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On the Rump ANGUS


Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Balonne Sale ......................................16 GDL - St George ................07 4625 5844 Elders - St George ............07 -4625 3699 Banquet ..............................................15 S & N Branson ..................03-5599 2764 Booroomooka ....................................12 Hugh..................................0427 247 129 Sinclair ..............................02-6723 6622 Burenda ..............................................11 J Schmidt.......................... 0429 067 313 Carabar ..............................................12 D Hegarty..........................07-4665 6164 Hazeldean ............................................7 J Litchfield ........................0417 676 561 R Cannon ..........................0427 931 177 Larriken ..............................................21 V Larkin ............................0427 793 597 Raff ......................................................5 A & A Raff ........................07-4627 6064

Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Glen Innes Sale ....................................8 Elders Glen Innes ..............02-6732 2500 Ironbark ................................................3 Adrian Spencer..................0429 659 766 www.ironbarkherefords.comau Mountain Valley ................................21 I Durkin..............................0427 299 012 CL Squires & Co ................02-6722 2588 M Wilson ..........................0418 960 036 Oldfield ..............................................22 P McArthur........................0427 431 521 Southern Cross ..................................24 S Reid ................................0427 631 014 T Nixon ..............................0427 276 182 Thornhill ............................................19 G Zillman ..........................07-4627 4182 Wallan Creek ......................................17 T & J Nixon ........................07-4627 6197 B & A Nixon ......................07-4627 6195 Wararba Park......................................13 K & C Dobson....................07-4665 6204 Warren Point ......................................13 R Lethbridge......................0428 583 244 C Lethbridge......................0400 309 397

B R A FO R D National Braford ................................24 Society ..............................07-4927 5196

BRANGUS Balonne Sale ......................................16 GDL - St George ................07 4625 5844 Elders - St George ............07 -4625 3699 Brangus Society of Aust ....................14 Association........................02-6773 3056

C H A R O L A I S & C H A R B R AY Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Ayr ........................................................6 G, R & D Cass ....................07-4996 3127 Balonne Sale ......................................16 GDL - St George ................07 4625 5844 Elders - St George ............07-4625 3699

G E L BV I E H Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Gelbvieh Sale ......................................18 J & A Nixon........................07-4665 5127 J & K Thompson ................07-5481 1811 C & J Braithwaite ..............07-4168 1277 C & A Johnson ..................07-4695 7133

LIMOUSIN Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634

M U R R AY G R E Y Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Murray Grey Northern ......................23 MGBCS ..............................02-6773 2022

RED BRAHMAN Balonne Sale ......................................16 GDL - St George ................07 4625 5844 Elders - St George ............07 -4625 3699

SA N TA G E R T R U D I S Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Balonne Sale ......................................16 GDL - St George ................07 4625 5844 Elders - St George ............07 -4625 3699 Hardigreen Park....................................8 M Rolfe ............................02-9908 1469 C Patterson........................02-6746 5655 Moongana Invitation..........................21 C & D Gauld ......................07-4627 6217 C Hindle ............................07-4687 7730 Rosevale..............................................10 D & S Greenup ..................07-4668 6192 G & P Greenup..................07-4668 6121 Santa Gertrudis Australia ..................20 ..........................................1300 305 708



Hazeldean ............................................7 J Litchfield ........................0417 676 561 R Cannon ..........................0427 931 177

SHORTHORN Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 Redmarley ..........................................12 G & V Mundell ..................07-4627 7152 Dunbeacon ..........................................4 I & A McDouall..................02-6782 7207 D & J McDouall ................02-6782 7287

S I M M E N TA L Ag Show Sale ........................................9 Landmark - A Ball..............0428 324 919 Elders - A Meara................0427 210 634 BCM ......................................................4 S, L & W York ....................07-4627 6657 R & V Laycock ....................07-54241207 R & E Skene ......................0428 717 847 Country Capital ..................................15 T Atkins ............................02-6785 1486 P Purtle ............................0428 851 704

BIG BEEF BUSINESS Merial Australia..................................26 Vanderfield ........................................27 Roma Wire and Steel ........................27 ..........................................07-4622 4701 ProWay ..............................................28 ..........................................1300 655 383

B OA R D I N G S C H O O L S The Glennie School ............................29 ..........................................07-4688 8807 The Rockhampton Grammar School..30 ....................................1300 GRAMMAR


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Dunbeacon Poll Shorthorns superior meat quality since 1843 On the 3rd of September 2012 Beef Producers will have their choice of genetics that combine carcase and yield with true meat quality and tenderness.

High Fertility


Meat Quality


Giving Cattle Breeders the edge ...

Slick Coated

Producing MORE Quality Beef per hectare$ right across Australia.

50 Bulls

3rd September 2012

Fifty Bulls will be offered on property at Dunbeacon, Upper Horton, NSW (1 hour south of Moree) at 1 pm. All of the bulls have been prepared on forage oats and are ready to work, fully vaccinated and semen tested. Dunbeacon has been the home of Shorthorns since 1843 encompassing five generations of dedicated breeding focusing on fertility, temperament, do ability, followed by growth and carcase traits. All bulls have been fully performance recorded with extensive sire data and EBVs available. Beef Producers looking to increase meat quality and feedlot acceptability can select bulls from proven high performing sires backed by 24 years of feedlot sire trials at Beef City Feedlot. Many of the Dunbeacon sires have been proven to be the breed's highest marbling and most consistent feedlot performers. 2012 saw steers sired by Dunbeacon Granite D056 (pictured) taking home

first place for the Virtual Taste Test at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for both led steer and the Sydney Royal Beef Challenge Feedlot Trial. Dunbeacon's led steer scored 85.5 points (Bronze Medal) and was the highest scoring Shorthorn steer at the show. This steer also had the biggest EMA of all of the Shorthorn steers, combining carcase and tenderness. In the Sydney Royal Beef Challenge Feedlot Trial Domestic Class the pen of six steers were equal first in the carcase grid compliance section (the only pure bred steers) and took home first place in the taste test section out of 17 teams. Dunbeacon bulls have performed consistently well in Droughtmaster, Brangus and Hereford herds boosting fertility in their daughters and eating quality in the steer portion, giving greater marketing flexibility. Dunbeacon offers generous transport rebates for single purchases or volume buyers. For further information and sale catalogues please

Dunbeacon Bulls x Hereford Cows Ian & Ali McDouall David & Joan McDouall

Dunbeacon Bulls x Droughtmaster Cows

Ph: 02 6782 7207 Ph: 02 6782 7287

Dunbeacon Bulls x Brangus Cows


contact Ian and Ali McDouall Ph: 02-6782 7207. See our website at

‘Dunbeacon’ UPPER HORTON NSW 2347 or

Quality Beef Since 1843

email us at

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Raff continue to lead the way with Angus bulls The majority of the bulls on offer are the first progeny of the sires we bred as a result of the importation of over 330 embryos from the four Hoff cows we purchased in America in 2006. These sires are having a huge impact in our herd breeding cattle with extra depth, thickness and capacity combined with weight gaining ability and extra retail beef yield. "Since founding the stud in 1965 our objectives have never changed" said coprincipal Andrew Raff "While recognising the carcase qualities of Angus cattle we have always strived to breed bulls that combine these inherent qualities with extra growth and yield comparable to any breed or composite. We believe this year's sale bulls are a true testament to our objectives" Andrew Raff concluded. Feature lot Raff Franco F153 is a true example of the performance that Raff Angus bulls are capable of. At Beef Australia 2012 in Rockhampton Raff Franco F153 weighed 1050 kilograms at just 22 months with a whole of life daily gain of 1.52 kg/day. He measured a 130cm2 EMA with 9/7mm Fat and 5.8 IMF%. Franco is a half brother to Raff Empire E269 and was Reserve Senior Champion Bull to him at the show. Raff Franco F153 has been used in the stud and his semen will be retained. Another young sire likely to attract a lot of admirers is Raff Fonzie F352. He is a sire with comparable performance to Franco who at 17 months weighed an impressive 826 kilograms with a 1.54 kg/day whole of life gain. His EMA was

117cm2 with a 6.4% IMF reading. Fonzie is an awesome 'beef ' bull who is sired by Raff Danny Boy D207 that sold for $18,000 as a yearling in 2009 and is from our great show cow and Interbreed winner Raff Blackbird D349. The lot 1 bull Raff Encore E110 is a proven stud sire and full Hoff embryo import. In June he weighed 1278 kg's and stood 63 inches tall. He has a number of sons

have a younger flush brother retained - Raff Freddo F143. Being Queensland's largest auction sale for Angus bulls the Raff Angus sale provides both commercial and stud breeders the opportunity to make selections from bulls run in large contempory groups that are of outcross genetics to the mainstream Australian Angus. All raw data information is available with each lot also tested with HD50k for Angus that measures 18 traits

To request a catalogue contact Andrew & Anna Raff on 0746 276 064 or email or visit their new website

Raff Empire E269 - Senior and Grand Champion Angus Bull Beef 2012 Rockhampton - 32 months 1224 kg's

selling in the sale and will himself provide an opportunity to secure a direct son of our breed sensation Hoff Moriah 822 whose progeny have attracted strong competition over the years. His sire Leachman Prompter has also proven to be a breed legend. Encore is being sold only because we

including feed efficiency and tenderness through the advancement of genomic technology reported as Molicular Value Predictors {MVP's}. They are all semen tested and breeding soundness evaluated and tick fever 3 germ blooded, vaccinated for Pesti, 7in1, Botulism, Vibrio and 3 day sickness. The sale will be live on Auctions Plus commencing at 12 noon. An 'Open Day' will be held at "Mundibulanga" on Sunday 23rd where all sale bulls will be available for inspection together with a cross section of breeding cows and sires.


