African American mayor. A goal he has now updated to becoming the city’s first “elected” African American mayor. Noting that Orlando’s former black mayor, Commissioner Ernest Page temporarily ascended to the position by city ordinance after current mayor Buddy Dyer was briefly suspended by Gov. Bush due to legal problems. Lynum will

gauge the possibilities for his political future in this September’s primary election as a candidate for Orange County Commissioner for District 6. Juan’s desire to lead was fostered at an early age by his personal and political inspirations his mother, Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum and his father, a former police chief and business owner. “She’ a model for all politicians, he says of his mother. “She ran for office twice before winning her third election. She ran good, clean races and ran on her issues instead of pointing fingers”, he said. He notes, in the end, former State Rep. Alzo Reddick and now deceased City

Commissioner Nap Ford, both of whom she ran against in her first two efforts endorsed her for office the third time around. “My father was always a businessman, a hard worker. He was in the spotlight as Chief of Police in Wildwood, Fl. He’s a model of perseverance and hard work and good work pays off. People appreciate that”, added the 31 year-old attorney. When he was young they both encouraged him to achieve, which resulted in him learning to play the piano, the trombone and to speak German during his childhood. From this nurturing environment Juan Lynum began his preparation for ascension to the ranks of influential central Florida African Americans. A graduate of Orlando’s historic Jones High School, Juan attended Florida A& M University where he majored in business administration. He earned two top internships-spending eight months with IBM Finance in New York, in 1997 and eight months with Bristol-Meyers Squibb Sales in Buffalo, New York in 1998. While at BristolMeyers Squibb, Lynum was recognized for achieving top 10% market share growth with an anti-platelet drug that lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Upon graduation, he received an offer to work with Bristol-Myers Squibb, which he accepted and moved to Fredrick, Maryland. Juan’s dedication to achievement served him well as he was named “Rookie of the Year” and was promoted to Associate Regional Sales Manager for BMS’ New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia region. At age 24, he became the youngest sales manger in the company, coresponsible for 120 sales representatives across five states and a $300 million sales goal. In the midst of all of this activity, Juan finished his MBA in accounting at the Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. His MBA studies led him to Budapest, Hungary and Paris, France for courses in global business. From there, his work with Bristol-Myers Squibb took him to Spain as an international marketing intern in the Madrid office. While there, Lynum continued his lifelong love of languages and studied Spanish full-time at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. “It’s more important for English speakers, especially African Americans, to learn to speak Spanish to make themselves more valuable to employers”, Lynum says. “The world is a global marketplace. Our kids have to compete with children in China, Europe and Latin America. Learning another language will make them more competitive in the job market.” He completed his Spanish studies at the American British College in Barcelona and the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain where he became fluent in the language. After nine years of learning that had taken him to some of the world’s most exotic locales, what was next for young Mr. Lynum? More education of course, he returned home to Orlando in 2002 and became a member of the inaugural class of the Florida A&M University College of Law. “I think law and destiny kinda chose me”, he remembers, God had a plan for me to be a lawyer and to use that degree to do bigger and better things than I was doing in the pharmaceutical industry”. He continues, “my mom actually called me and told me that we’re bringing the law school to Orlando, so go take the LSAT

just in case you may want to decide to go to law school and be an attorney someday.” When Orlando was chosen as the site for the law school, Lynum enrolled as one 98 members of the school’s pioneer class. He completed law school in 2005. While still in law school, Juan incorporated his father’s construction company and became President of Lynum & Lynum Construction Co. Shortly, after graduation he became President/CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce, a post he held until April 2006. During that time, he also incorporated his new downtown Orlando law firm, Lynum & Sanchez, P.A. and announced his candidacy for county commissioner. “The vision that I share of growth with our Orange County mayor (Rich Crotty) and others is to attract more high-paying, high-tech jobs to our area,” Lynum says. “Not only do we need that, but no one is talking about what we need here in Orange County to balance out the low wage tourist sector with the high wage high tech sector jobs is what’s in the middle; manufacturing, distribution, production and jobs of that nature”, he concluded. One of the methods he would use to achieve this is to create “enterprise zones” that extend from Orange Co. to the ports in Brevard Co. to bolster the area’s import/export industry. He is also an advocate for commuter rail traveling both north/south and east/west through central Florida. He believes the combination of light rail and the thriving Orlando International and Sanford International airports would transform the area into a “transportation hub” for the state and bring more commerce to the region. In his spare time, what little there is, Juan enjoys swimming, travel, basketball and chess. He’s currently reading “The Covenant with Black America by Tavis Smiley to soothe his passion for reading. His favorite historical figure is A. Phillip Randolph. “Everyone knows he was the first black man to organize a union”, stated the self-proclaimed political moderate. “We know about the Jesse Jacksons, the Martin Luther Kings, the Malcolm Xs but many people don’t really know the role A. Phillip Randolph played before those names came into play” he added. The bachelor lawyer says he would like to marry someday. “The perfect woman for me is black, intelligent, health conscious, empathic and sympathetic’, he said. He also added that he is currently “working on it with a special friend” who he’s “wooing” and “hoping for an infinite future.” Whoever she is she’d better be prepared because the possibilities for Juan’s future are infinite!

Gearing up for the 10th Year Celebration of ONYX MAGAZINE Anniversary Gala, March 2006 Time, Place and Activities to be Announced


MEKA For Meka, like many others, her destiny wasn’t always so clear; however, as a child hearing the voice of God, she knew she was assigned to “reach the masses,” although she was neither quite sure exactly what that meant, nor how it would happen. A talented writer, with a love for mass media, Meka once thought a career in television would be her path. But after receiving a degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, she quickly discovered that the Lord was pointing her in a very different direction. Said Meka, “I’ve always loved music, every genre. I’ve also always enjoyed singing. I sang in church since I was 15-years-old, but I never thought in a million years that it would ultimately be how God would use me.” For four years, Meka worked as a television news writer, while a strong desire for God’s music grew in her heart. The Lord took that time to begin to develop and prepare her for the call and the anointing that He’d placed on her life. “He began to open my eyes to so much. God gave me so many new revelations about my relationship with Him, about worship and about ministry. When I started singing Praise and Worship, the Lord took me to another level, ” said Meka. After four years in news, Meka made her transition into the music world. She began singing for studio sessions and worked for an Orlando-based entertainment company. Shortly afterwards, she began touring as a background vocalist for several Contemporary Christian music ministries. While on tour, Meka sought the Lord about His plans for her. “I was so unsure about what I was here for, and what I was created to do…my destiny,” she said. “I prayed and prayed, for nearly 3years, asking God to reveal His purpose for my life. A friend of mine explained to me that God doesn’t always reveal our purpose; sometimes He proves it in our lives. That meant simply that He shows us instead of telling us.” By the end of Meka’s first year on tour, God had definitely proven His purpose for her life. Says Meka, “The Lord showed me

exactly how He wanted to use me. I honestly couldn’t believe it! But I recognized that something wonderful happened when I sang. God moved and affected people in a way I never expected. He used me to change people’s lives.” Meka knew then what the Lord meant when He spoke, “reach the masses.” He would use her voice to touch the hearts and change the lives of people all across the world. She shares that she is humbled by the journey the Lord is taking her on. She has learned that His ways and plans can be so different from one’s own. She admits that her life has not always been what she expected and imagined, but she believes that the lessons that accompany her experiences are invaluable. Says Meka, with an air of excitement, “It’s amazing because I know it’s only the beginning. He’s still molding and shaping me. I know He wants to do so much more.” Although Meka believe that she is being empowered by God, she admits that she’s still seeking Him for more anointing, more power and authority in the Spirit, more lives for the Kingdom of God, more impact on the community and the world, more praise and more worship. “The mission is so clear to me now. It really is and always has been quite simple: reach the masses, the nations, by spreading God’s word, showing His love and essentially proving that He’s real. Ministry is all about change. That’s my assignment…to allow God to use me to evoke change in the lives of His people. I want to inspire others to experience God in a way that they never have before, causing

them to worship, love and live for Him completely.” Meka says that she loves being in the studio and making a song come to like. She loves the stage and watching her music sink into the hearts of her listeners. “Music is such a huge part of me,” she said. “I’m always listening to someone’s CD. My CD collection is more than 400 strong.” Through the scripture, Meka learned that outreach goes hand in hand with her message. This is exactly what she desires to do through KINGDOM Ministries. “The vision and inspiration for this ministry is CHANGE! “We want to show the love of Christ, in word and in deed, in order to touch hearts and change lives. We want people to encounter the presence of the Lord in a way that evokes radical change, causing them to be saved, healed, delivered and set free to worship, love and live for Christ completely,” says the insightful 30 year-old. KINGDOM Ministries Outreach Projects Have Included: -Food and Clothing Drive: clothes and basic necessities for men, women and children; -Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts -Volunteering at local shelters: Salvation Army, Orlando Rescue Mission, God’s Final Word Ministry, Women’s Residential Counseling Center -Donating goods and services to: Sickle Cell Association., Wild Heart Association. (domestic violence victims), The Mustard

Seed, Feed the Children, American Red Cross, Center for Pregnancy, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Go Tell Ministries, Big Brother’s/Big Sister’s, Second Harvest Food Bank, Coalition for the Homeless. Like most young ladies Meka’s age, she enjoys being with family, and leisurely enjoying strawberry/banana smoothies. The kid in her declares her all time weakness to be strawberry Haagen Daaz ice cream. Just mention the name and she goes, “Yuuummmm!” Look for Meka King to bring lots of joy into the hearts of many.

