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On the Boards Seattle 2 016-17 season


Table of Contents Artistic Director’s Note by Lane Czaplinski 4 16/17 SEASON Bridge Over Mud | Verdensteatret 8; Little Brown Mushrooms | Alan Sutherland 10; Clear and Sweet | zoe | juniper 12; Psychic Radio Star | Ezra Dickinson 14; It’s Not Too Late | Markeith Wiley 16; HOUSE OF DINAH | Jerome A. Parker | Andrew Russell 18; By Heart | Tiago Rodrigues | Teatro Nacional D. Maria II 20; CPR Practice & Oil Pressure Vibrator | Geumhyung Jeong 22; Awaiting Oblivion... | Tim Smith-Stewart | Jeffrey Azevedo 24; A Great Hunger | Jessica Jobaris & General Magic 26; visions of beauty | Heather Kravas 28; The Institute of Memory (TIMe) | Lars Jan | Early Morning Opera 30; The People’s Republic of Valerie | Kristen Kosmas | Paul Willis | Peter Ksander 32; Tesseract | Rashaun Mitchell | Silas Riener | Charles Atlas 34 MORE... Atomos | Company Wayne McGregor 38; Adagio: The Music of Arvo Pärt 40; Coming Together: Andreissen, Tenney, & Rzewski 41; Records, Pancakes, & Bach 42; Phil Kline's Unsilent Night 43; NW New Works Festival 44; Open Studio 45; Performance Production Program 46; Vault: Capturing and Sharing the Dancemaking Process 48; The Ambassador Project 49; 50; Studio Suppers 56; The Ticket Bank 58; Childcare 60; Brochure Art by Dawn Cerny 61; Prairie Underground Performancewear 62 Join Us 3 Year Club 64; Donate 65; Funders 66; Volunteer 68; Staff & Board 69; Subscription Info 71; Corporate Subscription 73; Calendar 74; Order Form 75

Cover and facing image by Dawn Cerny 2


Heavens to Murgatroyd!!! by Artistic Director Lane Czaplinski “Should anyone even care about making art in the Anthropocene?” An artist friend posed this question to me over messy Cuban sandwiches on a sunny day in July at the beach. I hadn’t even heard of this term – a possible new epoch defined by humankind, agriculture and/or the Industrial Revolution. Imagine geologists in the future studying stratigraphic layers of plastic and semi-automatic weapons. A lot of really bad things happened in the days, weeks and months leading up to those sandwiches, and a lot of really bad things have happened since. Around this time the love of my life told me Alvin Toffler, the author of Future Shock, had died. From the NY Times article she sent me: In Mr. Toffler’s coinage, future shock wasn’t simply a metaphor for our difficulties in dealing with new things. It was a real psychological malady, the “dizzying disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future.” And “unless intelligent steps are taken to combat it,” he warned, “millions of human beings will find themselves increasingly disoriented, progressively incompetent to deal rationally with their environments.” Should anyone even care about making art when horrific things are happening? It brings to mind that scene from Titantic when the string quartet continues to play on as the boat lists and people fight for life rafts. 4

A critic friend said we’re in the middle of a new culture war. Because the right and left are so beyond having a civil dialogue, there’s a new fracturing happening on the left between socially and aesthetically focused practices. I told her one can argue that contemporary art is born out of privilege. Probably fifty percent of it, at least. You can make up a bunch of crazy abstract shit when you don’t need to worry about your rights or paying rent. At the same time that doesn’t account for all of the artists who want to say something different or subtle or extreme because they need to. At all costs. A friend I grew up with recently posted that we need to wage a war on hopelessness. A bass player friend posted that we need to be there for one another. I get by with a little help from my friends I get high with a little help from my friends Gonna try with a little help from my friends When I was in high school – I think around 17 or 18 – my friend David and I were in a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Kansas City, Kansas one night. (The internet says there are 30 Perkins between Kansas and Missouri but Washington only has two. The closest one to Seattle appears to be in Ellensburg though I’ve never been there to confirm if that’s actually true.) This is what the alternative was for sensitive, dreamy types to getting shit faced on High Life and Seagrams. Go to Perkins, order a Granny’s Country Omelet and have a deep conversation. Our brilliant idea this particular night was something we called The Foundation. I think the gist of it was something like, we’d do good things with other people – we’d help each other – and in the process we'd create an infrastructure built around caring for one another. The goal as I recall was to amass capital, social and otherwise, that would be the basis for the future work of…The Foundation. David reminded me recently that we even drew up 5

articles of incorporation and they’re in a box in his basement. While I realize years later that this impulse is simplistic in its assumptions about people needing help or what help they may need, I still think there was something important about our breakfast-at-night meditation and our desire to connect and the fact the impulse was catalyzed through my close bond with David. ***** Weirdly, running a nonprofit can sometimes feel antithetical to building a community. You end up by yourself a lot eating phở with good intentions. And because you’re always working to raise support and never have enough of it, a small group ends up making decisions on behalf of many. And while this is arguably more efficient and what I have been taught that leaders are supposed to do, it doesn’t provide enough room for all of the people that could be contributing. Besides, the name "On the Boards" doesn't help. It sounds like a code word for entering a speakeasy. Say it to a relative or someone on a plane and you'll get blank stares. Follow that up with your Polish name plus "center for contemporary performance" plus "producing and presenting innovative theater, dance and multidisciplinary work" and you'll hear crickets. There is still great opportunity in our name and our work, though. As “on the boards” is an idiom for describing who is performing in a theater, the name has the potential to take on new meaning as we experiment with ways to broaden and diversify the contemporary arts canon and expand the role new performance pieces can play in our growing city and our field. What if our name became synonymous with broadening what is considered contemporary and who gets to participate in defining our field?


