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Tallahassee is a destination sure to fill your family’s hearts with wonder. From eclectic restaurants and beautiful outdoor trails to enthralling spring festivals like the Red Hills International Horse Trials, Springtime Tallahassee, Southern Shakespeare Festival, LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival and Word of South Festival, Tallahassee truly has it all.

Challenger Learning Center boasts the area’s largest IMAX theater, 50-foot Dome Planetarium and a Space Mission Simulator, all in the heart of downtown Tallahassee. Plan your visit at

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The Anthem of Your Life


Mother's Day Wishes


Have you Chosen Your Major?

What will the song of your life sound like?

What moms really want.

6 tips on picking yours.

20 A Love of Learning Is homeschooling an option?


22 Travel Easy Principle based planning for your vacation.


Lily Bell: Worthy of Love

26 EMFs

Friendship without limitations.

Are electronic frequencies killing you?

Smoke on the Coast

Summer Activity Guide 2019

29 Making a Difference The Princess Ball 30

Camps, VBS, and more activities to fill your kids summer days.

On the cover: Summer fun is fast approaching as school gets ready to release!

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CONTRIBUTORS Crystal Tingle Paul Hunter Erica Scannel Erika Scannell – author of Struggle of Will Part 1, wife of 15 years to local repairman and fireworks expert Kip Scannell, busy soccer mom to five beautiful Kiplets. When not writing or shuttling kiddos from endless activities or leading the local women of MOMS in crafts extraordinaire, she tries to squeeze in some reading, research and bible studies. Best place to find her is in her closet hiding from her children!

Paul Hunter, B.S., C.S.C.S, lives On the Coast with his wife and three teenagers infusing science with his playful style yielding astonishing results at Grayton Beach Fitness, voted Best Place to Work Out on 30-A.

Crystal, along with her husband of 19 years and 3 boys, has been living in the Destin area since 2005. She is Founder of TheFitandHealthyLife. com which is a resource website created to teach and empower women to become the best version of themselves at any age through healthy food and fitness. Her passion to help women grew from her own transformation from frumpy mom to fit mom when she finally learned to stop comparing herself to others and focus on being the best that she could be… competing only with herself and all of this happened after 40!

Regina Piazza

Bianca Black Bianca Black serves as the Director of Content and Student Engagement for myOptions, a free college and career planning program serving more than 6 million students annually. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, but was born and raised in Florida and is married to an Emerald Coast native. Bianca earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education from the University of Central Florida. As a first-generation college graduate, the power of mentorship was very influential in her life and she strives to pay it forward through her work with myOptions. You can contact her at

Regina Piazza is an Air Force veteran, currently serving as a Support Representative with Classical Conversations, a classical, christian, homeschool community with over 125,000 students, spanning 50 states and 30 foreign countries. Regina provides leadership support to existing communities and strategic planning and tactical development of homeschool communities along the Emerald Coast. Regina was co-founder of GiGi & Company, a fine table linen company and owner of Performance

Development Partners where she developed and implemented recognition strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Her distinctive responsibilities as Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor and Connections Director to a congregation of 3,000 served indispensably for community evolvement.

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Courtney Lebedzinski Courtney is an Emerald Coast transplant, healthy housing strategist, and founder of As a healthy housing strategist, real estate investor, and concerned wife and mother, Courtney helps health-conscious families optimize their homes for wellness. Her goal is to help others improve their family’s health and wellbeing by addressing the health hazards that exist in their home environments. In addition to consulting others on household health, she is completing a healthy remodel on a short-term beach vacation rental. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, running a family volunteer organization, and recording the latest episodes of The Wholesome Houses Podcast.

Laura Lucy Laura Lucy owns Beachside Certifications, a CPR and first aid training company based in Destin. She also works virtually for Harbor House of Central Florida as a grant writer and marketing coordinator. When she's not working, you can find Laura and her husband Patrick trying to wrangle their crazy fiveyear-old redhead, Vivi.

Amanda Thackeray Amanda Thackeray was born and raised in Great Britain and spent each summer with her grandparents in the Netherlands. Her family later moved to the United States, where she became an early childhood educator while earning a masters and doctoral degree in Child Development and Family Relations. Amanda spent many years researching children’s relationships with God, and later founded and directed a faith-based elementary school. She is the authory of Lily Bell: Worthy of Love.



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SAVE A LIFE CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Certification  850.502.3284   BeachsideCertifications

Our May-June edition 2019. I know we say this all too often, but time is going by way too fast. We just keep trucking on from month to month, year to year. I really thought that this year, with my daughter graduated from high school and taking a gap year, spending time at home, we would get some overdue R&R and down time. Nope. In fact, as I sit to write this, I have had only a couple hours of sleep, returning in the wee hours of the morning chasing down a possible lead on her next adventurous chapter… But May-June, here we are. It is the ending of another school year, the ending of spring and the beginning of summer 2019… Nationally, normal planting of crops happens in March, April and May - spring. From winter to spring we focus on the new growth, the emerging flowers and the “springing forth of life” after the cold winter months. But in reality, the earth does not start to spring forth new life until closer to the start of summer! We are in a short season of in-between time, May-June, when the seeds have been planted and are in the ground, but the evidence of our hard work is yet to be seen. Surfing around a couple farmers’ blogs, I read that this short time between planting and the first few sprouts is actually a small window of “down time.” (And, yes, I scanned some farmers’ blogs! Doesn’t everyone do that when they are awake in the wee hours of the morning with ideas bouncing around their head?) But what happens in these few weeks between placing the seeds in the ground and waiting for those first few sprouts to pop up? In the ground, the seed is isolated, covered in dirt and darkness, and must completely burst open for new