UP & COMING Debonair Brothers Turning Business Sense to Dollars By Natalie A. Mitchell Barely 20-years-old, two Jacksonville brothers are making great strides as entrepreneurs in the online promotional products industry. .Aside from playing sports, charming the ladies, and hitting the books, Ronald Lewis, Jr., 19 and brother Marcus Lewis, a seventeen-year-old senior at William M. Raines High School, l a u n c h e d in April to satisfy their hunger and innate talent to become businessmen in the athletic and promotions business. The online onestop-shop is an umbrella business that consists of three divisions-L2Unlimited Athletics, L 2 U n l i m i t e d Electronics and L 2 U n l i m i t e d P r o m o t i o n s . Collectively, the young vibrant business divisions offer athletic apparel for sports teams, promotional items (i.e. shirts, ink pens, key chains) for businesses and even trendy mp3 players and digital cameras; which is most popular among Ron and Marcus’ peers. “All of our friends have cars and were looking for products at

a reduced rate,” said Ron, a Student Ambassador at Florida Community College of Jacksonville. Their biggest accomplishment, thus far, has been securing a major contract with JH Design Group, the official designer of NASCAR racecar jackets, leather

goods, athletic apparel and sporting supplies. Through this process, the brothers became more business savvy and were inspired by their mother, Dana Lewis, owner of Creative Web Designs Plus +, to engage in an industry in which they were willing to work. As a result, L2Unlimited’s client base now includes Shades Night Club, Auto Direct, Inc., Cathedral of Faith COGIC and student organizations at Raines High School. Between meeting with clients and attending classes, Ron and Marcus have learned the true meaning of multi-tasking. Ron, a Raines High School alum said, “Although we both have part-time jobs [a household requirement], we remain well organized by having weekly meetings.” Also, while their parents act as business consultants, they still emphasize the importance of academics. “Failing school is not an option…everything else comes secondary,” Marcus said. Next fall, the budding entrepreneur brothers plan to attend the Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida. Just recently, Ron was nominated by the Jacksonville Business Journal as a 2006 Up and Comer All Star. While all money is green, don’t be fooled by the sharp Armani suits and Stacy Adams shoes, these brothers are also street hustlers and are well-respected in the business community just as they are in the hip hop arena.

Juan Lynum

Trena Reddick

A. Omar Sharpe

LaRue Steward

Up and Coming: Taking Omar Sharpe,

Integrated Public Relations Consultant to Front-Line Promotions and VIP Manager of Club Whispers will tell you that he is blessed beyond his dreams. Being just a year out of college, the Florida A & M University graduate didn't think he would have graduated let alone be managing a nightclub at this point in his life. "I'm a blessed man, you don't understand. There are friends of mine that were forced to go back to school because they couldn't find the jobs they wanted,� Sharpe said. As an Integrated PR Consultant, the 27 year old, has been responsible developing both the marketing plans and sponsorship proposals for the 2005 & 2006 Florida Classic Experience of which Front-Line Promotions is the official marketing company. Since the Florida Classic, Sharpe directed his focus on bringing more publicity to SonShyne Entertainment Group, Front-Line Promotions and their latest investment, Club Whispers. He has also spent the last 10 months developing relationships with local media to position himself as one of Orlando's rising sports and entertainment event publicist. Besides working on various entertaining projects, he is very involved with volunteering and local charities such as: the National Lupus Association, Relay for Life as well as tutoring Seminole County kids in pre-algebra. Away from the club, Sharpe is the son of Paul and Shirley Sharpe and a father of two. His two children are, a son seven and 26

Onyx Magazine

daughter three years old. Sharpe, the youngest in the Front-Line Promotions staff, is dedicated to making the name of the companies and clients he works with, familiar names outside of the state of Florida.

Trena Reddick

Says, Trena, “We are not always at liberty to choose our situations, but we are at liberty to choose our response. I chose to strive for the possibilities. I've known that I wanted to be in the communications field since middle school. I was always fascinated with news anchors, television reporters and agencies spokespersons. They had a way of connecting. And if I possessed no other talent, I was very skilled at putting a smile on someone's face. Though no one in my family had ever gone to college or to my knowledge ever had a communications career, it was a field that I felt best reflected my personality and interests. When I graduated from high school, I decided to use the next year to plot out my goals. I began working as a sale associate with Wal-mart. After 8 months I was recruited (while working on the sales floor at wal-mart) by a manager of One Price Clothing to work as an assistant manager because of my customer service skills. After a year of working, I applied and was accepted into the Journalism program at Darton College in Albany, Georgia where I eventually earned my associates degree in Journalism. Two years later, I applied and got accepted into Florida State University (FSU) where I eventually


earned my Bachelors in Communication and a minor in Journalism from Florida A&M University in 1997. The time I spent in Tallahassee was invaluable and had a tremendous impact on my character. When I moved to Tallahassee, I knew no one. It was either "do or die". In order to survive and save money for school, I worked two full-time job for over a year. During that I time span I was also making efforts towards enrolling myself in school. Since it appeared I was never a stranger to mishaps, it didn't surprise me when my mom became ill again, which caused me to divide my time between her, my school and my two jobs. I cried a lot during those time and often felt I had too many responsibilities too soon. Where were family members when I needed them. Or better yet where was my father? Despite what was thrown my way, I accepted that those were the conditions that I had to deal with and constantly told myself I would continue to deal with them and eventually make it through them. My greatest motivation was knowing that as long as there was breath still in my body, it was another opportunity for me to work towards enhancing my life. My perseverance eventually paid off, when I accepted a position as a Crime Intelligence Technician with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in 1995. This position provided me the flexibility I needed to work full-time and to attend school fulltime. One of the first things that I did upon employment at FDLE was research career opportunities. I discovered that FDLE had approximately 7 Public Information July / August 2006


µeka King

Marcus Lewis

LaVon Bracy

Ronald Lewis

king It to the Next Level Officer positions throughout the state. My long term goal was to obtain one of those positions. In preparation of obtaining this goal, I decided to join Toastmasters International. Attending the one hour a week meeting was very convenient for me because our agency supported its mission and allowed members to established an internal Toastmaster club. While a member of this Toastmaster Club, I not only enhance my public speaking skills, but I also had the privilege of serving in many leadership positions such as VP of Public Relations and Club Secretary. I enjoyed the benefits of Toastmasters so much that I established a club at FDLE in Orlando in 1998. Over the last 11 years of working with FDLE, I have had the privilege of working in many capacities and in several regional offices beginning with a position as a Crime Intelligence Technician in Tallahassee, Florida in December of 1995. In 1998 I transferred to the Orlando office where I initially worked as an Executive Assistance to the Special Agent in Charge(SAC) and Assistant Special Agent in Charge(ASAC). My last assignment in Orlando was that of a Government Analyst in the Violent Crime Squad. This position as afforded me the opportunity to work on crimes involving missing children, homicides and sexual offenders/predators. While working in Orlando, I also had the privilege of working as a District Instructor with the Orange County Public Schools and as a Marketing Coordinator with Marriott. Though I had humble beginnings, if July / August 2006

given the choice, I wouldn't change my experiences. Character building comes when you can make it through those challenges a stronger person. My circumstances have made me more empathetic and accepting of others. Unlike others, I can go into any type of situation, with a goal only to nurture, educate and inspire. Such was the case when I undertook the challenge of working with group of Adult Literacy Programs. As I reflect back over my accomplishments, I know that I am a testament to what it means to strive for the possibilities. I was raised in the projects by a single mom who suffered from various medical conditions. Additionally, I've never seen my father and sometimes did not have the tools need to promote my educational growth. One thing that I did have, which no one could or ever can take away are my dreams. So I have chosen to keep dreaming even if some of my dreams became nightmares. I was determine not to stop until I was able to dream into reality. Though I had humble beginnings, if given the choice, I wouldn't change my experiences. Character building comes when you can make it through those challenges a stronger person. My circumstances have made me more empathetic and accepting of others. Unlike others, I can go into any type of situation, with a goal only to nurture, educate and inspire. Such was the case when I undertook the challenge of working with group of Adult Literacy Programs.”