Raff angus

Feature Lot -

Raff Franco F153

Sire - J&C Appeal A10 Dam - Raff Burnette C158 by SAV Bandolier

Half brother to Raff Empire E269 - Eleven generations of Raff breeding descending from our foundations Burnette cow. Reserve Senior Champion bull to Empire at Beef 2012 Weight - 1050kg Fat - 9/7mm

ADG - 1.52kg/day IMF - 5.8%

EMA - 130sqcm Scrotal - 42cm

"Mundibulanga" Drillham Qld Monday September 24 Raff Angus have comparable growth and yield to any breed or composite - with carcase quality Andrew & Anna Raff Ph 07 4627 6064 Mobile 0429 691 975

150 Black Beef Bulls

The Raff Angus bull sale on Monday 24th September will consist of a record 150 Angus bulls, the largest number ever offered at a Raff on property bull sale. The draft of bulls will feature a stud sire selling as lot 1, bulls from our 2012 show team, 40 eighteen month old bulls and approximately 100 yearling bulls.

6 On the Rump 2012 ...



The Beefy Charolais

Annual on Property Sale Ayr Egypt’s Izaak

140 Bulls

Mungabunda Moura QLD Monday 12


17th Sept 2012

Ayr M.H’S Frampton

40 years producing Bulls for Stud and the Commercial Cattleman

Free Delivery

Full French

To Alpha, Rocky, Charters Towers, Clermont, Mundubbera, Casino, Tenterfield, Charleville,

Sires Only ,have been used In the Stud since 1972

Paddock Sales Available

Born & Bred in Tick Country Semen Tested EMA & Fat Scanned

Ayr Edward’s Helen & BC

View Catalogue late August at Ayr Bulls will produce high volume Flatbacks increasing your Bottomline

George , Ruth & David Cass Ph /Fax Cows & BC

On the

07 49963127



Ayr M.H’S Orion Photo taken at 9 mths wt 431 kg

Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474

On the Rump 2012 ... 7


Hazeldean Angus - more calves, more cents per kilo The Hazeldean Angus stud is holding its 17th Annual Northern Performance Bull Sale at Pinora, Jackson, Queensland on Thursday, August 16 where in excess of 130 Angus and 30 Senegus bulls will be on offer plus a number of paddock sale bulls. This year's sale line up are an exceptional run of well grown 2 year old bulls backed with breed leading data. Sires selected for use in the Hazeldean herd are identified not only for the cornerstone traits of easy calving and high reproduction rates but also for growth and the northern and long fed $index. This year's Queensland sale bulls average $110 for Long Fed/CAAB Index which puts them in the top 20% of the breed. Average birth weight EBV is well below breed average while the 600 day weight EBV is in the top 10% of the breed. Recent carcase data from Rangers Valley, Glen Innes shows Hazeldean steers performing above average for growth and exceptionally well for marbling. The steers going through the feedlot from August 2011 to February 2012 (under the Rangers Valleys 300 day program) averaged 3.24 for

17th Annual Northern Performance Bull Sale at Pinora, Jackson, Queensland on Thursday, August 16 marbling compared to the overall yard average of 2.8. For growth the Hazeldean steers averaged 1.17kgs/day compared to the total yard average of 1.11 kgs/day. In addition to Angus bulls, Hazeldean will offer 30 highperforming Senegus bulls. Senegus are a composite breed including Senepol - a tropically adapted Bos Taurus breed from the Caribbean - and Angus. The Senepol's slick coat gives heat tolerance and parasite resistance and Senegus inheriting the slick coat inherit 100% of this ability. Senegus bulls offer an exciting option for beef producers looking to maintain heat and parasite tolerance while lifting fertility and carcase value. Hazeldean has further expanded the composite with the inclusion of the moderate framed Black Simmental breed to further boost growth rates and kilos produced per hectare.. The breeding program continues full steam ahead and the stud is particularly excited with the recent purchase of top

performing sires Te Mania Berkley B1 and Lawsons Tank B1155. Hazeldean purchased the outstanding sire Te Mania Berkley B1 in 2010 for an Australian record of $65,000 which was only eclipsed last year by a son selling at Te Mania for $91,000. The top selling bull at the Hazeldean South Australian Angus Bull sale in February was also a Berkley son. Hazeldean purchased Lawsons Tank B1155 also in 2010 from Chris Davidson of Morgiana Beef Composites. Lawsons have continued using the bull via AI with of his sons topping their 2012 production sale in 2012 at $37,000. Jim Litchfield said that both of these new sires are producing outstanding progeny and will make a significant contribution to the herd and breed in the years ahead. Bulls are available for inspection by appointment. Please call Richard Cannon 0427 931 177 or Jim Litchfield on 0417 676 561 or your local GDL or Elders agent.

HAZELDEAN Northern Performance Bull Sale

160 Angus & Senegus Bulls 11am

Thursday 16th August Pinora, Jackson QLD Feature Sires:

Hazeldean Angus Bull at work at Banchory Station, Clermont . Banchory has been using Hazeldean bulls for several years and are benefiting from improved fertility and a significant lift in carcase quality.

Te Mania Berkley Lawsons Dinky Di Hazeldean Brave B195 Bando 9074 Te Mania Yorkshire WK Replay Leachman Boomtime Sitz New Design 458N Te Mania Infinity BR Midland, GAR Solution, plus sons of top performing Hazeldean sires

Jim Litchfield - 0417 676 561 Ricahard Cannon - 0427 931 177 Hazeldean will offer 160 Angus & Senegus bulls at Jackson on August 16th.

8 On the Rump 2012 ...


Glen Innes Hereford Sale displays exceptional quality On the back of another successful year for the Hereford breed, 26 vendors have nominated 127 bulls and 18 heifers for the 67th annual Glen Innes Hereford show and sale on Wednesday 29th August. The committee is excited to announce a new level of support for this event in the form of Rabo Bank coming on-board to support the show section with an injection of funds towards the highly sort after Pen of three. This is to be an ongoing feature of our show section and Chesterfield Australia has added their support in the form of sponsorship towards the Truckload of six bulls. The committee are delighted to receive this commitment from these two high profile industry supporters and feel this only adds to the

prestige of the event. Vendors have stepped up their support for this iconic sale offering a really strong line of bulls that have all been inspected pre catalogue and will all carry vet inspection certificates and semen tests pre sale. All the bulls will be scanned the day before the sale with all current statistical information readily available for on the spot omparisons. The hard working committee have taken every care to ensure the quality of the bulls is paramount for this very successful multi-vendor sale and is proud to welcome seven new vendors and the return of some old familiar faces to the ranks of bull sellers to support this great sale. This sale has a real commercial focus, buyers can

be assured of finding the right bull to fit into their breeding program with some vendors opting to bring their whole teams of sale bulls for buyer competition. Recent international research has highlighted the huge advantages of adding Hereford bulls to black herds with the 2011 Junior Champion and equal top resultant progeny delivering priced $10,000, Booyong Sharka as much as $30 per head ability,increased fertility, in the back into the breeders pocket. As grass based environment of a direct result of higher weight temperate Australia. The Hereford gain enabling earlier turnover bull breeders of the 21st century with better carcase attributes. are focusing their efforts on Herefords really are great carcase attributes, providing the converters to beef, ready acceptance of the breed into the added advantages of a placid the MSA market. temperament, great milking


Celebrating 40 years

Hardigreen Park Outback (PS) (S: Glen View Barbados) (DOB: 22/8/10)

“ Where good santas get together�

With the the successful induction of Heifers to the 2011 sale our vendors have 18 diplayed in 2012. The 2011 sale topper, Jindalee Doreen E020, entered the ring with a baby calf at side and 10 of this years' draft will have PTIC results at the point of sale. Steve Crowley and daughter, Lisa Hannaford, team up to judge this strong line-up of bulls at the 2012 sale. Their highly successful Tycolah Poll Hereford stud near Barraba has climbed to dizzy heights with the progeny of Karina Cherry that Steve purchased from the 2006 Glen Innes sale for a meagre $8000. At the 2012 National Poll Hereford show, 2 Cherry sons and a grandson earned $107,000 on the back of Grand Champion bull at both Dubbo and Sydney, along with the prestigious Urquhart Interbreed Trophy.



egistered in 1972 the Hardigreen Park stud this year celebrates its 40th Anniversary. 7he SreÀ[ nRZ MRins sRPe 20 œ6¡ IePales in single sire herds Zith Zhat Ze believe are sRPe RI the best bulls RIIered Rver Pany years. 7his SRlicy allRZs the sSread RI the genetic SRRl tR a substantial degree enabling us tR RIIer a diverse range RI genetic Paterial. At the 2012 6anta &entral 6ale Ze¡ll RIIer 12 bulls. 7he PaMRrity are SRlls and sRns RI the 4000 *ralyn 'eIender P

and the 41000 :ave Hill &RZbRy P bRth Surchased at the 2010 6anta &entral 6ale. 7hese tZR sires have built Rn the reSutatiRn and SerIRrPances RI such nRtables as 'angarÀeld 0RrRccR P6 and the great *lenn 2aks )arPhand. )arPhand has SrRduced sR Pany high sellers including the 29000 0anager P . AnRther sire is :ave Hill =14 P

ZhRse Àrst IRur SrRgeny RIIered at the 6anta &entral 6ale averaged 22000 tR tRS at 700 IRr /aZyer selling tR 'iaPRnd H 6tud. AnRther =14 sRn Zas the 0000 0a[iPus P ZhR sRld tR the )Rrest Park 6tud. :arenda RRle[ Surchased at the :arenda 6ale IRr 000 and has SrRduced Zell. 7his year Ze¡ll RIIer a halI brRther RI the 2009 RA6 -uniRr and *rand &haPSiRn bull Hardigreen Park /Rngines in the SrRPising yRungster Hardigreen Park 2Pega P . /ast year Ze sRld the 2000 1avPan P  the 14000 1autilus P

and the 1000 1ucleus tR the (chR Hills <ugilbar and 6antahat 6tuds respectively. 2ther sires used Zith great success in recent tiPes include .elly :allah 'Rlicus *lenvieZ %arbadRs P6  7RRkey &reek )lynn P6

and 'iaPRnd H 0aMRr P . /RRking tR the Iuture the preĂ&#x20AC;[ selected the tRp selling 700 'angerĂ&#x20AC;eld 7Rrrent P6 at the 2011 'angarĂ&#x20AC;eld 6ale. :e believe the 2012 sale teaP RIIers intending buyers a Tuality lineup RI Zell bred bulls IRr bRth cRPPercial and seedstRck RperatiRns.

