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student-to-faculty ratio, one of the lowest of all U.S. law schools

of ONU Law students come from outside the state of Ohio

on-campus deluxe apartmentstyle housing accommodations for law students

highest in Ohio for Bar required job placement for the class of 2011*

is the average number of students in a first year course

was the year ONU Law was fully accredited by the American Bar Association

was the founding year of ONU Law. 127 years of preparing students for the legal profession

is the average scholarship awarded to the 2012 incoming class

alumni residing and practicing in all 50 U.S. states and abroad

*Feb. 2012 statistics based on National Association for Law Placement (NALP) criteria

of the incoming class of 2012 identified themselves as minority

school in the country to offer a bar prep course for academic credit

of ONU Law faculty hold a Ph.D. or LL.M. degree in addition to their Juris Doctor

Table of Contents Scholarship Opportunities Financial Planning & Scholarships Taggart Law Library Clinical Programs Clinical Descriptions JD/MPPA Program in Taxation JJD/LLM in International Law Life at ONU Law On & Off-Campus Law Housing Admissions Visiting the Law College


“I had a career for a few years before law school, but since coming to ONU, I have felt empowered in a way that I never really did before. I know now that success is in my grasp, and I attribute that in large part to the support and concern of the faculty and the administration at ONU.”

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DREW PUGSLEY, 2L Jefferson, Ohio


SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES You are a highly qualified candidate. Your success to date is both noteworthy and impressive. ONU Law offers more than 4 million dollars in scholarships and grants to all three class years. With completion of a full review of your application, you could be qualified for significant scholarships and/or grants. Our average award for the 2012 entering class was $25,500. Our application for admission is free, so there is really no cause not to apply and see what offer we are able to make for you. ONU Law prides itself on its fair scholarship policies, which can be found on the next page. All scholarships and grants are renewable. We are seeking well-rounded students like you and we understand the importance of making your dream to become an attorney financially attainable. This is why Ada’s low cost of living, which is well below the state and national averages, might be a great benefit to you and your legal education. TO APPLY, CLICK HERE: PG 2

Financial Aid ONU Law continues to provide a premier legal education at a marginal cost. We remain the lowest private law school tuition of Ohio’s nine law colleges. As a private institution, all students pay the same tuition rates despite permanent state of residence. To offset the cost of tuition, ONU Law offers competitive scholarships and grants to qualified candidates. For the last two years, ONU Law has awarded more than $4 million in scholarships and grants to students in all three class years.


The cost of living may factor into your overall decision on where to attend law school. The cost of living in Ada, Ohio is well below both the state and national averages. The average cost for law students renting a two-bedroom apartment in Ada is near $550.00/month.

Scholarships & Grants SCHOLARSHIPS

ONU Law awards merit-based scholarships to highly qualified students each year. These awards recognize exceptional students who possess outstanding academic credentials, diverse backgrounds, and leadership abilities that indicate the applicant’s potential to excel in all aspects of the law school experience. To be considered for an ONU Law scholarship, you must submit the application for admission and all documents required within.


ONU Law awards a limited number of need-based grants to students whose Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) indicates significant need for assistance. Applicants must submit a FAFSA at the earliest possible date after Jan. 1, 2013. PG 3


Students who exceed their predictors their first year and do exceptionally well have the opportunity for an increase in their award offer for their second and third years. Students entering without an award offer their first year who do exceptionally well also have the opportunity to receive scholarships for their second and third years.


ONU Law reserves funding to be awarded to students wanting to transfer to ONU Law after their first year of law school. Awards are based on a full review of the students’ application and academic history.