Thirty years later, I think The Foundation should be an Institute. OtB turns 40 in a few years and we will create more space. With more curatorial voices to expand our programming. With an education curriculum to reach more people. With more in-depth writing to connect people to the art being made. With more interdisciplinary projects to feature a range of creative pursuits. OtB 1978 – 98: The first twenty years Founded by artists from Seattle The organization was built. OtB 1998 – 2016: Almost twenty years later We've grown a community in our current home And beyond. OtB this season: We're going to keep playing In a rapidly changing Seattle In a really challenging world We're going to keep playing By following the artists As we produce 9 new projects in Seattle By following the ideas As we burn jet fuel for 5 special presentations By following our hearts As we support more expressions of what contemporary is By following our dreams As we build for the next twenty years with our board, staff and community. Let's keep playing. [exit stage right] 7

BRIDGE OVER MUD VERDENSTEATRET in association with futureperfect productions thu

– sat | sep 22 – 24 | 8pm

sun | sep 25 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

A bare stage is transformed into an ingenious “movable room” and dream factory for your subconscious. Ghostly projections, abstracted images, and unearthly sounds converge in a performance that is part concert, part installation, and part WTF. Powered by 195 feet of elevated train tracks, 11 motorized vehicles, 60 speakers, and 30 micro-controlled motors, this indescribable work invites you to forge your own subterranean connections in a constantly morphing landscape that is both alien and familiar. Heralded as one of the most innovative companies in Norway, Verdensteatret is a group of artists from different disciplines including computer animators, sound engineers, painters, video artists, and musicians. Working in collaboration from their studio in Oslo, they build extraordinary links between seemingly incompatible technologies and materials. Verdensteatret’s unique brand of performance is presented in festivals, galleries, music venues, and theaters all over the world. This will be their first visit to Seattle.

Music/Theater 8


photo courtesy Verdensteatret


photo by Bruce Clayton Tom



– sat | oct 6 – 8 | 8pm

sun | oct 9 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Magic mushrooms, storytelling, and science fiction come to life in a hallucinatory dance/theater meditation. Mesmerizing performance artist (and mushroom expert) Alan Sutherland brings his lifelong obsession with dance and fungi to the stage in a performance specially focused on the Northwest species Psilocybe cyanescens and its powerful psychedelic properties. Beautiful and strange, the performance draws inspiration from fantasy and science fiction and includes a crackerjack team of local collaborators. Alan Sutherland is a Seattle-based choreographer and performer who has performed to great acclaim with Degenerate Art Ensemble, Dappin Butoh, dk pan, and Saint Genet, among others. His decades-long obsession with the deeply moving dance art of butoh has made him a master of this powerful genre. A passionate collaborator and mushroom hunter, he is constantly involved in outdoor and indoor projects across the Pacific Northwest. Little Brown Mushrooms is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.

Dance/Theater SEATTLE



– sat | oct 20 – 22 | 8pm

sun | oct 23 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Angular ballet and unearthly psalms come together in a quasi-religious ritual inspired by the tradition of American Shape Note Singing. Visionary duo zoe | juniper create a surreal, communal world of ever-shifting perspective and sound with the help of a cast of virtuosic dancers, unabashed live singing, and digital wizardry. 2015 Guggenheim Fellow, three time Princess Grace awardee and 2013 Stranger Genius Award winner zoe | juniper is a Seattle-based dance and visual art team. Co-founded by choreographer Zoe Scofield and visual artist Juniper Shuey, the company creates stunning dance performances, video installations, and photographic works. Their collaboration began in 2004 with I am nothing without you for On the Boards’ NW New Works Festival and eventually led to the formation of their company in 2006. Since then zoe | juniper has created four evening-length works, commissioned and presented by Velocity Dance Center, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Performance Space 122, Dance Place, REDCAT, FringeArts, On the Boards, Dance Theater Workshop, NYLA, and many more. zoe | juniper was last seen at OtB in 2014 with BeginAgain. Clear and Sweet is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.


p tch wa


his artist a mt t fro the on


ast wo rk

Clear and Sweet is a National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund Project co-commissioned by Contemporary Arts Center, Bates Dance Festival, Carolina Performing Arts University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, New York Live Arts, On the Boards, and NPN.

photo by Juniper Shuey


photo by Anthony Rigano



– sat | nov 3 – 5 | 8pm

sun | nov 6 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Outer space meets schizophrenia in this work made as a gift for a self-described psychic radio star. For over ten years, Seattle dance artist Ezra Dickinson has created emotionally powerful solo dance performances as gifts for his schizophrenic mother. Psychic Radio Star is a culmination of these gifts: a mixture of childhood memories, mythologies, an extraordinary imagination, and Dickinson’s virtuoso talents in dance and visual art. Providing a voice for his mother's experiences while also telling his own story, Dickinson aims to open a space for conversations about mental health and the failed health care system in the USA. Ezra Dickinson began dancing at the age of four, going on to study at Pacific Northwest Ballet for 12 years on full scholarship. Ezra earned his BFA in Dance with an emphasis in choreography from Cornish College of the Arts. While at Cornish, Ezra was the recipient of the Merce Cunningham Scholarship, the Kreielsheimer Scholarship, and the President’s Scholarship in Dance. Dickinson’s original work in choreography, film, and movement installations have been on display at TEDx Rainier, SIFF, Jaipur International Film Festival, and Mumbai Shorts, among others. His most recent dance work, Mother for you I made this, continues to receive wide-spread critical acclaim. Psychic Radio Star is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.





– sat | nov 16 – 19 | 8pm

sun | nov 20 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

The merciless humor of comedian and social critic Paul Mooney is channeled in a fast-paced and ruthless new work merging stand-up comedy, theater, and physicality. Billing himself as “Seattle’s first Black talk show host,” choreographer and performer Markeith Wiley unveils a new no-holds-barred persona as an engaging, brutally direct entertainer and loquacious dancer. The episodic format of It’s Not Too Late features live music and a rotating cast of local guests. Markeith Wiley is a California native now living in Seattle. He is a dance maker, performer, and instructor of many styles in the greater Seattle area. Wiley holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts and has performed with Lingo, Kitten N' Lou, Keith Hennessey, DeLaRue Presents, the Dance Cartel and more. Wiley was the Artistic Director of The New Animals and has plans for a new performance group the NogoodDoers to launch their first work in '17. It’s Not Too Late is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.

