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Newsletter/Communication Committee Claire Moore - Chairperson Gretchen Gleaves

Delinquency has become a serious issue here at 440 with some $162,000 outstanding debt as of the February board meeting. At the March meeting we were fortunate to have Charles Glausier, an attorney from the firm of Bush/Ross, whom we have employed to collect the outstanding debt for us. Attorney Glausier discussed delinquency and addressed topics that owners needed to understand. He stated that the communication between Bush/ Ross and board members is very good and that the board is doing everything possible to collect


Management Office Walk-In Business Hours

I’m pleased to tell you that 440’s Web site is up and running but be aware that this project will be an ongoing process of updating and improvements. Go to and register. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!!! Owners are only one click away from obtaining pertinent information about 440 West. For those who are not using computers, paper copies of the newsletter will be available through the office. My thanks to all who participated in the development of this project. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Association Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held in the South Building social room at 7:30PM Thursday - September 24th Thursday - October 15th Annual Members Meeting - November 19th

As of this writing, the garage is dry and it’s comforting to know that the construction is now complete. There are a few minor repairs that will be completed during the summer months and these repairs will be at the contractor’s expense. My thanks to the many homeowners for your patience and support throughout this ordeal. I appreciate receiving the many nice comments made to me regarding the construction project. People like Tom McCaffery (1604N), who before leaving the complex in March, sent a note to Property Manager Sam Vazquez and said, “What a great job the Board and you (Sam) did on the huge project on the deck, garage, etc. I could not imagine all the hours you all did to complete it. Congratulations to all and also to our own maintenance staff.”


This issue of On the Beach will be the final one for this season. The newsletter will resume when we return in the fall. I’m indebted to those who have given so much of their time in gathering the information to disseminate to you. The newsletter is an important tool that brings current issues to the forefront and compiles it so you, the reader, can stay abreast of the happenings here at 440.

On the Beach at 440 west


outstanding maintenance and special assessment fees. As your President, I’m happy to report that we have reduced the outstanding debt, during the month of March, to $141,000. That’s a $21,387.56 difference.

2 2009

Attorney Glausier explained that during the past few years the economy has changed causing new laws to be implemented to force homeowners to be more responsible for their outstanding debt. Steven Mezer, from Bush/ Ross, along with seven attorneys and fourteen staffers, have worked with state lawmakers on drafting new legislation to resolve the growing problem. (This problem is not unique to 440. In fact, the counties of Hillsborough and Pasco are worse off than we are.) He wanted owners to know that the firm does not get paid unless money has been collected, so they are constantly working towards resolving all the outstanding debt. He went on to say that years ago law firms would see one bankruptcy a month. Today, they have 15 - 20 new bankruptcies a week, and mortgage foreclosures reach 12 - 15 a day. On a basic level, every foreclosure complaint must be served to the plaintiff by a sheriff. Therefore, sheriffs officers and our judicial branches are taking on more work which takes longer to get results. Attorney Glausier went on to say that the condominium association of Florida has a powerful tool that’s called a Lien Foreclosure Remedy. A lien foreclosure can take away your home!! The foreclosure process makes individuals aware that if they don’t pay their association fees, the unit can be taken away from them. The results are

Maureen Reardon, President of Progressive Management Inc gives homeowners sound advice on funding the Reserve Account

very dramatic. The process starts with a letter from PMI reminding you that your monthly fees have not been paid. This reminder is followed by a demand letter and thirty days later a lien can be recorded. If payment is still

Attorney Glausier addresses the 440 homeowners at their April meeting

not received within the next thirty-day period, another letter is sent and a foreclosure complaint can be filed. The homeowner must be served and time given for them to answer the complaint. If this procedure fails then there is a hearing before a judge and the judge orders a sale date. (Taking roughly another thirty days.) Attorney Glausier feels that the Lien Foreclosure Remedy puts pressure on the homeowner every step of the way. He went on to say that, even in this market, 80% of the judgments we receive are paid before the foreclosure takes place. The second tool the attorney addressed is called Impersona Remedy which is a money judgment and this remedy can follow the delinquent owner for twenty years. Attorney Glausier also discussed the Bankrupt Remedy. However, if an owner files for bankruptcy Glausier says, “the lien can still go forward.” Other topics discussed included: who closes first on the property; association going after new owners; short sales, whereby all creditors come together to agree on a sale amount; and first mortgage. He touched upon the issue of new owners taking title and if they become responsible for all assessments? The answer to this question was yes, the new owner is responsible for all assessments. A question and answer period followed with Mr. Glausier providing an update on the thirteen delinquent owners. Maureen Reardon, President, Progressive Management took the floor and explained her role in the delinquency process. She stated that 6 percent of the owners are delinquent and she felt that was not a bad number compared to the high delinquency rates other associations are facing. The focus of Ms. Reardon’s presentation was the “Sprinkler System” and the cost of installing the system before the year 2014. She stated that Senator Fasano has a bill before the Florida Legislature that could extend the due date beyond 2014. (The latest word is that the legislators will not finalize this issue until June or July.) It appears that fire marshalls and other organizations concerned with home safety, are adamant about the 2014 date being adhered to. (One reason for extending the date is, in part, due to homeowners going through stressful finan-

ties hope to begin work on the hotel by the end of 2009. Mr. Wells felt very sure that a Holiday Inn Express will be built on Coronado Drive, near the Clearwater Municipal Marina and Pier 60. ( It’s the site of the aging Port Vue Hotel.) The 108 mid-sized and mid-priced hotel is expected to begin construction by the end of 2009. The developer of the project is the same man who acquired the Ramada Inn located next to the 450 building. Mr. Keirleber recently changed the name to the Holiday Inn and has rebuilt the hotel, adding a 7,000 square-foot conference center ready for occupancy this month.