Ohio resident and non-resident tuition: $33,684 Estimated expense for textbooks: $2,500

Taggart Law Library, South Wing




9 Concentrations Bankruptcy and Commerical Law Civil Litigation Corporate Law Criminal Law International Law Public Law and Policy Real Property Law Small Firm General Practice Taxation

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11 Clinical Placements

THROUGH EXTENSIVE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, WE TEACH OUR STUDENTS NOT ONLY TO THINK LIKE LAWYERS, BUT ALSO TO ACT AND REACT LIKE THEM. Bankruptcy Clinic Criminal Law Clinic Corporate Transactions Clinic Environmental Law Clinic Governmental Law Clinic Judicial Externships Municipal Government Clinic Non-Profit Litigation Clinic ONU Public Interest Legal Clinic Prosecution Clinic Public Defender Clinic

Our clinical placement programs pair you with a practitioner, judge, prosecutor, or public defender to mentor you throughout your entire experience. You will be challenged to participate in client meetings, trials, settlements, and pleadings. WWW.LAW.ONU.EDU >> ADMISSIONS

Clinical Descriptions BANKRUPTCY CLINIC: Students in the Bankruptcy Clinic will be assigned to either a bankruptcy practitioner or a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Trustee. They will engage in drafting petitions and pleadings, researching, and making court appearances in Federal Bankruptcy Court. CRIMINAL LAW CLINIC: Students will be assigned to either a local municipal prosecutor or public defender and will represent either the state of Ohio or qualified defendants in criminal misdemeanors. This clinic involves court appearances under the supervision of a licensed practicing prosecutor or public defender. Students also may work for the Federal Public Defender’s Office or a U.S. Attorney. ENVIRONMENTAL CLINIC: Students will be assigned to a nonprofit environmental organization. They will engage in research, drafting of pleadings, and other legal and lobbying activities undertaken by the organization under the supervision of a licensed practicing attorney.

CORPORATE TRANSACTIONAL CLINIC: The Transactional Clinic is an in-house clinic staffed by a faculty member. Students will engage in the representation of churches and other nonprofit organizations in matters such as incorporations, mergers and consolidations, tax-exempt filings with the IRS, real estate matters, and other risk management issues. ONU LEGAL CLINIC: The ONU Legal Clinic is an in-house clinic staffed by a faculty member. Students will represent lower income clients in a variety of civil matters, including divorce, child custody, social security and disability benefits applications, wills, and consumer fraud issues. LITIGATION CLINIC: The representation of clients in civil litigation matters such as family law, landlord/tenant and other general civil litigation matters at a local legal aid organization under the supervision of practicing attorneys affiliated with the legal aid organization. Prerequisites: Successful completion of 58 hours of law college credit and an intern certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio. Prerequisite or co-requisite: LAW 1248 (Civil Practice: an Introduction). MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT CLINIC: Students work with Municipal Government Solicitors or City Law Directors on civil litigation and criminal litigation issues arising within the context of a municipal government. Prerequisite or co-requisite: LAW 1400 (Municipal Corporations).

GOVERNMENTAL CLINIC: Students may work for a variety of governmental agencies and will engage in research and other legal drafting as required by the organization in question. The student will be under the supervision of a practicing governmental attorney.

NON-PROFIT LITIGATION CLINIC: Under the supervision of practicing attorneys or administrators, providing assistance to non-profit agencies on legal issues confronting them. Prerequisites: Successful completion of 58 hours of law college credit and an intern certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio. Prerequisite or co-requisite: LAW 1248 (Civil Practice: an Introduction).

JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIPS: Students will be assigned to either a state or federal judge and will engage in research and legal drafting as well as observation of court proceedings in the court in question.

PUBLIC DEFENDER CLINIC: Placement in a public defender office involving the representation of criminal defendants under the supervision of a licensed practicing attorney. Prerequisite LAW 1296 (Criminal Practice: An Introduction) or LAW 1297 (Criminal Practice: Advanced).

