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I will keep it short and sweet – avatar dress up games is games that are played online. As the name suggests – players dress up different avatars – from famous people to characters. What makes them so special? Many things, and I am not going to go into details here but here are the most important in my opinion: 1.When it comes to dressing up avatars of celebrities – there is this feeling that you are alone with that person and he or she trusts you completely to dress them up in a unique way. Think about that – there are hundreds if not thousands of girls who will be killing to have the privilege to dress up Jonas Brothers, correct? 2.They are an excellent way to kill some time – If I was watching TV and playing these games I will definitely go hands down. Why, because so many of them and the way you are literally thousands so every time I can come up with for the character.

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3.Bragging rights – girls love to brag about their characters – they email one another their creations and constantly compare. In my opinion it develops their fashion sense and if nothing else they can get better in dressing themselves. 4.I know I said I will share three things with you but there is one more that I want to keep for myself. Avatar dress up games are free to play and in some cases it will provoke the players to ask themselves how the game was made. That’s how an interest in games design and coding in general is picked up. Don’t tell me that you will hate to see your daughter someday as a game designer making a lot of money and having the time of her life. I bet you will be glad you encouraged her to take this road by playing avatar dress up games

Avatar Dress Up Games - We Love To Play Them  

We all love to play avatar dress up games and here is why