LaRue Steward

is a quickly becoming known as a rising star in both the Gospel and Christian Worship arenas. While having a powerful and clear voice suited for both genres is a prerequisite, where most artists’ talents end, LaRue’s has only just begun. She doesn’t just lead a congregation into worship; LaRue actually helps usher members into the life-changing presence of God through worship. As she describes it. “I’m here to take them to the presence of the Father.” Born in rural South Carolina, she began singing in the local choir when she was only five years old. However, it wasn’t until her early 20s that she made the commitment to deliver the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through music. This commitment led her to further home her musical skills by earning a degree in vocal performance from Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia where she was also inducted into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Now under the leadership of Senior Pastor Clint Brown, LaRue considers it her distinct privilege to lead thousands of people in praise and worship each week at Faith World Church in Orlando. Working with Pastor Brown and fellow worship leader and Christian recording artist, Martha Munizzi, over the past five years has further developed LaRue’s God-given tale as both a singer and songwriter. In June 2004, LaRue provided the general public with a taste of that Sunday morning worship experience with the release of her debut album, Free. The Onyx Magazine


LaVon Patrice Bracy

response to that album was so overwhelming that she has now finished wrapping up her sophomore project, The Essence of Your Presence, something she’s particularly excited about these days. The idea for the album came from a young lady who had been working with and praying for LaRue. “The Essence of Your Presence––it just grabbed me when she called to tell me about it,” LaRue remembers. “I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really cool.’ I took that phrase and started praying about it. Then, I was reading in Revelation where John talked about a vision he’d had with the 24 elders worshipping God. They were taking their crowns off and laying them at His feet. As I was reading that, the chorus [for the track] began to flow.” “Worship and Praise,” another song on the Essence project was the result of a collaboration between LaRue and her bass player. “He’s not a writer, actually, but a phenomenal bass player,” LaRue says, “but he had this idea for a song, so he started playing it for me. During a rehearsal, I just started singing and ended up writing the verse. What was really cool is that don’t get to sit down and write stuff together a lot. Always wanting to expand her musical palette, one of the highlights on The Essence of Your Presence is a full-on, Gospel packed celebration. Given her talent, the public can expect to hear a lot more from LaRue Stewart. God is not done with her yet. 28

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is a product of the Orange County School System. She attended the Dr. Phillips magnet for visual and performing arts. LaVon ambitioned at the tender age of 4 to become an actress. Her plan had always been to take Broadway by storm. In pursuit of that goal LaVon attended Howard University as Theatre Arts major with a concentration in acting. LaVon considers Howard University one of the best experiences in her life. There she was active in numerous clubs and was initiated in to the alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated. During her junior year in college, she began to believe that God had an additional calling on her life--She was to become a lawyer. In 2001, LaVon received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Howard University in Washington DC. Subsequent to that she worked one year as a drama teacher at Rio Grande Charter School of Excellence while she studied for the LSAT. From there, she applied only to FAMU College of Law and was accepted. She is proud member of inaugural graduating class of FAMU Law School located in Orlando, Florida. After graduating from law school, she joined the Department of Children and Families, Child Welfare Legal Services as an Attorney at the Lake County Office in Tavares. On September 19, 2005 at 10:55 a.m., she was informed via Internet that she successfully passed the Florida Bar Examination. On that same day at the request of her parents she was sworn in counselor and attorney at law for the state


of Florida at her church New Covenant Baptist church of Orlando by Chief Judge of the Ninth Judicial circuit Belvin Perry. LaVon’s most sincere passion in life is mentorship. She currently mentors eight inner city girls from the Orlando Area. She has been involved in mentorship programs and activities all of her adult life. LaVon has a strong desire to help make broken and exploited children whole. It was as a result of this desire that I chose to pursue legal career at Department of Children and Families/Child Welfare Legal Services. She has currently been employed with the Department for 11 months. Her role model is her mother and namesake LaVon W. Bracy. LaVon unashamedly admits “I ambition to be half the woman my mother is”. Her hobbies include performing, directing, painting, creative writing and almost anything else artistic. She have written 3 children’s plays all of which have been performed with a casts of over 250 children and in front of an audience of over 650 people. LaVon is quick to tell the world that although she no longer performs on stage. Her skills as an actress do not go unused. She is extremely thankful for her theatrical and artistic background as it is has well equipped her for the courtroom.

July / August 2006

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MELVA AKENS Melva Akens is president of Akens Design, Inc., a Winter Park based company specializing in Design & Styling and Image Enhancement Services. She’s among an accomplished group of consultants working in the world of television, film and special events who are responsible for the interiors, costumes and project integrity. She is known for setting standards that far exceed expectations. As a creative visionary, Melva approaches each assignment with a goal to Make A Difference. She comes with a culmination of artistic and strategic skills that were developed throughout her professional journey. She mastered a polished style from tenures as a merchandiser/sales representative for Mattel Toys, and later as a retail buyer with Federated Department Stores and the Navy Resale System. As a buyer, Melva had volume responsibility into the millions of dollars, and traveled 30% of her retail career.

Look for Melva Akens in future issues of Onyx Magazine. She will be addressing the benefits of etiquette in business as well in one’s own personal life. We look forward to Melva’s expert advice. Look for her column. See how she can benefit you.

May / June 2006

In 1989, Ms. Akens moved to Florida and began work in the entertainment industry. She works on television series, commercials and theme park projects, and enjoys the likes and challenges of working with film, television and sport celebrities. Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Hasbro Toy Company, numerous production and record companies were some of the corporations she’s had the pleasure of working with. Several years ago, Melva had the passion to expand professional offerings and provide image enhancement services. So since 2000, etiquette programs, image consulting, and personal shopping are available to individuals ages 8 and above. As one of only a few certified experts in the State of Florida, Melva honors speaking engagements and has written on the importance of civility and etiquette. Ms. Akens is a founding board member of Women In Film and Television International. She is also a past president of Women In Film and Television-Florida and member of the Metro-Orlando Film Advisory Committee. Recent non-profit and community affiliations are Vice-Chair of the City of Winter Park’s Program Development and Evaluation Committee, secretary of the Central Florida Association of Black Journalists & Broadcasters and member of the WMFE Community Advisory Board. Melva is a graduate of Pepperdine University, and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Delta Omicron Omega Chapter. She currently serves on the Global Peace Film Festival Advisory Board, and WESH News Channel 2 African American Advisory Committee.


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NBC NFL Football comes to the Peacock this fall where Sunday Night Football will dominate the airways through January. 30 Rock Wednesday — 9:30 p.m. Starring: Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Rachel Dratch Like Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, this show also takes a behind the scenes look at a sketch-comedy show. The comedy revolves around a comedy writer who has to work with an unpredictable movie star (Tracy Morgan) who has joined the cast of the show. (Comedy) Friday Night Lights Tuesday — 8:00 p.m. Starring: Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Scott Porter Gaius Charles Based on the movie of the same name, this drama follows the coach and the members of a small Texas high school football team in a town that takes its high school football very seriously. (Drama) Kidnapped Tuesday — 10:00 p.m. Starring: Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton, Dana Delaney The season revolves around the kidnapping of a teenage boy. His wealthy parents hire an expert to help retrieve their son. The list of suspects and motives grow while they try to keep local law enforcement from getting involved. (Drama) Studio 60 on Sunset Strip Monday — 10:00 p.m. Starring: Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amada Peet, D.L. Hughley From the creator of the West Wing, this is a drama about the making of a late night sketch comedy show (think Saturday Night Live). On the set of this show, nervous breakdowns, temperamental actors and demanding network executives show just how serious creating comedy can be. (Drama)

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Blue The Black Fish


long with the physical training and swimming evolutions, the trainees were learning their semaphore skills. (Semaphore is signaling with flags.) They also had to master the dots and dashes of Morse code by flashlight. By this time in the training, the recruits had been introduced to the famous rubber boats that SEAL teams use on missions. This watercraft is called inflatable boat small or IBS. An IBS holds up to seven people. Six recruits row while the seventh steers. Initial IBS training is called surf passage. The recruits learn how to maneuver the boats into the ocean from the beach. The waves are huge and the team must work together in order to get through the surf. On the way back to shore the boat would attempt to ride the waves in. The team members would always scan the water for large waves. Someone would yell “water” in order to warn the group to brace themselves for an incoming wave. The wave would smash into the small boat scattering the men into the frigid water like match sticks. The team would have to regroup in the ocean and try again or face the wrath of an ever-present SEAL Instructor. The recruits also had to learn what was called rock portage. This was the extremely dangerous task of landing your IBS on jagged barnacle covered rocks. During IBS training the recruits wore bulky orange life jackets. Blue writes: 23 Oct. We had IBS surf passage and rock portage today. It was murder. Everyone was scared to death. I got my hands cut on the barnacles on the rocks. It was a really frightening experience. We have it at night next Wednesday. We also had a five-mile run today that was tough. I don’t seem to be enjoying this training. I hate every evolution. I’ve got to get my head together. I