growth to spring forth. It also must be watered and cultivated until harvest. I feel like these last few weeks of school, before summer freedom, sunshine and fun, with all the schools’ standardized testing, end-of-course exams, AP exams and so much more, we are like the seeds in the earth - just waiting for the fruits of our labors to burst forth and make their presence known. As the Greek writer and father of tragedy Aeschylus reminds us, “From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” Here at On The Coast magazine, we have plenty of activities to fill in your “down time”... For starters, turn the pages to read a wonderful article by Crystal Tingle challenging you to examine your life’s “Anthem.” Dr. Amanda Thackeray is with us this issue as she debuts her children's book, Lily Bell: Worthy of Love. This book is all about the deep loving bond of friendship and would make an excellent gift for all of your upcoming graduates, from Pre-K through college and even graduate school students. Did you know the word “friend” comes from the Germanic word “freund” of which the root means, “to love”? Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to a near and dear special cause to all of us here at OTC, the Lily Bell Hope Foundation. And speaking of gifts, don’t forget Mom, Sunday May 12th and Dad, June 16th. As always, there are dozens of events and activities to fill your calendar, like the annual Arts Quest and the kickstart of summer with fireworks over Destin Harbor on Memorial Day weekend, just to name a few. Time is the most valuable thing we can offer our friends. Spend some time with your friends around town at some of our events. Take pictures, make memories, laugh with each other and enjoy cultivating friendships. The father of our great nation, our first President George Washington wrote, “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation” (receiving the name or title of). This in-between time of seed planting and sprouting, I challenge you Dear Readers, water the friendships you have; be intentional in your time together; be inclusive; be transparent; be kind and see what springs forth with new life!

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by Crystal Tingle


I have a tagline in my email signature that says, "I believe every person is spectacular! But sometimes before others believe it about us, we have to first believe it about ourselves!" This tag is not to imply that we should be proud or boastful in those great moments where we feel worthy to exist, but simply to believe that maybe our life’s anthem means more than what we even believe it to be... even in those moments of not-so greatness. Maybe we are singing the wrong song. Maybe we are trying too hard to sing someone else’s, thereby always feeling like we have fallen short. Maybe our song is about the wrong things instead I had one of those moments not too long ago. I went to hear of the things that should matter. Maybe we make our song too a speaker who was quite the little powerhouse. She kept much about things that burn up and mean nothing at the end using the word “anthem.” She would ask, “ What is your life’s anthem?” In other words, what do we want of a life lived well. Maybe we have tried to write our song about the accomplishments of a successful business or a nice big the song of our life to sound like? What kind of music do people hear when our anthem plays? house with a pool and a view of the bay, or that we travel and speak to hundreds of people who come to hear what we have to What do the lyrics say? say, or maybe about finally being a published author. My life’s anthem? Hmmm. But what if we wrote our song about That jolted me as I am in a just one? If we lived our season of reflection, whole life and made having just turned the young a difference that we lived to just one person, wouldn’t that be a success? The one whose life is forever changed because you lived. The one you loved with a steadfast, unselfish heart that will never be age of 50. Whoa! Hard to type! But thinking about her forgotten by them? The one who maybe you brought into this question caused a pause in me. A very reflective pause. world and loved and fed and poured your life into, or the one What have I used these last 50 years to accomplish? who you were there for to stop them from leaving this world because you valued them and showed them their own song. Thoughts lately have been ones of waste… spitting in The one who your child is a friend with who feels so comfy and the wind…especially when I allow myself to compare my life safe at your house and you love on them like your own. The to another. But have I wasted it? Have you? What if this is just one! another issue of comparison overload? here are seasons in life that really make you second-guess yourself… your purpose…your contribution to being on this earth…being in this world. A conundrum of existence whereby there are those moments that define you as more than spectacular and those moments that reduce you to worthless if you allow. And then there are those moments when you just need reassurance…a gentle reminder that you are doing okay somewhere in between the great and the worthless.

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Make every bath better. Enjoy plenty of hot water when you upgrade from gas plus get a FREE electric water heater! Find out more at or call 877-655-4001.

by Laura Lucy


s Mother’s Day approaches, the stores are overflowing with mugs, chocolates, flowers, and candles, almost all of which are some shade of pink. Moms are ladies and ladies like pink, right? It’s cute when the kids are little and dad takes them to the store to let them pick out something for mom from the pink pile. But has anyone thought to ask moms what they really want? Relax, dads and kids. I did a little research for you. In my unscientific poll of mothers, a very clear pattern emerged. Moms of teens and adults just want the opportunity to spend some time with their busy offspring – a shared meal if they live nearby or a simple phone call if they live further away, maybe a FaceTime session. It’s no surprise that moms of younger children – these are the women who are currently in the trenches of parenthood 24/7 – are more interested in the gift of time away from their children. When you have a baby or toddler relying on you every moment of every day or an elementary school kid who asks dozens of questions each hour, gifts like a massage, pedicure, or solo beach day feel like a refreshing vacation.

Across the board, moms just want to feel seen and appreciated. Tell her thank you for all she does for the family. Take over some of her duties for the day so she can relax. Give her a card, either handcrafted or store-bought, and write a thoughtful message inside. Another popular option for all ages is brunch. No matter how many kids a woman has or how old they are, she has earned the right to day drink. Nothing says we understand how hard you work for us every day better than bottomless mimosas. If you have any single moms in your life, please remember them on Mother’s Day. Depending on the age of their kids, they might receive no gifts. Offer to take their kids shopping to pick something out for mom or watch the kids so she can go practice a little self-care and come back renewed and ready to get back to the business of parenting. As my own daughter grows and gains more independence (Vivi is 7 going on 17 this month), I have been thinking a lot about the last time you do something with your child and not knowing it’s the last time. Before you start spiraling thinking about how long it’s been since you picked up your child or held them in your lap, let me get to my point here. If you are fortunate enough to still have your own continued on page 16

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Invisible Fence of Pensacola | Pensacola, FL 32501 800-578-3647

WHAT MOMS WANT continued from page 14

mother in this life, know that she went through those same painful lasts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you gave her a big bear hug or an exuberant kiss on the cheek? If you can find the time, how about curling up on the couch to watch a movie together. Imagine how happy it would make her if you put your head on her shoulder. You can give her the gift of one more last time. Just don’t sit on her lap – we don’t want to break mom on Mother’s Day. This year put some extra thought into what you’re getting the woman who gave you life on her special day. If I spot anyone over the age of 10 shopping from the pink pile, I’m going to give you that look that only a mom can – that look that tells you I know you can do better. Happy Mother’s Day!