Due to the fall of condominium development along the beach, many projects that were scheduled have not moved forward because of the lack of interest. He gave an example of the once Adams Mark Hotel located north of the 440 complex. The Adams Mark was sold to Taylor Woodrow developers who then sold the land to Ocean Properties who plan to build a 230 room hotel. However, as of this date, the land has become a parking lot used by the city for beach parking. Although we saw a picture of the new Ocean Property Hotel, Mr. Wells was unsure of its future. However, last week, Sam, Norm and I met with Nasser Wehbe, Regional Operations Manager from Ocean Properties and discussed the condition of the parking lot and how work needs to be done to beautify the property. Mr. Wehbe was agreeable to our requests and assured us a cleanup would take place before the end of the month. Mr. Wehbe also stated, that Ocean Proper-


The guest speaker for the April 16th board meeting was Wayne Wells, senior planner with the Planning Department for the City of Clearwater. Wayne provided us with an in-depth explaination of various development projects that are planned as well as those that in the process of development. (When a developer has plans to build along the beach, they must be in touch with the Planning Department to seek approval for all development.) Mr. Wells used an enlarged map to show the audience the various beach locations where development is to take place, and in some instances where development was in the process of being completed.


“Hats Off ” to the Social Committee for the many activities that were offered this year. All went well. The Sunday Night Movies, Music Under the Stars (that gave us four weeks of quality entertainment,) the kids Easter Egg Hunt and the painting of Easter Eggs, Kids Night at the Movies, Kids Swim Night, the Welcome Reception for Jean Washburn (our office administrator assistant) and let’s not forget the fun Birthday Party. All these events were great and well attended. To the Social Committee, I say “thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate your creativity and dedication to the people of 440, and I applaud your efforts.”


cial times. It’s tough to make ends meet in this difficult economy. Ms. Reardon suggested that the board of directors begin funding the Reserve Account by increasing the monthly maintenance fee, or having a thirteen month payment plan to cover the costs of installing the sprinkler system. Should the 2014 deadline be extended, this would give owners time to increase the reserve funding and the board might avoid taxing us with another assessment fee. When the board meets in the fall to discuss the budget for the coming year, this topic will be an agenda item. She said, “Let’s not make this a difficult issue for yourselves, begin by funding the Reserve Account to help defray the cost of a sprinkler system.” Following a question and answer segment, Maureen Reardon was excused with our customary thanks.

Parking development was another topic of discussion. Two sites are being considered for public parking. The city is in negotiations with Surf Style located next to the Britt’s Restaurant on Gulfview Blvd. and are also hav-

Cresent shaped hotel to be built on the vacant lot left by the Adam’s Mark.

ing discussions with the new owners of vacant property recently purchased via foreclosure located on Fifth and

On the Beach at 440 west

Coronado Dr. Beach parking has been a problem for years and the city is hopeful that one day parking will become a reality. A question and answer period followed, and Mr. Wells was excused with our customary thanks.


Finally, I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of all that we are trying to accomplish here at 440, and wish you the best of health during the summer season. I look forward to being with you again this fall.

4 2009

Greetings from your Management Team: Although the major portion of the renovation is complete, we are still very busy with the final details which includes such items as: new lighting at the entrance gates, new lighting along the seawall, relocation of the lower lot security cameras, and new lighting for the west end of the North lower parking lot. A few of the items that were reported at our last board meeting were: landscaping irrigation renovations, installation of light poles, paint testing for garage ceiling, touch up painting in several areas of the property, and repairing deck drain leaks. We still have some minor warranty work being planned and performed by the contractor. Some other activities happening are: inspections of our emergency generator, elevators, reclaimed water for irrigation, fire pump with stand pipe and valves and our fire alarm system. I am happy to report that all systems passed with just minor adjustments. We do have some upgrades that are necessary on our elevators due to changes in the code. These are also minor in nature and include some switches and locks.

Catherine Zammit and Katelyn Prince dance the Irish way at Music Under the Stars

Around the Complex Lots of good activities took place at 440 during the months of March and April. Music Under the Stars entertainment began on March 18 with Earlene, a jazz and pop singer with a touch of soul. Earlene is blessed with a gifted voice and a unique style and flair for connecting with her audience. During her rests periods, folks were entertained by two young ladies: Catherine Zammit, the granddaughter of Al and Lana Zammit (403N), and her friend, Katelyn Prince from Oakville, Ontario, who danced the Irish way. A third visitor from Canada, Joseph Kargiamakis, gave a fine rendition of Danny Boy. These young people, all talented individuals, truly helped make the evening special. On March 31st folks were entertained by Homer Noodleman, a versatile entertainer, who gave an outstanding performance even though the entertainment was moved indoors due to cold weather conditions. Homer’s creative style of keeping his audience alive and laughing throughout the night, was commendable. From all of the comments made to On the Beach, it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. On April 8th Rupert Blaize, a singer and entertainer from the sun-drenched Caribbean twin isles of Antigua and Barbuda was invited back by popular demand and gave an outstanding performance. Not only did Rupert entertain us, but his daughter and her friends, professional dancers, dressed in colorful costumes, gracefully engaged us with a unique style of dancing. The final performance of Music Under the Stars took place on April 15th,

All in all, we are in very good shape and we should have a quiet and peaceful summer. Note: Please remember that guests and renters forms are required and can be found elsewhere on the Web site, as are forms and information needed by those owners planning to do renovations. Sam Vazquez Property Manager

Professional dancers compliment Rubert Blaize’s performance

Pam Worth (904N) and Millie Ricks (903N) celebrate their October and June birthdays