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thank God that I am alive today because a few people got really hurt on the rock portage. 28 Oct. I really did terrible this morning during PT. All the instructors got on me. We did rock portage this morning until lunch. It was a lot better than before. I brought my obstacle course time down into the 12minute range. In an evolution called Sentry Stalking, they taught us how to kill tonight. 29 Oct. We had night rock portage. The surf wasn’t big at all so it wasn’t that hard. There were quite a few people from town watching us. Everyone in the city knew when each class did night rock portage. They would show up to see how badly we would get hurt. It was like a party for the locals. My boat crew has got to get it together with paddling. We had a race back to the barracks and we were the last ones in. We had to pay by doing a lot of push-ups. 30 Oct. The instructors really got to us today. They had us in the surf all day. My swim buddy quit and rang out during the twomile ocean swim. The instructors actually carry a little tea bell around with them so you can ring out even if you are not on the compound. I had the urge to ring that bell myself. Pay Day was today but no one got to cash his check. 31 Oct. We had a fourteen-mile soft sand beach run today. We ran it all the way with no rest. Afterwards I got cramps all over, but I made it. A few people rang out during the run. We had an introduction to hell week lecture this afternoon. I failed my flashing light Morse code test today. My semaphore test is tomorrow. I will be studying. Hell week starts in two days. July / August 2006

Fish: Part VI By Steven King

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1 Nov. This morning we had a semaphore test. I don’t know what my score was but I think I passed it. I took the flashing light test again and passed this time. I bought a bunch of junk food for hell week. I’ve just been taking it easy.

“Providing memories for years to come”

It’s the 4th week of training and “Hell Week” began. There were no entries in Blue’s journal between Sunday November 2nd and Saturday November 8th 1975. Of the six Blacks that started training only two were left including Blue. The others were either dropped or rang out. Most SEAL recruit classes lose the majority of their class during hell week. The recruits were extremely nervous about what to expect. They were used to getting a weekly schedule of evolutions so they could prepare both physically and mentally for what was expected. There was no schedule for hell week; all the recruits knew was to be in the barracks by 9:00 PM Sunday evening. The instructor smirked and advised the recruits to get some sleep because they would need it. The SEAL Instructor turned off the lights as he exited and the barracks was immersed in darkness. Blue was unable to sleep so he tossed and turned in his bunk trying to imagine what lay in store for him. The quiet in the barracks was eerie as the recruits awaited their fate. This was the calm before the storm and Blue finally dozed off.

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We will continue to follow Blue as he enters the infamous Navy SEAL “Hellweek” Evolution. Hellweek is where most of class # 86 will get dropped or ring out. The saga continues in our next issue of ONYX Magazine. Visit and click on Theodis Springer in the People section for more about Blue the Black Fish.

July / August 2006

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florida scope UNF Offers Life Lessons Seminars for Young Adults JACKSONVILLE - The University of North Florida’s Division of Continuing Education, in partnership with Life Lessons, will offer Life Lessons Seminars for young adults ages 17-25, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 13, at the University Center, room 2144, on the UNF campus. Life Lessons Seminars are packed with real information that young adults need to be informed and ready when it’s time to make adult decisions. Life Lessons was developed to improve the financial literary of this generation and generations to come. The first seminar in this young adult series will focus on money management and will cost $20. The following topics will be covered: How credit works and the danger of misusing credit; minimum payments; accelerated interest rates; credit scores; credit reports How to develop a budget and stick to it, budgeting worksheets, techniques for handling unexpected problems Identity theft and how to avoid being a victim of the No. 1 white-collar crime in America today! Banking: everything from checking and savings account, ATM and debit cards and the hidden charges and costs of banking Mortgaging your future with school loan: the future value of borrowing money and how to evaluate your spending habits and needs The topic of the next seminar will be “Purchasing Your First Car” and will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 14, at the University Center. “Planning for Your First Home Purchase” will be the topic of the third seminar to be held Thursday, Nov. 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the University Center. For more information call (904) 620-4260 or e-mail


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Davis Graduates Magna Cum Laude; Accepted in Freshman 2006 Class at Georgia Tech JACKSONVILLE Harold Alexander Davis, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Eugene Davis and Phyllis BellDavis, recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Paxon School for Advanced Studies, one of the top 10 high schools in the country. The Commencement was held May 24 at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Davis, who was awarded the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, earned by only 41 of the 332 graduates, has been accepted in the Freshman 2006 Class at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, where he intends to major in aerospace engineering. The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous and challenging two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19. It leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. Students study six subjects selected from the subject groups. Normally three subjects are studied at higher level (courses representing 240 teaching hours), and the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level (courses representing 150 teaching hours). All three parts of the core - - - extended essay (a minimum of 4,000 words), theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service - - - are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Programme. Davis is the recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Candidate Award from Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Gamma Beta Boulé in Recognition of High Academic Achievement, given May 8. He received a plaque and a $750 cash award from the organization. The fraternity annually recognizes high achieving African American students from Duval County public and


private schools who scored at the 90th percentile or higher on a national standardized test and scored at achievement level 4 or higher on Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The fraternity has been honoring students since 1985 and is the country's oldest African American fraternity. Unlike most fraternities, Sigma Pi Phi selects its membership from male college graduates who are recognized as outstanding achievers and productive citizens. The Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Georgia Tech also awarded Davis a $5,000 scholarship for his academic performance and will honor him, along with other members of the Fall 2006 class, in a celebration later this summer. Davis has distinguished himself as an active member of the Teen Group at Cherry Street Church of Christ, a member of Who’s Who Among American High School Students, membership on the National Honor Roll, in the National Honor Society, and the Beta Club, as well as a Junior Docent for the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. He is an avid jazz pianist and received the Florida Bandmaster Association Ensemble Award and the Florida District Solo Ensemble Festival Award.

Gospel Legend Shirley Caesar and R&B Legend O’Jays Headline National HBCU Scholarship Fund Benefit During the 27th Florida Classic ORLANDO - Legendary Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar will provide spiritual gifts to the audience the morning before the Florida Classic football game between Florida A&M University and BethuneCookman College and the Mighty O’Jays, inductees in the R & B Hall of Fame, will entertain the crowd following the rival game. Both performances will be held at July / August 2006

florida scope the Linda Chapin Auditorium of the Orange County Convention Center located at 9800 International Drive in Orlando. The Shirley Caesar Concert will be from 9am until 12 noon and the O’Jays Concert will be from 9pm to 12 midnight November 19th during Florida Classic weekend. The Mixed Waters Band of Raleigh, North Carolina featuring Shaw University (HBCU) students and Brandi Q vocalist will also appear during the National HBCU Scholarship Fund Concert Benefits. The HBCU Educators Hall of Fame will be established during the Shirley Caesar Concert. Charter member inductees are: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune - posthu mously Dr. George Washington Carver posthumously Dr. William Edward Burghardt Dubois - posthumously Dr. Frederick S. Humphries Dr. John H. Lucas Dr. Charles D. Moody, Sr. Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed Dr. Deloris Saunders Dr. Booker T. Washington - posthu mously Proceeds from the two concerts will benefit the HBCU Scholarship Fund sponsored by the National HBCU Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help college students stay in school. The 2006 Benefit will focus on the Katrina displaced students who were transferred to HBCU (105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities) institutions after the August 28 Hurricane. Many of the students were bussed to other college campuses with only the clothes they had on their backs. In many instances, entire buildings were flooded on the college campuses of Dillard University, Southern University, and/or Xavier University, all HBCUs where most of the students receiving HBCU scholarships last year were attending school. In its initial year in 2005, the National HBCU Scholarship Fund provided 73 scholarships ranging in amounts from $500 to $2,500 to deserving college students. Supporters of the Fund include private business owners, corporations and concerned individuals. Contributions may be July / August 2006

mailed to National HBCU Scholarship Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 915115, Longwood, FL 32791, (407)682-6744, Fax (407) 682-2384. Advance tickets and group ticket sales are $35 for the Shirley Caesar Concert and $45 for the O’Jays. Advance individual ticket prices will increase after August 1. Advance concert tickets and group tickets may be purchased now at National HBCU Scholarship Foundation, Inc., or at Ticketmaster locations in the near future. Additional information about the National HBCU Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is found on