THE ANTHEM OF YOUR LIFE continued from page 12

We ALL have “the one” or two or three that by just waking in the morning you are making a difference in their lives. Just by saying I love you and believe in you, you are writing your song…a song that the one life you made a difference in will be singing long after the house, and the pool and the successful business are gone. The one person is worth a lifetime of living. Worth it all! Recognizing this made me realize that I am okay with that. I am okay with my life’s anthem being about making a difference to the one… because that one will make a difference to another and that feels melodic to me. My song is still being written and the words are still being played out, but it’s going to be great…a top-of-the-charts kind of song! What will YOUR anthem sound like? What will your song say? Find your melody in the one! 16 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine


by Paul Hunter


by Bianca B lack


re you drawing a blank when it comes to the anticipated major question on your college apps? You are most definitely not alone! Choosing what to select as your anticipated college major on your college apps and beyond can be a huge stressor. Take some comfort in knowing what you list on your application or even declare once you get to college is not set in stone. “Undecided” is perfectly acceptable for the time being. You may feel the major you choose will dictate the rest of your life, but that’s not necessarily true. On the flip side of that, you will take lots of classes within your major, so make sure it’s something you enjoy and is practical in the job market. We’ve gathered some FAQs to help guide you through this (major) decision. How do I decide what to major in? A good approach to take when you are trying to decide your major is to work backwards and think of potential careers you are interested in. Once you have a short list of potential careers, you can do some research to find majors that align with those careers. Here are a few recommendations to help you find your ideal career/major:


Shadow professionals in a few careers that you are considering to get a feel for a “day in their life." This will allow you to see if this is something you envision yourself doing or something to cross off the list. If you are in high school, your counselor may be able to help you with finding these opportunities.

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Pick the brains of those you are shadowing about what kind of college courses/major they recommend.

3 4

Visit your college career center early and often. They can provide you helpful resources like aptitude tests to show you what majors/careers may be a good fit for you based on your values, skillsets, and passions. It’s also good to establish a relationship with the career center because they’ll be helpful when it comes to look for an internship and eventually a full-time position. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook website. This provides a summary of each career, average salary, education requirements, job outlook, similar careers, and so much more!

Use your required general education courses and any elective hours you have to explore different academic interests.



Explore if your career options require graduate school. For example, if you plan to attend medical school or an MBA program after you graduate, you’ll want to research their prerequisite courses required for admission to ensure they are built into your academic plan.

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by Regina Piazza


ummer is almost here, and another school year is nearly in the books. Was this past year what you had hoped it would be? Did you desire something different for your child’s education? Perhaps you are considering homeschooling next year and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have been homeschooling for a while and find yourself in need of inspiration. Or maybe you feel a bit isolated and desire a community of like-minded parents to encourage you and your children along the homeschool journey. As a parent, you have been teaching your child since Day One, having been at the task since teaching them to walk and talk. You are capable of educating your children! You’ve already begun the journey, and homeschooling frees you to set the course for your child’s education. And as your children grow, you can grow right along with them, and you don’t have to do it alone. One of the homeschool options in our area is Classical Conversations, (CC). CC is a K-12 nationwide homeschooling program that helps train and equip parents to provide their children with a Christian classical education. It provides resources and encouragement to help you take the leap, persevere, and thrive. You get to walk the homeschool journey not only with other parents like yourself but also with veteran CC parents and trained tutors. John Donne wrote that “no man is an island,” meaning you don’t have to go it alone; being a part of a community means you have access to thousands of other experienced homeschooling parents who can guide you through transcripts, testing, college applications and more. CC communities provide practical and useful support, encouragement and accountability. Classical Conversations now has more than 125,000 students enrolled in its tutoring programs which are provided by 2,500 CC communities in all 50 states and 30 foreign countries. CC partners with military, missionary, and local families on five continents and, 20 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

along the Emerald Coast, in Crestview, Destin, Shalimar, Navarre, Niceville, and Santa Rosa Beach. Still looking for encouragement and inspiration? Whether you are exploring homeschooling or an experienced home-educator, you can access immediate equipping through veteran home-educators at a FREE three-day parent conference. You’ll find a community of local families eager to explore the classical model of education and tools that make learning all subjects with all their children satisfying. Parent Practicums are offered around the globe from May to early August, and our local conferences will be held June 6-8 at First Baptist Church in Mary Esther and June 25-27 at First Baptist Church in Niceville. Participants are encouraged to register at While you learn, your children can learn, too. Low-cost day camps ($49 per child) are available for children of attendees, kindergarten to teen. Camps include nursery and play camps for younger children, GeoDraw Camp for children ages 6-8 to introduce world geography and cultures, Math Mania for children ages 9-14 where students will be encouraged to “play with numbers,” and academic camps for older students. Advance registration for student camps is required and space is limited so you’ll want to act quickly to reserve your spot. Regina Piazza is the CC Support Representative for our area. Her family is retired Air Force and homeschools their 17-year-old daughter and 7-year-old twins. Regina is available to answer all your questions and get you started on the road to an education designed to inspire and cultivate a love of learning for your entire family. You can contact Regina at rpiazza@classicalconversations. com or 210-602-6265. Every child is uniquely and wonderfully made, connect with CC at




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ummer is coming and for many that includes traveling either by car or plane. However you choose to travel, being away from home initiates a change in daily habits, even for the very disciplined and best-intentioned. Sleep, activity and food are typically thrown out of rhythm. Often when we get away, we attempt to either sleep more or fit in more of the activities we yearn for when we are working or that we want to share with our children. Packing in all of these activities yields less sleep and focus on food time. For others, getting away means new sights, and new restaurants. Yes, you guessed it, more food in our bellies. More activity, more food and altered sleep in strange beds yield our daily rhythms out of whack. Planning is one way to overcome or at least minimize the damages of traveling. It may take thinking outside the box or seeking the assistance of people who have been successful travelers to find success, but it is possible. Demise occurs when we throw all to the wind because we are already outside the normal patterns; however, success does not equate to no fun or spontaneity. 22 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