S E L L I N G 1 2 B U L L S S A N TA C E N T R A L S A L E 2 6 T H S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 2 Moreton Rolfe Ph 02 9908 1469 Fax 02 9221 0377 Colin Patterson Ph/fax 02 6746 5655


On the Rump 2012 ... 9

Q U E E N S L A N D ' S B E S T VA L U E , M U LT I - V E N D O R , M U LT I - B R E E D S A L E

AG SHOW BULL SALE Wednesday & Thursday, 5th & 6th September, 2012 Toowoomba Showgrounds 10am

4 6 3

S L L BU Toowoomba 07 4637 3000 Anthony Ball 0428 324 919

On the

RUMP Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413

Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474

95 Angus bulls

6 Gelbvieh females

88 Charolais bulls

20 Gelbvieh bulls

38 Hereford bulls

33 Limousin bulls

1 Murray Grey bull 68 Santa Gertrudis bulls 6 Shorthorn bulls

2 Red Angus bulls 7 Simmental bulls

Toowoomba 07 4690 7777 Andrew Meara 0427 210 634


10 On the Rump 2012 ...

Lot 1

Easy Doing - Clean Sheathed Muscle Powered Santas

56th Annual Sale

Tuesday September 25 2012 150 Pasture Fed Bulls 20 PTIC ‘S’ Females


David & Sonya Greenup 07 4668 6192

Grahame & Peggy Greenup 07 4668 6121

On the Rump 2012 ... 11


QLD Bred Bulls For QLD Conditions Burenda Angus and Brangus will catalogue about 115 bulls for their annual Bull Sale at Roma Saleyards on Wednesday the August 29 2012 at 11:00am. The bulls will include two year old, 18 month old and some yearling bulls and are sired by

some of Australia's leading Angus sires. Our bulls are grown out on leucaena and grass and finished on oats. This year they moved onto the oats early May. In dry years when the grass and oats are insufficient they are supplemented with sorghum silage mix. Bulls from the stud go to all areas in Qld and are well

%85(1'$   $1*86 %5$1*86 

23(1'$< )(0$/($8&7,21 7XHWK$XJXVWRQIDUPDP



520$%8//6$/( :HGWK$XJXVW DP5RPDVDOH\DUGV $1*86%8//6 %5$1*86%8//6 7RILQGRXWPRUHYLVLW


Roma Sale 29 August 115 bulls

acclimatised to Qld conditions. The sale bulls will be semen tested and have been vaccinated for Pestiguard, 7 in 1, Botulism, Vibrio, 3 day, Tick fever and Pestivirus They are all sold with a 2 year warranty and are delivered free to several centres. For full details refer to our website An OPEN DAY AND FEMALE AUCTION at the stud will be held on Tuesday the August 7 2012 from 8:30am when over

Open Day and Female Auction

250 animals will be on display including the Roma Sale Bulls. About 80 females will be auctioned together with some elite embryos from top Angus donors. This is the first occasion that Burenda will offer Angus and Brangus females for sale by auction. The offering will include stud Angus cows with embryo calves at foot, PTIC Angus and Brangus heifers and cows. Full details of the Roma Sale Bulls and the Open Day are shown on our website or feel free to contact our Manger Jonathan Schmidt on 0429 067 313 or email at

Jonathan Schmidt 0429 067 313

12 On the Rump 2012 ...

Redmarley Shorthorns


Redmarley hoping to continue success

PADDOCK PREPARED BULLS + Selection of Redmarley Registered Heifers Penned for Private Sale 19 September at Redmarley

On the


Redmarley Pastoral Co. still serves the beef industry in 2012 and proprietors Gordon and Vicki Mundell are once again preparing their annual sale, scheduled for Wednesday, September 19. While their on-property auctions have been discontinued, Redmarley has had great response to the new Mini Bull Sale format, with total clearance in previous years, and are hoping for another good sale following a good season. The open day is chosen to coincide with other Condamine Shorthorn Stud Sales. The Sires of the cattle up for sale are Tipperary Zazu, Hazelgrove Bon Scot, Conomandine Warchief, Redmarley Doogie

D42 and a small number by Clargo Stockbroker. As well as the bulls, Redmarley also offers a small selection of registered heifers in an initiative to encourage new breeders to the beef industry. All the cattle are penned for easy inspection and Gordon will be on hand to discuss any information regarding the bulls and the selected females offered for sale. Sales will commence from 9:00AM and refreshments will be available on the day.

For more information contact A N D Jand UST R E Mundell MEMBER Gordon Vicki at… S H ORedmarley R H O R N Shorthorns C AT T L E Don ON'T E E D7152 TO or B E0427 M I N177 C E 152 D. (07) N 4627 Email

230 ANGUS BULLS TO SELL ! On Friday 17th August Two hundred and thirty BOOROOMOOKA ANGUS Bulls are ready to sell. The bulls have been rigorously selected to help you improve valuable traits in your herd. Booroomooka cattle are renowned for resilience, high fertility, outstanding doing ability, good growth and superior carcass quality genetics. "We have a long-term commitment to the beef industry where our integrity is never compromised,” Booroomooka owner, Hugh Munro, said. Booroomooka Angus Bulls are highly proven to improve MSA grading. Doug and Wendy Collins reported an outstanding sale of 192 steers to JBS on April 7, 2011. The steers were 100% Angus, 1920months of age, average dressed weight 307kg, 96.4% grading in Boning Group 1-6. Doug said this year they were "very happy with the result again, they reached the target specs even earlier.” Booroomooka owner Sinclair Munro said that fertility is a major profit driver.

“Adequate maturity patterns, doing ability, adaptability, structural soundness and a thorough veterinary bull breeding soundness evaluation are vital ingredients,”he said. High quality sons of industry leading sires will sell. Featuring 40 sons of Equator A241- the bulls have ‘slick coats' with nice length. The sale includes twenty yearling bulls and high quality sons of Infinity, Ambush, Jim Carew, Yogi, Africa and Net Worth. "The bulls are ready to work and come from a disciplined production system of large numbers of bulls to meet customer needs,” Sinclair said. “87 years of committed breeding is displayed in the depth and consistency of the sale bulls." "We have just completed building our new Sale shed and Yard facilities which we believe will make it easier and more comfortable to inspect and to buy the bulls.” An Open Day will be held at 10am on Thursday August 2 where people can have a relaxed, informative inspection of the sale bulls.

Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474

Carabar - strong bloodlines Carabar Angus was established in 2001 by the Hegarty Family at Meandarra. We aim to produce cattle suitable for most markets with a strong focus on structural soundness, eye muscle and IMF. Quiet temperament is a feature of all Carabar stock. Foundation females and embryos have been purchased from some of Australia`s leading studs to establish a strong female bloodline. Carabar Darren Hegarty Phone: 074665 6164 Mobile: 0428 748 542

Angus has recently purchased a stud sire The Grange Wheelwright D6, in conjunction with Kansas Angus. Semen is available from AGRI-GENE. Carabar Docklands D62 record breaking top price bull at AG-Show sale Toowoomba 2010. Selling to Kansas Angus Boggabri for $18000. Semen is also available from AGRIGENE. At the 2011 EKKA Carabar Direction E52 Was Champion Angus Bull and went on to win Champion of Champions Bull of the show. Another promising young sire is

Carabar Neutron C55 who won his age group at the EKKA IN 2009 and 2010. Show success in 2012 for Carabar Blackcap Mary D6.This outstanding cow was Champion Angus Cow at Beef 2012, and Supreme Champion Female at Wandoan , Farm Fest and Toogoolawah. Carabar Angus sell bulls at AGSHOW Toowoomba, Balonne Invitation sale at Nindigully in September and Cunnamulla Show Bull sale in May. Bulls and females are also available for private sale. Inquiries and inspections welcome.