USF Early Childhood Programs Address Issues Faced by Florida’s Children in National KIDS COUNT Study Released TAMPA – The 17th Annual National KIDS COUNT Data Book was released today focusing on the importance of early childhood education, an area that is being addressed by a number of programs at the University of South Florida’s Louis de la Parte Mental Health Institute (FMHI). “The report spotlights the fact that many of our poorest and most vulnerable children enter school without the developmental skills and competencies necessary to learn and succeed,” said Robert Friedman, chair of the Department of Child & Family Studies at FMHI. “This should definitely be a call to action for our nation’s leaders. Understanding this problem certainly supports the thinking behind the work we do.” FLORIDA KIDS COUNT, based at USF in the FMHI Center for the Study of Children’s Futures, is part of a nationwide network of state-level KIDS COUNT projects funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that provide a detailed picture of the condition of children across the United States. In the report, Douglas W. Nelson, pres-


ident of the Casey Foundation, noted that strengthening early childhood development can help to assure that all children begin life on a level playing field. “Our department faculty and staff are dedicated to creating those level playing fields within our community and throughout the nation,” said Friedman. FMHI faculty and staff are leaders in the field of children’s mental health and are often called on to provide comprehensive policy analysis and program development. The Data Book identifies family, friend and neighbor care as crucial to helping young children succeed and recommends that efforts be poured into programs that strengthen these critical resources. “These are exactly the kinds of programs for which FMHI is known and valued,” said Friedman. “We are engaged in a number of efforts focused on the developmental, emotional and behavioral needs of many children and families.” For example, a program that has shown great promise is HIPPY - Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters. This early childhood program employs home visitors to help disadvantaged parents teach their three-, four-, and five-year-old children at home. “HIPPY empowers parents to view themselves as the primary educators of their children,” said Mary Lindsey, director of the Florida HIPPY Technical & Training Assistance Center, which is housed at USF and serves as the state office, providing training, technical support and guidance to all of the state programs. “In turn we are increasing the chances of creating positive early school experience among children who are most likely to be educationally at risk. The results, so far, are impressive.” HIPPY students are performing at levels that compare favorably with those in more affluent Florida counties, scoring 27 percent better in level three and above in reading and 22 percent better in level three and above in math, than students in a comparable school. “We are encouraged by the growing numbers of families being served throughOnyx Magazine



florida scope out the state,” said Lindsey. There are currently 18 programs in 14 counties, serving 1,600 children. Some of the parents go on to become home visitors in their own communities. They are provided training to develop skills and work experience needed to compete successfully in local labor markets. One such parent is Alicia Flores who was a HIPPY parent in Miami and is now employed by HIPPY in Tampa. Another important resource within FMHI is the Center for the Study of Children’s Futures (CSFS) which promotes the health and well-being of Florida’s children through data, research and analysis and community involvement. The center has provided information for professional conferences, employee training events, classroom instruction, regional and county planning activities, grant proposals and reports, as well as media requests. The Florida KIDS COUNT project is an important activity for the center. “With information obtained from the center, we can provide an informed analysis of what’s being done and what needs to be done,” added Friedman. “We are also better equipped to write grants and proposals, make needs assessments and provide public education about issues important to the welfare of children.” With efforts directed at programs such as HIPPY as well as others within CFS, FMHI is positioned to fulfill the Casey Foundation’s recommendations to provide promising new approaches and programs to improve early childhood opportunities. Additional efforts include: • Collaboration with the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning funded by Head Start and the U.S. Child Care Bureau • Early Intervention Positive Behavior Support • Positive Beginnings • The Center for Evidence Based Practice: Young Children with Challenging Behavior • The Sarasota Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership 34

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REV. DR. HENRY J. LYONS TO SPEAK AT DEMOCRATIC BLACK CAUCUS OF FLORIDA STATE CONVENTION LAKELAND - "No Vote Left Behind. A Democratic Call To Action." A state convention designed to educate, motivate and provide voting strategies to the general public and aspiring politicians, will be held July 14-15, 2006, at the Imperial Swan Hotel & Suites, 4141 South Florida, Avenue, Lakeland, Florida. The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida convention will offer exciting and informative workshops with presenters who are experts in their fields. Convention participants will learn effective techniques in; Organizing for Victory, Early/Absentee Voting, How to Run and Win Elections, The Church's Role in GOTV and Restoring Voting/Civil Rights. "Our goal for this convention is to prepare voters for the upcoming elections and increase voter turnout 65% in minority precincts," says Daisy Black, state president. "We're organizing a statewide network of motivated voters to work toward this goal." This year we will include a session on "Education: Keys To The Kingdom," and conclude with a Saturday town hall meeting with federal and state candidates. Banquet speaker for the event is the Reverend Dr. Henry J. Lyons.

FLORIDA’S UPWARD BOUND OLYMPICS 2006 JACKSONVILLE - On Thursday, July 20th, more than 700 high school students from all over the state of Florida will converge on Jacksonville University’s campus for the most highly anticipated event of their summer program: the Florida Upward Bound Olympics, a three-daylong academic and athletic competition


that pits these students, representing Upward Bound programs from 13 colleges and universities against each other in an annual whirlwind of high-energy activity; 37 different tournaments, including basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, track and field, swimming, chess, public speaking, creative writing, art, and a number of other sports, academic expositions, and board games. The theme for this year’s Olympics is, “The opportunity to RISE (Revel in Student Excellence)”. This will be the 37th renewal of these games, and it promises to be a hotly contested series of activities, packed with drama, suspense, good-natured rivalry, and a huge dollop of fun. Upward Bound is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education that is designed to offer high school students from low income families who are potential first-generation college students the opportunity to obtain enhanced academic preparation and assistance in developing the skills and motivation necessary for them to graduate high school, enroll in programs of postsecondary education, and graduate from those programs at rates that are significantly higher than their peers. Originating in 1965, the program has been funded at Jacksonville University since 1977, with a track record for its graduates that boasts a placement rate in higher education or the military well above 90%. Each year, 80 students from inner city high schools are served by the Upward Bound program at JU. The program exposes students to the collegiate experience as they live on campus for three six-week-long summer terms taking classes in the same courses in which they will be enrolled when they return to school in the fall, giving them a head start on the academic year, as well as, enroll in classes on Saturdays for three academic years, in supplementary college preparatory coursework. They also receive assistance in standardized test preparation, the college application process, and acquiring the financial aid they need in order to enroll in college. The highest performing Upward Bound students in Jacksonville University’s program also may enroll in college courses at the university during the summer, with the tuition waived, allowing them to earn credit toward their college degrees at no cost to them while they are July / August 2006

florida scope still in high school. This is a government program that works, with thousands upon thousands of low-income, first generation college students across the country benefiting from its services over the last 40 years, completing their high school and college educations, entering professions earning salaries far in excess of what they might have earned without their involvement in Upward Bound, and giving the government and the country a far greater return on the investment in them than would ever have been the case without Upward Bound. There are even former Upward Bound students serving in Congress. The Upward Bound Olympics is not just a fun event that brings the students together to show off their academic and athletic skills. These programs walk the walk as well as they talk the talk. Sponsored by the Florida Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (FAEOPP), the Olympics serve as a fund-raising tool, as well. The profits generated from the annual event provide funds each year for academic scholarships that help to defray the cost of college attendance for high-performing former Upward Bound students, statewide. Revel In Student Excellence: what a concept!

Recognizing National Caribbean Heritage Month By DeWayne Jones On this rainy day of June 1st 2006, in downtown Orlando, the scenery of tropical weather seems to fit the occasion at Orlando’s City Hall. That’s right, John Felix, CEO and President of CACANA (Caribbean-American Cultural Association of North America), was proud to announce the month of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month. Ever since the 1600s, Caribbean Americans have made significant contributions to America through their music, dance, education, government, and politics. Working through hardships and ridicule of being in the minority on foreign soil, to citizenship and becoming a people of importance in American society says a lot about the perseverance of Caribbean’s. Each of the speakers at the press conference emphasized how important it is for the Caribbean community to be recognized and have one voice even though they come from diverse races, creeds, and colors. Mr. Felix thanked Congress for passing the bill and recognized the Caribbean people who have, in many different says, contributed in getting the bill passed. Although this was a press conference celebrating Caribbean Month, Mr. Felix also talked about what could be done in the future for the Caribbean American society. He stated, “We need scholarships to get our youth out of the streets. We need programs for our kids to give them an education. We need to help our community, finding employment for our single parents in need of a job.” This is just the beginning of what the future holds for the Caribbean American Cultural Association. The CACANA’s desire to help their own people in need will motivate an alliance that will eventually become a national powerhouse.