Dance/Theater 16


photo by Joseph Lambert / JazzyPhoto



– sat | dec 7 – 10 | 8pm

sun | dec 11 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

The music of Dinah Washington and an aesthetic bridging Jean Genet and Paris Is Burning bring to life the stories of five inter-generational Black Queens. In a bitter world where survival is the only option, young queens are taught to serve their elders, live by any means necessary, and find power and purpose in their pain. Seattle theater director Andrew Russell teams with NYC playwright Jerome A. Parker in a Seattle premiere where religious ritual meets drag performance and Dinah reigns supreme. Featuring choreography by Dani Tirrell, set design by Jen Zeyl, lighting by Robert Aguilar, sound design by Matt Starrit, costumes by Patrick Swett, and music supervision and arrangements by Brian Whitted. Jerome A. Parker is a NYC playwright. His work has been developed at the Public Theater, the Old Vic, the Cherry Lane, and Classical Theatre of Harlem, among others. He will collaborate with the Kennedy Center and the National Black Theatre alongside other theatres on THE EVERY 28 HOURS PLAYS for a national civil rights event to take place this fall. Honors include graduate Lorraine Hansberry and Tim Robbins Awards, Dramatist Guild and Macdowell Fellowships, and residencies with NY Stage and Film and the Public Theater’s Emerging Writers Group. Andrew Russell is a director, producer, and writer based in Seattle. He is the Producing Artistic Director of Intiman Theatre and has worked in Seattle with ACT, the 5th Avenue, ArtsWest, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Cornish College of the Arts, and more. Nationally he has directed with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Old Globe, and Theatre Latté Da. NYC credits include The Public Theatre, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and more. HOUSE OF DINAH is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.

Theater 18


photo by Ryan A. Dunn


photo by Magda Bizarro



– sat | jan 12 – 14 | 8pm

sun | jan 15 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

“Once 10 people know a poem by heart, there’s nothing the KGB, the CIA or the Gestapo can do about it. It will survive.” – George Steiner Ten people commit to memorizing a Shakespeare sonnet in real time in an act of political and artistic resistance. Director Tiago Rodrigues marshals the willing soldiers and aids them in memorization with help from poet Boris Pasternak, sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, literary critic George Steiner and his own grandmother. Battling the ever-present threat of fascism with poetry, this emotionally moving and direct piece only ends when all the soldiers know the words by heart. Director Tiago Rodrigues is the artistic director of Doña Maria II National Theatre in Lisbon, one of the oldest and most prestigious theater institutions in Portugal. Rodrigues is an actor, a playwright, a director, and a producer. As an author, he writes screenplays, poetry, songs, and editorials. In 2003 he founded the company Mundo Perfeito with Magda Bizarro. He has been lauded for his original approach to dramaturgy as well as his collaborations with international artists including Rabih Mroué, Tim Etchells, and Nature Theater of Oklahoma.





– thu | jan 25 – 26 | 8pm

sat | jan 28 | 8pm sun | jan 29 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show CPR Practice will be performed at an off-site location Jan 25 – 26, TBD. Oil Pressure Vibrator will be performed at OtB Jan 28 – 29.

Korean artist Geumhyung Jeong makes her Seattle debut with two beautifully strange, sensual, and compelling works centered on the human body and inanimate objects. How can a body or an object be transformed by desire, fantasy, and possibility? Physicality mixes uneasily with machinery in games of tenderness, risk, and sex featuring a CPR dummy and an excavator. Is this love? Born in 1980 in Seoul, South Korea, Geumhyung Jeong studied theater at Hoseo University, Cheonan, dance and performance at the Korean National University of Arts, and animation film at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. She is a choreographer, dancer and performer who constantly re-negotiates the relationship between the human body and the objects that surround it. She uses everyday objects upon which she bestows a bizarre, disconcerting life through an intense and risky interaction with her own body. Her projects combine dance, puppetry, and bring attention to technical aspects of theater.

Dance 22


photo by Gajin Kim


photo by Tim Summers





– sat | feb 23 – 25 | 8pm

sun | feb 26 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, Awaiting Oblivion... follows the story of AO, an anonymous street artist who has tasked Tim and Jeffrey with the creation of a performance as a way to share AO’s “temporary solutions” for existing within our collapsing empire. Inspired by creative processes developed by the '60’s Fluxus art movement, each “temporary solution” is a visual/textual poem contained in a Flux-kit (a cigar box collaged with stenciled imagery and typewritten letters). We follow Tim, Jeffrey, and AO in a flurry of street art, secret messages, and performance scores in a poetic, radical fight for survival. Tim Smith-Stewart is a Seattle-based artist who uses text as his primary medium for creating performances and installations. He has presented work at Lofi Arts Festival, On the Boards, Seattle Center Next50, Risk/Reward (PDX), and Fresh Oysters Performance Research (MSP), among others. Jeffrey Azevedo is a Seattle-based theater artist and a member of Washington Ensemble Theatre. He holds degrees in Make Believe and Electricity from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and since moving to Seattle has spent most of his time using his electrical/science/art skills to manifest public presentations of his friend Tim’s existential crisis. Awaiting Oblivion... is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.





– sat | mar 16 – 18 | 8pm

sun | mar 19 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Audacious choreographer and sorceress Jessica Jobaris leads a congregation of willing pranksters on a mission to define the riddle of existence. Exhibitionism, ritual, wild dancing, and a willingness to jump from a hypothetical cliff lead them (and us) on a quest into the human condition. How can we unravel the human tragedy, making sense of life and loss? Teetering on the verge of hilarious and profound, the intergenerational cast attempts to heal itself by any and all means necessary. It’s a new church for the new millennium, and everyone is invited. Jessica Jobaris has been choreographing and performing for over 20 years throughout the EU and across the US and Canada. She’s lived and worked in Berlin, San Francisco, and New York City, but calls Seattle home. She is the creative director of General Magic, a collaborative collective that nurtures risk, mystery, absurdity, sensation of the body, and emancipation through imagination. Her mission is to raise the importance of empathy for modern audiences and theater, to initiate adventurous communication with each other and our ancestors. A Great Hunger is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.

Dance/Theater 26


photo by Tim Summers



– sat | mar 30 – apr 1 | 8pm

sun | apr 2 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

A series of daunting and demeaning tasks for nine male-identifying performers allows a complex understanding of power to unfold. What emerges when conformity is practiced and enforced? Uncompromising choreographer Heather Kravas uses unison action and exhausting repetition along with a faintly vulgar text to examine issues of gender, authority, and failure. Originally choreographed for nine women and performed as The Green Surround, this new version flips the gender script as Kravas invites the audience to examine the actions of the performers and their own judgement as voyeurs. Heather Kravas works with choreographic, improvisatory, and collaborative practices to explore the limits of dance as a contemporary form and political force. A 2016/17 Creative Capital Artist and recipient of a 2015 Doris Duke Impact Award, Kravas has had her work presented nationally by American Realness, the Chocolate Factory, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project, Fusebox Festival, the Kitchen, Movement Research, and Performance Space 122, as well as internationally. As a performer, her varied collaborations include work ´ DD Dorvillier, Dayna Hanson, Antonija with Marina Abramovic, Livingstone, Yvonne Meier and others. Kravas lives in Seattle and was last seen at OtB in 2013 with a quartet. visions of beauty is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program. visions of beauty is a is a National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund Project co-commissioned by On the Boards in partnership with Performance Space 122 and NPN.