Carabar Angus Stud Putting quality into the cattle you produce SELLING ANGUS BULLS Available for private sale • 30 Balonne Bull Sale - 10 Sept • 2 Ag Show Sale 5 Sept

Darren Hegarty - MEANDARRA Phone 07 4665 6164 Mobile 0428 748 542

On the Rump 2012 ... 13


“Sandalwood” Meandarra-Talwood Rd

Meandarra QLD




0427 210 634

0448 016 950

KEITH & CHRIS DOBSON & FAMILY Phone: 07 46656204 Mobile: 0428656204

76th Anniversary breeding top quality poll herefords 2012 marks the 76th anniversary of breeding top quality Poll Hereford cattle at Warren point.

As Queensland's oldest and largest registered Poll Hereford herd Warren point genetics are the nucleus of many successful commercial and stud operations today. All Warren Point bulls are rigorously tested by a veterinarian for performance ability and fertility with only bulls declared as 100%

sound offered for sale. All bulls are paddock reared to ensure they harden up and are adapted to work in the same harsh climatic conditions in which we operate. The 43rd annual on-property bull sale, Monday 10th September 2012.

43rd Annual S ale Monday 10th September 2012 at 1 pm


CONTACT ROB LETHBRIDGE 0428 583 244 CHRIS LETHBRIDGE 0400 309 397 E: Agents: TOPX We are offering 4% rebate to all other agents under the usual conditions

14 On the Rump 2012 ...


World Brangus Congress With the recent success of the 6th World Brangus Congress hosted by the Australian Brangus Cattle Association (ABCA) in May this year, the Brangus breed can be assured of a bright future in Australia. Some 220 Brangus delegates, breeders and enthusiasts from throughout Australia and the United States of America, Mexico, South America and South Africa, descended upon Rockhampton to take part in the 6th World Brangus Congress, the first event of its kind in Australia for the Brangus breed. Delegates enjoyed a range of technical sessions and social events throughout the week, giving them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, develop a great network of Brangus contacts and celebrate the culture and history of the Australian Brangus. "The interest the breed has received throughout the Congress and Beef 2012 has far exceeded our expectations", said Ashlee Austin, Executive Officer of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association. "With the commercially valuable traits the Brangus breed has to offer the beef industry, I suppose this should not come as a surprise", Ms Austin said. "This event has really put Brangus on the map as a breed not to be overlooked and I think the momentum the breed has pick up in the lead up to this event will continue to take the breed forward to a bright future", she said. The success of the Brangus breed has been largely due to the dedication of breeders to breed adaptable cattle that can meet market specifications. Many of

the traits that Brangus breeders take for granted are qualities that commercial breeders aspire to have throughout their herd. Brangus offers the poll gene into commercial herds with the known benefits of no dehorning stress on calves and operators. With labour on properties becoming more expensive, reducing the workload makes economic sense. Add to this no weight loss due to stress and the benefits quickly add up. Commercial breeders that have Brangus females in their herd report on their strong maternal instinct and ability to raise heavy calves. Equally as impressive as the maternal base to a herd or injected through sire purchases, Brangus genetics offer producers versatility in their marketing options. Brangus dams in the right country will turn off heavy vealers or weaners that will grow on and finish either on grain or pasture. Essentially the Brangus breed combines two of the largest gene pools in the world, Brahman and Angus. Combining the Brahman's heat tolerance with the valuable marbled flesh of the Angus, breeders have produced a breed that can endure and conquer the harshest environment and still produce a keenly sought after, marketable product. Commercial producers will have the opportunity to purchase high quality Brangus genetics at the upcoming

Brangus Association sales. The Association sales are based at Roma on September 7 2012 and Rockhampton October 8 and 9 2012, and offer an elite selection of registered and commercial bulls and females from Brangus breeders throughout New South Wales and Queensland. All animals at these sales are vet checked and

inspected for type and quality. Further information on these sales and the breed can be accessed via the ABCA website or by contacting the ABCA office on (02) 6773 3056.




30 Bulls + Semen Lots 200 Females WEDNESDAY 22nd AUGUST 2012 For Catalogue Contact: Contact: Patrick Purtle Tim Atkins 0428 851 704 (02) 6785 1486

The 4th Annual Country Capital Simmental Sale will be held on 22 August 2012 at the Tamworth Regional Livestock Marketing Centre (Tamworth Sale Yards) NSW. The sale will consist of 30 Bulls + Semen lots and 20 Females all of which will have been assessed for suitability for the sale by an independent assessor. The sale is again a multi vendor sale with lots being provided by six registered Simmental Studs from the Hunter/North West area of New South Wales and Southern Queensland. The sale is inclined towards the commercial buyer as evidenced by the results of last year's sale where they represented the majority buyers in attendance. The Sale will include Bulls, Cow & Calves and Heifers by at least 20 registered sires and provide a cross

section of types that will insure satisfaction for both the stud and discerning commercial buyer alike. This year's sale will again see the inclusion of Black Simmentals along with the Traditional Simmentals. Buyers can attend the sale with confidence knowing that the type of bull or female they are seeking will be available. The sale will provide cattle producers in the North West, Northern Tablelands and Southern Queensland with the opportunity to purchase Simmental Bulls and introduce the natural growth promotant of European content into their herds. A catalogue for the sale may be obtained by phoning (02) 6785 1486 or contacting the selling agent Purtle Plevey Agencies of Manilla on (02) 6785 1704.

Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474

BUY BIG BOLD BANQUET BULLS • Banquet bulls are ideal for crossing with both Bos Indices & Bos Taurus cows • They’re bigger framed, longer & thicker

Your can purchase these herd changing bulls at: • Charleville - 12th October 2012 10 x 2 yo Angus bulls • Longreach - 26th October 2012 20 x 16 mo. Angus bulls • Mortlake - Thursday 28th February 2013 Annual Sale - 150 Angus bulls • Private treaty bulls always available Send to Banquet for Your Catalogue


MN2 Acc

Stephen and Noeleen Branson PO Box 166, Mortlake, Victoria, 3272 Ph: 03 5599 2764 Mob: 0419 884 839 Email:

Name ....................................................................................................... Address ................................................................................................... ...................................................................................P/Code .................. Ph/Fax .......................................................................................................

16 On the Rump 2012 ...


Balonne Beef Breeding Bulls Prove Popular The Balonne Invitation Bull Sale has developed a formidable reputation for delivering a dynamic draft of bulls that meet the demands of commercial cattlemen. Now in its fifth year the 2012 Balonne Invitation Bull Sale will be on 10th September at 11am (QLD Time) On Property at "Myall Plains" Nindigully. This year's sales will Showcase 144 Selected Bulls representing four Breeds from 7 successful studs consisting of 60 Santa Gertrudis, 42 Angus, 32 Charolais and for the first time 10 Brangus. Once again our Invited Vendors have been committed to the Balonne Invitation Bull Sale and have selected a top quality draft of bulls from all the

latest genetics from each individual Studs Sire Batteries. The studs represented this year Balonne Invitation Bull Sale in the Santa Gertrudis part of the catalogue will be the Russell Family from the Swan Hill Santa Gertrudis Blackall with 20 Bulls, Craig Hindle and Family of Bullamakinka Santa Gertrudis Toobeah with 30 Bulls and to finish the Santa Gertrudis Drafts this year will be Geoff and Jason Goodland of Wightfields Santa Gertrudis Stud Wandoan. Angus Studs representing at this year's sale are Darren Hegarty of Carabar Angus Meandarra breeder of the 2011 Interbreed Bull at the Royal Queensland Show with 30 Bulls and

Lawson Angus Stud from Toobeah. This year's Charolais Bulls all come from the LVH- Fairfield Stable of Lindsay and Belinda Hindle of Roma with 32 Bulls in their draft. And for the first time at Balonne Invitation Bull Sale we have catalogued 10 Brangus bulls from local Brangus Breeder in Allan Schutt of Kajarabie Stud St George. Over the Last four years the Balonne Invitation Bull Sale has grown to what we believe is the premier bull sale of the South west in Queensland with many repeat buyers converging on the Myall Plains Sale ring each year competing for affordable and quality beef bull herd improvers. Over the time Buyers have come from as far

away as Ivanhoe, Collarenebri and Moree in New South Wales and In Queensland as far north as Hughenden, Springsure and Blackall and as west as Thargomindah and Cunnamulla to improve their Sire Batteries in their herds. In summing up if you want quality herd sires form respective studs in the industry and looking for numbers at reasonable price then The Balonne Invitation Bull Sale is a must attend for you so mark it down on your calendar Monday 10th September at 11am "Myall Plains" Selling Complex Nindigully where you get bulls Bred by cattlemen for cattlemen. Selling Agents are Grant Daniel Long and Elders St George.