Health Related Services and Technology Are Decade’s Most Preferred Career Options • Leading the list is Information Technology (IT) - As companies see the importance of networked communications, the demand for competent computer engineers has increased for communications problem solving. • Physician's Assistant - While healthcare services are overseen by a Physician, well trained assistants make healthcare facilities run more efficiently. • Medical Assistants - As the need for administrative as well a clinical tasks increase, so does the need for medical assistants. This is especially true for health practitioners. • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians Patient evaluation and medical history is a major growth area. • Software Engineers - If there is a major need for IT it is obvious that there would be a need for a continuous improvement in software. This is the work of software engineers. • Physical Therapist Aides - There is a growing need in this area. • Fitness Trainers - As more people become conscience of the need for physical fitness, so does the need for workers who have competence in a wide range of effective exercise and aerobic activities. • Database Administrators - There is an increasing dependency on data availability, and its going to grow even greater. • Veterinary Technicians - Not only is healthcare for humans becoming more demanding, so is treatment for pets, livestock and wildlife. • Dental Hygienist - People are beginning to realize that healthcare includes emphasis on the preservation of natural teeth. Best Paying for Men and Women are reflected in the most sought after careers mentioned above, with the addition of chief executive officers, lawyers, judges, airplane pilots and astronomers.

florida scope

City of Jacksonville Proclaims “Heal Thy People-Healthy People Day” By Zelma Dickerson, Project Management Consultant

One year after the kickoff, Heal Thy People-Healthy People Faith-based partners gathered again at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville to celebrate. Pastors, legislators, physicians, business-leaders, vice presidents and other Shands Jacksonville and Community Affairs staff shared in the festive event. More than 100 people were in attendance. Vendors included Pfizer Pharmaceutical and American Heart Association. Jim Burkhart, president/administrator of Shands Jacksonville greeted the guests and read the congratulatory letter and proclamation from The Honorable John Peyton, mayor. Based on a community responsive medicine model, the program has sustained momentum and gained notoriety throughout Duval and surrounding counties. It was refreshing to hear testimonials of how Shands Jacksonville Community Affairs department “saves lives” through health screenings. “They saved my life” writes the pastor of Mt. Olive AME church as he described the overwhelming story of one of his members. “I was a walking stroke or could have died,” the letter stated. Shands Jacksonville Community Affairs Heal Thy People-Healthy People faith-based initiative (through partnerships with local churches and surrounding comunities) is dedicated to improving access to health care through health promotion, health education and free health screening in communities with high incidence of health disparities. Specifically targeted is the medically underserved population. “Until the presentation at a Heal Thy People meeting, I was not aware of these services being available to the 36

Onyx Magazine

uninsured…” said Pastor Gillespie. Heal Thy People-Healthy People is only one component of the dream of visionaries, Elizabeth Means - Vice President of Community Affairs and Eric Stewart, MD, to improve access to health care. “What better way to reach the people than through the church where they regularly gather for spiritual health. We are taking it to the next level,” exclaimed Mrs. Means who constantly reminds pastors that “Heal Thy People is your commandment-Healthy People is our mission.” Heal Thy People-Healthy People is improving health conditions one church at a time. Fourth Sunday, recognized as Heal Thy People Health Sunday is a day to administer health and healing to the body, soul and spirit. As an added component to regularly scheduled services, physicians and nursing staff join the Sunday worship. Healing for the body, soul and spirit is the theme of the day. Nothing changes. Hand clapping, foot stomping music and soulful preaching fill the air. Doctors Kenyatta Lee and Eric Stewart as well as Elizabeth Means provide health education and are available to answer questions from the audience after service. Pastors are really enlightened and excited about their role in health promotion and well-being of the congregation and community. Shands Jacksonville partners with both small and large churches. Smaller churches band together for a wonderful day of fellowship, health education and old-fashioned southern church family meal. Partnering with Shands Jacksonville Heal Thy People program has its benefits. Pastors and designated health ministry leaders meet monthly for lunch sponsored


by The Adkins Agency. Health education is one component of the meeting. At her very first meeting, one pastor described how the program helped her. “I went to a meeting and little did I know that this meeting would be a potential life saving event for me.” Included in her note were compliments about the excellent service and professionalism of the staff. At these meetings, pastors also celebrate each other’s successes. Thousands of beautifully designed newsletters full of health and church information are distributed quarterly. The “A-Men Corner” of the newsletter targets men’s health issues. Health fairs are open to the public benefiting the community at large. “I see the program as a way to enhance the health of my people and to help them resolve long standing health issues by providing access to medical remedies easier for them,” explains Reverend George Price, host pastor, St. Matthew Baptist Church. Not only does he partner with Heal Thy People, St. Matthew Baptist Church is the site of one of Shands Jacksonville’s Wellness and Education centers open five days a week for appointments and walkins. Other clinics are Shands Jacksonville Wellness and Education at Oaks of Durkeeville and Soutel, Eastside Family Practice, and opening fall 2006, Brentwood Family Practice. Since startup in June 2005 the staff at Shands Jacksonville has participated in136 health fairs and events serving more than 16, 000 participants. For more information about Heal Thy People-Healthy People contact Zelma Dickerson, (904) 244-9305. July / August 2006

WESH Channel 2 Anchor, recipient


2006 HOMECOMING DATES Bethune-Cookman ................................... October 14 (Winston-Salem St.) Delaware State............................................ October 14 (N.C. A&T) Florida A&M.............................................. October 28 (Morgan State) Hampton...................................................... October 28 (Winston-Salem St.) Howard......................................................... October 14 (Morgan State) Morgan State.............................................. October 21 (Delaware State) Norfolk State............................................... November 4 (Morgan State) North Carolina A&T ............................... October 21 (Howard) South Carolina State ....... November 4 (Howard)


• MEAC/SWAC Challenge - Birmingham, Ala. (Legion Field) Sept. 2 - (Hampton vs. Grambling State) • Detroit Labor Day Classic - Detroit, Mich. (Ford Field) Sept. 2 - (Florida A&M v. Delaware State)

• Va Lottery Labor Day Classic - Norfolk, Va. (Dick Price Stadium) Sept. 2 - (Norfolk State vs. Virginia State) • Gateway Classic - Jacksonville, Fla. (Alltel Stadium) Sept. 2 - (Bethune-Cookman vs. Southern)

• NY Urban League Classic E. - Rutherford, N.J.(Giants Stadium) Sept. 23 - (Hampton vs. Morgan State) • BOA Atlanta Football Classic - Atlanta, Ga. (Georgia Dome) Sept. 30 - (Florida A&M vs. Tennessee State) • Fish Bowl Classic - Norfolk, Va. (Dick Price Stadium) Sept. 30 - (N.C. A&T vs. Norfolk State) • Circle City Classic - Indianapolis, Ind. (RCA Dome) Oct. 7 - (Hampton vs. Central State) • Battle of the Bay - Norfolk, Va. (Dick Price Stadium) Oct. 14 - (Norfolk State vs. Hampton) • Florida Classic - Orlando, Fla. (Florida Citrus Bowl) Nov. 18 - (Florida A&M vs. Bethune-Cookman)


Hampton vs. Grambling (1) (ESPN2).. 11:00 Birmingham, Ala. Delaware St. vs. Florida A&M (2) ....... 1:00 Detroit, Mich. Virginia State @ Norfolk (3)................. 6:00 Norfolk, Va. Winston-Salem vs. N.C. A&T .............. 6:30 Greensboro, N.C. Bethune-Cookman vs. Southern (4) .... 7:00 Jacksonville, Fla. S.C. State @ Wofford .......................... 7:00 Spartanburg, S.C. Morgan State @ Towson...................... TBA Baltimore, Md.

SEPTEMBER 9 Savannah St. @ Beth-Cookman ......... 4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla Howard @ Hampton ............................. 6:00 Hampton, Va. VMI @ Norfolk State.............................. 6:00 Norfolk, Va. S.C. State @ Winston-Salem St........... 6:00 Winston-Salem, NC St. Francis (PA) @ Delaware St. ......... 7:00 Dover, Del. Florida A&M @ Miami (Fla.) ................ TBA Miami, Fla.



Florida A&M @ Howard..................... 1:00 Washington, D.C. N.C. A&T @ Hampton ....................... 1:30 Hampton, Va. Bethune-Cookman @ S.C. State....... 6:00 Orangeburg, S.C. Delaware St. @ Northwestern St....... 6:00 Natchiotches, La. Bowie State @ Morgan State ............ 6:00 Baltimore, Md.

Florida A&M @ Norfolk State .............1:00 Norfolk, Va. Delaware St. @ Morgan St...................1:00 Baltimore, Md. Howard @ N.C. A&T ............................1:30 Greensboro, N.C. Hampton @ S.C. State.........................1:30 Orangeburg, S.C.



Norfolk St @ Bethune-Cookman ........ 4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla. Hampton vs. Morgan State (5) ........... 4:00 East Rutherford, NJ Winston-Salem @ Florida A&M ....,,,... 6:00 Tallahassee, Fla. S.C. State @ Coastal Carolina .....,..... 7:00 Conway, S.C. Howard @ Rutgers ....................,........ TBA Piscataway, N.J.