Dance/Theater 28


photo by Ryan Jensen; edit by Edwin Fotheringham


photo by Maria Baranova



– sat | apr 20 – 22 | 8pm

sun | apr 23 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

“...dazzling stagecraft...startling.” – The New York Times An eerily glowing kinetic sculpture and a hacked '50’s era typewriter create a fuzzy portrait of a Cold War operative, privacy-obsessed misanthrope, and real-life father of director Lars Jan. Archival wire-tap transcriptions and missives from communist spies intertwine with MRI brain scans and the NSA, prompting questions about the nature of memory, privacy, and the possibility of ever truly knowing your dad. Early Morning Opera is a genre-bending performance and art lab based in Los Angeles. Led by artistic director Lars Jan, their work explores the intersection of technology, live audiences, and unclassifiable experiences. Early Morning Opera has been commissioned and presented by media centers, museums, galleries, theaters, and film festivals across the US including the Whitney Museum, Sundance Film Festival, Under the Radar Festival, EMPAC, REDCAT, PICA TBA Festival, and the BAM Next Wave Festival.





– sat | may 4 – 6 | 8pm

sun | may 7 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

“In the Bright Future, the rampage will have ended, amnesty will be given to all those who return to their senses, and it will be said, ‘We are not free yet, but we are on our way!’” – The People's Republic of Valerie On an asterism situated between two constellations in a universe not far from this one, a motley assortment of well-meaning but ineffectual characters is assembled to train for the Bright Future, a utopia they will eventually enact back on planet Earth. Writer-Performer Kristen Kosmas attempts to ward off our current despair by constructing a paradise—even if only in her own mind. She joins forces again with her long-time collaborator Paul Willis, and set-designer Peter Ksander, the team that brought audience favorite There There to OtB in 2014.

from th is

watch p

s rd



at ontheb oa







The People’s Republic of Valerie is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.


Kristen Kosmas’s plays and performances have been produced nationwide. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Whitman College and a member of New Dramatists in NYC. Paul Willis is a director whose theater work has been seen at multiple venues in New York, LA and Seattle. Peter Ksander is a scenographer who has designed stage environments both nationally and internationally.


photo courtesy of Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener



– sat | may 18 – 20 | 8pm

sun | may 21 | 5pm

$23 | 25 week of show

Dance enters a new dimension in a daring collaboration between two former Merce Cunningham dancers and an iconic filmmaker. New perceptions of bodies in motion emerge as Rashaun Mitchell's and Silas Riener’s powerfully physical and precise choreography is mixed and projected live by radical video artist Charles Atlas. Ways of seeing evolve in real-time as the camera tilts, shifts, expands, and contracts, allowing for shocking new perspectives of human movement in time and space. Since 2010 Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener have created dance in response to complex and active spatial environments, often merging elements of fantasy, absurdity, and quiet contemplation. Their work takes many forms; from site-specific installations, improvisational dances, traditional proscenium pieces, to highly crafted immersive experiences. Mitchell and Riener collaborate on projects which continually push at the unraveling boundaries of dance research, with a keen interest in the way abstraction and representation coincide in the body. Charles Atlas is a renowned filmmaker and pioneer in developing media-dance. He is well-known for his years as filmmaker-in-residence with American choreographer Merce Cunningham. Tesseract is commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program.

Dance/Film NYC


Bronx Gothic | Okwui Okopokwasil photo by Ian Douglas | Available at


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Special Event! at the moore theatre fri | jan 20 | 7:30pm $37 – 57

presented in partnership with seattle theatre group Single tickets through Seattle Theatre Group at Discounts available for OtB subscribers.

In a mix of dance and science, movement grows out of the smallest unit of matter. Bodies, movement, film, sound, and light are atomized into miniature shards of intense sensation as ten incredible dancers perform Wayne McGregor’s unique style — sculptural, rigorous, jarring, and hauntingly beautiful. Cutting-edge choreographer McGregor is accompanied by a team of amazing artists including longtime collaborators lighting designer Lucy Carter and filmmaker Ravi Deepres, along with costumes by the ground-breaking designers of wearable technologies, Studio XO. Neo-classical ambient composers A Winged Victory for the Sullen provide the soaring score. Company Wayne McGregor is a Resident Company of Sadler’s Wells and winner of the South Bank Show Award for Dance, the International Theatre Institute’s Award for Excellence in International Dance, and the Movimentos Award. Atomos is co-produced by Sadler’s Wells in London; Peak Performances @ Montclair State University, New Jersey; Movimentos Festwochen der Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany; Festival Montpellier Danse 2014, France.

Dance 38


photo by Rick Guest with Olivia Pomp


Special Event

photo by Erin Jorgensen



sun | feb 12 | 7pm

$20 | single tickets

One night only

Join us for an evening of music from Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. The spirit of early music meets ultra-spare modern minimalism in a meditative, intimate setting. We invite you to close your eyes. Seating is limited.


Fratres Für Alina Spiegel im Spiegel Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka Mozart-Adagio



u si


Conceived and produced by OtB Ambassador James Holt with Erin Jorgensen


Brooks Tran, piano Luke Fitzpatrick, violin Rose Bellini, cello

photo by Lauren Goffin

Coming Together sat | apr 8 | 8pm $20 | single tickets

One night only

Bohemia meets punk rock in a night of music for realists and idealists. Featuring Louis Andriessen’s relentless paean to blue-collar workers, James Tenney’s wash of color and sound, and Frederic Rzewski’s watershed composition based on the 1971 Attica prison riots, this is music meant to wake you up. Seating is limited.