These challenges can be approached a couple different ways: detailed planning or principle-based planning. The first involves accounting for every moment, activity and meal. If you have traveled this way it can be an exhausting, event-filled time. Necessary for some trips but not all. If there is a list of extremely high priority meetings, etc., this type of planning may be necessary. When applied to your vacation or other funintended trip, the fun may go away. Attempting to eat in a detailed manner when away can be stressful and unintentionally chaotic because our daily conveniences are no longer convenient away from our homes. This is where principlebased planning comes in. I have found that principlebased planning allows for the most success with the least amount of intrusion into your trip, whether it be for fun or business. Food is often the category that is lost in the schedule, even with the best planning. continued on page 28


remember the first time I saw Allyson. I honestly was not looking forward to meeting Scott’s six-foot-tall, gorgeous, supermodelturned-interior-designer girlfriend. He had told us that he had finally met “the one” and needed to know what we thought. She was not at all what I expected. She was a perfect vision of grace and beauty as she walked toward us, but then she caught her sizeeleven flip-flop in the wooden deck, tripped, and landed on her blessed assurance. I secretly thought, “How in the world did this girl make it down the runway in Milan?” But she got those long legs upright and started to laugh. I knew from that moment she was “the one.” From the beginning, I was drawn to Allyson’s gentle and quiet spirit. She listened more than she spoke, worked hard but expected no recognition, and most importantly, loved dessert. Allyson was authentic. Over the years, our friendship became an anchor which held one another steady and accountable, yet at the same time gave us the freedom to speak truth in love without ever needing to mince words or filter motives. Our strong foundation, rooted in faith, grounded and prepared us for the storms ahead. About ten years ago, we had the joy of being pregnant at the same time. Allyson and Scott were expecting their first child, and we were expecting our third son. Silas was our Thanksgiving baby, and Lily Isabella surprised us all by arriving one month early. She was precious. But it did not take long before Allyson starting noticing differences between Silas and Lily. Lily could not latch on, suckle while breastfeeding, or drink from a bottle. Whatever they got down, she would spit up. Her body was rigid and could not mold into the

24 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

curves of Allyson’s body as she held her. There seemed to be little movement with her arms and legs, and she cried all the time. For almost four months, Scott and Allyson consulted with doctors in Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. Some said she was a nervous new mother and was probably causing her baby to be nervous too. They blamed Allyson for not feeding Lily enough and her failing to thrive. All along, Allyson knew something was not right, so they put their hurt aside and kept searching for a way to help Lily. I will never forget the call we received from Scott to share the results of the MRI. The doctors discovered bilateral scarring on Lily’s brain which they believed was caused by a stroke in-utero during the end of the second trimester, resulting in cerebral palsy. The report gave them an answer, just not the one they had hoped for. Experts prepared themfor the worst. Lily most likely would never eat, drink, crawl, walk, sit, stand, or be able to do much without the help of others. The diagnosis was devastating. Yet somehow, courage and strength rose up inside Scott and Allyson, and they did not allow Lily’s diagnosis to become her prognosis.

They knew that Lily’s life had a purpose, and she was worthy of love. The past ten years have not been easy. Most days have been overloaded with school, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and endless trips to UAB to cast Lily’s legs for braces, measure for hand splints, inject Botox in her neck and hands to ease the dystonia, x-ray her spine and hips, and feed her “tummy water” and medicine through her G-tube which was surgically placed in her stomach. Scott and Allyson have spent hours filling but paperwork, making phone calls, and fighting for more inclusive coverage for special needs children from insurance companies and lawmakers. They also traveled to Duke University to participate in a clinical trial using Lily’s own stem cells which were extracted from her umbilical cord at birth. This motivated them to establish the Lily Bell Hope Foundation to assist other families who hope to collect and store their newborn’s cord blood which could potentially save lives and cure disease. When Lily was three, Allyson moved to Birmingham to work with a teacher who could help Lily thrive, not just survive. In the depths of my heart, I knew this was the support Lily needed, but I was so sad my best friend was moving away. Commuting back home on

weekends for three years was exhausting. Allyson and Scott sacrificed without complaint or asking for help. Family and friends helped to make meals, run errands, or care for Lily, but I felt I needed to help more. Sadly, during this time, Allyson’s mother, Lala, was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Now, it was even more important to find a way to help my best friend cope and heal. Lily Bell: Worthy of Love was birthed out of that desire to help and honor Allyson’s mother. It was important to write the story in a way that children of all ages could understand. During my quiet time, I would watch a father and mother dove outside my window. They would meticulously gather the broken twigs and crumpled leaves which had fallen to the ground to build their nest, gently lay their eggs, and hide them under the shadow of their wings. From three little eggs emerged three little biddies. How beautiful it was to witness the doves as they fed, groomed, nurtured, protected, and encouraged their biddies to spread their wings and fly. It was a picture of Lily, a story of beauty found in brokenness.

Lily Bell: Worthy of Love is a story of hope. Lily Bell discovered that she could do all she dreamed of but just in a different way with the help of her friends and family. We are all created for a special purpose to fulfill a unique plan for our lives. We are all worthy of love. Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine • 25


he electromagnetic spectrum refers to all of the known electromagnetic fields (EMF) and their respective wavelengths. The electromagnetic spectrum can be broken up into two categories: non-ionizing radiation, which includes things like FM radio, WiFi, microwave ovens, smart meters, cell phones, and even visible light, and ionizing radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays. One extremely small part of this spectrum is the visible light that we can sense with our eyes, with the vast majority falling outside of the limited perception of human sight. Because the electromagnetic smog that most of us spend our entire lives in cannot be seen, smelled, or heard, for most people it is “out of sight, out of mind.”

magnetic fields emanating from the planet, the Sun’s so-called “galactic radiation,” and even lightning contributing to the naturally occurring EMF on our planet. Though the intensity of this EMF may vary over time and location, it is a constant part of our lives as humans. This type of EMF is completely natural. Modern life, however, has led to the exponential increase in non-native EMF (nnEMF), or man-made electromagnetic fields. Examples include everything from wireless internet and cordless phones to kitchen appliances and fluorescent