Jim Bremis (406S) received a warm greeting from Jean Washburn at the Welcome Reception

(1106N), Jim Tidd (1403N), and Inger Hosp (701S); December….Lana Zammit (403N). On the beach would like to increase the listing of birthdays so please let us know the month in which you were born. As more birthday dates become available, we’ll print those as well. Glenda and JoAnn were also responsible for sponsoring a children’s Night at the Movies during the week of April 5th. The kids were great, the movie was great, and the ice cream was a treat along with the colorful cupcakes made by Gretchen Gleaves (606S). A good time was had by all. On Thursday evening of that week the pool was opened from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. just for kids to enjoy. Enjoy they did!!! On Saturday morning, if you looked over your balcony, you could see little folks out on the Plaza Deck searching for eggs to fill their baskets. Again it was Glenda and JoAnn, with help from Pat Guhl, who organized the


Congratulations to Glenda Lockart (1106N) and JoAnn Post (606N) for organizing a special Birthday Party on March 24th held in the North Lobby for some forty homeowners and guests. Participants were asked to wear clothing representative of the month they were born. For example, if you were born in March, you might have come wearing a St. Patrick’s Day outfit as Pat Guhl (706N) did. Born in June, you came wearing a bridal veil as Georgie Shaw (1508S) did on the arm of her groom Frank Moore (1501N). Born in April,


when we were entertained by Greg who provided us with a special walk down memory lane. It was nice to see so many folks dancing and having a good time. At each performance, the Social Committee had a 50/50 drawing to help defray the costs of the entertainment. On Wednesday, April 8th, Uwe and Ingeborg Hosp (701N) were the winners of $150, and graciously donated their winnings to the Social Fund. The Committee extends a sincere thank you to Uwe and Inge for their generous contribution. The Committee also extends a thank you to Bob and JoAnn Post for their donation to the Social Fund as well. A grateful thank you is sent to the members of the Social Committee who have worked tirelessly this year to sponsor entertainment that brought so many folks together here at 440.


Georgie Shaw (1508S) is dressed as a June bride for her birthday

you came wearing a raincoat, along with a crown of Easter Eggs, as Emma Goeman (1102N) did. Each person was asked to bring a $10 gift for the Yankee Swap that was a hoot and a howl with several towels and bottles of wine being passed from one person to another. The evening ended with two cakes and ice cream being devoured and a promise to have another Birthday Party in 2010. On the Beach gathered a few birthday dates and think it is appropriate to include them here. As more birthday dates become available, we’ll print those as well. January…. Sanaa Askalani (605N), Bob Gleaves (606S) Chris Bolling (1406S); February….Marilyn Prokrop (1006S), and JoAnn Post (606N); March….Pat Guhl (706N), Alison Bolling (1406S); April….Emma Goeman (1102N); May….Claire Moore (1501N), and Monika Zielinski (805N); June….Georgie and Billy Shaw (1508S), Frank Moore (1501N), Millie Ricks (903N); August….0000; September…Vicky Tidd (1403N), Gretchen Gleaves (606S) and Detlef Zielinski (805N); October….“Peaches” Minerva Yantuck (1008S); November….Clark Lockart

On the Beach at 440 west

AL’S ADVICE Board of Directors member Al Zammit (403N) will provide advice on homebuilding issues for homeowners at 440. Al has significant knowledge in the area of homebuilding and will be sharing his expertise with you through On the Beach. DON’T LET FEAR COST YOU!!!


Be wary of companies that use scare tactics and misrepresentations to sell water treatment products. The drinking water provided to you by Pinellas County Utilities meets or exceeds all Federal and State standards for safe drinking water.

6 2009

Inge Hosp (701S) Marilyn Prokrop (1006S) Lana Zammit (403N) enjoy the birthday party

Easter Egg Hunt for children. After searching for eggs, the children spent lots of time coloring eggs and eating delicious donuts along with Gretchen’s cupcakes. It was so nice to have Vivian McDonald (1602N) back on the property the day of the hunt. Vivian brought her grandchildren to search for eggs. We send our best wishes to Walter Robb (1503N) and Wally Ricks (903N). We want them to know that they are in our thoughts even though they are living in a new community. Our sincere sympathy to Wally and Mary Wyrozemski (1107S) on the recent death of their young grandson, Mathew, and to Security Guard Calvin Mudd on the recent death of his brother. A get well wish to Frank Moore (1501N) for a repair to the meniscus in his right knee. It’s great to see “Peaches” Minerva Yantek (1008S) up and walking around the Plaza Deck after having another fall. We want Anna Trakas (502N) to know that we are thinking of you while your recuperating from surgery. On Monday, March 30, a Welcome Reception was held for Jean Washburn who joined the management staff a few months ago as the Administrator Assistant. Some fifty-six well wishers came to the North Building’s Social Room to celebrate Jean’s arrival to 440 West and to meet her personally. Coffee, tea, juice, breads and donuts were enjoyed by those in attendance. Jean has been a welcome addition to the office and homeowners are grateful to her for the support she gives to us on a day-to-day basis. Jean asked to have these comments included in this issue. She stated, “I want all to know that I sincerely appreciates the warm welcome that the residents of 440 West have given me. I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know many of you and look forward to being a part of the 440 Community.” That’s it for this issue folks!!!!

