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“BULLETS FOR BIRDS” ARTIST: SHIREEN JARRAR The  theme  to  all  my  pieces  is  "Relationships",  but  this  is  a  painful  part  of  any  relationship.  This   piece   is   about   someone   who   commits   suicide   and   how   the   loved   ones   of   the   victim   feel   before   and  after  the  time  of  suicide.  To  the  victim,  they  are  more  dead  than  alive  in  this  life  and  this  is   shown  through  the  skeleton.  The  blood  transforming  into  birds  and  the  white  rose  symbolizes   how   the   victim   would   feel   free   and   at   peace   if   they   were   to   end   their   lives.   But   of   course   to   friends   or   family,   this   is   unimaginable   and   can   deeply   affect   the   victims   loved   ones   from   the   loss.  Bullets  for  Birds  was  made  by  Photoshop.  A  3D  model  is  currently  being  made.    

10- bullets for birds