But, in my opinion, this is a losing strategy because this EMF may have a profound influence on our health and wellbeing. In this article, I hope to Photo Source: shed some light (no pun intended) on the brave new world we light bulbs; in fact, anything that runs currently find ourselves in and how we can on electricity will cause man-made EMF make smart choices to protect our families. radiation. The truth is, with cell phone towers scattering the landscape and a #1: Electromagnetic fields can be natural smartphone on most every body, humans or man-made. in 2019 are bathing in a sea of man-made It would be a mistake to assume that all radiation that simply did not exist for EMF is unnatural or harmful. The Earth their great-great-grandparents. These is electromagnetic in nature, with strong frequencies that fill our air, sometimes 26 • Tell them you saw it in ON THE COAST Magazine

by Courtney Lebedzinski


Facts Emerald Coasters Should Know About Electromagnetic Frequencies

referred to as electrosmog, are practically ubiquitous. #2: Current safety standards don’t address biological harm. When it comes to the technology that we use every day - things like cell phones, laptops, and WiFi routers - many people assume that, because they are on the market, they must be safe. The alarming truth is that there are no pre-market safety tests or standards on these devices for their non-thermal effects on human health. The current international safety standards on microwave radiation (which includes cell phones and other wireless technology) are based on thermal damage only. Simply put, these safety limits are meant to prevent your tech from literally cooking you. But research going back as far as the 1970s from NASA, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and others have shown that EMFs can harm human health via non-thermal mechanisms. This means that our current safety standards are based on outdated science and do not address a majority of the very real health effects that EMFs may cause. #3: There are numerous health concerns associated with EMFs. The level to which our bodies (which are electromagnetic in nature!) are exposed to nnEMF is unnatural and, in my opinion, downright harmful. In 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones as a 2B carcinogen, meaning they are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” In a $25 million study on the health effects of cell phones, the National Toxicology Program found the technology used in 2G and 3G networks clearly caused cancer in lab animals. continued on page 44

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around “general education” courses like Intro to Psychology, History, and Public Speaking so this gives you some flexibility and time to explore different major options. Your decision process may be sped up if you come to college with previous colleges credits, you choose a program with special admission criteria like an audition (i.e. music or theater), or if your major requires a separate application like many nursing programs.

continued from page 18 When do I need to declare a major? Typically, it’s safe to say sophomore year is when the final decision should be made, but each college and program is going to be a bit different. Your first year of college typically revolves

What if I fall out of love with my major? There comes a point in time where you have to fully commit to your major unless you want to be an undergrad for 7 years, which as tempting as it seems, isn’t necessarily the most practical, unfortunately. So, what do you do if the initial spark you had for your major isn’t there and you’re at the point of no return? Explore the different paths your major provides. You may have envisioned yourself doing one thing with your major and discover a completely different path. You may also be surprised to learn that according to the U.S. Department of Labor, people change career fields two or three times in their lives, so focus on the transferrable skills you can acquire that are valuable to any field you decide to pursue. There’s no doubt that your major will shape your college experience. It’s an important decision that should be given lots of thought. However, there are so many other factors that contribute to post-college success outside of your major, so be sure to check out steps you can be taking now to be more employable after college.

LIVING A PRINCIPLED LIFE continued from page 22

Eating by principle involves some discipline but affords a larger chance of success. Here are some basic eating/“fueling” principles that can be used while on the road or in the air:

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Nutrient-dense and packed with vitamins and minerals, this group of fuel typically yields minimal calories and maximum nutrients. Try eating one big salad a day. Second best? Go frozen if you have a cooler or fridge/freezer available. If you’re saying in a condo, a blender may be available and frozen berries are a great sweetener in smoothies. Lean meats: Heart doctors often tell their patients to focus on animal with two legs or less. Think… think… yes, chicken and fish fit the bill here. Why? These sources are typically leaner (read: less fat, especially saturated), thus less calories and yield greater amount of protein per ounce.

Why would you NOT drink water?

Water: I recommend 1 oz per kilogram (2.2 lbs = 1 kilogram) of body weight. If you weigh 130 pounds, that equates to about 60 ounces of water daily or almost 2 liters (67.6 ounces). Why water? Check out these facts:

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1. Your body is about 60% water and can get depleted quite easily, especially if you are engaging in activities outside your norm. 2. You lose about 8 to 10 cups, or just over 2 liters of water per normal day through breathing, urine, perspiration and bowel movements. 3. As little as 2% loss in water content begins to cause the brain to lose alertness and the body to feel fatigued.

Yes, you can have some snacks or even your favorite foods. However, just remember, the farther you stray from these “principles,” the harder your body has to work for energy, and the farther you may be from your goals you had prior to leaving. Sticking to these principles will allow you some freedom whilst traveling and still provide a foundation for proper fueling to have more fun on vacation and more success on business.

The Princess Ball A magical night for a daughter and father or father figure! Princesses between the ages of 3 and 17 attending will have a memorable and magical evening of laughter and dance shared! Princesses may attend with their Father, Grandfather, Uncle, or other Prince escort of their choice. Reservations are required to attend and can be made at https:// The Ball takes place on May 31st from 6-9pm. Tickets to the Ball are $25.00 per couple and $10.00 for each additional Princess. Military Couple discount is available. All proceeds will benefit The Arc of the Emerald Coast formerly known as Horizons of Okaloosa County. The Ball will be held at Northwest Florida State College, Niceville bottom floor of Student Services Building 400. The Royal Evenings Festivities will include: Complimentary Photo of Princess & Father , Party Gift(s), Complimentary Photo Booth – Princess and Friends can get silly group photos! , Refreshments and Candy Table, Unique Photo opportunities , Dancing to music provided by B-Boy Productions

9th Annual Smoke on the Coast BBQ & Fireworks Festival The 9th Annual Smoke on the Coast BBQ and Fireworks Festival will be held at Destin Commons and starts at 5 PM on July 3, 2019. The family entertainment and live music will begin at 5 PM and starting at 6 PM, BBQ lovers can enjoy $1 samples from 18 area restaurants and vote for their favorite as People's Choice winners with over $85,000 in donations benefiting local charities. The 18 non-profit organizations, along with their BBQ teams, are: • Air Force Enlisted Village & The Gulf • Boys and Girls Club & Big Red Truck • Children in Crisis & B&C Fire Safety • Dog Harmony & Cafe Rico • Emerald Coast Science Center & Bow Tie BBQ • Food for Thought & Paula Deen's Family Kitchen • Gulf Coast Council of the Boy Scouts of America & Smok'n Scouts Barbeque Crew • Habitat for Humanity & Hub City Smokehouse and Grill • Heritage Museum of NW Florida & Cold Creek BBQ • Jobs4U & Lillie's Q • Junior League of the Emerald Coast & Buh's BBQ • Niceville/Valparaiso Rotary Club & Smok'n Hot Wheels • Opportunity Place & B's Smoking BBQ • Rotary Club of Destin • Shelter House & The One and Culinary Pirates • Taylor Haugen Foundation & Brightview Landscaping Services • Toys for Tots & Bass Pro

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Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm Cost: $275 per camp Location: Fort Walton Yacht Club Ages 7 – 18 years old Beginner I & II (grouped by age/skill) Learn to Race ($300 per camp) Opti, Taz, Sunfish, Laser, 420 & FEVA Learn to sail! Meet new friends!

