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By Leonel Barrigh  

^ The  Team  preparing  for  the  long,  intensity  filled  day.       There  is  a  common  misconception  that  track  is  a  sport  for  individuals.  However,   track  and  field  is  largely  a  team  sport.  Of  course  you  have  the  individual  rewards   given   to   the   athletes   that   showed   an   outstanding   level   of   performance   in   their   respective   categories,   alas   the   overall   track   and   field   experience   is   highly   dependent  on  your  teammates.     They   are   the   ones   that   push   you   every   practice   to   give   it   your   all,   they   are   the   ones  that  encourage  you  during  a  race  and  give  you  the  motivation  to  give  a  little   more  when  you  have  nothing  left  nearing  the  end  of  a  race.    


The   UAS   track   and   field   team   experienced   it   this   past   few   months,   regularly   attending   practices   that   would   demand   the   best   out   of   them,   and   putting   their   abilities  to  the  test  in  two  consecutive  meets  at  the  end  of  the  season.   This   past   month   of   March   the   track   and   field   team   had   a   busy   two   weeks.   This   involved   two   consecutive   meets.   One   of   them   was   the   ECC   (Emirates   Coastal   Conference)   meet.   This   was   a   meet   that   involved   several   of   our   rival   schools;   including  DAA,  ACS,  GWA,  AISA  and  the  host  school  ASD.  This  turned  out  be  a  fun   meet   and   fairly   successful   for   the   UAS   track   team.   Some   athletes   earned   great   victories  in  their  correspondent  events  while  others  managed  to  place  in  highly   competitive  races,  making  it  a  weekend  to  remember.     One   of   the   highlights   of   this   meet   was   being   able   to   witness   fellow   teammate   Carlos  Diaz,  whom  not  only  won  the  gold  medal  in  high  jump  but  also  broke  the   school’s  record  by  jumping  an  impressive  1.8  meters.  However  it  wasn’t  until  the   ISAC  meet  a  week  later  that  the  UAS  Track  Team  had  the  opportunity  to  harvest   the   fruits   of   their   hard   labor.   Involving   teams   from   Jordan   (ACS   Amman)   and   Kuwait   (AISK,   AIS)   the   ISAC   track   and   field   meet   being   hosted   in   our   own   campus   was   a   huge   success.   All   of   the   athletes   gave   a   spectacular   performance   making  all  of  their  hard  work  worth  it.      One   of   the   things   that   stood   out   the   most   however   was   the   Varsity   Relay   in   which  UAS  pulled  a  fantastic  victory  from  behind.  The  team  compromised  of  two   JV   athletes   (Karim   Bakir   and   Jorge   Barrigh)   that   with   all   their   effort   and   dedication  managed  to  give  the  team  an  edge  against  Varsity  level  athletes.    Even   Dr.Brandt  the  director  of  our  school  described  this  as  an  “outstanding  victory”  on   behalf  of  UAS.    


At the   Varsity   level   our   team   compromised   of   only   4   athletes   (Gabe   Baramki,   Carlos  Diaz,  Leonel  Barrigh  and  Gerrit  Genis)  did  an  outstanding  job  managing  to   collectively  earn  9  gold  medals  out  of  13  events.  This  got  them  second  place  in   the  overall  meet,  quite  an  impressive  job  considering  their  small  numbers.     At   the   JV   level   both   girls   and   boys   made   a   fabulous   job   by   earning   third   and   fourth   place   respectively.   With   this   stupendous   show   of   hard   work   and   dedication   the   UAS   track   team   concluded   their   season   and   are   now   looking   forward  to  next  year’s  season.      However   in   order   to   make   next   year’s   team   even   more   successful,   we   need   you,   the   athletes   in   the   UAS   community,   and   event   the   people   who   don’t   view   themselves   as   athletes   to   join   the   team   and   help   it   prosper.   I   promise   that   you   will  not  regret  it,  for  track  and  field  is  a  beautiful  sport,  filled  with  hard  work,  but   the  rewards  that  come  from  it  are  worth  the  effort.    

^ The  Varsity  Relay  Team  celebrating  alongside  Dr.  Brandt  

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