On The Hill magazine - December 2019

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ENTREPRENEURS Local entrepreneur Petar Savic talks to some of the start-ups and small businesses in Primrose Hill. This month he meets Helen Griffiths. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF.

I was born in Hong Kong and spent my formative years there before moving to London to go to Chelsea College of Art and Design. I returned to Hong Kong after graduating and ended up starting and running several businesses including a creative agency, a comic book series, a cafe, a publishing business and several lifestyle websites. My husband and I moved to London a few years ago, when I was six months pregnant. It’s been an eventful couple of years: becoming a mum, getting used to living in a new place and working on setting up my practice as a kinesiologist here.


Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that integrates Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with Eastern medical systems, and identifies unresolved stresses in the nervous system and the conscious and subconscious mind. I use muscle response testing to find information on past stressful experiences and help release their emotional intensity. This


means that the effects of these past experiences and stresses no longer need be reflected in present-day life, where they may have manifested as anything from anxiety, depression, digestive, immune or reproductive system issues, to physical pain. The idea is to let the body self-heal and return to optimal health and well-being.


I worked in a couple of different jobs in London and Hong Kong, but I felt that being an employee was too restrictive and slow. I was really frustrated by the lack of autonomy and the idea of having to ‘work my way up the ladder’ by doing work that felt unchallenging and meaningless. After working freelance for a while, I set up a creative agency with my boyfriend (now husband). We sold this business a few years ago to a very large consulting services firm. Almost nine years ago I decided to study kinesiology, as it had had such a profoundly positive impact on

“I tell my clients that it’s vital to build activities and habits into your day that are stress-releasing or calming, and schedule them in just as you would a meeting”