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Destination: ReykjavĂ­k

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javĂ­k Collection

to ::shake:: up your jewelry box this summer landic-inspired summer collection. ation? ReykjavĂ­k and beyond. ummer humidity by diving into our world of

s, iced blues, neon Swarovski, osewood & sterling silver apes.

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What is Onyx Feather? Onyx Feather is an independent, modernvintage jewelry line that supports the convergence of creativity and social responsibility. Fifteen percent of every necklace goes directly to sponsor former child soldiers with high school and college scholarships because we believe longterm investment is how you create lasting change in the lives of overlooked children. For more information visit our web site:

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An Onyx Fe of southern wood, glas 14-karat go Image by O

ling Nordic Hills

eather favorite. Inspired by the rolling hillsides n Iceland. Green rosewood unites with palm ss cubes, sparkling gold Czech glass and a old-fill triangular toggle clasp ($120). Ornello.



Crackled quartz, silver glass cubes, Czech glass, sterling silver textured tubes and sterling silver balls ($120). Inspired by the Golden Falls in Southwest Iceland (Gulfoss). Image by Leslie Seaton.

Our materials

Why are Onyx Feather necklaces so unique? Because a) they are one-of-a-kind, and b) we incorporate vintage and unique raw materials from all over the world into our jewelry. Listed above are just some of the raw materials we use.

“Frost yourself”

with Sigrún. A necklace inspired by frosty Icelandic glaciers. A mix of frosted blue agate, leopard jasper, glass cubes, sterling silver balls and repurposed palm wood. Finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. ($140)



Frosted blue agate meets crackled quartz, glass squares, sterling silver balls and repurposed palm wood. Finished with a triple-dipped, silver-plated toggle clasp ($140). Inspired by blue glaciers. Ice Beach at J枚kuls谩rl贸n image by Moohaha, (Audrey).


Go Fresh with Frigg. This white hot necklace transitions from a steamy summer day to a breezy rooftop evening. Composed of white glass, clear quartz, vintage Italian lucite, and Picasso Czech glass triangles. Finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp ($80).

Shape Shifter A necklace architecturally inspired by Harpa, Reykjavik’s abstract glass and steel concert hall designed by Olafur Eliasson. Image by Sarah Ackerman. Påla consists of diagonal glass cubes, frosted quartz, neon magnesite, wood and sterling silver balls. Finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp ($85).

to view our full collections check out w w w.o n y x f e at h e r o n l i n e .c o m


Deep Freez

with Kristjna. Inspired by Jökulsárlón’s glaci lagoon. Milk white glass, clear quartz, pale b Czech glass, wood, Picasso Czech glass tri and sterling silver balls ($75). Image by Andrea Schaffer.


ial blue iangles

“Iceland’s Blue Lagoon” image by McKay Savage.

Hall贸 Bj枚rk! Inspired by the frothy geo-thermal pools of Iceland. Teal and ebony polished agate meets milky sage Czech glass, palm wood, Picasso Czech glass triangles, sterling silver balls and glass squares. Finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp ($140).

Blue Ice

Approximately 11% of the Iceland’s is covered with glaciers and about 3 lava fields.

surface 30% is

yes, we do custom orders! email us here for more info


Artic Blast! An arctic blast inspired by the briiliant hues of Iceland’s blue lagoon. Valdís features framed, vibrant aqua glass, aqua Swarovski crystals, hematite, silver Czech glass and sterling silver balls. Finished with a triple-dipped, silver-plated toggle clasp ($120). “Blue Lagoon” image by Kyle Taylor.

Meet VigdĂ­s

Cool off with one of o Playful enough for a w Select from a mix of w glass and Swarovski c the rest of the milk-fro

our frosted quartz, milk white and neon necklaces. white tank but chic enough for a flirty, summer dress. white glass, quartz, neon magnesite, Picasso Czech crystal pearls. Like what you see? Click here to shop ost Icelandic necklaces in our e-boutique. (VigdĂ­s $85)


Inspired by the striking, black sand beaches of Iceland. Multifaceted black agate meets repurposed palm wood, tiger speckled jasper, black Swarovski crystals, black Czech glass and sterling silver balls. Sterling silver toggle clasp ($130). “Black and Blue” in Akranes image by Ben Husman.

