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I am crazy about dress up games. My girlfriends are too. We know that every girls dreams of being a bride and I guess right after that they dream about being fashion designers. Are you celebrity obsesses? Do you love playing games online? If yes – you will fall in love with celebrity dress up games. Here is why. A while ago I noticed that gossip magazines. You know magazine and the likes. My yet. It turns out that she

my daughter spends a lot of time reading her mom’s what I am talking about – People magazine, US mind was blown away. For one thing she can’t read was looking at the celebrity dresses.

Then it hit me – she loves playing computer games and now she loves dresses why not introduce her to celebrity dress up games. Makes sense, right? What is celebrity dress up games one may ask – these are online games where people dress up characters of famous people – Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and the likes. You get the idea, correct. And so I did – I introduced my little girl to these games. To say that she is addicted now will be the understatement of the century. She can spend hours to an end doing it – changing clothes and hairstyles and shoes and coming up with different and unique looks. I must admit that she has some talent (of course, I will say that, she is my girl after all). But aside from that I can see what she does, compared to what her friends do when they are home for a sleepover. Of course, I hope that some day she will become a fashion designer, but even if that day never comes I am sure she will be better developed fashion sense than the most of her peers and that’s thanks to her playing celebrity dress up games. What about you and your kids? I can’t urge you enough to give these games a try and see if your girls will like it. Hey, I think this is much, much better than them watching TV all day long, especially now, when the school is over. What do you think? So go ahead! Give them a try, I know you and your kids will love it.

What's the Best Celebrity Dress Up Game  

There are plenty of these games out there but only a few are worth it

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