Don’t let an unknown person into your home or agree to buy something without the proper information. Remember: Pinellas County Utilities employees will never try to sell an “upgrade” to your home/s plumbing system. For more information about the quality of our water, please call 727.464.4000. To investigate a company’s past business history or performance, call the Pinellas County Office of Consumer Protection at 727.464.6200 or check out the company on the Web at (and click on “Check a Business.”) Al advised the management office and the board of directors to have homeowners clean the clothes dryer vent ducts in all the units. Al has found that due to the amount of lint that has collected in the ducts, drying times have significantly been reduced. This causes the use of more energy as well as wear on the dryers. In addition, Al felt there was a safety factor to be considered. When the lint collects in the vents, over a period of time, there is a possibility of a fire hazard. Although we have been fortunate all these years, there is no time like the present to adhere to this advice. Last month, a notice was sent to homeowners informing them that a company would be obtained to clean the ducts. Those interested in having the vents cleaned were asked to call the office and add their names to the list. Since several owners signed on for this offering, Ductz Cleaning Service was employed and began work on March 24th. Ducts were cleaned in both buildings on that day however, the following day, folks encountered problems when using their clothes dryers. The office was made aware of the problems and asked to have a company representative return to the complex to satisfy owners needs. A quality control representative from Ductz returned to the property and rectified the complaints. Al is comfortable with the work that was done by Ductz’s and their quick response to homeowner complaints. The price to have the ducts cleaned was $45. Al stated that some of the dryer vent hoses might be torn. If they were, Ductz could not replace the damaged hoses, due to a fire hazard, but, could replace those torn with a new hose constructed out of metal to meet the present code, for an additional cost of $10 each. The Association is in the process of making screen caps for the end of the ducts as they exit each building. If you are

interested in having this service, please contact the office at (727).461.2885 and leave your name and phone number. Once several homeowners names appear on the list, Ductz will be called for service. Storm Protection, Lower Insurance and Electric Costs

Karins engineering completed their evaluation and have determined that some follow-up warranty work is required. They have prepared specifications for this work and have forwarded them to RestoCon. (We had previously reported that some additional work might be required during the month of May.) Because follow-up warranty work has become necessary, RestoCon is preparing a schedule and the work will be done at the contrator’s expense.

1.) Several small leaks were detected during the heavy rains on April 14, and they will be repaired. 2.) The damaged Migutan rubber membrane on the south parking deck (has cuts in it) will be repaired to satisfy the manufacturer’s warranty. 3.) Cement strips will be installed to straddle the Migutan expansion joints to prevent sand migration and pavers shifting. 4.) The pavers on both ramps of the upper parking decks will be re-installed using the correct sand. 6.) The basement ceiling and pipes need to be scrubbed clean of the vaseline used to test the concrete to allow the paint to bond properly (The work will be done following Karins’ specifications.) Thank you for your continued patience and interest, Clarke Lockart BOD, President

Norm Lapointe Special Projects Committee Chair

Community Living St. Petersburg Times Richard White, Community Association Manager (Mr. White is a licensed community manager and each Saturday you can find his column in the St. Petersburg Times/Home Section. Here are a few topics that Mr. White recently addressed.)

New slider door installed in 1501N

Subject: Voting Ballot Condominiums have specific requirements for their elections. The section can be found in FS 718.112. An annual election has two notices with subject material in each. The first notice must be mailed or delivered 60 days before the meeting and includes a certification form that attests that the recipient has


The project warranty tasks remaining at this time, are summarized below.


Several unit owners have installed Forcefield’s Hurricane Impact Rated Sliding Glass Door and Window System. Both systems are absolutely effortless to open and close. The Forcefield door glides smoothly on stainless steel precision bearings. As compared to plastic/vinyl or PVC wrapped products, Forcefield’s commercial window and door systems are built to last with strong, durable high quality aluminum frames, which are 50 to 100% thicker than most competitive brands, and have Commercial Grade maximum security locks with custom cast stainless steel keepers. These beautiful glass units are thermally insulated and will protect your expensive rug, artwork and furniture from UV radiation damage as well as saving a substantial amount of money in air conditioning costs over the year. If you are interested in learning more about this system, you can reach Todd at Forcefield 727.573.2295 or 800.658.2295

Dear 440 West Homeowners,


Several of you have been interested in leaning about the new doors and windows several owners have installed in their units. You can lower your windstorm insurance cost, electric bills, and protect your home and possessions, from hurricane winds and water damage, while beautifying your condo with an upgrade. My wife and I recently had a new vinyl re-enforced slider door and window system installed in our unit and want to share some pertinent information about the product we selected. The company’s name is Eurocraft Industries, Inc, located at 9075 130th Ave North, Largo, Fl 33773 and the style of the door is called EuroFutur Classic that is impact resistant. A few features of this product are: the rollers are located on the side of the door rather than on the bottom preventing dirt and grit build-up; the door is air tight and is guaranteed water proof; it has the Dade County Standard for hurricane force and is rated for 250 mile an hour winds. The makeup of the door consists of two panels used for energy saving and one panel of laminated tempered glass for impact. If you are interested in learning more about Eurocraft Industries, call Robert at 727.510.2739.

Project Update 2009-04-16

On the Beach at 440 west

April 8 2009

read and understands, to the best of his/her ability, the governing documents of the association and the provisions of this chapter and any applicable rules. Any unit owner or other eligible person who desires to be a candidate for the board must give written notice to the association no less than 40 days before a scheduled election. Each candidate can provide a onepage information sheet. The board must then prepare a second mailing that must be posted 14 days before the meeting. That second notice will include a ballot and return envelopes, candidate information sheets, a proxy, agenda and other information. The proxy is only to establish a quorum to conduct business, but the election does not need a quorum except that 20 percent of the ballots must be returned. The only way a member can vote is to return the ballot enclosed in the proper envelopes and signed by the owner. Elections are not conducted by proxy vote or show of hands. Subject: Rent Custody In most situations you cannot use rents to pay for delinquent accounts unless you have a judgment. I would suggest that only a judge can provide that right on an individual basis. Subject: Spouses as Directors The changes to the condominium act restrict two persons from serving at the same time. This new law went into effect in October. Subject: Minutes of Meetings Board of Directors are not required to post minutes. Boards are required to keep a book where minutes are retained. They are also required, when an owner sends a written request, to provide the owner time to view the minutes book. If the owner wants a copy of the minutes, the board is allowed to charge a small copy charge.