Norfolk State @ Howard.....................1:00 Washington, D.C. Winston-Salem St. @ Hampton .........2:00 Hampton, Va. Morgan State @ Florida A&M ............3:00 Tallahassee, Fla. N.C. A&T @ Bethune-Cookman .........4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla. S.C. State @ Delaware St....................7:00 Dover, Del.



Florida A&M vs. Tennessee St. (6)..... 3:00 Atlanta, Ga. N.C. A&T @ Norfolk State (7)............. 4:00 Norfolk, Va. Bethune-Cookman @ Morgan St. ..... 6:00 Baltimore, Md. Hampton @ Delaware State.............. 7:00 Dover, Del. Savannah St v. Howard..................... TBA TBA


. Concord @ Delaware State.................1:00 Dover, Del. Bethune-Cookman @ Hampton .........1:00 Hampton, Va. Morgan State @ Norfolk State ...........1:00 Norfolk, Va. Howard @ S.C. State...........................1:30 Orangeburg, S.C. Florida A&M @ N.C. A&T.....................TBD Greensboro, N.C.


Morgan State @ N.C. A&T ................ 1:30 Greensboro, N.C. Howard @ Winston-Salem St............ 2:00 Winston Salem, NC Norfolk State @ S.C. State................ 2:00 Orangeburg, S.C. Hampton vs. Central State (8) ........... 3:00 Indianapolis, Ind. Delaware St @ Bethune-Cookman ... 4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla.

Delaware State @ Norfolk State .........1:00 Norfolk, Va. Elon @ N.C. A&T ..................................1:30 Greensboro, N.C. Howard @ Bethune-Cookman ............4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla. Hampton @ Florida A&M .....................6:00 Tallahassee, Fla. . S.C. State @ Morgan State...................6:00 Baltimore, Md



Morgan State @ Howard.....................1:00 Washington, D.C. N.C. A&T @ Delaware State...............1:00 Dover, Del. Norfolk State @ Hampton (9)..............1:30 Hampton, Va. Winston-Salem @Beth-Cookman .......4:00 Daytona Bch, Fla. S.C. State @ Florida A&M...................6:00 Tallahassee, Fla.

Delaware State @ Howard...................1:00 Washington, D.C. Winston-Salem St. @ Norfolk St. .......1:00 Norfolk, Va. Bethune-Cookman v. FAMU (10) ........4:00 Orlando, Fla. N.C. A&T vs. S.C. State .......................2:00 Charlotte, N.C. All times local5 NY Urban League Classic E. Rutherford, N.J.(Giants Stadium)

Florida Colleges & Universities


BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE 9/2/06 9/9/06 9/16/06 9/23/06 9/30/06 10/7/06 10/14/06 10/28/06 11/4/06 11/11/06 11/18/06

Southern Jacksonville Savannah St Home SC State Orangeburg, SC Norfolk State Home Morgan State Baltimore, MD Delaware State Home Winston-Salem Home NC A&T Home Hampton Hampton, VA Howard Home Bethune-Cookman Orlando

7:00 4:00 6:00 4:00 6:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 1:00 4:00 4:00

pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm

8/26/06 9/2/06 9/9/06 9/16/06 9/30/06 10/7/06 10/14/06 10/ 21/06 10/28/06 11/4/06 11/11/06 11/18/06

Johnson C. Smith Greenville, SC 3:00 pm Newberry Newberry 1:30 pm Prarie View A&M Prarie View 6:00 pm Shaw Jacksonville 5:00 pm Webber Intern始l Home 5:00 pm Open Charleston Southern Charleston 1:30 pm Open Concordia College Selma, AL TBA Southern Virginia JAX (Homecoming) 3:00 Savannah State Valdosta, GA NAIA Play-offs begin (Classic 3:00 pm)



09/02/06 09/09/06 09/16/06 09/23/06 09/30/06 10/14/06 10/21/06 10/28/06 11/04/06 Home 11/18/06

Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 11 Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Dec. 2

Delaware State Detroit, MI TBA Miami Miami TBA Howard Washington 12:00 PM Winston-Salem Home 5:00 PM Tennessee St Atlanta 3:00 PM SC State Univ Home 5:00 PM Norfolk State Norfolk TBA Morgan State HOMECOMING 3:00 NC A&T Greensboro 3:00 PM Home Bethune-Cookman Orlando 3:30 PM

at South Florida BOWLING GREEN at Maryland ARKANSAS STATE at Middle Tennessee at Miami (Orange Bowl) at North Texas at Alabama LOUISIANA-MONROE Bye LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE at Florida Atlantic TROY



Sep 9 Sep 9 Sep 16 Sep 23 Oct 5 Oct 14 Oct 28 Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 25 Dec 2

Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat

Miami Miami Troy Tallahassee Clemson Tallahassee Rice Tallahassee North Carolina St Raleigh, NC Duke Durham Maryland College Park, MD Virginia Tallahassee Wake Forest Tallahassee Western Michigan Tallahassee Florida Tallahassee ACC Championship Jacksonville

Sep 2 Sep 9 Sep 16 Sep 23 Sep 30 Oct 7 Oct 14 Oct 28 Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 25

Southern Mississippi Gainesville, FL Central Florida Gainesville, FL at Tennessee Knoxville, TN Kentucky Gainesville, FL Alabama Gainesville, FL Louisiana State Gainesville, FL at Auburn Auburn, AL vs Georgia Jacksonville, FL at Vanderbilt Nashville, TN South Carolina Gainesville, FL Western Carolina Gainesville, FL Home

.2 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 09/04/06 09/09/06 09/16/06 09/30/06 10/07/06 10/14/06 10/21/06 10/28/06 11/04/06 11/11/06 11/18/06 11/23/06

Florida State Florida A&M Louisville Houston North Carolina Florida Internat始l Duke Georgia Tech Virginia Tech Maryland Virginia Boston College

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Orange Bowl Orange Bowl Louisville, KY Orange Bowl Orange Bowl Orange Bowl Durham, NC Atlanta, Ga. Orange Bowl College Park,MD. Charlottesville,VA Orange Bowl

Sep 2 Sept 9 Sept 16 Sept 23 Sept 30 Oct 7 Oct 14 Oct 21 Oct 28 Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 25

McNeese St. FIU Central Florida Kansas Rutgers Connecticut UNC Cincinnati bye Pittsburgh Syracuse Louisville West Virginia

The 2006 College Football Season: Outlook for Florida Schools By DeWayne Jones

DeWayne Jones

Bethune-Cookman College The 2006-2007 football season for the Wildcats is looking very prosperous. Bethune-Cookman College has assembled one of the best classes in school history with speed on defense, and an offensive line ready to come right in and compete. Head Coach Alvin B. Wyatt, Sr. is showing great patience with the team and is doing a fantastic job on getting what the Wildcats need during the off-season. The success on the field and in the classroom for the Wildcats have assembled a topnotch recruiting class that includes seven All-State selections throughout Florida and Georgia. The Wildcats registered 25 early commitments in the form of National Letter of Intent. This list, which includes a core of returning letter winners from las year’s 74 squad, will compete to try and earn a shot at another Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) crown for the first time since 2002. The new comers B-CC attracted to the Daytona Beach area for 2006 consists of a well-balanced collection that features talented prospects covering almost every position on the field. Wyatt, as in years past, has built a foundation of keeping the talent in the state of Florida with 20-of-22 signees being from the Sunshine State. Many freshmen will be able to come right in and compete for immediate playing time, as well as a starting position on the field. 40

Onyx Magazine

The Wildcats are looking good for this year’s football season. After an outstanding season last year, B-CC is definitely on the look out on continuing their success.

Division I-AA, FAMU has a lot to prove. With the new coaching staff and players, Carter’s team will still be very exciting to see in the 2006-2007 football season.

Florida A&M University

University of Florida Gators

After Head Coach Rubin Carter’s first season as head coach at FAMU in 2005, he is pleased about his 2006 recruiting class.

The University of Florida (UF) will open their 2006-2007 football season on September second against Southern Mississippi in Gainesville. Five of the first six games for the Gators will be at home. UF will face eight teams that made bowl appearance in 2005, and it is possible that the Gators will face four ranked opponents in the 2006 regular season. UF is expected to return five of its top seven leaders in tackles. The Gators will have six starters returning on offense and six starters returning on defense. Overall, they should be returning 23 players who made at least one start during the 2005 regular season. On offense, one out of the 15 players that have rushed the ball for Florida this year was a senior. Out of the 13 players that have catches, none were seniors this year either. On defense, six or its top seven tacklers are on the defensive line. The 2006 season will be the 100th season in Florida football history. The Gators will be looking for a successful season and should have a lot of experience that will b helpful toward winning a national championship.

