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Through out the ancillary products, me and my partner have been able to create a close link of branding between the three texts.

Both the fonts and colours have been kept the same, being both bold and white with black backgrounds. This was done in order to make the texts very simple, due to the bright colours and costumes which are on the products.

This concept has been able, to allow us to have the comic book effect style, which also has been shown through the three products. In my music video, we added speech bubbles and texts which are mainly used in real comic books in order to continue our idea of some sort of comic video.

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How do these products all link together? First of all, from the superwoman costume we chose one colour


being which would be presented through the digi-pack and CD. This allows the audience to immediately identify a link with all the products. (also the colour of her mask) With the superwoman costume, the artist is shown wearing it in all the ancillary products. In addition, this shows how there is a continuation of branding. Also the back up dancers; wore colours which matched the colours used in the superwoman logo.

With our artist, she is placed under the pop genre. We were able to create this genre from our idea of the artist taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Firstly, the costume she is wearing shows how she is able to challenge the typical stereotype of women and she is shown to be superior.

The whole concept of all the three products are very informal. For instance the quote on the digi-pack makes the whole digi-pack seem like a comic book, which is meant to be presented informally. Also the type of dancing used, shows the mode of address to be related more to the ‘POP’ genre with the fast dance movements.

In addition to this, the comic book style effects in the music video shows the informal mode of address. With the “To Be Continued” and “Task !” it shows how their is a link to the comic effects. Also shown on the magazine advert and the main image being edited into a comic.

How is this artist shown? ď‚ž Firstly; the artist is shown to be very superior and stands out of a crowd. I was able to create this, through the magazine advert, where her clothes stand out and her body language shows her power and she is mimicking the sort of pose Superman would do. ď‚ž Also she is shown to be a artist who tries to connect a lot with her audience, especially with what looks like a story which could affect a lot of young women. With the quote, it also shows how as an artist she is able to step away from the joke and comic life, and faces reality by the advice. This also challenges the stereotype of her being evil and dangerous as shown in the video, but also deep down as an artist she is able to connect to her audience, and not just through music but through her words.

The theme which we tried to use in our products is the comic theme, with the speech bubbles and the texts. Instead of making our artist being the one, who takes revenge by herself, we challenged that stereotype by her being able to control her ex-boyfriend through a superman voodoo doll. This idea was done in order to show the battle of the sexes, of superwoman being superior than the original superman. With the theme, we were able to change a lot of things around, such as the aspect of the voodoo doll in order to make the story creative and fun to watch. Although the story contained scenes of humour and jokes, audiences are still able to watch a narrative performance, which tells them a storyline.



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