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Ms. Linda Heron 379 Ronka Rd. Worthington, ON P0M 3H0 July 18, 2012 Dear Linda, Thank you for your letter dated July 10, 2012, regarding the Vermilion River Stakeholder Committee. I have spoken with Dr. Charles Ramcharan who indicated he is willing to step down if it is in the best interest of the Committee. However, with the exception of yourself, the committee does not believe there is any conflict of interest and as such he will be asked to stay on and continue to provide substantial knowledge in the field and value to the committee. As the Chair of associations you know the value in having respected and knowledgeable members. In addition I also encourage you to stay on the committee as we believe your input also adds a great deal of value. This is a new committee that includes members with expertise and viewpoints from all aspects of the community. The meetings are run in a relaxed environment where members are able to voice their opinions freely. On that note, let me stress that these are indeed opinions and do not merit the actions suggested by the Vermilion River Stewardship. Ultimately, we are all working towards the same goal, and, while you represent the voice of the Vermilion River Stewardship, the committee also benefit from the knowledge and skills of tenured, respected scientists who understand the data and will help develop these projects with the least amount of impact for everyone. I hope you will reconsider your resignation and will in fact accept the responsibility of taking the meeting minutes from now on‌Thanks Linda! See you on the 25th of July. Erin Calder Chair, Vermilion Stakeholder Advisory Committee

2012-07-18-Response from Xeneca  
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