Vacation Bible School June 3 - June 6 9am - 12pm

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Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30p Graduating K-5th Grade $100/child

Dance Camp - June 17-21

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Broadway 9am-12pm Dance Around The World 1pm-4pm

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inning, w d r a w a n a n o t Don’t miss ou r your fo p m a c d e r te n e Christ-c mmer! u S is th r te h g u a d

• Riding - English, Western, and Jumping • Swimming • Heated Pool • Ropes Course • Climbing Tower • Outdoor Nature Skills • Sports • Soccer

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Experience and training in theatre can improve students' communication, critical thinking and team-based skills! SIGN UP FOR AN ECTC SUMMER CAMP TODAY!

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May 16-19 Sandestin EC Theatre Co NWFL Theater Festival Showtimes Vary Daily $15-$25 or All Access $100 850-684-0323 May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Wednesday Concert Series 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 May 2, 3, 4 Seaside REP Theatre Complete Works of William Shakespeare 7:30pm $30 850-231-0733 May 3, 10, 17, 24 FWB The Landing Concerts at the Landing 6-8pm FREE 850-244-8191 May 4 Seaside Lyceum Lawn Down & Derby Fest 3-6pm $54 and Up 850-460-8980 May 6, 13, 20, 27 Okaloosa Island Al’s Beach Club Pirate Magic Show 5:30-8:30pm FREE 850-226-4100 May 7, 14, 21, 28 FWB Belles & Whistles Open Resin Class 10:30-1:30pm $40 & up 850-737-2120 May 9 Destin Mattie Kelly Village Velcro Pygmies Concert 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226 May 10, 11, 12 Seaside REP Theatre Complete Works of William Shakespeare 7:30pm $30 850-231-0733

May 11 FWB Convention Center EC Health Fair 10-6pm FREE 850-737-2177 Watercolor CVHN Smile Mile & 5K 7:30am $35 Adult $20 Child 850-622-3200 May 11-12 Sandestin Grand Boulevard Arts Quest Sat 10-7pm, Sun 10-5pm 850-622-5970 May 12 Destin The Henderson Sip & Shop 1-4pm FREE 850-244-8191 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 May 15 Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 May 16 Destin Mattie Kelly Village Az-IzZ Concert 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226 FWB Belles & Whistles Southern Market Ladies Night 6:30-8:30pm FREE 850-737-2120 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Bubbly Baytowne 5-7pm FREE 850-267-8180

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May 16, 17, 18 Seaside REP Theatre Complete Works of William Shakespeare 7:30pm $30 850-231-0733 Okaloosa Island Conv Ctr Animaniacs in Concert 7pm $29.50-$45 850-460-8800 May 17-18 Aly’s Beach Digital Graffiti 8-11:30pm $50 - $150 850-213-5500 May 17-19 FWB Civic Auditorium Community Chorus INVASION $9-$15 Fri, Sat 7pm Sun 3pm 850-833-9500 May 18 DeFuniak Springs LakeFest Everybody Paddle 8-6pm FREE 1-833-452-9252 Niceville NWFL State College Emerald Coast Mud Run 10K Elite Warrior 8am $79-$89 5K Competitor 9am $59-$69, 5K Fun Run 9:30/11:30am $49-$59 1 Mile Run 1:30/2:30 $29-$39 Zero Dark 30 8pm $69-$79 www.emeraldcoastmudrun. com Niceville NWFL St College Women Symposium 8-2pm $50 850-244-8191 Okaloosa Island Conv Ctr Monster Yard Sale 9-3pm $5 Adults $13 & Under FREE 850-654-1000

May 19 Destin Commons Mac & Cheese Festival 1-3pm $1 Each Sampling 850-344-7261 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Sunday Cinema - Coco 8pm FREE 850-267-8180 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 May 20 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Hydroflight Monday Shows 6:30 & 8:30pm FREE 850-267-8180 Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 May 21 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Boomin’ Tuesdays - Fireworks 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 May 22 Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 May 23 Destin Mattie Kelly Village Utimate Eagles Tribute Concert 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Magical Thursdays 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 May 25 Destin Boathouse Oyster Bar Slacker 0.5K 10-1pm $30 850-837-3645

Destin Harborwalk Village Memorial Day Celebration Music & Fireworks 7:30-10:15pm FREE 850-424-0600 Okaloosa Island Conv Center White Party 7-11pm $35 Adv $40 at the Door 850-398-4009 May 25-27 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Memorial Day Celebration Sat 7-9pm, Sun 6-9pm, Mon 7pm FREE 850-267-8186 May 26 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 May 27 Destin HarborWalk Village Monday Movie Night 8pm FREE 850-424-0600

Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 May 28 Destin HarborWalk Village Fat Tuesday Parade 6:30 Pardi 8:30 Parade FREE 850-424-0600 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Boomin’ Tuesdays & Baytowne Live 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8186 May 29 Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

May 30 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733

Niceville NWFL St College Princess Ball 6-8pm $25 per couple $10 Additional Princess 850-863-1530

Destin HarborWalk Village Throwback Thursday 7-9pm Music & Fireworks FREE 850-424-0600

June 1 FWB The Landing Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival 11-6pm Pirate Landing 2:30pm FREE 850-244-8191

Destin Mattie Kelly Village Blackberry Breeze Concert 6-9pm June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 $15 Kids Under 12 FREE Destin HarborWalk Village 850-650-2226 Rock the Docks 7pm Sandestin Baytowne Wharf FREE Magical Thursdays & 850-424-0600 Baytowne Live 7-9pm Magic & Music June 2 FREE Watersound The Hub 850-267-8180 Kids Movie Night 7-9pm May 31 FREE FWB The Landing 850-213-0782 Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival 3-9pm Pirate Skirmish 7pm Fireworks 9pm continued on page 42 FREE 850-244-8191

show dates: may 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 16, 17 & 18 starring kevin boyle, brook stetler & kyle walter

