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beautifully hand crafted co ffee trikes

pedal powered

co ffee shops!

WHY ON YOUR TRIKE? Our beautifully handcrafted mobile coffee trikes offer a refreshing alternative to the array of coffee shops on the high street. Our trikes include everything you need to get going on your new coffee trike along with the expertise to make it work. We have ran our own coffee and mobile coffee business for nearly a decade and can offer invaluable design, brand & marketing services, supply stock from coffee machines to coffee beans and everything in between! Even suggested events and locations, pricing, profits, and most importantly on going help and continued support.

UNIQUE RETAIL COFFEE BUSINESS • barista training from one of the best in the business • benefit of our unique & strong eco-friendly brand with funky, memorable, adaptable name • or just buy the trike and we can design, brand and print your signage - all in house • trikes complement and enhance any environment • looked on favourably by city councils • source of renewable energy - option to fit with roof solar panels to charge equipment • mobile with minimal carbon footprint • different, fun and adaptable - trike’s could be a flower shop, smoothie bar or an ice cream parlour!

and one last final reasurance -

we are the sole UK and Ireland distrubtors for the trikes.



PEDAL POWER WOW! what a great idea - a pedal powered coffee trike. Instead of your normal Piaggo Ape or vehicle conversion why not just pedal! It’s free, healthy, doesn’t need petrol, tax, insurance or MOT and it will make you stand out from the crowd whilst reducing your carbon footprint. The trikes are made to the highest possible hand crafted standards. So well made in fact they can take upto 400kg of equipment instead of a Piaggo Ape’s mere 200kg! The sublime wood finish makes it a piece of engineering that really is a talking point in itself and obviously the wood is sourced from sustainable forests. Oh, and our cups, yes, they are recyclable too!

the most eco friendly way to produce

espresso co ffee - the only footprint we leave is that of our happy customers!

SOLAR POWER AND EXPERIENCE Since July 2007, we have been trialing a new power supply for our coffee carts. Now, with Coffee Latino (our sister company) we are the UK’s most experienced mobile coffee company. In response to the nation’s love of the environment and current drive to become greener, we been working with our local environment agency to provide our customers and their customers with a clean and environmentally friendly alternative. It is this attention to detail that has made us market leader in our field. In a world first for the mobile coffee industry, On Your Trike has now developed and introduced a clean, silent, energy efficient inverter power system that is completely independent of the vehicle. The new system has virtually no emissions and runs totally silent the whole day long. With our solar powered system, charge controller and on-board waste systems we make it easier and cheaper for you and an eco-friendly to run your own business.

technical speci fication

Choice of Fracino Coffee machines the most powerful LPG / dual fuel running machines on the market - for the best coffee!

Ample space for smoothie / frappe machines, or anything else you require

Space for products to display on side shelves or hang up around the frame, plus you can serve from x3 sides

Gas Fittings ComCat 2 checked and certified

Self contained, silent running 70L water tank (typically enough for 1 days supply)

Trike dimensions: 10ft (long) x 4ft (wide)

Solar panels to recharge batteries

Pull out canopy to protect you from bad weather!

All x4 sides can be fitted with roll up vinyl banners use them as menu boards or for branding / advertising space - sell the space to someone for extra revenue!

Beautifully handmade, handcrafted wooden finish

Handrail to steer

Bell - so customers know your coming!

Sturdy drum handbrake

Motorbike chain for maximum durability

Supports upto 400kg of equipment. Piaggo Ape only supports upto 200kg

Pedal powered! - no tax, MOT or insurance needed!


ethical co ffee

We are proud to have a Business Membership with Coffee Kids. By helping create healthy communities and economic options for coffee farmers, through our donations we help to ensure a sustainable, consistent supply of coffee now and in the future. The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) places in our cup the finest coffees grown in Brazil. BSCA has hand-picked its members among the most quality conscious coffee growers in Brazil to create a group of superb farms that offer only a selected fraction

of their production as top quality specialty coffees. Tradition coupled with high technology and, most important, a personal touch, enable this selected group of growers, located in the choicest production areas of Brazil, to bring to the market only the finest coffees produced in the country. We are delighted to say we can then pass this amazing coffee on to you and your customers. We also source coffee that has been sourced and triple certified from fair trade, organic and rainforest alliance. You name it we supply it!




We also source coffee that has been sourced and triple certified from fair trade, organic and rainforest alliance.




If you are looking for a lifestyle change, less working hours or a move away from the 9-5 grind, generate a higher income then On Your Trike is where is can all start. • Unique you ‘buy and you own’ policy along with the tie in of a great brand and all our fantastic PR that goes with it! • The very best Barista training • On Your Trike Barista clothing, cups & aprons • We include a months’s supply of our great coffee with branded cups and lids • Work hours to suit your lifestyle • Continued help and business support - we want to be known for serving the VERY best coffee Please contact us for more detail.

HOW TO GET ONE! As each trike is handmade the lead time from placing a deposit is normally 8 weeks. This may vary and occasionally we may have some in stock. Price wise, each trike in principal is similar to a Piaggo Ape, so why not go for the quality and eco friendly option with us! A cost matrix is available upon request so you can pick and choose your equipment levels and needs. The same goes for all our coffee, tea and ripple cup supplies - just ask and we can chat you through it all.


E W T 0191 447 9094 M 0786 474 4630


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