Rooftops of Reykjavík Inspired by the famously, colorful rooftops of Reykjavík, these earrings add a quirky, geometic touch to any summer ensemble (both $37). Image by Kyle Taylor.

Pick between Guðlaug (pink mother of pearl, Czech glass, palm wood and sterling silver balls) and Björg (neon Swarovski pear white Czech glass, frosted quartz, palm wood and sterling silver balls).


m rls,

Meet MĂŚja Go classic with an unexpected neon twist. Composed of white glass, clear quartz, neon pearl Swarovski, howlite, Picasso Czech glass and sterling silver balls ($75). Inspired by the scaffolding on the Reykjavik wharf. Image by Tim Regan.

to see our full collections check out w w w.o n y x f e at h e r o n l i n e .c o m


Permafrost Green rosewood meets frosted quartz and wood in this interpretation of the nordic countryside ($35). Image by David Evers.

Aรฐalbjรถrg Inspired by the rolling hillsides of southern Iceland. Patterned, green rosewood meets palm wood, a metal wire bead, silver glass cubes and gold Czech glass. Finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp ($85).

Classic or

Take a walk on the classic or wild side with Sunneva ($75) or Brynja ($85). Sunneva is a mix of crackled quartz stones, creamy howlite, milk-white glass, neon Magnesite and sterling silver balls. Brynja features iced quartz, vintage Italian lucite, wood, glass squares, neon magnesite and Czech glass.


Summer on ice with Jona. Glazed, crackled quartz meets neon Swarovski crystal pearls and neon Magnesite. Finished with sterling silver balls and silver-plated tubes ($80).


Inspired by the milky, geothermal pools of Iceland. Vintage patterned aqua beads, milky teal Czech glass, grey Czech glass and palm wood. Sterling silver lobster clasp. ($70) Guyser image by Kyle Taylor.

Every ReykjavĂ­k necklace is one-of-a

Contact us at and

-kind. Is your favorite piece sold out?

we can make you a similar piece with a unique twist.

Lilja Another necklace architecturally inspired by Harpa. Lilja features clear quartz, glass cubes, Czech glass, neon Swarovski pearl and sterling silver balls. Sterling silver lobster clasp ($75).

Ari Go sub-zero with Ari. White frosted quartz stones meet Czech glass, repurposed silver-plated tubes, Swarovski crystal neon pearls, sterling silver balls and wood. Sterling silver lobster clasp ($75).

Shop our color-blocked Swarovski collection

Get chained u Wear one or s

Created with s glass, 14-kara from a mix of Swarovski cry

Like what you see? click her

up in our color-blocked Swarovski necklaces. stack them at different lengths ($77).

sparkling Swarovski, shimmering Czech at gold-fill discs and Indian heishi. Choose fire opal, topaz, cerulean, grey and teal ystals or design your own color scheme.

re to shop our e-boutique

your wedding day customized the onyx feather way The process: 1. We work together to design the concept. 2. We pick materials & set a budget. 3. The result? A one-of-a-kind, modern-vintage piece for you or your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

bride & bridesmaid images courtesy of marthafitzsimon wedding photogrphy (far left & far right)

Here comes


Want more info? E-mail: Inquiries

Lead Campaign Photographer:

Arthur Moeller

For stockist, media, & customer queries contact: Sola Biu at or call: 703.899.4267 The inspirational images of Iceland featured in this lookbook are protected by the Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license. The photographers featured are not affiliated with Onyx Feather. For more information about reusing or distributing their images please visit: Based in Washington, DC Shot on location in New York City.

Onyx Feather Reykjavik Summer Lookbook  

Iced blue agate, frosted quartz, neon Swarovski and repurposed palm wood. View our Icelandic-inspired summer lookbook

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