Live Theatre, Concerts and Films at The REP

Seaside Meeting Hall Theatre • 216 Quincy Circle, Seaside, FL 32459

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continued from page 41 June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Sunday Cinema 8pm FREE 850-267-8180 June 3 FWB First Street Billy Bowlegs Torchlight Parade 7pm FREE 850-244-8191 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Hydroflight Mondays 6:30 & 8:30pm Shows FREE 850-267-8180 Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 June 3, 10, 17, 24 Destin HarborWalk Village Monday Movie Night 8pm FREE 850-424-0600 Okaloosa Island Al’s Beach Club Pirate Magic Show 5:30-8:30pm FREE 850-226-4100 June 4 Destin HarborWalk Village Fat Tuesday Parade 6:30 Pardi 8:30 Parade FREE 850-424-0600

June 5 Rosemary Beach N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

June 10 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Hydroflight Mondays 6:30 & 8:30pm Shows FREE 850-267-8180

Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

Sandestin Village Baytowne Wharf Magical Thursday 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180

Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Wed Night Concert Series 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180

June 11 Destin HarborWalk Village Fat Tuesday Parade 6:30 Pardi 8:30 Parade FREE 850-424-0600

June 14 FWB The Landing Concerts at the Landing 6-8pm FREE 850-244-8191

FWB Belles & Whistles Open Resin Class 10:30-1:30pm $40 & up 850-737-2120

June 16 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

June 6 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733

Destin Mattie Kelly Village Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Triggerproof Concert Boomin’ Tuesdays & 6-9pm Baytowne Live $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 7-9:30pm 850-650-2226 FREE 850-267-8180 June 6 Destin HarborWalk Village June 12 Throwback Thursday Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq 7-9pm Music & Fireworks Jack & the Beanstalk FREE 6:30pm 850-424-0600 FREE 850-231-0733 Sandestin Village Baytowne Wharf Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Magical Thursday Wed Night Concert Series 7-9pm 7-9pm FREE FREE 850-267-8180 850-267-8180 June 6-8 Mary Ester First Baptist Church Homeschool Practicum 9-4pm FREE 210-602-6265

FWB Belles & Whistles Open Resin Class 10:30-1:30pm $40 & up 850-737-2120

June 7 FWB The Landing Concerts at the Landing 6-8pm FREE 850-244-8191

Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Boomin’ Tuesdays & Baytowne Live 7-9:30pm FREE 850-267-8180

June 9 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 June 13 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733 Destin HarborWalk Village Throwback Thursday 7-9pm Music & Fireworks FREE 850-424-0600

Destin Mattie Kelly Village Back to Avalon Concert 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226

June 17 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Hydroflight Mondays 6:30 & 8:30pm Shows FREE 850-267-8180 Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 June 18 Destin HarborWalk Village Fat Tuesday Parade 6:30 Pardi 8:30 Parade FREE 850-424-0600 FWB Belles & Whistles Open Resin Class 10:30-1:30pm $40 & up 850-737-2120 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Boomin’ Tuesdays & Baytowne Live 7-9:30pm FREE 850-267-8180 June 19 Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 continued on page 45

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7 FACTS ABOUT EMFs continued from page 26 However, the potential harmful effects of EMF exposure are not limited to cancer. There are dozens of well-cited biological health effects from EMFs and microwave radiation, dozens more if you consider the anecdotal evidence. Here are just a handful of health concerns which are supported by scientific and epidemiological research: • Microwave radiation is genotoxic, causing DNA strand breaks and affecting gene expression. • Cardiac issues including arrhythmias and high blood pressure • Endocrine system disruption via altered hormone levels - these include thyroid hormone, serotonin, melatonin, cortisol, and more. • Fertility issues including damage to the sperm and ovaries, reduction in sperm count, and miscarriage. • Immunological effects including autoimmunity, changes to immune cells, and an increased incidence of allergies, asthma, and rashes. • Permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB), which can have neurotoxic effects. • Impaired cognitive abilities including learning, memory, and concentration. It is beyond the scope of this article to touch on all of the documented health effects of exposure to nnEMF; however, if you are interested in learning more, I recommend The Environmental Health Trust website,, as well as the book,

#4: Children are the most at-risk population. Just as they are more susceptible to all toxins, children are especially vulnerable to the risks of excessive EMF exposure. This is because kids have smaller bodies, softer heads, and developing brains. For example, research has shown that the brains, eyes, and bone marrow of kids absorb 3-10 times more radiation than adults.

Today’s children were born into a world where technology is not only prevalent, it is essential. But they will also be the first This scenario isn’t intended to scare you. generation to suffer from the cumulative It’s meant to explain how the technology effects of lifetime exposure to electromagnetic “The new 5G wireless technology involves millimeter pollution. Because of waves (extremely high frequencies) producing photons of this, I believe that it is much greater energy than even 4G and WiFi. Allowing this imperative for parents technology to be used without proving its safety is reckless of young children to set in the extreme, as the millimeter waves are known to have a limits around technology profound effect on all parts of the human body.” and to make the home -Prof. Trevor Marshall, Director Autoimmunity Research an electrically quiet escape. For more information, please see the Healthy Home that fuels our modern life has become so Challenge in this issue and visit http://www. ubiquitous that its potential ill-effects can easily go overlooked. #6: Electromagnetic pollution will #5: Most modern homes contain high massively increase over the next several levels of man-made electromagnetic years. fields. According to Dr. Olle Johansson, our Let’s consider the average NW Florida bodies are subjected to one quintillion home. Inside it you’ll likely find no fewer (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times more than five microwave-emitting devices electromagnetic radiation than they were including cell phones, tablets, laptops, just one decade ago. This statement is even DECT cordless home phones, WiFi routers, more profound when you consider that one Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers, and decade ago there were iPhones - we aren’t e-readers. Several rooms will have smart even comparing today’s electrosmog to the TVs (more RF/microwave) which may be days of horse-drawn carts and kerosene connected to gaming devices (high magnetic lamps! So with this incredible increase in fields), wireless printers/speakers/cameras/ EMF in our environment that has already occurred, what can we expect in the future? Well, more of the same.

Photo Source:

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault. Both resources act as excellent primers on the subject and have well-cited science-based information about the health effects of EMFs.