The History of Clearwater Beach Part II

Bathers enjoy Clearwater Beach in 1930

The building of the Million Dollar Bridge in 1927, connecting the downtown area with the beach, helped fuel the boom times that would establish Clearwater Beach as the area’s prime tourist resort. A trip to the beach in the early 1900’s often included entertainment options at the Joyland Silver Dome, a popular amusement destination, featuring a giant water-slide, dance pavilion and arcade games. Beachgoers gathered at the Dome to watch the selection of Miss Florida, the judging of the Pajama Parade or to swim in the nearby gulf. In 1948, the Joyland structure was remolded, a second floor was added and the Sea Shell Hotel was born. The Sea Shell was taken down in 1972 to make way for the Clearwater Beach Holiday Inn. The hotel is now called the Hilton Hotel Resort The Clearwater Beach Hotel has a lineage that stretch back almost as far as the Community’s roots. The hotel initially began as a private home, built on the Gulf, for Edwin Roux a Barstow lumberman, who had a hand in building a wooden Million Dollar Bridge to the beach. By the 1920’s the popularity of the beach had increased and Roux expanded his home by adding a three story wing and transferring his home into a boarding house and later became a major seasonal resort. In February 1922, the nearby Southern College Classrooms and barracks were destroyed by a fire, the second in two years. E.T. Roux, owner of the Clearwater Beach offered his facility for the homeless college and in later years, the Southern College moved to Lakeland where it became Florida’s Southern College. (At the same time other developers were building on the bay side of the street and thus Mandalay Boulevard was born.) On July 11, 1941 the Clearwater Beach Hotel made Ripley’s

Believe It Or Not!!! A poster read, “Marion Darling” - Lady Porters - Equal of any man.” In 1941, women did not serve as porters that job was reserved for men. However, Marion Darling, a women working at the Clearwater Beach Hotel proved that she was as good a porter as any man.

In 1922, a man named L.B. Skinner began a high subdivision on the beach called “Mandalay---The Isle of 1,000 Palms” after the Rudyard Kiplings poem, “On the Road to Mandalay.” Skinner was an admirer of poet Kipling and named Mandalay Avenue the Kipling Plaza after Kipling’s poem. Skinner’s vision for Clearwater Beach was coming to fruition and all roads were leading to 880 Mandalay. A bridge linking Sunset Point Road, in Dunedin, to Kipling Plaza at the north end of the beach was proposed, as well as a double promenade at Kipling Plaza lined with shops leading to the grand hotel. But the Great Depression changed both the fate of the beach bridge and the Kipling Arms Hotel. Both projects were abandoned. Left standing on the prime gulf front site were four cin-

The Clearwater Beach Pier dates back to 1912 when the city of Clearwater included construction of a municipal beach pier as part of a forty million dollar bond issue. The structure was often crowded with sightseers who arrived in their automobiles and used the beach as a parking lot. Pier 60 got its name because that is where State Road 60 West ends. In 1940 Clearwater Beach was still in its neophyte stages. The south end of the beach was known as “Little Pass” and the north end called “Big Pass.” The

The Pajama Parade at Joyland Silver Dome in 1931


Clearwater Beach was officially named in 1924 by an act of the state legislature. By 1926 the beach was enjoying the fruits of the Florida boom. The beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico, in Pinellas County, on the west central coast of Florida. The geographic latitude is 27.57 N and longitude 82.48 W. The slogan, “The White Sand Paradise that is Clearwater Beach, Florida” has been used to describe the beach. It is approximately twenty miles from Tampa Airport.

In the early 1920’s a new pavilion was built on Clearwater Beach and was located about where the Palm Pavilion is located today. However, a hurricane in 1921 undermined the foundation of the pavilion and in an attempt to salvage part of the building, the second story was removed, relocated across the street on Mandalay Boulevard and became the Clearwater Yacht Club. The Clearwater Yacht Club stood for many years until it was demolished in the 70’s in order to provide space for a public park.


The Carlouel Yacht Club opened in 1934 and is located at the extreme north end of Clearwater Beach between the Gulf of Mexico and the intercostals waterway. Originally formed as a Social Club for wealthy seasonal (winter) residents, it was fashioned after similar clubs located in Palm Beach. Carlouel served as headquarters for yachting, swimming, tennis, dancing and other functions. The name Carlouel was derived from the first names of the wives of the finders’---Carolyn Hobart, Louise Palmer and Eleanor Randolph, thus the name Carlou-el !!! Members of longstanding who are still active in the Club include Larry Dimmit, Jr. and Bobby Thompson who are descendants of the original members. In 1947 Mr. Palmer, sole owner sold the Carlouel Company to the 100 members. Each member paid $1,000 and the Carlouel Corporation was formed. In the mid 1950’s fire destroyed part of the structure and in rebuilding the décor changed from casual to a more formal appearance. It was not until 1954 that Carlouel functioned twelve months of the year.

Eventually the residential building at 880 Mandalay Ave, now known as Regatta Beach Club, would be completed in stages; but not without its stories. Even the Smithsonian Institute was interested in the 880 site when, in 1904, it commissioned a dig for both Indian and Spanish artifacts. Ben Skinner, nephew of visionary L.B. Skinner, had developed most of Clearwater Beach, noted in his Oral History that is was possible Cherokee Indians from North Carolina had worked on the construction of 880 because they had also worked at his family’s citrus grove, picking fruit.