Monday 10th September at 11am "Myall Plains" Selling Complex Nindigully

On the Rump 2012 ... 17


Breeding Herefords in Queensland since 1934 Breeding moderate, soft, highly efficient cattle are traits the Nixons know are welcomed by beef producers throughout Australia, and believe that Herefords certainly hit the mark. Bob Nixon states, "I believe Hereford cattle are a way forward for any beef producer looking for the extra advantage in their crossbreeding program. They have proven time and time again to be great performers out in the paddock and in a range of conditions." This year Wallan Creek will be offering 60 Hereford bulls onproperty at Lilydale, Drillham at 12:30 PM on a new day Tuesday 11th of September, 2012. At Wallan Creek only the best Hereford bulls will be on offer at this year's sale. Bob acknowledges, "All of our bulls go through a rigorous selection assessment prior to being offered for sale. All must be of sire replacement potential, have good Hereford characteristics, structurally sound and most importantly, get calves on the ground. We believe we have an outstanding draft of even-tempered bulls, read to work." Featured in this year's draft are progeny of proven sires including Bundarra Xsert X113, Charnock Haymaker Z976, Ardno Zeffer

Z470, Devon Court Ellwood Y153 and Wallan Creek Dimbulah X096 - sire of Beef Australia's Interbreed Champion Bull 2009 in Rockhampton. Notable sire, Bowmont Victory Blend C051, has a number of excellent progeny featured in this year's sale, two of which form the Wallan Creek Show Team. As always the bulls are sold with the stud's guarantee. All Wallan Creek bulls are offered with Breedplan figures, have generations of pedigree documentation, and are backed by comprehensive live performance data. Raw data and scanning information will be available on sale day as well as online. All bulls will have undergone a veterinary examination prior to sale day. Again this year the Hereford stud has achieved excellent results in the Show Ring - particularly at this year's Australia's National Beef Exposition: Beef 2012 held in May at Rockhampton. Taking out the major award in the breed's division - Supreme Champion Bull with Wallan Creek Haymaker E234 was certainly a thrill for the Stud. Another of the stud's show team, Wallan Creek Victory Blend F076 was awarded Junior Champion Bull. Toby Nixon stated, "Beef 2012 was a fantastic way for us to

When asked what encourages the Nixons to remain dedicated to one breed for four generations, their answer is simple, they know "it works".

showcase our breed and upcoming sires for sale, as well as meet new and existing clients. For us to back up and win broad ribbons at Beef again certainly demonstrates that we are on the right track with our cattle." Wallan Creek bred and won the most prestigious of awards at Beef 2009 - Interbreed Champion Bull - with Wallan Creek Dimbulah C261; a career highlight for the Hereford Stud. Through the recent launch of

their website, cattlemen and women can access a range of data and information about this year's sale, assisting them in making their sire selection prior to sale day. A key feature of the site is the ability to access the stud's sale catalogue online from early August. Visit for details. All enquires and on property inspections are most welcome. Toby concludes, "We always

encourage clients to come and view the sale bulls prior to sale day- we are happy to show people around or have a chat about the bulls we have available." For further information be sure to contact Toby and Jane Nixon 07 46 276 197. Selling agents this year are Grant, Daniel & Long and Elders. Free Delivery to major centres.

this n, t a res xhibitio u t a Fe yal E Ro ane s ' r b a ye Bris Junior Champion Bull at Beef 2012 - Wallan Creek Victory Blend F076 Calved 04.08.2010, Weight 935kg

18 On the Rump 2012 ...





Gelbvieh Sell at AG Show Wednesday 25 September 10am

Toowoomba Showgrounds â&#x20AC;˘ 20 Bulls â&#x20AC;˘ 6 Females WEETALABAH - J & A Nixon Ph: 07 4665 5127 Mob: 0414 253 936 Email:

MIDAS - C& J Braithwaite Ph: 07 4168 1277 Mob: 0429 073 758 Email:

URDIAMOND - J & K Thompson Ph: 07 5484 1811 Mob: 0428 686 143 E:

NOROLLE - C & A Johnson Ph: 07 4695 7133 Mob: 0429 952 793 Email:

Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc. Qld Branch

Gelbvieh bulls and females, from four Queensland studs, have been lotted in the 2012 Ag Show Sale on Wednesday 5 September at 10 am. Vendor contact details are in the adjoining advertisement. Gelbvieh are a resounding success story in any pure or cross breeding program for fertility, exceptional milk, mothering ability, outstanding weight for age, excellent carcase and high saleable meat yield. WEETALABAH - Julie and Aderian Nixon, Weetalabah stud, Chinchilla, have two bulls and three heifers entered. The heifers are 14 months old, honey coloured and are by Midas D14. D14 progeny are very quiet, easy doing, soft and polled. Two of the heifers go back to consistent resident breeder, Norolle GK Ultra Violet U76. The youngest heifer goes back to the great Weetalabah breeder SJ Willy. The one bull is by Weetalabah Cookie, Reserve Champion Bull Brisbane Royal 2009 and 2010. His females are now in production and have excellent udders. A dark, smooth skinned, polled bull, Weetalabah Forty One F41, is out of the same Norolle U76 cow as two of the heifers. Weetalabah Gilchrist G029, at 18 months old, is a honey coloured, polled bull by Midas D14. His dam is another Willy by the Humbug bull, sire of Cookie; and a sire who breed so well for Weetalabah. See photos on the Website. URDIAMOND - Julie and Ken Thompson, Urdiamond stud, Cinnabar, have two bulls lotted in the sale. Urdiamond Forman F4 and Urdiamond Functionality F5 are both, honey red, polled and easy doing. Both are by Midas D11. They are hardy; and their good quiet temperament is coupled with good length and a wide topline. F5 is an outcross, and is out of Ebony Lodge Gemstone.

MIDAS - Chris and Julie Braithwaite, Midas stud, Murgon, after a highly successful year in the show ring with four supreme exhibits with four different animals, is offering a great line of six bulls and three weaner heifers for sale at Ag Show this year. The bulls include animals by four different sires that being JDPD Astro, Midas Collosus, Norolle Backbencher and Magnus Lexus. The bulls have good length and weight for age and plenty of meat. Midas F59 is out of the 2006 Ekka Champion cow Midas Miss Wind. Midas F62 is by the multi award winning bull Midas Collosus and F66 is by the Sydney Champion Magnus Lexus. The heifers are again of different bloodlines allowing stud buyers the opportunity to snap up some outcross genetics. These sires are Midas D014, Midas Electric and Norolle Backbencher. NOROLLE - Clyde and Alison Johnson, Norolle stud, Millmerran, have lotted ten bulls which include two sons of the USA import JDPD Astro 407S. Norolle Farrier F49 and Norolle Fineline F59 are both moderately framed and athletic with good length of body. Two rich red sons of Norolle Camero C49, Junior Champion Gelbvieh Bull at Beef 09, Federal F68 and Foremost F76 display good muscling and length. Norolle Foremost F76 is out of the 2003 Sydney Grand Champion Gelbvieh Cow. Magnus BB Caddilac has sired a number of the other bulls in the Norolle draft. His progeny have low birth weights, are good natured with solid growth and they finish well. He was 'on sold' to Arbroath Grazing Co Roma, long time Gelbvieh clients, where he continues to breed well in a commercial Poll Hereford herd.

On the

RUMP Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474


On the Rump 2012 ... 19 Breeding quality hereford stud cattle for over 50 years

â&#x20AC;&#x153;THORNHILLâ&#x20AC;? Wandoan Sires and Females from Calliope, Vena Park, Myola, Memooloo, Woodland, Barrington, Cootharaba, Brooklyn and Banana have been introduced over this period

Graham Zillman

Phone 07 4627 4182 (please leave a message and Graham will return your call) Bulls for sale are from a herd of trouble free calving females with no cancer eye

On the


Office: 12 Mayne Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 Phone: 07 4662 7368 Fax: 07 4662 8474

20 On the Rump 2012 ...


A sale calendar second to none )Leld da\s Àlled ZLtK Iacts 3addocNs SacNed IXll oI SroPLse

SANTA GERTRUDIS Your #1 choice. 2012 STUD SALES Summerland Sale, Casino, NSW ‹ 28th July Balgree, Bingara, NSW ‹ 15th August Watasanta, Tamworth, NSW ‹ 16th August (AM) Northern SG Bdrs Bull & Female Sale, Tamworth, NSW ‹ 16th August (PM) Tookey Creek & Jarrah Park Sale, Bellata, NSW ‹ 17th August Cooinda Sale, Proston, Qld ‹ 24th August Moongana Invitation Sale, Springsure, Qld ‹ 27th August Cardona/Canowindra, Emerald, Qld ‹ 28th August Rockhampton Sale, Qld ‹ 29th August KM Cattle Co Sale, Biloela, Qld ‹ 30th August Benelkay Fishington Sale, Gunnedah, NSW ‹ 5th September Big S Ag Show Sale, Toowoomba, Qld. ‹ 6th September Yulgilbar Sale, Baryulgil, NSW ‹ 7th September Balonne Invitation Sale, Nindigully, Qld ‹ 10th September Heartland Sale, Roma, Qld ‹ 12th September Diamond H Sale, Wandoan, Qld ‹ 13th September Yarrawonga-Waco Sale, Wallumbilla, Qld ‹ 14th September Brisbane Valley Sale, Toogoolawah, Qld ‹ 19th September Gyranda Sale, Theodore, Qld ‹ 20th September Greenup/Eidsvold Station Sale, Eidsvold, Qld ‹ 21st September Dangarfield Sale, Taroom, Qld ‹ 24th September (AM) Wandoan SG Breeders Group Sale, Wandoan, Qld ‹ 24th September (PM) Rosevale Sale, Jandowae, Qld ‹ 25th September Santa Central Sale, Nobby, Qld ‹ 26th September Rockingham Sale, Condobolin, NSW ‹ 5th October Swan Hill Sale, Blackall, Qld ‹ 15th October Barcoo Sale, Blackall, Qld ‹ 16th October (AM) Strathmore Sale, Blackall, Qld ‹ 16th October (PM) Charters Towers Sale, Qld ‹ 9th November

2012 COMMERCIAL SALES Gyranda Special sale ‹ 29th August Yulgilbar Commercial Female sale ‹ 7th September Rockingham, Condobolin, NSW ‹ 5th October Beef Galore, Dalby, Qld ‹ 6th October Moreton Beef Classic Show & Sale, Moreton Saleyards ‹ 18th October

2012 SCHOOL/FIELD DAYS Denngal/Rockingham Field Day, Forbes, NSW ‹ 11th July Kilterry Field Day, Julia Creek, Qld ‹ 26th July Gyranda Open Day ‹ 15th August

Beefing up Australia Santa Gertrudis Australia ‹

On the Rump 2012 ... 21


Larriken Angus Narrabri North West NSW

Paddock reared bulls bred in similar climate to the South West Queensland

Supplemented only when required Proven themselves with repeat buyers from Charleville to Berwarrahna. Locally Casino and Grafton Try a Larriken Bull with cow lines based on famous Kansas, Raff and Lawson Bloodlines.