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running. The bedroom, a place intended for rest and recovery, may contain an alarm clock plugged in just beside the bed (high magnetic fields), perhaps an adjustable bed (high electric and magnetic fields), and might be positioned with the head of the bed backed up to a clothes dryer or A/C condenser just on the other side of the wall (extremely high magnetic fields). And this is just inside the home; don’t forget the cell phone antennas, high voltage power lines, and smart meters positioned right outside.

etc. (more RF/microwave), or streaming entertainment sticks (even more RF/ microwave). The kitchen houses several small appliances that are constantly plugged in, thus generating electric fields even when not in use, as well as large appliances, such as a fridge and dishwasher, which emit high magnetic fields when

A conversation about coming technologies would be incomplete without a quick discussion on 5G, or 5th generation wireless, so let’s briefly discuss what it is and its implications. Many people mistakenly believe that 5G technology is simply a higher power density of prior 3G and 4G networks. However, the infrastructure that powers 5G wireless is completely different, employing a high frequency millimeter wave technology. Their shorter wavelengths do not travel as far, so 5G antennas will have to be positioned more densely, with millions of new antennas required. It should also be noted that 5G technology will not replace existing 3G or 4G infrastructure, but will be laid on top of it, exponentially increasing electromagnetic pollution. As of now, several large cities have at least partial 5G coverage including Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Orlando, with major telecom companies anticipating nationwide coverage by 2020. The promise of 5G’s incredibly fast speeds which, in turn, continued on page 46

continued from page 42 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Wed Night Concert Series 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 June 20 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733 Destin HarborWalk Village Throwback Thursday 7-9pm Music & Fireworks FREE 850-424-0600 Destin Mattie Kelly Village Monsters of Yacht Concert 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226 FWB Belles & Whistles Southern Market Ladies Night 6:30-8:30pm FREE 850-737-2120 Sandestin Village Baytowne Wharf Magical Thursday 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 June 23 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 June 24 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Hydroflight Mondays 6:30 & 8:30pm Shows FREE 850-267-8180

Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

Destin Mattie Kelly Village The Maxx “We Are Funky” 6-9pm $15 Kids Under 12 FREE 850-650-2226

FWB The Landing Concerts at the Landing 6-8pm FREE 850-244-8191

June 25 Destin HarborWalk Village Fat Tuesday Parade 6:30 Pardi 8:30 Parade FREE 850-424-0600

Sandestin Village Baytowne Wharf Magical Thursday 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180

Watersound The Hub Live Music 6:60-9:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

FWB Belles & Whistles Open Resin Class 10:30-1:30pm $40 & up 850-737-2120

June 30 Watersound The Hub Kids Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Boomin’ Tuesdays & Baytowne Live 7-9:30pm FREE 850-267-8180 June 25-27 Niceville First Baptist Church Homeschool Practicum 9-4pm FREE 210-602-6265 June 26 Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Wed Night Concert Series 7-9pm FREE 850-267-8180 Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782 June 27 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733 Destin HarborWalk Village Throwback Thursday 7-9pm Music & Fireworks FREE 850-424-0600

July 1 Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 July 3 Destin Commons Smoke on the Coast BBQ/Fireworks 5-9pm $1 Each Sampling 850-337-8700 Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

July 5 Watersound The Hub Dance Party W/DJ Mike Whitty 6:30-9:30 FREE 850-231-0733 July 6 Watersound The Hub Live Music 6:30-9:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 July 8 Seaside Amphitheatre Alice in Wonderland 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733 July 9 Watersound The Hub Live Music 6:60-9:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

Watersound The Hub Family Movie Night 7-9pm FREE 850-213-0782

July 10 Rosemary Bch N. Barrett Sq Jack & the Beanstalk 6:30pm FREE 850-231-0733

July 4 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733

July 11 Alys Beach Amphitheatre Awkward Oxen Improv Hour 10am FREE 850-231-0733

Crestview Twin Hills Park 4th Of July Celebration 5:30pm 9pm Fireworks FREE 850-682-1560 Destin HarborWalk Village 4th of July Celebration 7-10pm Music & Fireworks FREE 850-424-0600

We try our best to provide a complete calendar for ease of use. Please make sure you call or check websites to confirm the event your interested in as things do change! If you have an event you’d like us to know about, add it to our online calendar at www.

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continued from page 44 would allow the mega-connected Internet of Things (IOT) and “smart city” capabilities to become a reality, may be blinding people

and AI? The blurring of what was once a clear delineation between technology and humans (From

to the legitimate concerns raised by citizens and scientists alike.

So what can we do?

#7: Coming technologies raise many non-health-related red flags. Lastly, it is important to note that the potential negative effects of an increasingly technological society are not limited to human health concerns. The website has a great list of 8 other ways that this rush to build the ever-connected “smart cities” could harm humans and the environment: • Privacy – The invasion of our privacy from the collection and mining of our digital data • Cyber Security – The fast-growing and devastating cyber security risks • Environment – The harms to wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies and other pollinators • Energy – The huge energy consumption to produce and power a wireless Internet of Things • Brains and Humanity – The effects on our brains and humanity from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world • E-Waste – The astronomical e-waste that will be generated from connecting virtually every “thing” to the Internet • Conflict Minerals – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow our dependence on conflict minerals, which have brought about the death of close to six million people • Ethics – Ethical issues arising from the IoT. New human rights laws are being considered; how should humans relate to robots

I personally understand how large and scary this problem may seem and it is, of course, not my goal to frighten you into defeat or inaction. Instead my goal is to bring more Emerald Coast residents to the understanding that EMF is a real issue, and that those risks should not be ignored by the promise of faster download speeds. In my opinion, these are the three most important things that you can do if the information in this article interests you: 1. Get educated on the topic. For more information about EMF in general, I would again recommend the book The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault. It is a great starting point for learning more about this broad topic. For more information about 5G technology specifically, I would highly recommend searching YouTube for videos from The Conscious Resistance Network as well as Dr. Jack Kruse. 2. Share the information. Once you’ve educated yourself about electropollution, share the information with friends, family, and neighbors. The more people who are well-educated on this issue, the better chance we stand at demanding safe technology. 3. Limit your exposure. There are massive improvements that can be made in most people’s homes (see the Healthy Home Challenge for more details), and even some tips and tricks you can employ at the office or in your kid’s school. Take the steps that you can to protect yourself from excessive exposure.


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