The lovely rambling wooden structure, that so many of us became familiar with, was built in the 1970’s and received much praise, over the years, from its many repeat customers. The end to the Clearwater Beach Hotel came in 2005 when it was demolished to make ready for the Sandpearl Resort and Condominium complex that opened to the public in 2007.

derblock walls and a set of stairs with no destination; the only proof that the project ever existed.

On the Beach at 440 west


water at Clearwater Pass, where 440 is located was narrow and the water deep. Dredging the beach and building the jetties, as well as the new construction in the area, changed the makeup of the whole beach. This allowed the development of the first fingers on the south end of the beach.

10 2009

The Clearwater Beach Marina was built in the early 50’s to accommodate recreational boating. In addition to marine services facilities the complex was also home to Sea-O-Rama, a tourist attraction featuring sea life exhibits. Now the Marina houses businesses catering to tourists interests, including: souvenir shops, restaurants, a post office and barber shop. Heilman’s Beachcomber dining room and cocktail lounge is as popular today as it was in the early fifties. Motels and business in the early sixties were dependent upon good weather and tourism for their economic success. Fishing from a bridge in Clearwater was enjoyed in 1964 as were the palm trees on Clearwater Beach on a breezy sunny day. The History of Clearwater Beach Part III will continue in the next issue of On the Beach.

study concluded that there is considerable evidence that dogs, cats and fireworks on Clearwater Beach, have a detrimental effect on nesting seabirds. There are five species of birds that have nested on Pinellas County municipal beaches and could be nesting on North Clearwater Beach. These are the Black Skimmer, Least Tern, American Oystercatcher, Wilson’s Plover and the Snowy Plover. Researchers found that Clearwater is the only beach municipality, in Pinellas County, where dogs are allowed on the beach. There were more than twice as many dogs on Clearwater Beach in 2008 than in 2007. The report indicated that even dogs on leashes were seen by the birds as a threat, causing them to abandon their nests. If the nest is exposed to the hot sun, even for a short time, the heat can destroy the eggs or chicks. The season for nesting birds on the beach lasts from early March to late August. Dr. Forys presented her findings to the Clearwater Beach Association board of directors, who voted to urge the Clearwater City Council to ban both dogs and fireworks along the beach front. The Clearwater Gazette also reported that Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach Update The Clearwater Marina Harbormaster’s Office says stingrays are back in area waters. Swimmers are reminded to do the “Stingray Shuffle” when entering the water. The shuffling feet create a disturbance that causes stingrays to move away. If a sting does occur, see a beach guard immediately for a hot pack treatment. The peak of stingray season is May through October. For further information contact the Harbormaster’s Office at 727.462.6954. Shephard’s on Clearwater Beach first opened in 1976 as the Lagoon and has morphed from a rather pedestrian lodge to a full-fledged resort of the highest order. Now the resort is expanding by planning to add an additional tower that will provide several additional guests rooms. The Clearwater Gazette is reporting that a ban on dogs and fireworks is recommended for Clearwater Beach. It seems that the nesting seabirds that were once a part of the beach have disappeared. A six-year study lead by Dr. Beth Forys, Professor of Biology at Eckerd College Department of Environmental Studies, seems to explain what has happened. The

The Aqualea expected to open December 2009.

is no closer to building a beach parking garage than it was in September of 2008, when the City Council was to make a final decision on its location. About a month ago, Assistant City Manager Rod Irwin reported that the opportunity for locating a garage at the Britts/Surf Style site, on Gulfview Blvd, was becoming less promising because of Britts failure to obtain construction financing and their unwillingness to begin negotiating contract details, in the face of that lack of financing. The Council directed Irwin to discontinue discussions with Britts, instead focusing his energies on another beach property on Clearwater Beach, the former Lucca Development site on South Coronado. That property was recently acquired by iSTAR Financial in foreclosure proceedings. iSTAR had interest in selling the proposed garage site to the city, but

Know Thy Neighbor

Four years after the plan was approved to build the Clearwater Beach Resort and Hotel at South Gulfview Blvd. and Coronado Drive, Council members now want answers from the developer, Dr. Kiran Patel, as to why it’s taking so long. Patel, a cardiologist and wealthy philanthropist from Tampa, had no experience as a developer when he purchased the property on Clearwater Beach for $40-million promising to build a premier resort there. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Patel struggled for many months to create his development plan before finally bringing in, as a partner, the Related Group, a successful and prolific Florida developer. According to the Times, no one from the Related Group has joined Patel at recent meetings, and the city wants proof, from Patel, that the Related Group is still onboard before they vote to extend the development agreement. The property was turned into a dirt parking area for beachgoers. Some weeks ago, Mayor Frank Hibbard received an agreement, from Patel to pay for construction of an attractive temporary parking lot on the hotel site. Since then, the area has been graded, landscaped and had an irrigating system installed, with Patel paying up to $150,000 for the work. On the Beach has heard that a half-dozen activists from Clearwater Beach, Sand Key and Island Estates are launching an effort to explore whether the three island communities can secede from Clearwater and start their own city. The activists, who are exploring de-annexing from Clearwater call themselves the Islands Independence Initiative. They are also concerned about the lack of a beach parking garage while the city spends millions to construct boat slips downtown. They are also converned about a refusal to use Penny for Pinellas money to move Island Estates utilities underground. Other

Pat Guhl one of 440’s long time residents

On the Beach has selected a woman for the April issue who has been affiliated with the 440 Complex for more than thirty years. Pat Guhl (705/06N ) is a woman who believes in harmony and living a harmonious lifestyle. She appreciates the good work and contributions that so many owners have made to the success of 440, and she frequently compliments those individuals who help to make life on the gulf so enjoyable. Because of Pat’s longevity at 440, has helped pave the way toward bringing harmony and balance to all those who live and visit the 440 Complex. Pat was born in Chicago, Illinois the only child of a mother whose heritage was Norwegian and a father whose heritage was English. Before her birth, Pat’s mother was a professional singer in New York City. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where her uncle and grandfather began a business called The Trane Company, a business responsible for making air conditioning equipment. Her dad was invited to work in the family business and became head of the art department creating art work for advertising.