Price $3300 gst inc

19th Annual Bull Sale

Phone Vince Larkin 0427 793 597

"Larriken lovers serious sires"

Thursday August 16th at 1pm on property mountain valley Coolatai nsw 45 quality sire prospects all bulls grass fed - no grain

Contact Ian Durkin 0427 299 012 or CL Squires & Co (02) 6722 2588 Mike Wilson 0418 960 036


Invitation SALE

Invited vendors • TV • Kiralea • Bullamakinka


Springsure Showgrounds Monday 27 August at 12 noon All bulls d semen teste vaccinated germ Pestivirus,3 blood, 3 day 1 sickness, 7 in

LOT 14 MOONGANA FELIX Freight Rebate, $60 per bull for five or more. 4% Rebate to outside Agents. FREE DELIVERY TO: Clermont, Capella, Emerald, Goondiwindi, Injune, Rolleston, Roma, St George, Wandoan, “Bethlee” Drillham, “Bullamakinka” Westmar.

Cyril & Denise Gauld, Bethlee, Drillham QLD 4424 P 07 4627 6217 M 0429 620 243 E


Rod Carpenter Mobile 0428 736 593 Matt Beard Mobile 0428 765 687

Craig Hindle, P 07 4687 7730 after hours M 0427 036 052 E Alan Nock M 0427 643 461

Catalogues online @

22 On the Rump 2012 ...


40 beefy green meat machines at Oldfield There are 40 performance grass converters on offer again at Oldfield this year. The stud has been going strong since 1984 and is located at Emerald Hill on the fertile North West Plains near Gunnedah NSW. A family owned operation run by Peter and Juliana McArthur, the bulls are handpicked from 350 registered poll Hereford females of leading Australia/New

want producers to know the performance of the bull they choose will continue in their herd". The bulls went on oat crop from 1 May. Unique amongst their competitors, the McArthurs provide raw growth data on their bulls over a 210 day grass-fed trial. This is run between the bulls'

"We are EU ACCREDITED and have been performance recording across the entire herd with BREEDPLAN for 16 years" Zealand and North American genetics. The McArthurs recently expanded the herd with the purchase of the quality Markowen stud herd from Keith, SA. "We choose top genetics for our stud herd and then run it as a commercial operation for exceptional performance in all conditions and profit", says stud principal Peter McArthur. "We are EU ACCREDITED and have been performance recording across the entire herd with BREEDPLAN for 16 years". "Our sale bulls are 100% grass-fed," says Peter. "We do this to show producers that our bulls are able to convert grass to muscle in natural conditions. We don't stuff them full of grain; we

weaning and yearling ages. This trial complements the Breedplan data available on each bull. All Oldfield bulls are performance recorded, vaccinated, vet certified and semen tested. The 2012 draft of bulls represent over 10 different sire lines,

EMA and RBY. The first sons of Cannawigra Battleground C79 are on offer, a trait leader for 200 day weight and above average across the other car-

Hereford-infused cattle consume less feed and gain more meat faster. case, milk and growth traits. Other sons are by Tahlan Centrefold C34, who has above average carcase and growth traits, and The Ranch Brigadier B21. Oldfield cattle have performed well in the past year. At the 2012 National Poll Hereford Show and Sale, the McArthurs were awarded "Most Successful Exhibitor". Commercially, at the Gunnedah weaner sale in April, Oldfield weaner EU steers were sold

If you want the Hereford advantage in your operation, come to Oldfield's 16th annual on-property sale on Friday, 7 September 2012 at 1pm offering purchasers a wide genetic choice. There are sons of Otapawa Skymate 2046 (NZ); a trait leader for milk, GL, 400 and 600 day weights, SC,

gain continues to be unbeaten. Hereford-infused cattle consume less feed and gain more meat faster. Recent industry registration data shows more

weighing 290kgs to come back at $730 each ($2.52/kg average). Peter McArthur says "the Hereford's strength in feed efficiency for weight

Call Peter McArthur - 0427 431 521

producers coming back to Herefords and we are now the second largest registered herd in Australia". At the McArthur's 2011 bull sale, 30 bulls sold to a top of $7,000 and the second-top price of $6,000 was reached nine times. The sale average was $4,800 representing great value. If you want the Hereford advantage in your operation, come to Oldfield's 16th annual on-property sale on Friday, 7 September 2012 at 1pm (inspection from 11am). It's the McArthurs' 28th year of stud breeding. For inquiries, telephone Peter on 0427 431 521 or see Selling agents are Elders (David Simpson 0427 399 362) and Davidson Cameron & Co (Luke Scicluna 0428 421 818) or contact your local agent. Catalogues will be available from mid-July, register through Oldfield's website or chat with Peter about your requirements.

On the Rump 2012 ... 23


Murray Greys Move into Queensland

Following success for the Murray Grey breed in Queensland in 2011, 2012 will see Murray Grey breeders again put, 'Australia's Carcase Choice' at the forefront of the beef industry at three major beef events throughout Queensland in 2012. The first of these events, the Southern hemisphere's largest beef exhibition, Beef Australia 2012 has been and gone. Beef 2012 was hailed a great success for the Murray Grey breed with a large volume of enquiries received for breeders that have resulted in bull sales The 2012 EKKA will no doubt see another quality display of stud cattle, as well as steers and heifers for the led and trade hoof and hook competitions. Following the success of the Murray Grey breed at the 2011 EKKA, it is expected that breeders will be searching for the perfect steer or heifer to emulate the Murray Grey breed's achievement in 2011.

2011 saw a purebred Murray Grey take out the highly coveted title of Grand Champion Led Steer carcase at the EKKA, a competition generally dominated by crossbred steers. Winning this title was another feather in the cap for the Murray Grey breed that performed consistently across Australia in hoof and hook competitions (including Grand Champion Carcase for a purebred Murray Grey at Perth and winning the Stan Hill Trophy for a team of 3 Purebred Steers at the 2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show), highlighting to commercial producers that the Murray Grey breed provides the answers they need when it comes to pro-

ducing that ideal carcase needed to meet Meat Standards Australia standards across the board. The Murray Grey move into Queensland will culminate on the 17th of September, with the Northern Murray Grey Bull Sale taking place at the Roma Saleyards. In its inaugural year, the 2011 sale was heavily supported by commercial Queensland cattle producers and the agents Grant, Daniel & Long to produce a 92% clearance, an average of $4,056 and a top price of $6,000. Queensland Director on the Murray Grey Board and 2011 Roma Sale vendor, Tim Perkins, saw the sale as a great success

for the breed. "It was a great opportunity to showcase quality Murray Grey bulls and boost the profile of the breed in QLD with buyers appreciating the type of bulls presented. 2012 will see more bulls on offer. Murray Greys have gained a reputation to be a very suitable breed for crossbreeding and handling the QLD conditions" said Mr Perkins. It is envisaged that following the success of the 2011 sale that the breed will see entries increase beyond the forty lots that were offered, with bulls expected to be presented from

along the eastern seaboard and Western Australia. The Murray Grey breed has a lot to offer the Queensland cattleman, with the breed being renown for its carcase traits, ability to finish on grass and grain, calving ease, temperament, versatility, mothering ability and the light coat colour which allows animals to perform better than their dark coated counterparts. Keeping all of this in mind, cattlemen across Australia are encouraged to view the Murray Grey breed on display at these three major beef industry events.

Get the carcase advantage with a MURRAY GREY!!

Murray Grey Northern Bull Sale Monday 17th September, 2012 M 2 Roma Saleyards QLD Sale starts midday

Stan Hill Trophy Winners - Team of 3 Purebred Steers Sydney â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;12 Grand Champion Led Steer Carcase - Purebred Murray Grey Steer EKKA â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;11

MGBCS: Ph - 02 6773 2022 E: W:

24 On the Rump 2012 ...

Largest Offering for 15 years

The Southern Cross Hereford sale will offer 100 bulls this year, its' largest offering for 15 years. Steadily increasing demand for crop finished, performance recorded bulls and an expansion program by both Talbalba and Devon Court studs has brought

TALKING B ULLS AND B EEF this about. Commercial cattleman looking to purchase numbers of bulls will now have the opportunity to do so at one sale. All bulls sold at the Southern Cross sale are vaccinated for vibrio, 3 day sickness and 7 in 1 as well as being blooded for easy entry into tick

areas. This year they will also be semen tested and will have comprehensive breedplan figures. Bulls are run in large contemporary groups of about 40 and split up into 20s when put on oats. Herefords are the ideal breed to cross over Bos

SOUTHERN CROSS SALE Cross with Herefords

Thursday September 13, Jackson, Qld

100 90 BULLS BULLS includes 20 polls

“Ticking all boxes”

✔ Strong Eyed ✔ Blooded ✔ Weight for Age ✔ Great Temperament ✔ Clean Coated ✔ Semen Tested • SEE US AT BEEF 2012 - SITE 56