Workers Union, Louis Andriessen Swell Piece No. 2, James Tenney Coming Together, Frederic Rzewski


u si


Conceived and produced by OtB Ambassador James Holt with Erin Jorgensen


Richard Lefebvre, vocals David Alexander Rahbee, conductor and an amazing ensemble of local musicians


photo by Kari Champoux

Records, Pancakes, & BACH various sunday mornings | 10am $5 - 10 suggested donation at the door

Brighten up your Sundays with a little help from JS Bach. Erin Jorgensen plays all six of the famous cello suites on marimba, followed by a pancake breakfast/listening party in the OtB lobby. Proceeds will be split with the artist and OtB. For more information on other listening parties at OtB this season, please visit Sun, Sep 11 | Suite No. 1 in G Major Record chosen by Philippe Quesne, director Sun, Jan 1 | Suite No. 2 in D Minor Record chosen by Jerome A. Parker, playwright and Andrew Russell, director Sun, Feb 12 | Suite No. 3 in C Major Record chosen by Rabih Mroué, director Sun, Apr 16 | Suite No. 4 in E♭ Major Record chosen by Luzviminda Uzuri “Lulu” Carpenter, activist Sun, May 28 | Suite No. 5 in C Minor Record chosen by Heiner Goebbels, composer

Conceived and produced by Erin Jorgensen


u si



Sun, June 25 | Suite No. 6 in D Major Record chosen by SJ Chiro, filmmaker

photo by Erin Jorgensen

phil kline’s

UNsilent Night sat | dec 3 | 6pm free!

“—immerses the listener in suspended wonderment, as if time itself had paused inside a string of jingle bells.” – The New York Times "Caroling has never been so epic." – Flavorpill NYC composer Phil Kline’s beautiful mix of electronica and holiday caroling is performed all over the world during the December holidays. It’s non-denominational caroling for the masses. Participants need only download a free mobile device app or free music tracks via We’ll gather in the OtB lobby, simultaneously press “play,” and hit the streets in a wash of shimmering electronica. The holiday walk lasts around 45 minutes and will conclude back at OtB with cocoa and snacks.

u si



We especially invite families to this event: children of all ages are welcome. No musical experience necessary.

Produced by OtB Ambassador James Holt with Erin Jorgensen 43

NW New Works Festival FRI – SUN | JUN 9 – 11 & 16 – 18 The NW New Works Festival showcases fully produced 20 minute new and experimental works from Northwest performers. Curated by a panel of peer artists and arts administrators from the region, the Festival provides rehearsal time, an honorarium, documentation, and the opportunity to present the work on the stages of OtB. NW New Works has been going strong since 1984. In the past few years, audiences have witnessed incredibly strong work from artists such as Tim Smith-Stewart/Jeff Azevedo, zoe | juniper, Jessica Jobaris & General Magic, and Markeith Wiley—all of whose work can be seen this current season! In upcoming seasons, we will be looking to expand the scope of the Festival both socially and artistically.

Application Deadline OCTOBER 31, 2016

Produced by Charles Smith


Open Studio

Both artists and art lovers regularly attend Open Studio to see what people in the region are working on. Open Studio is a platform for new and experimental work that allows for a range of projects, from artists showing a few minutes of material to a performance installation to a piece of durational performance. All projects are self-contained and technically constrained, providing a low-pressure showcase for artists to experiment. Many artists seek feedback, so Open Studio can be the first chance for audiences to engage informally with artists and their new projects after the showcases. Open Studio dates and projects will be posted throughout the year on our website and project proposals will be considered three times over the season. Join us in supporting new work in its earliest stages.

Application Guidelines FALL QUARTER (Oct – Dec) August 26, 2016 WINTER QUARTER (Jan – Mar) November 4, 2016 SPRING QUARTER (Apr – Jun) January 13, 2017 Open Studio showcases are a $5 suggested donation. For additional information, please email



One of the most important roles OtB plays is helping artists develop new projects. The Performance Production Program allows us to provide artists with resources and support in the form of commissioning fees, rehearsal space, mentoring, advocacy, and technical residencies with one of the best production departments in the United States. This season, Alan Sutherland, zoe | juniper, Ezra Dickinson, Markeith Wiley, Jerome A. Parker | Andrew Russell, Tim Smith-Stewart | Jeffrey Azevedo, Jessica Jobaris & General Magic, Heather Kravas, Kristen Kosmas | Paul Willis | Peter Ksander, and Rashaun Mitchell | Silas Riener | Charles Atlas will develop and present new works directly supported through this program. Special thanks to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and all our funders who support the creation of new performance. If you’re interested in learning how you can contribute to the Performance Production Program, please send an email to


A Great Hunger | Jessica Jobaris & General Magic photo by Tim Summers



Save the date! Join us for a national convening to share innovative artist-driven methodologies for documenting, archiving and sharing the dance-making process. Activities with artists, administrators, presenters, curators, archivists, scholars and technologists will include informal “campfire” talks, formal presentations on recent practices, and resource-sharing. The creation of Bebe Miller Company’s newest work as part of The Making Room project, which will have its West Coast premiere at OtB in Spring 2018, will act as a keystone of the conference. Co-presented by Bebe Miller Company and On the Boards


Bebe Miller photo by Julieta Cervantes


The Ambassador Project On the Boards Ambassadors are cultural and civic leaders who bring new voices and perspectives to programs and share our programs with new communities. The Ambassador Project at OtB is now in its fourth season. This season the project divides into two areas of focus: PROGRAM AMBASSADORS, who will work closely with OtB staff on Open Studio, the NW New Works Festival, special events, music, and other public presentations. AMBASSADOR WRITERS CORPS, experienced writers and artists who develop responsive and critical content around On the Boards performances or write about specific issues in our creative and civic community.



– Customer


Big Dance Theater photo by Liz Lynch, courtesy of ADI

“… it’s a wonderful resource… to re-live something that toured here and send all my friends to it saying: ‘This. This is what you missed.’”

Since 2010, OtB has been filming and delivering the highestcaliber contemporary performance films straight to your TV, desktop, or mobile device via These films feature compelling international and US contemporary performance including artists who are rarely seen stateside and works that will never be performed again. We work with our hand-picked film crew to capture the live performance, edit collaboratively with the artist, and deliver the best possible documentation straight to you. All proceeds are split 50/50 with the artist, so each time you buy a film, it puts money directly in the artist’s pocket. We reach audiences in all 50 states and 157 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. gives contemporary art lovers access to a growing catalog of artists from around the world regardless of where they live or their busy schedules, at affordable prices.