Mike Brassfield, Times staff writer for the St. Pete Times, reported, “As the Hyatt Aqualea rises on Clearwater Beach, its color palette turns heads.” The hotel’s developer calls the color “coral.” It’s bright! It’s bold! It’s three different shades of a sort of shocking pink-peach-orange color, so bright, it stands out. No one will have a hard time locating it, and that’s what the developer wants. He stated, “When people come over the bridge, we want them to see the Aqualea.” Come December, the resort is expected to open it’s doors for all to enjoy. The resort includes: 250 condo-hotel units, 18 larger residential condos, a 750-space parking garage, a spa, fitness center, club, pool and restaurant.

Clearwater Beach will host a power boating race on October 4, 2009. The race will be free and open to the public. Boats up to 50 feet long will race from Pier 60 north for about 2 ½ miles and back, doing multiple laps around the loop. More information will be sent to you on the Web site www.440westcondominium. com as it becomes available.


problems include: a period of time when the city didn’t enforce rules forbidding short-term rentals on North Clearwater Beach; the approval of the Cabana Club project on Sand Key; and city actions that allowed a developer to seek a rezoning for the Shopps at Sand Key.


had already begun negotiations with private investors for the package sale of all three of the former Lucca parcels. “All we can do is see how this is going to play out for the next two or three weeks,” Irwin said. “At that point if none of these are viable I think you have to look at what other options might be available or where you might want to go.” Vice Mayor George Cretekos was not shy about exploring another option he has favored in the past, a city-owned beach-front surface parking lot on South Gulfview Blvd. Councilmembers John Doran and Carlen Petersen have strongly objected to building a beach-front garage in the past. And the beat goes on…

On the Beach at 440 west

April 12 2009

Pat received her early education in Wisconsin, and as she grew older, attended LaCrosse Teacher Training School. She stated, “the school was special because many of the student teachers from a local college participated in the teaching of students.” Pat graduated from LaCrosse Central High School in 1948 and to this day keeps in contact with many of her former schoolmates and frequently attends various Class Reunions held in Wisconsin and other areas as well. Following graduation, she attended Stephen’s College in Columbia, Missouri, but later transferred to the University of Wisconsin where she earned a BA degree in Sociology. When Pat received her degree, her mother was not confident in her future employment opportunities and insisted that Pat have other means of earning a living. She encouraged Pat to enroll in Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. At that time the school had a branch school in Chicago. Pat remembers walking with her friends down Michigan Ave or Rush Street,

Easter Bunny Pat and her helpers enjoyed the hunt.

appropriately dressed in hats, gloves, hose and pumps---the official dress code of Katherine Gibbs. Those were the days!!! During the summer of her freshman year at Stephen’s College, she and several students of Norwegian heritage, had the opportunity to travel to Oslo, Norway to attend the Oslo Summer School for American Students. It was in Oslo that Pat met her future husband Jack who was also attending classes at the school. Jack came from Trenton, N.J. and graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia. Pat was one of the youngest students attending the school and was tall for her age. What attracted Pat to Jack was his height of 6’4.” When Pat decided she wanted to meet him, she conveniently sat next to him while on a school bus field trip and began a conversation with him. They became friends from that moment on and for 6 weeks they engaged in fun activities like hiking, visiting Holmen Kollen Ski Lift which later became a venue for the olympics, swimming in the frigid cold water of a nearby lake, taking the TRIK (train) downtown to eat at restaurants, and celebrating “Summer Solstice” where the sun never sets. When school ended, Jack returned to New Jersey and Pat to Wisconsin. They kept in contact for a few years and while Pat was at Katherine Gibbs they became more involved. Following his graduation from Temple University, Jack was invited to interview for a job with Sunbeam Corporation in

ing all of her family at one time as well as the Guhl’s friends.

We are happy to see that Pat is enjoying good health. The year 2008 went out with a bang for her. In November, she had triple bypass heart surgery and six weeks later Pat had an abdominal aorta repaired. She has recovered nicely from both procedures and we are happy that she’s able to participate in the many activities here at the complex. Let’s hope that good health will be hers for many years to come. When asked, what do you like about living here at


When Pat’s husband Jack died in 1974, Pat saw no reason to stay up north during the cold winter months. She was familiar with Clearwater Beach since the family had stayed in the area at Clearwater Point. Pat’s decision to buy a unit came easy since she expected to stay here for longer periods of time. She purchased unit number 706N and later bought 705N and combined the two units. She has enjoyed accommodat-

Every spring Pat adorns rabbit ears and becomes the Easter Bunny Helper. She fills plastic Easter eggs with prizes so that children, staying at the complex, can have an Easter Egg Hunt. They find the hidden eggs and the child that finds the Golden Eggs gets a surprise. Pat is an avid bridge player, a good Dominoe player and regularly participates in these activities here at 440.