• Exhibiting Led Bulls at Beef 2012

Talbalba • Steve Reid • Millmerran, Qld 0427 631 014 •

Devon Court • Tom Nixon • Drillham, Qld 0427 276 182 • (07) 4627 6179

BRAFORD National Braford Sale Monday 10 September 2012 commencing 9am CQLX Gracemere

165 Bulls 14 Females 1 Semen Package

Indicus and Euro cross cows to increase meat quality, improve temperament and increase fertility. Uncertainty in live export markets and a move away from European cross cattle by the major supermarket chains, has made a British breed cross a necessity in most beef businesses. A Hereford cross will give access to all the major feedlots at only 5 cents/kg below the top feeder rate. Excellent temperament is one of the Hereford breeds most well known attributes and a trait which is only appreciated when you don't have it. Cross breeders who purchase at the Southern Cross sale regularly comment on how Herefords improve the temperament of their weaners. Fertility is the profit driver in a commercial beef herd. Herefords help here in 2 ways. Firstly the bulls handle large numbers of cows. One of last years purchasers commented how he "admired the work ethic " of the bull he purchased to put over Santa cows. Secondly, the F1 females sire by the Hereford bull will have increased fertility and longevity. The Harris Ranch trial in the

Your Pathway To Profit Monday 10 September

The National Braford Sale has developed a sound reputation for offering a quality draft of bulls at affordable rates, that cater for all cattle producers, whether straight or cross breeding. This year will be no exception with 165 bulls and 14 females catalogued. All bulls will be soundness evaluated, semen tested, weighed and scanned. Brafords are the perfect balance of Bos Indicus and British blood to suit today’s markets. Backed by feed efciency data and meat quality awards, the modern Braford has a great deal to offer and the ability to enhance any breeding program. Further information contact your preferred agent: Elders / Landmark / GDL-SBB

Australian Braford Society Inc. P: 07 4927 5196 E:

Catalogue available online from August

New Dimension BRAFORD SALE Saturday 25 August e enu V commencing 11am New Bell Showgrounds (Tick Free)

Saturday 25 August

25 Bulls 35 Registered Females 18 Commercial Females

Enquiries: Ashley Loveday, Elders Dalby P: 0429 970 044 or Kerrie Donovan (Sale Secretary) P: 07 4663 6118 A/Hrs

Charleville Bull Sale New


e Dat

Friday 12 October

Friday 12 October commencing 11am at Charleville Showgrounds

Arran Brafords will offer 12 Braford Bulls - soundness evaluated, semen tested, weighed and scanned

Enquiries welcome: Phil & Jennifer Christmas, Booroomba, Bollon

USA shows an increased pregnancy rate of 7% for the Hereford cross females over the Angus cross control group. There will be a larger increase in fertility when crossing over breeds that have fertility issues. Southern Cross sale bulls generally average around 850 kgs with 120cm2 EMA at 24mths of age off crop. Genetically they are top shelf, sired by bulls including Cootharaba Magnum, Australias' number 1 sire for the last 3 years, Bowmont Storm C115, a bull admired by people from all breeds for his length, muscle and temperament, Northend X061, a calving ease bull with strong carcase traits. This years draft includes 20 poll bulls sired by Kidman Essential B9, sire of the $27000 top seller at Kidman last year, and Remolea Charlton, a low birth weight, meaty sire. One outstanding son of Essential to be offered is Devon Court Essential F148, Res Junior Champion Beef 2012 where he weighed 760 kg at 18mths. Inspections of both the Talbalba and Devon Court bulls are welcome at any time and they can be viewed via

P: 07 4625 6255 or Elders Charleville P: 07 4654 1333


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Cattle Drench Resistance in the backyard

Drench resistance in cattle could become a serious threat to farm productivity, potentially costing millions in lost earnings - Dr Stephen Love.

Drench resistance in cattle could become a serious threat to farm productivity in NSW, potentially costing millions in lost earnings if cattle producers don't take appropriate action to protect their herds against harmful worms, according to the NSW State Worm Control Coordinator, Dr Stephen Love. "It could very easily get out of hand if farmers aren't aware of the issue and take necessary action," warns Dr Love. While the issue of drench resistance in sheep is quite well understood, Dr Love says the results of recent on-going E that parasites research shows affecting cattle are also developing drench resistance, but that in many cases beef producers are not aware of the

now it's in their own backyard and not just something they hear about from sheep farmers. There's definitely need for a lot more education among cattle producers around the dangers and causes of drench resistance," says Dr Love. While the benefits of using combination drenches on sheep are widely acknowledged, Dr Love says many cattle farmers are unaware that combination drenches have now been formulated for cattle. "There is no doubt combination drenches are much more effective than single active drenches in combating the growing problem of drench resistance in cattle. The challenge now is for that awareness to reach producers so

Cattle farmers are only just becoming aware that resistance is a real issue - Dr Love problem, or that their productivity may already be suffering. "Cattle farmers are only just becoming aware that resistance is a real issue for them because

that, depending on their situation, they can take the right action," says Dr Love. Combination drenches include two or more actives which work together to effectively kill

parasites, as it is much less likely that worms will be resistant to two actives simultaneously. "The trouble with using single active drenches all the time is that you are heading towards resistance a lot faster. A

unmanageable problem across the State," says Dr Love. "We got in later than we should have with sheep. We shouldn't wait until the problem gets away from us to take action in cattle. As new combination products become available

Until recently, there were no combination drench solutions available for cattle producers in Australia. combination drench is the optimal way to go and the earlier we get in with using them the better," explains Dr Love. Based on the worm count data being seen in recent surveys in major cattle producing regions of the State, worm control coordinators have concluded that there is a high chance producers could suffer very significant productivity losses in their herds. "We've had repeated surveys and trials in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA and there's now strong evidence that resistance is posing a threat. It's important for producers to nip the issue in the bud before it becomes an

farmers should be using them from day one. The earlier we get in the better," he advises. Until recently, there were no combination drench solutions available for cattle producers in Australia. In light of the increasing awareness about drench resistance among cattle, leading animal health supplier Merial Australia has developed the country's first combination pour-on for beef producers: Eclipse combination pour-on for cattle. Eclipse contains two powerful actives - abamectin and levamisole - in one single dose, creating a whole new level of parasite protection. The abamectin component works to

kill a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites, while the levamisole component works to kill ML-resistant strains of Cooperia and Ostertagia. "Farmers love using ML products for cattle and a lot of them use ML all the time. The advantage of Eclipse is that it has unrelated actives as well so from a resistance point of view, and an efficacy point of view, Eclipse is better than using a single active drench of a similar activity length," explains Dr Love. Worm control coordinators recommend that farmers carry out worm checks on their herd, and include a combination product into their drench rotation to keep on top of the issue. "Including a combination product in your drench rotation would be the best step at this stage," suggests Dr Love.

Eclipse is better than using a single active drench of a similar activity length," explains Dr Love.

A Powerful Combination

A combination of two powerful actives in one convenient dose. New eclipse delivers the power of a combination in a pour-on. A whole new level of parasite control for Australian beef producers.


Brutally effective against all major internal parasites – including those resistant to endectocide drenches – eclipse delivers a level of parasite control you simply can’t get from conventional, single-active products. Take your parasite control to the next level. Double strength eclipse.

Twice the Pour-on

Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113 (ABN 53 071 187 285). ®eclipse is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2011 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. ECLP-10-000 A SANOFI COMPANY

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Hino 500 series Euro 5 - Wake up to the best truck in its class Some of the features which make this series shine above the rest • 11, 12, & 14 tonne GVM models with all new J07 5 cylinder engine give new levels of performance and fuel economy • 15 & 17 tonne GVM models start with four point coil spring cab suspension for full floating ride, ISRI 6860 drivers seat for unparalleled comfort, hydraulic cab tilt

• Selected models now with Hino PRO SHIFT transmission option • In dash electronic display on all 500 Series models for constant vehicle operation information • Increased noise suppression for super quiet cabin means less fatigue and greater driving experience


Call to arrange an inspection and test drive

• Toowoomba (07) 4631 4800 • Roma (07) 4622 2222 • Nerang (07) 5596 3599 • Lismore (02) 6626 2828 • Darwin (08) 8932 4200

“Experienced, efficient and knowledgeable staff Are your cattle handling facilities costing you time and money? Tonnes of new & downgr ade stock

Then talk to the cattle handling specialists

• Portable Panels and Gateways • Grids •Gates • Portable Ramps - custom made to suit requirements • Hay Feeders - round and square bale

Call in and see Jamie & the team 172 -174 Raglan Street Mitchell Road Roma

Phone: 07 4622 4701 Mobile: 0427 224 701 Fax: 07 4622 4832

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ProWay built on practical experience EASE of handling, operator safety and the welfare of their quality Angus cross cattle are paramount to cattle breeders Bevan and Allison Doyle, Tumbar. The Doyles embarked on a project last year to replace their old yards with a state of the art complex. The design - a collaboration between ProWay and Mr Doyle's considerable knowledge over years of building yards - has delivered a safe and hassle free handling system on the Jericho property.