There are 21 high school signees, which include three quarterbacks; one fullback and one tight end; four offensive tackles, five defensive linemen, three linebackers, three defensive backs and one talented youngster listed as an “athlete,” The Rattlers are now able to reap some of their needs at quarterback, offensive line, and defense. Despite the late start in recruiting players, FAMU has established contact with first-rate talented players from high schools around the state and surrounding areas. Since Carter was appointed coach in mid July of last year, he and his staff did not enjoy the customary summer evaluation period prior to the start of the football season in September. The Rattlers are looking to build their program that will be consistently competitive. This will take time, so recruiting high school athletes is the route taken by the coaching staff. With the help of Roosevelt Kiser, who is rated among the top receivers in


July / August 2006

Introducing DeWayne Jones Onyx Magazine is please to introduce DeWayne Jones, who is doing his summer internship with Onyx Magazine. DeWayne is currently matriculating at Paine College in Augusta Georgia where he enrolled after receiving his associates degree from Valencia Community College, Orlando. The clean cut 6’5” journalism major is also an effective member of the Paine College’s basketball team. DeWayne has a younger sister and one older brother. He is the son of The Reverend and Mrs. David Jones. Because of his dedication and work ethics, we at Onyx Magazine, expect DeWayne to be successful in his chosen field of journalism. The 23 year-old is a member of Shiloh Baptist Church, of Orlando. We salute DeWanye Jones, an Up and Coming Leader.

Florida State Seminoles The 2006-2007 season for the Seminoles looks like a rebuilding year with just six scholarship seniors on the roster, but it has always been said that Florida State doesn’t rebuild, it reloads. There was a total of 27 true and redshirt freshmen players last year for the Seminoles, which was more than any other school in the country. For the second consecutive year, the Seminoles will be playing the Hurricanes on Labor Day, (Monday, September 4th at 8:00 p.m.) That game in the Orange Bowl will go a long way in deciding he ACC title race as well as the national championship. If the Seminoles can get through their league schedule, they will have a chance to defend their title in Jacksonville on December 2nd. Florida State may not have a lot of starter backs, but they do have experience. The Seminoles’ speed should be an advantage against their opponents because they’re very athletic. With eight home games this season, the Seminoles’ schedule is looking favorable. This season will be very intriguing for Bobby Bowden and especially for the fans.

July / August 2006

University of Miami Hurricanes This year, the Miami Hurricanes play their third season in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Hurricanes will be returning eleven starters from last season with an overall record of 9-3. There will be plenty of competition between players at most of the positions. On the offensive line, three upperclassmen that have started in the past will compete with a red shirt freshman for the two starting guard spots. Sophomore, Reggie Youngblood, who received a lot of playing time behind AllAmerican, Eric Winston, will fill left tackle. In the secondary, both cornerback spots are open. At defensive tackle, Kareem Brown, who ranks third on the team among returning players in sacks, will take over for Orien Harris. Injured running back, Tyronne Moss, who sustained a torn ligament last season is rehabilitating and is expected to help his team win a national championship this season.] The Hurricanes have a good chance to be very successful this season. With the help of their new coaching staff that has experience and knowledge, Miami will be back on track.


University of Central Florida Golden Knights Head Coach George O’Leary led the Golden Knights to an unforgettable season in 2005 closing out with an 8-5 record, a first bowl game, and the C-USA Eastern Division Championship. Although he lost six of his starters, the good news is that he has 19 returning (nine offense, nine defense and one special teams.) There will be 42 lettermen returning. Keep your eye on Sophomore Kevin Smith. He is both fast and reliable, and noted as the best offensive player. The same goes for CB Joe Burnett, noted best defensive player. In addition to great expectations for the football team a new addition to the Golden Knights has caused a lot of buzz among UCF Fans. People are saying great things about the University of Central Florida Golden Knights’ new athletic director, Keith Tribble, dubbing him a “great hire” for the university. Says Herman Frazier, Athletics Director, University, “Keith Tribble is the ultimate professional in this business.” Tribble took over his new post June 5th.

Onyx Magazine


Onyx Magazine Entertainment Round Up Entertainment Talk with Wanda Toby Author & Entertainment Columnist

accurate paternity test. If Belly wasn’t enough, the Beast should settle things. DMX and Nas are rumored to revive the 1998 hit, Belly, in a sequel directed by Hype Williams. Christina Milian is not only split from her famous ex-boyfriend Nick Canon, but H. Rosen Oprah Winfrey has also parted from her equally famous label, Island Def Jam Record. So looks ly keep things interesting. like she will have a new label to go along Rapper/actor/producer/writer/ and with her new man. whatever else one can do in the entertainVivica Fox will dance with the stars. The ment industry, Ice Cube recently came out show is set to air mid-September. Supposedly, and expressed his frustration with Oprah instead of C or D-list stars, they have moved up Winfrey. Cube claims that Oprah seems to to C and B listers. have a problem with the hip hop commuFrederic Rouzaud, the managing nity, and he has hard evidence. On several director of Louis occasions, Oprah has had Roderer Cristal, made guest from projects that some comments Cube’s been directly involved regarding the excesin and has not invited Cube to sive use of Cristal in be part of the show. The most the Hip-Hop commurecent example was the internity. He basically the view she had with the cast of attention that the rapthe critically acclaimed televipers bring to his brand sion reality show Black. is unwelcome at best. White. which Ice Cube execuIt is not the first time tive produced. Cube was also that some brand has missing when they internot been thrilled to viewed the cast of Barbershop receive business from 2. Maybe she just has a probthe hip-hop communilem with Ice Cube. Oprah ty. However, it is the denies the claims that she has Jamie Foxx first time that a major something against hip hop; industry player had however, her views on the decided to publicly take action. Jay-Z “images” of hip-hop are tainted, focusing announced that he will no longer serve on the negative aspect of the culture Cristal in his 40/40 Club nor will he drink instead of bringing to light the positive. the Champaign in his personal life. He is Don’t people always think their life cutting the mention out of his lyric while story would make a good movie? Haven’t on tour and he supports a boycott of the you heard them all the time saying, “I’ve Cristal brand. Uhh, that won't be a probbeen through some drama in my life?” lem for me considering the last time I Well, Missy Elliot will have her life could afford a bottle of Cristal was two turned into a movie. It is untitled but in the minutes past never. works through Tribeca Films, a production There is an absolutely beautiful song company owned by Robert Deniro. titled “Heaven” that Jamie Foxx has on A once-a-month traffic violation is too his album dedicated to his daughter. much for average drivers, but for DMX Apparently someone else dedicated it it’s just another day in the life. A couple of before he did. Eurweb reported that the weeks after getting into a fender bender, song is, allegedly, not an original but DMX gets ticketed for driving on the instead a copy off a song copyrighted in shoulder of a highway. For years, rumors 2003 by Michael A. Johnson. He is suing have swirled around about his alleged drug Mr. Foxx for stealing his hand-written use and these ongoing run ins with the law, lyrics. Only the courts will tell. doesn’t do well to squelch the rumors. Jay-Z’s celebration tour for his Rumor has it that Ashanti will be a Reasonable Doubt album was sold out in mommy soon. Now why is there speculajust a few hours while Mariah Carey is tion as to who the father might be? Nelly have a difficult time selling out her tour or Irv Gotti? Now that’s just wrong. She dates. Three dates had to be cancelled could always go on Maury to get a 99% So these past couple months have been busy with entertainment happenings that definite-


Onyx Magazine


already due to low ticket sales. The sister can sing, but I just don’t know about watching her perform. Apparently, the international audience can’t wait for JayZ’s summer tour. Now when does he find time to run the little record company he’s president of? Does anyone remember the movie 28 Days Later or the bad chick that was chopping up infected killer humans like onions? That’s Naomie Harris. She has been keeping herself busy, and 2006 and 2007 will be good years for her as she will be in major blockbusters. She stars in both installments of Pirates of the Caribbean (2nd installment to be released July 7, 2006) and Miami Vice that is set to be released July 28th. Just when you think it is safe to go to the movies, the Wayans brothers release something else. Little Man, starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans, is about a man that wants to have a baby so badly he mistakes a little person, who happens to be a crook, as a little baby. Set to release July 14th. In August, look for family friendly, animated feature, Barnyard, starring Danny Glover and Wanda Sykes about what really goes on in a barn when the farmers are gone. August 11th is the release date of Half Nelson, a film about an inner-city high school teacher with a drug habit who forms a close friendship with one of his students after she finds out about his secret. If it doesn’t get pushed back again, Idlewild, starring the OutKast due, Terrance Howard, Patti LaBelle and more, is set to release on August 25th. Summer at the movies should be interesting but drama in entertainment Vivica Fox will definitely be hot. July / August 2006

ONYX Magazine July / August 2006  

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