Pat and Jack had three children, Susan, Craig, and Barbara. Susan, a geologist, lives in Alaska and works for the state Oil and Gas Company as an inspector. She is married to Steff Browne, and they have one son Keith, a student in Eagle River, a suburb of Anchorage. A daughter Barbara, is a supervisor with Blue Cross of Massachusetts, and lives with her husband Hugh Mulligan and their daughter Caitlin a student at Mansfield High School in Massachusetts. Craig Guhl was a lawyer and had his own law office. As a side hobby, Craig loved sailing. After several years of law, Craig became disillusioned with law and turned his hobby of sailing into a vocation. He attended a training program in Southhampton, England, and became a certified sea captain. Craig’s life was shortened in 2003, when at the young age of forty-three, he died from a heart attack leaving two daughters, Courtney and Allison, who live in Fort Worth, Texas.

We have Pat Guhl to thank for keeping homeowners informed of Hurricane Awareness here at 440. Pat serves as the hurricane contact chairperson for the complex. She has served as the Queen of the Beach Bells Chapter of the Red Hat Society and is now a member of the Sunshine Girls Red Hatters. The purpose of the Red Hat Society is for women over fifty to have fun.


Chicago. He met up with Pat, who was at Katherine Gibbs at the time, and he proposed marriage. Pat was so excited she phoned her mother to give her the good news. Her mother said, “I think you should come on home!” When Pat stepped off the train in LaCrosse her mom was waiting for her. When she saw the look in Pat‘s eyes she said, “It‘s alright, you have stars in your eyes, go and marry him.” Pat graduated from Katherine Gibbs, married Jack, and moved to Binghamton, NY. According to Pat, Jack had been transferred to Binghamton by Sunbeam and she still has many of the products that he demonstrated while working for them. Jack left the company after several years and became a stockbroker with George D. B. Bonbright. Over the years Bonbright became E.F. Hutton, then Hutton became Lehman Brothers and finally the company became Smith Barney. Now when Pat calls to speak with her broker she often teases the receptionist by asking, “what’s your name today?”

Pat has been an active owner here at 440. Several years ago when a homeowner named John Laidlaw became the first president of the board of directors, Pat and a few other owners such as Emma Goeman (1501N) organized social activities. They coordinated “Pot Luck” dinners and in later years, Pat and homeowner Susan Dillman (1605N) develop a Directory-- a listing of homeowners names, addresses, and phone numbers. The project was a success and to help defray the costs of publishing the booklet, they sought the help of a number of businesses in the area to buy ad space. To this day, the Directory is still in existence. The additional money that Pat and Sue made from selling ad space, was deposited into an account at a local bank. Two years ago, Pat Guhl approached the Social Committee and said the she and Sue Dillman wanted to make a donation to the Social Fund to provide entertainment activities for folks here at 440. This generous donation (funds from the Directory project) has allowed the Committee to fund the entertainment program called Music Under the Stars. The entertainment is held during the months of March and April.

On the Beach at 440 west


440? Pat replied, “the weather, good friends, social activities, and the fact that someone else takes care of the household problems.” Most of all Pat loves the gorgeous view she sees everyday as she looks out her windows and sees the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. Now you know our neighbor Pat Guhl.



Eight worst foods of 2009 from the Center for Sciences in the Public Interest (CSPI).


1. Pepperidge Farm Roasted White Meat Chicken Premium Pot Pie. There are 510 calories and 9 grams of saturated fat in this baby. Oh wait, that’s just for half a pie. The whole thing has 1020 calories and 18 grams of saturated fat. 2. Romano’s Macaroni Grill Spaghetti and Meatballs with Meat Sauce-This dish will set you back a staggering 2,430 calories and nearly three days worth of saturated fat (57 grams) plus 5,290 milligrams of sodium-more calories and saturated fat than two Macaroni Grill Tuscan Rib-Eye steak dinners. 3. Progresso Traditional, Vegetable Classics, and Rich and Hearty soups-half a can averages more than half of a person’s daily quota of salt. Instead, CSPI says try Progresso’s Health Favorites reduced sodium soups with up to 50 percent less salt. 4. Dove Ice Cream-a half cup has about 300 calories and an average of 11 grams of saturated fat-that’s half-a-day’s worth of the bad stuff. You may be better off with 5 frozen treats under 100 calories. 5. The Cheesecake Factory Chris’ Outrageous Chocolate Cake-it’s layers of chocolate cake, brownie toasted coconut pecan filling, and chocolate chip coconut cheesecake has a five-inch-high slice, weighs three-fourths of a pound and has 1,380 calories, 32 teaspoons of sugar, 33 grams of saturated fat and 5 grams of trans fat. Yikes!!! 6. Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn Snack Size Bags-just one snack-size bag has 11 grams of bad fat, 7 of which are trans fats. Instead, CSPI says choose Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop or Smart Balance Smart ‘N Healthy-both are made with no partially hydrogenated oils. 7. The Starbucks Venti (20oz.) Caffe Mocha with

whole milk and whipped cream has 450 calories and 13 grams of bad fat-more like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a cup. You can lose all the bad fat and all but 170 calories if you order a tall (12 oz.) with nonfat milk and no whipped cream. 8. Chipotle Chicken Burrito-with rice, pinto beans, cheese, chicken, sour cream and salsa. You get 1,040 calories and 16-½ grams of saturated fat-the same as three Subway Steak and Cheese 6 inch Subs. Plus the Burrito comes with 2,500 milligrams of sodium. Ordering it without cheese or sour cream cuts the saturated fat to 3 -½ grams, but you still end up with 810 calories and 2,300 milligrams of sodium.

Your Age by Chocolate Math Pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than ten). Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold!) Add 5. Multiply it by 50 (Get a calculator!) If you have already had your birthday this year add 1,759. If you haven’t, had your birthday this year, add 1759. Now subtract the four digit year you were born in. Your should have a remainder of a three digit number. The first digit was your original number (i.e. how many times you want to have chocolate each week). The next numbers are your age. Oh yes it is!!!!


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On the Beach at 440 west

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