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JD/MPPA in Taxation

CONCURRENT JD/MPPA – Full-Time Only Students with an interest in taxation can earn both their law degree and a masters of professional practice in accounting through a concurrent degree program offered by the College of Law and the College of Business Administration. Students admitted to the program can earn both degrees within three academic years. Concurrent degree students begin their studies with the standard first year curriculum of the College of Law. In the summer following their first year, students will take federal income taxation and an elective course. Following a second academic year of specialized courses and electives, students will be placed in a summer externship for credit that will offer field experience in tax accounting. Students will then complete a third year of study and earn both the law degree and the masters of accounting in the spring. PG 7

REPRESENTATIVE COURSES Professional Ethics and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Corporate Governance and Accounting Business Valuation Basics of Expert Testimony Federal Income Tax Research Methods in Taxation and Accounting Taxation of Corporations Taxation of Partnerships and Partners Taxation of Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Nonprofit Organizations Business Planning Estates, Wills, and Trusts


JD/LLM in International Law CONCURRENT JD/LLM – Full-Time Only If you are motivated to work in promoting democracy, law reform, and development around the world, then our concurrent JD and LL.M. in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law degrees are the ideal choice for you. Beginning your first year, you will take international law courses designed to give you exposure to the needs and demands of countries making the transition to democracy and the rule of law. Unique shared classes and activities enable you to learn alongside our international LL.M. students, who are preparing for public service in their home countries. During each summer term, you will be placed in an externship to gain practical experience in the field and generate valuable international contacts. Your first placement will be in international development, law reform, or human rights organizations in the United States such as the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, CARE USA, Transparency International, Save the Children, or the Environmental Protection Agency. In your second year, you will work with international organizations or governments overseas. Externs most recently have worked in Kosovo, Georgia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Liberia. These experiences and contacts will provide you with professional opportunities in law and governance reform around the world.

REPRESENTATIVE COURSES Comparative Administrative Law Comparative Constitutional Law Competitiveness and Corruption International Business Transactions International Commercial Arbitration Law International Law of Non-Governmental Organizations International Human Rights International Law Law of War Legal Issues in Transitional Democracies International Comparative Law International Criminal Law International Law of Terrorism

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Life at ONU Law Ada, Ohio provides a quaint, small-town atmosphere that complements the friendly environment found on campus. Ada offers few distractions – perfect for the rigorous study of law. When law students take a break from the rigors of their legal studies, the village offers affordable entertainment. The Ada Theatre shows first-run movies in a classic setting with $4 admission. Students satisfy their hunger at a variety of local restaurants offering menu options from Chinese to Mexican and several local pizza joints. The Inn at Ohio Northern University offers deluxe accommodations for visiting family and friends, dining options, and a pub. For a change of atmosphere, students can travel to nearby cities like Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Ft. Wayne, Louisville, and Toledo. PG 9


Housing, On & Off-Campus


Ohio Northern University and the Village of Ada offer many housing options for Law students. More than 48 deluxe oncampus apartments are available for law and graduate students looking for the convenience of campus living. VIEW A VIDEO OF OUR ON-CAMPUS HOUSING AT:

LEARN MORE For photos and floor plans of on-campus housing or information about off-campus living, go to >> Admissions >> Housing.


The Village of Ada provides inexpensive off-campus housing and a cost of living well below the national average. Monthly rental fees can range from $350-$600 depending on your preferences. Most rental locations are within walking distance to the College of Law, restaurants, and other shops along Main Street in Ada. PG 10


NO APPLICATION FEE Deadline: Aug. 15, 2013


Dec. 1, 2012: Admittance decisions sent on rolling basis Jan. 1, 2013: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available – Please complete Feb. 1, 2013: Invitations to interview for the Summer Starter Program sent on rolling basis June 11, 2013: June LSAT administration – we accept June scores Aug. 15, 2013: Deadline to apply

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AND SEE WHY YOUR PEERS CHOOSE ONU LAW • Speak with an Admissions Counselor • Tour the law college • Attend a first year class • Lunch or coffee with current students* • Meet with Financial Aid* • Meet with Career Services* *Based upon availability

To schedule a visit, go to >> Admissions and submit the online form. Call toll free: 1-877-452-9668 E-mail:



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