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August 28, 2012 Ontario Rivers Alliance Attn. Linda Heron, Chair 379 Ronka Road Worthington, Ontario, P0M 3H0 705-866-1677 Dear Linda: Thank you for your letter regarding the South River open house and presentation hosted by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) at the South River-Machar Community Centre on March 6. At this session, we shared information with the public on water management and operations at OPG facilities on the South River system, including Bray, Sausage, Smyth and Craig Lake Dams as well as Elliott, Bingham and Nipissing Generating Stations. OPG works closely with our government regulators to ensure that we follow all required environmental regulations and guidelines to manage our facilities. We also deliver presentations at open houses/information sessions about our facility operations; by voluntarily complying with draft government documents such as the South River Water Management Plan; and by maintaining the strict guidelines necessary to comply with ISO14001 and EcoLogoM certification standards. Regarding the South River Water Management Plan, OPG’s participation was in accordance with the requirements set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources’ (MNR) Water Management Planning Guidelines for Water Power (MNR, 2002). The MNR leads this process and responded to you in a letter dated August 22, 2012. As a participant in the South River Water Management Plan, OPG worked throughout the planning process with other waterpower companies, the MNR, Oceans and Fisheries Canada (DFO), First Nations and Aboriginal Communities, local stakeholders, and members of the public through public consultation and the formation of the Public Advisory Committee. Further information related to water management plans and other legislated water facility operational requirements may be obtained by contacting the MNR or other appropriate government agencies such as the DFO or The Ministry of The Environment (MOE). Elevation and flow information on our South River plants can be found at For more information regarding OPG’s environmental performance, please visit our website at .

OPG is committed to continuously reducing our environmental footprint while contributing to a better Ontario through corporate citizenship, community commitment and the safe, low cost, efficient generation of electricity.


Jeff Fournier Ontario Power Generation, Public Affairs 133 Eloy Road North Bay, Ontario P1B 9T9 705-472-6983 References: Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) (May 2002). Water Management Planning Guidelines for Waterpower. Queen’s Printer for Ontario: Ontario, Canada. Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) (August 22, 2012). Letter from MNR to Ontario Rivers Alliance, attention Linda Heron, Worthington, Ont.

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