"The main reason we started this project is that the current yards had reached their use by date," Mr Doyle said. "They had also become too small with the development we've done on the property." Another key factor was staff recruitment and retention. Like many property owners the Doyles compete with the mining

industry for employees. "We need to have good facilities to attract the people who want to work in the livestock business. "Our yards provide some of the best facilities around which makes the job easier. And while the team is happy, they are more likely to stay." Mr Doyle said ProWay

forwarded plan ideas and photographs. The company then followed up by sending a designer to Tumbar to incorporate Mr Doyle's needs and ideas and then translate these to a final design. Although not the architect of this particular complex, ProWay designer Joe Hoban, said it is the company's goal to "get the design right". He said ProWay aimed to minimise ongoing maintenance

Is It Time For New Cattleyards? ProWay Livestock Equipment can offer you an Integrated Cattleyard Design, Supply & Construction Package "Our ProWay yards were built in September 2008 and I can not speak highly enough of them. Cattle work extremely well through the yards and the labour required has been reduced. The best part of building our new yards was the people at ProWay, they have all of the technical assistance required, but also they are great people to deal with, nothing is too much trouble and the after sales service is second to none. The cost to build our yards is more than comparable to us trying to do the job ourselves, the construction team erected the yards in just 16 days, and it would have taken us about 12 months in between other jobs, so we had next to no downtime, a huge saving."

Peter Howard Nogoa Pastoral Company Emerald, QLD

For an information package or to organise a custom design

Phone 1300 655 383

costs, maximise animal welfare and produce the end result on time and on budget. Construction began in late August as promised and by October 6 the first mob of cattle were processed through the yards. The Doyles have now put more than 10,000 cattle through the new complex - with the team smiling at the ease of operation. "It was the most hassle free job we've ever done," Mr Doyle said. He added that ProWay delivered a quality product on time and in a very professional manner. Similarly, the ProWay team thoroughly enjoyed working with the Doyles. The end result is yards that can handle 2000 head of cattle with ease and maximal flow. The circular yard design lends itself to the natural circular instinct of cattle. Some of the other features include a curved handling race fed by a circular rotary force which is ideal for cattle flow. "The Tumbar yards have an elevated walkway next to the circular lead-up. This separates the operator from the cattle for safety in the force areas," Mr Hoban said. "There are gates in the lead-up yards which can be operated from the walkway so you don't have to get into the yards to move the cattle forward. "There is also an elevated walkway in the lead-up to the calf race for safety and labour efficiency - if you can work from the walkway it saves valuable time." Mr Hoban said the yards also offered plenty of shelter with the working areas such as the races and the pound yard under cover for operator safety and comfort. Following the installation by ProWay, Mr Doyle said troughs were installed and a designer employed to install a sprinkler system throughout the complex. "The new yards have been built adjacent to the laneway system serving the property, complementing the extensive weaner complex constructed several years ago on the other side of the laneway." Mr Doyle said. "We are concentrating on the quality domestic feeder as well as backgrounder markets." Preparing weaners for market is a key part of the operation. At least two weeks or more are allowed for weaners to transition from milk to grass. "We feed them hay and boost blocks to get their gut ready. This time also allows them to quieten down. It allows us to make sure they are well handled and quiet and going ahead." The Doyles are well known at Roma for their quality cattle, selling "a fair few cattle" into the 300kg steer market. "We look forward to a continued association with ProWay as improvements are made to other sets of yards on Tumbar," Mr Doyle said.

Phone 1300 655 383


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Boarding Schools 2012

Glennie Year Seven Already Flying Boarding at Glennie commences in Year 7 where lasting friendships develop, your daughter's other family is established and individual happiness is foremost. Since the establishment in 2005 of The Glennie School's Middle Years program for girls in Years 7 to 9, our Year 7s have enjoyed a 'flying start' to their learning on the secondary school campus well before the State Government made its decision to introduce Year 7 to secondary school in 2015. With society, the media

and teen role models giving mixed messages to these early teenagers, they are becoming more independent but still highly influenced by the changes adolescence brings. Glennie's Middle Years program is specifically designed to provide the opportunity for girls in Year 7 to learn and grow in ways that acknowledge and respect this unique and special time of adolescence. This program also provides the best environment for academic, emotional and social development. Compare our curriculum

and fees with other schools and you'll find that a Glennie education is a priceless investment in your daughter's future. Places for 2013 are already filling fast. So if you are contemplating a school for your daughter for Year 7 or Year 8 you need to act now. Please contact our Registrar for Enrolments, Annie Muller Ph 07 4688 8807 au or register your expression of interest online at

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Rockhampton Grammar rates among the best Active parents, committed teachers and an engaged community work together with children who want to succeed... and they do. The Rockhampton Grammar School has been ranked among the best of the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10,000 estimated schools according to The Australian which has placed it among the Top 50 Country Schools and among the Top 50

achieved an OP 1. RGS, which offers more than 40 different courses to seniors â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from Biology and Beauty Services to Information Technology and Visual Art, provides students with a high-quality, diversified education

universities and employer highly value,â&#x20AC;? adds Dr Moulds. Though tuition at some private schools can approach $20,000 the top-performing Central Queensland school attracts annual tuition of $8120 (fees for

Years 8-12, 2012). And whilst boarding fees can exceed $19,000 at other schools, RGS fees are approximately $14000. Both fees make this school accessible to a range of working families who want to send their children to private

school. And demand for places at RGS, which has some of the best resources of any school available to students, is at an all time high. The School embraces the Dimensions of Learning Philosophy, a model which underpins

â&#x20AC;&#x153;[ I ]tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the students who are the best. â&#x20AC;&#x153; They are the ones who give everything to achieve, inside and outside of School.â&#x20AC;? o)FBENBTUFS%S1IJMMJQ.PVMET

Queensland Secondary Schools, the only Central Queensland School to make both lists. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re pleased to be regarded as one of the best, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the students who are the best. They are the ones who give everything to achieve, inside and outside of School,â&#x20AC;? explains RGS Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds. The School is home to over 330 boarders and nearly 1000 day students from Prep to Year 12. In 2011, 99% of RGS Year 12s achieved a Queensland Certificate of Education and 36.5% attained an OP1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5, placing them among the best in the state in 2011. 19 RGS Year 12 students

experience that equips them for learning, work and life beyond school. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Accessibility to different courses and organisations provides opportunities for every student to try something new and give anything a go, which are key components in the Rockhampton Grammar School education process. The offerings we make help students make informed choices about their future,â&#x20AC;? says Dr Moulds. â&#x20AC;&#x153;And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the real value Rockhampton Grammar; we have a unique mix of courses and virtually all of our students acquire a combination of learning and experience which

Rockhampton Grammar School Show Cattle Team member Joshua Clews with Brahman steer, Mario.


Grammarians have a strong sense of family and belonging. You are a Grammarian for life.

Among Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

TOP 50

Country Schools Among Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

TOP 50

Secondary Schools




Every opportunity. Every student. Every day.

its academic curriculum and empowers students. The program promotes the deliberate development of higher order thinking, intelligent behaviours and actions, and a dedication to learning throughout life. RGS credits parents who are active in the School community, teachers who are committed and the work they do together with children who want to succeed. The partnership enables each student to achieve his or her aspirations and personal best. These ideals are expressed in its motto Macte Virtute Et Litteris or Grow in Character and Scholarship. Students from Prep through Year 12 interact freely at the School, which is large enough and resourced to support a diverse and rich curriculum yet small enough to provide individual care and attention for every girl and boy. Students take a proactive and hands-on approach to community service under the guidance of teachers, earning respect through achievement. Through initiatives such as Grammar Gives Back program and GrammarGlobal, students learn to appreciate the value and importance of extending their support and assistance to others. Whether it is raising funds through a sausage sizzle to support the Cancer Foundation, donating their time at the local retirement village or travelling to Nepal to lend a helping hand in constructing a hospital, RGS students strive to make a difference. They are rewarded in return with a developing strength of character, initiative and leadership skills, courage and integrity. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rockhampton Grammar students emerge into society educated, well-rounded and confident; equipped to pursue their ambitions, secure in their sense of self and their capacity to make the most of the opportunities, and meet all challenges, which lay ahead of them,â&#x20AC;? says Dr Moulds.

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On t he Rump 3O,000 CIRCULATION

‘On the Rump’ is delivered direct to landholders via Australia Post’s rural mail services from central Queensland down to northern New South Wales


Photo supplied by Vickie Richardson Longreach Show 2012



OFFICE PO Box 138 Chinchilla Q4413 P: 07 4662 7368 F: 07 4662 8474 E: KEY CONTACTS

1. OUR READERS LOVE IT - An ‘On the Rump’ reader commented, “The publication is great because it has information on a large range of studs, breeds and options of buying bulls. I keep it and refer to it throughout the year. It is all I need to make decisions about buying bulls for my cattle operation.” 2. OUR ADVERTISERS LOVE IT - A number of comments made by stud breeders. “On the Rump has a great circulation which goes to all the places I need to cover with the guarantee of being delivered direct to graziers and not wasted on town deliveries.” “It is a well presented publication and with the guarantee of getting free editorial to further enhance my advertising, it is great value for money.” “The staff are so helpful, ensuring that we have plenty of time to view a proof and ensuring that our advertising appears just as we would like it to in the publication.” 3. OUR STAFF LOVE IT - All staff involved in ‘On the Rump’ have an extensive knowledge of the stud and cattle industry and are extremely passionate about the overall success of both the publication and the stud breeders.

Image by Vickie Richardson

David Richardson Manager P: 07 4662 7368 F: 07 4662 8474 E:

Beth Walker - Graphic Design P: 07 4662 7368 F: 07 4662 8474 E:

Image by Vickie Richardson

Photo supplied by Vickie Richardson Longreach Show 2012 Image by Vickie Richardson

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