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but I want to get you thinking about what is motivating your horse to say yes. Tip #5 Cross Train Even if you love something, generally you don’t want to do it everyday. The same is true for horses. Even if something is a little outside of their comfort zone, it can be great to switch it up. Because I do so many things with my horses, they can’t really stay in a routine, which means they need to stay in a thinking conversation. If you only practice one activity or pattern it might mean your horse will get bored and put in less effort, or they may start to anticipate what is happening next so they listen to you a little less. Even if you have no desire to jump, it can be great to send your horse over a few little jumps during ground work. It will help your horse think about their hoof placement, be more athletic, and break up the routine. Likewise you may not have an interest in trail riding, or a place to do so, but it is worth the effort to get your horse out on the trails even if you hand walk them. It will expose them to new environments and challenge them with different footing, hills, and fallen brush or logs. I pride myself on the fact that my horses are all jack of all trades - they jump, work at liberty, do obstacles, and trail

ride. I think it is good for them mentally to be exposed to different things, and even if they don’t enjoy one activity as much as another, I think it helps them keep appreciating the activity they do like best. Give yourself permission to try something new. It doesn’t have to be serious, it can just be for fun. When I competed in Field Hunter in 2016 (placed 3rd) it was my first time ever competing in that discipline or trying fox hunting - I love it and so did my horse! I fell in love with it so much that I did it

again in 2017 (placed 6th) and now it’s something I will continue to add to my annual events to participate in. HOW TO GET EVEN MORE Thoroughbreds are amazing horses, and they make great partners. There is so much to learn, try, and explore. If you want to learn more about Harmony HorsemanshipTM, calm connection or create a yes horse exercises please check out


Equestrian Ontario December 2017  
Equestrian Ontario December 2017