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A HEALTHY FAT SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR HORSE Equine Omega Complete is a complete supplement used by many top horse trainers, competitors, horse owners, and Veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function and much more. EQUINE OMEGA COMPLETE PROVIDES AND SUPPORTS THE FOLLOWING:

• Reduces joint and tissue inflammation • Significantly reduces chance of colic • Helps grow stronger, healthier hooves • Builds a strong immune system • Promotes a healthy digestive system • Increases oxygen/blood flow aiding in conditioning & stamina • Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares • Assists in proper cell development and function • Promotes a healthy respiration system • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

Those of us who love our equine friends understand they were meant to run free, not live sedentary lives in stalls, or eat high-fat feed. However, current conditions (and competitions) often require that our animals are not always able to graze casually on fresh grass. If the fat in your horse’s feed is hydrogenated, processed with chemical extraction using hexane, or contains animal fat - it is bad for your horse! This would be akin to you eating fast food every meal of your life! Bad fat builds a plastic wall around cells and eventually the cells began to function poorly. If cells are provided a properly balanced Omega-3 rich polyunsaturated fat that contains the proper antioxidants, the cell walls will be cleansed of bad fat and the horse’s own anti-inflammatory system will be stimulated. The immune system will be strong, hoof and coat quality improved, and anxiety relieved among many other benefits!

• Provides all essential amino acids • Builds bone density • Helps block lactic acid buildup in muscles • Helps regulate insulin production Has natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants

Southern Equine Distributing cares about your animals, large and small. Contact us today and we can start your friend on the road to better health!



Equestrian Ontario December 2017  
Equestrian Ontario December 2017