Watch now! 1. Sign up at 2. Browse & buy. $5 to rent, $15 to buy, $50 to subscribe. 3. Watch & enjoy on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also give the gift of to friends. Email to get started. OtB subscribers: get 50% off your TV subscription. Add it to your subscription (pg. 75) or email


BECOME A PART OF ONTHEBOARDS.TV’S CATALOGUE Our crew typically films 4 – 6 shows each year. We have filmed at OtB as well as with our peers at Seattle Theater Group, Portland Institute for Contemporary Performance, Fusebox Festival (Austin), and Performance Space 122 (New York). Are you interested in having the film crew document and distribute your performance? Contact with more information about your performance, venue, filming budget and desire and we’ll be in touch. We are noticing an increasing trend in high-quality documentation by artists in the contemporary performance field. If you think your film might work on, send us your information and we’ll talk more about the details. SCREENINGS Want to host an screening for your club or patrons? Talk to us! We have had 52 screenings in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, at movie theaters, performance venues, and community centers. Each screening has served a different purpose. Learn more about our past screening successes at EDUCATION Academic use is the biggest part of our audience. There are 102 Universities around the globe that have purchased content for the classroom. All films are available 24/7 both on and off campus and are used for study in dance, theater, and interdisciplinary classrooms. Check our website to see if your school already subscribes, you may have free access to! 52

Artist List • tanja liedtke • young jean lee’s theater company • reggie watts & tommy smith wunderbaum • temporary distortion • rude mechs pat graney • tina satter • kristen kosmas | paul willis | peter ksander • catherine cabeen • teatro línea de sombra • lagartijas tiradas al sol allen johnson • beth gill • kyle loven • ralph lemon zoe | juniper • dayna hanson • christian rizzo mariano pensotti • morgan thorson • jan fabre diana szeinblum • radiohole • teatro de ciertos habitantes • suttonberesculler • michelle ellsworth • pavel zuštiak • bruno beltrão radosław rychcik • frédérick gravel • niwa gekidan penino • theatre replacement and neworld theatre • antoine defoort & halory goerger tere o’connor • amy o’neal • faye driscoll complex movements • kyle abraham • chris schlichting • okwui okopokwasili • big dance theatre • degenerate art ensemble findlay//sandsmark • ahamefule j. oluo • luis garay crystal pite

When the Wolves Came In | Kyle Abraham photo by Carrie Schneider




Tesseract photo courtesy of Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener


Studio Suppers On the Boards cordially invites you to join us for supper. On select opening nights, our downstairs studio theater and kitchen become home to some of the best chefs in Seattle. Our incredibly popular Studio Suppers bring together art lovers for family-style dinner with great food, wine, and conversation, followed by some of the best live art you’ll see anywhere. A portion of the proceeds goes to a charity of the chef’s choice. We are incredibly proud to have raised over $32,000 for various charities including Planned Parenthood, Ballard Food Bank, Capitol Hill Housing, Women’s Funding Alliance, Northwest Harvest, and many more. Studio Suppers are pay-what-you-can sliding scale ($25-$100), and guests pay after dinner. Reservations are taken 10 days in advance – and each dinner sells out quickly. Sign up for the supper email list to stay up-to-date with chefs and reservations at Please note: you must have a ticket to the evening’s performance to attend a Studio Supper. Special thanks to our Studio Supper partners Fortunate Orchard Flowers, 10 Mercer, Hot Cakes, and J. Lohr.

Bon appétit! 56

Thu, Sep 22 Verdensteatret | Derek Bugge, 99 Park Thu, Oct 6 Alan Sutherland | Mike Easton, Il Corvo Thu, Oct 20 zoe | juniper | Monica Dimas, Neon Taco, Sunset Fried Chicken Thu, Nov 3 Ezra Dickinson | TBD Thu, Jan 12 Tiago Rodrigues | Teatro Nacional D. Maria II Michal Gola, Gola’s Kitchen, Madres Kitchen Thu, Feb 23 Tim Smith-Stewart/Jeffrey Azevedo | Ba Culbert, Tilikum Place Café Thu, Mar 16 Jessica Jobaris & General Magic | Donna Moodie, Marjorie Thu, Mar 30 Heather Kravas | Renee Erickson, Sea Creatures Restaurants, The Whale Wins Thu, Apr 20 Lars Jan | Early Morning Opera Kristi Brown, That Brown Girl Cooks! Thu, May 4 Kristen Kosmas/Paul Willis/Peter Ksander Julian Hagood, Harry’s Fine Foods Thu, May 18 Rashaun Michell | Silas Riener | Charles Atlas PK Kounpungchart, Little Uncle 57

The TICKET BANK We wish everyone had instant access to new ideas and new art from international and local artists. In reality there are many barriers to seeing shows at OtB. We’re working to break down these barriers and broaden the conversation. Last year, we started the Ticket Bank in an effort to make our art experiences more inclusive. We know that ticket prices can be a barrier to attending OtB. The Ticket Bank gives people the opportunity to buy extra tickets for other audience members and allows potential audience members to claim tickets free. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Last year was a big success and we are excited to continue the program. This year want to grow the Ticket Bank as well as increase the number of people who contribute tickets and sign up to receive tickets. Help us spread the word! Together we can make this work.

Thank you! 58

How it works: TICKET BUYERS: When buying tickets online, look for a note on your checkout screen about contributing to the ticket pool and follow the prompts. When buying tickets in person or over the phone, just ask! TICKET USERS: 1. Sign up online or at the OtB Box Office. You will be added to an email list of potential recipients for this season. 2. Wednesday, eight days before each performance opens, we’ll email everyone on the list and spread the word. 3. Respond to the announcement within the next 48 hours with your name and the day of the performance you would like to attend. 4. Recipients will then be drawn at random and notified by email on Friday (six days before the show opens). That’s it! Broadening the conversation is a benefit for everyone. Let’s keep it interesting. We hope you’ll help us make this program a success! More details available at


Child CARE

Are you a parent or caretaker of a child under the age of six? Do you love contemporary performance but struggle to find childcare? OtB and Sweet Pea Cottage to the rescue. We’re partnering for our second year to help families with kids. Sweet Pea is one of the best in the business: affordable, reliable, innovative, and close to OtB. Parents will easily be able to add childcare to ticket orders online, over the phone, or in person up to 24 hours before the show date. Time blocks will be available for purchase in 2.5 hour blocks at a rate of $9/hour/child. Sweet Pea will open at 4pm, with pick up time at 7pm. Learn more about Sweet Pea at an Open House Sep 11 | 2 – 5pm 2011 1st Ave N. (in upper Queen Anne) Sweet Pea Cottage was founded on the belief that the arts are a crucial part of child development. Their dedicated staff, expertise, and location make them a perfect partner for OtB. BONUS: For two of our Sunday performances, we will partner with Sweet Pea to have childcare on site at OtB! Learn more & sign up at Learn more about Sweet Pea Cottage at 60

Brochure Art by Dawn Cerny Learn more at


photo by Sierra Stinson; model: Zoe Scofield

Prairie Underground & 2016/2017 OtB Performancewear 62

Notes on the Unisex Coverall: Davora Lindner

and Camilla Eckersley of Prairie Underground

This Unisex Coverall explores our interest in work wear as everyday uniforms for women and men in a variety of fields. This extends from studies about uniforms improving performance, a desire to minimize signs of class and alleviating duties that befall women to look intriguingly different each day. It was conceived to support art literally and figuratively. Lane Czaplinski admired our first coverall made in 2014 and inquired about the possibility of creating a uniform for the staff at On the Boards. The Coverall boasts eight different pockets spacious enough for impromptu, hands free grocery shopping and equally useful for tools or dance socks. The exterior pockets on the pockets are designed to hold small tools and to indulge our propensity for creating garments with ample storage. Composed of durable organic cotton twill that has been enzyme washed for softness and pre-shrunk, it’s been dyed a deep gray hue we call Tunnel, intended to mask superficial scuffs, encouraging boldness and protecting what lies beneath. • Made in Seattle as a limited edition. • Can be worn over clothing or nothing at all. • Subtle character traits can be expressed through sizing and adornment. • Monolithic style for every day. • The effect of event dressing or removing your coverall and “cleaning up” is then heightened to a state of frenzy. • Allows you to choose those days you convey your identity through clothing. • Provides brute anonymity. LOOK FUNCTIONALLY STYLISH AND SUPPORT OtB AT THE SAME TIME! Prairie Underground has generously donated 100% of the proceeds of this edition to On the Boards. A limited number, in a few of each size, are available at the price of $348 each. To inquire about sizes and purchasing, email




Super supporter? Join the 3 Year Club.


Passionate about new art? Dedicated to supporting artists? Put your money where your mouth is. OtB’s 3 Year Club is made up of our most steadfast supporters, who each commit to supporting OtB with an annual minimum donation of $500 a year for three years. 3 Year Club members are an inner circle of progressive art enthusiasts who help give us the sustainability to support our programs for multiple years. 3 Year Club benefits include invitations to exclusive events, special access to tech rehearsals, sneak peeks of works-inprogress and discussions with artists, our undying gratitude, and a personalized drinking glass behind the Fubar to use at shows. Interested? Email for more info.



Donate! We can’t do it without you. Donor support is what allows OtB to program based on artistic risk—not box office receipts—and to keep ticket prices low. With about a third of each season’s costs donated by generous audience members just like you, donors are an incredibly important part of what powers OtB. We’ll make it as easy as possible, whether you’d like to give in a lump sum, in monthly installments, as a 3 Year Club donor, or as an A-List Subscriber (see page 71 for details). Just give. You’ll be glad you did.

You help us keep the art happening. Online: Phone: 206.217.9886 ext. 1025 (Betsey Brock, Director of Patron Relations) Mail: PO Box 19515 | Seattle WA 98109



Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation

Kreielsheimer Remainder Foundation

THE NORCLIFFE FOUNDATION Nesholm Family Foundation Jean T. Fukuda Memorial Fund for Performing Arts

Tomlinson Linen Service


Wyman Youth Trust

Posner-Wallace Foundation

WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING SPECIFIC PROJECT SUPPORT: The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Alan Sutherland, zoe | juniper, Ezra Dickinson, Markeith Wiley, Jerome A. Parker | Andrew Russell, Jessica Jobaris & General Magic, Heather Kravas National Performance Network Heather Kravas, zoe | juniper MAP Fund zoe | juniper New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project Heather Kravas, zoe | juniper, Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera, Ezra Dickinson Rashaun Mitchell | Silas Riener | Charles Atlas




There is no successful show without volunteers. The people donating their time and passion to On the Boards allow us to pull off shows as smoothly as we do. Our volunteers are made up of people in the community who are as interested in seeing art as they are in participating to help an arts organization. Here’s what one of them has to say: “I volunteer because, in addition to showing some of the most innovative work, OtB makes you feel like part of the family from day one.” — Chris Wolfe Volunteers help direct our patrons to the right place, assist bartenders, clean the theater and collect tickets. That’s it! You can hang out, chat with guests and other volunteers and we don’t make you wear any stuffy vests! When you volunteer you get a free ticket to shows— including sold out shows—and a free drink ticket. All you have to do is sign up to be a reliable helper. Ready to volunteer? Send an email to You’ll be put on a volunteer mailing list. We’ll contact you with upcoming opportunities and you’ll be able to choose dates that work with your schedule.

Thank you! 68


(as of 7.20.16)

Lane Czaplinski | Artistic Director Sarah Wilke | Managing Director Rich Bresnahan | Technical Director Betsey Brock | Director of Patron Relations Monique Courcy | Media Manager Sara Ann Davidson | Operations Manager Susan Den | Finance Director Cierra Jones | Audience Services Assistant Erin Jorgensen | Communications & Design Julian Martlew | Sound Technician Mark Meuter | Production Manager Steve O’Brien | Facilities Manager Beth Raas-Bergquist | Director of Institutional Relations Charles Smith | Director of Program Management Clare Strasser | Director of Audience Services


(as of 7.20.16)

Ruth Lockwood | President Tyler Engle | Past President Tom Israel | Vice President John Robinson | Treasurer Caroline Dodge | Secretary Andrew Adamyk | Member at Large Norie Sato | Member at Large Kristen Becker • John Behnke • Kim Brillhart • Maryika Byskiniewicz Brian Curry • Florangela Davila • Jeffrey Fracé • Priya Frank Rodney Hines • Michaela Hutfles • Chiyo Ishikawa • Kirby Kallas-Lewis Tom Kundig • Davora M. Linder • Mari London • Emily Tanner-McLean Deborah Paine • David Pierre-Louis • Richard Reel • Spafford Robbins Jimmy Rogers • Ginny Ruffner • Robert Stumberger • Annette Toutonghi • Timothy White Eagle Turner • Josef Vascovitz • Bill Way


By Heart | Tiago Rodrigues | photo by Magda Bizarro



When you subscribe... OtB, you get an amazing deal. You see a ton of contemporary art at a great price. You meet other smart, curious art-lovers in Seattle. You expand your perspective and open your mind to new ideas. Check out the offers below and find the one that works for you!

SUBSCRIBER BENEFITS ticket exchanges • bring a friend to a show free • ticket discounts • cheaper parking • lost ticket replacement • first to hear about special offers & added events • 50% off streaming subscription • part of the OtB family!

SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS | $294 | 14 shows red series | $212 | 10 shows blue series | $212 | 10 shows under 25 subscription | $168 | 14 shows complete series

must be under 25 as of September 1, 2016

| 14 shows* | $129 • choose 6 shows a-list subscription | $750 | $450 tax deductible 14 shows • special event tickets • parking pass free drinks • serious OtB love corporate subscription pick-6

*more info on page 73 71


Bridge Over Mud • Little Brown Mushrooms • Clear and Sweet Psychic Radio Star • It’s Not Too Late • HOUSE OF DINAH By Heart • CPR Practice/Oil Pressure Vibrator • Awaiting Oblivion... A Great Hunger • visions of beauty • The Institute of Memory (TIMe) The People’s Republic of Valerie • Tesseract


Bridge Over Mud • Little Brown Mushrooms • Clear and Sweet HOUSE OF DINAH • By Heart • Awaiting Oblivion... visions of beauty • The Institute of Memory (TIMe) The People’s Republic of Valerie • Tesseract


Bridge Over Mud • Little Brown Mushrooms • Clear and Sweet Psychic Radio Star • It’s Not Too Late • By Heart CPR Practice/Oil Pressure Vibrator • A Great Hunger visions of beauty • Tesseract

PICK-6 | $129

Pick any 6 shows in the Complete Series to build your own subscription.

PICK-6 IDEAS SENSORY BANQUET: Clear and Sweet • Bridge Over Mud • Little Brown Mushrooms CPR Practice/Oil Pressure Vibrator • Tesseract The Institute of Memory (TIMe) THE PEOPLE UNITED: It’s Not Too Late • HOUSE OF DINAH The Institute of Memory (TIMe) • visions of beauty By Heart • A Great Hunger CURE YOUR EXISTENTIAL CRISIS: Bridge Over Mud • The People’s Republic of Valerie A Great Hunger • Awaiting Oblivion... By Heart • Psychic Radio Star 72



REWARD YOUR CLIENTS, COLLEAGUES, AND EMPLOYEES WITH THE GIFT OF LIVE PERFORMANCE! Keep your clients and staff in step with the newest ideas in art while introducing them to some of the coolest people in the city. OtB has been presenting some of the planet’s most forward-thinking artists for 30-plus years. Show your community that you are leading the charge of supporting new ideas, artists, and the creation of new work. Corporate subscribers from businesses of all sizes can invest in On the Boards’ community and connect their brand to an organization known for innovation and success. This affiliation is acknowledged in our programs and season brochures, and on our website and lobby donor wall. CURRENT CORPORATE SUBSCRIBERS Olson Kundig Breakwater Investment Ostara Group Mutuus Studio The Streamline Tavern

Ready to learn more?

Email Director of Institutional Relations Beth Raas-Bergquist at or give Beth a call at 206.217.9886 x 1023 to learn which package is right for your business. 73

16/17Calendar SEP 22 – 25

Bridge Over Mud | Verdensteatret

OCT 6 – 9

Little Brown Mushrooms | Alan Sutherland

OCT 20 – 23

Clear and Sweet | zoe | juniper

NOV 3 – 6

Psychic Radio Star | Ezra Dickinson

NOV 16 – 20

It’s Not Too Late | Markeith Wiley


Unsilent Night*

DEC 7 – 11

HOUSE OF DINAH | Jerome A. Parker | Andrew Russell

JAN 12 – 15

By Heart | Tiago Rodrigues/Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

JAN 20

Atomos | Company Wayne McGregor*

JAN 25 – 26 & 28 – 29

CPR Practice & Oil Pressure Vibrator | Geumhyung Jeong

FEB 12

Adagio: Music of Arvo Pärt*

FEB 23 – 26

Awaiting Oblivion | Tim Smith-Stewart & Jeffrey Azevedo

MAR 16 – 19

A Great Hunger | Jessica Jobaris

MAR 30 – APR 2

visions of beauty | Heather Kravas


Coming Together: Music of Andreissen, Tenney, Rzewski*

APR 20 – 23

The Institute of Memory (TIMe) | Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera

MAY 4 – 7

The People’s Republic of Valerie | Kristen Kosmas |Paul Willis | Peter Ksander

MAY 18 – 21

Tessaract | Rashaun Mitchell/Silas Riener/Charles Atlas

JUN 9 – 11 & 16 – 18

NW New Works Festival*

*non-subscription events *non-subscription events 74

Brochure design by Erin Jorgensen

ORDER FORM Mail in, call or order @

























Under 25 Subscription 14 NIGHTS














visions of beauty

Little Brown Mushrooms

By Heart

Clear and Sweet

CPR Practice/Oil Pressure Vibrator

The Institute of Memory (TIMe)

Psychic Radio Star It’s Not Too Late

The People’s Republic of Valerie

Awaiting Oblivion


A Great Hunger

I’d like to add Adagio (Arvo Pärt) Coming Together (Andriessen, Tenney, Rzewski) ONE YEAR OF UNLIMITED STREAMING


___ ___ ___

$20 $20 $25

_____ _____ _____ _____




$3 _____



Id like to attend

(most performances run thu – sun. dates/programming subject to change.)





Most post-show Q&As will take place on Fridays.







MAIL TO: ON THE BOARDS PO BOX 19515, SEATTLE WA 98109-1515 phone: 206.217.9888 fax: 206.217.9887



Profile for On the Boards

On the Boards 16/17 Season Brochure  

On the Boards 16/17 Season Brochure  


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